Politically Correct or not to be ...

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Politically Correct or not to be ...

Post by sparkal » 18 May 2006


So , the world wants to be " POLITICALLY " correct ? Just a sec. We ARE talking about that aspect of life on earth which is riddled with twisted corruption and sleaze. The world of politics has no credibility. Who in their right minds would hold politics in such high regards as to have it in any way connected to their aim and object in thoughts words and actions or their moral aspirations? ( Obviously the word politics has a broader and general meaning ).

Are we looking at an attempt to hijack people's personal spritual / religious agenda ' s and replace them with what has to be a more degraded goal or POLITICAL/psychological agenda? People are being asked to aim low, very low, while giving politics a much needed makeover or hike up the credibility ladder.

May I suggest that people aim to be "SPIRITUALLY CORRECT", in a natural way of course, without getting all rigid. It IS what we are after all.

Of course, what we see depends very much on the viewpoint from which we view things from. At what point does the spiritual mind stop sympathising with the pathetic state of cons which envelopes politics. I mean, politics is just show business for ugly people is it not? They are just Innocent harmless fools? Ignore them?

So spirituality applies faith in drama B and self,allowing things to take their natural course.As well as having respect for all souls,though the focus is on self. If only I was POLITICALLY correct, who knows, it may also bring money and a flashy house and car with it ... MONEY!? ... WHERE!?

What next ? SPIRITUAL ORGANISATIONS / getting into money and materialism? The domain of politicians alas.

Don't worry, if it all goes pear shaped, we can always call it God's creation and blame it on " HIM ". God IS a man is not he ? ( Another thread ). Anyway, there are no atheists on a sinking ship, it would not be politically correct now would it?

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