Happy Memories

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Happy Memories

Post by john morgan » 04 Jan 2008

Thought I would share this little memory with you all, hopefully some of you will leave your own happy memories too.

A long time ago when Tennyson Road was the main foreign place of service Dani Janaki was handing out the customary occassional sweetmeats in the main classroom which was the front room upstairs. The carpet consisted of brown and white swirls, I recall this quite clearly because I would often clean that carpet with a handbrush after early morning class.

I was not paying a lot of attention when suddenly Dadi Janaki leant forward on the Guddi and gave Sudesh Didi (in those days Sister Sudesh) a hug. Sister Sudesh stood up with her unique smile, trembling with a very happy sort of giggle. Perhaps those of you who know Sudesh Didi will know what I am trying to describe. I recall then thinking "this is the happiest person I have ever seen in my life." Dadi Janaki looked briefly in my direction then continued handing out sweetmeats.

A small aside "as you think so you become." Does this take years, months, weeks, days or seconds? A very happy New Year to all.

A brief post script. I intuited at the time that the thought Sister Sudesh was using was "I am a child of the Supreme Soul"

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Re: Happy Memories

Post by fluffy bunny » 05 Jan 2008

john morgan wrote:A small aside "as you think so you become." Does this take years, months, weeks, days or seconds?
Yes, and what controls the mechanism of return or manifestation? If it so works.

For another topic I think. This relates to the similar questions I have been asking on my karma quest.

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