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For those involved with the Brahma Kumaris, to discuss issues about the BKWSU in a free and open manner.
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Post by abrahma kumar » 17 Jan 2007

Thanks bansy. In a simple-minded way i was trying to acknowledge the actions of the BKWSU in the context of the often heard Murli point "there is benefit in everything" but I was not at all condoning the act.

It may be that your point about "the Murli being listened to rather than read" is quite a subtle one that the BKWSU does not really emphasise in its teachings. Maybe it can not be taught but is acquired over time, who knows? I can not comment about the other organisations as I have no experience.

When i examine the consciousness with which I sit in Murli class it is very much in the manner that you describe, although I don't attribute this very much to my own doing, rather it seems to be a knack that the soul has the fortune of (to use BKWSU parlance).

Thanks for your feedback.

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