Don't know if i could help my BK friend

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Post by bansy » 27 Nov 2006

Mr Green wrote:BKs who are still BKs do not think they are in trouble
This is true, but also there are those who are BKs on the brink but just have nowhere else to go, and so stay put. I know of some BKs who have really no other place (financially, and or lokik skills) but to shelter within the BK circle. As mentioned in another thread, without an exit route, these BKs remain and do as they are told. Whilst they are taught to show and give mercy and compassion to others; maybe it's the reverse, having to receive mercy and compassion from others. The ones I know are in my view very nice souls though, how this has come to them is often unanswerable.

If exit/compensation programs were put into place, my guess is there is likely to be quite a few takers in the first wave. The BKWSU does not recruit members with the intention that they would leave the organisation at all for the rest of this life (birth). Some don't think you've even left at all still.

It takes some courage to join the BKs, and more courage to leave it.

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Post by fluffy bunny » 27 Nov 2006

John wrote:I agree with what you say, but in this particular instance I have not yet heard how the BK mentioned is troubled. Not many BKs come onto the forum to put their point of view/experiences forward.
I appreciate your point and think it is fair. Its a shame that many of the BKs that do head this way are just too uptight to discuss matters. My guess is that it would have just been a little bit of a shock for the newcomers to be staring right back into a mirror of their own intentions.

I imagine that the BK brother in this question is in the full flush of Gyan and perfectly "happy", if a little caught out by 'invited_to'. The demi-sister in the other thread, I am not sure about ... but I agree that either the ethics, or practicalities, of talking someone out of Gyan so that one can jump on top of them is not a strong position. ;-) Either more information is required, e.g. is she happy ... is she vulnerable ... are they in some relationship already?; or else it is time to say "if you love somebody let them go ... if they love you back they will return".

I am guessing that you are not too much of a romantic then John? :(

Its up to you, 'sanity', to open up a bit more I think. Folks come out of BK in their own time but it can take a long time and you will still be fighting the ghost of BK a long time after that. If pushed, the BKs will likely provide her with a list of anomalies to pull the carpet of credibility from under "the science proud" Yadavas, e.g. imperial science but the real affair is not happening on an intellectual level. Its on a psychic-emotional level and if she is swallowing the Yoga, she is entering into a relationship with a disincarnate spirit in every way, or more, powerful and intense as a personal relationship with human being. Plus on top the love and attention of a wide and diverse new found family. Its a dificult.

Sanity, tell her to read over this site so she fully knows what she is in for and what issues are likely to arise ...

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Post by abrahma kumar » 27 Feb 2007

Having caught up with this old thread I recognised that many of the posts reflect some issues that I alluded to in a post I made in my little corner of the forum last week and this comment by Mr. Green's fits it with some further observations/comments that I left unsaid but have been pondering to myself ever since.
BKs who are still BKs do not think they are in trouble
Basically, when the story I alluded to was being recounted to me by a BK there was not the slightest sign of alarm or concern about the institions response. The conviction was TOTAL, leaving no room at all for any sort of reflection - it seemed. Complete and utter immersion in the BK-line and all the associated 'BK stream-of-consciousness'. Full support of the Seniors. Full support of the teacher's. It was a little frightening to observe; as though the mind-set was blinkered. The phrase 'brain-washed' leapt out at me. I asked myself: Are we all like that? So secure in that the Murli pronouncements on any given topic IS inded ALL there is to know.

To talk about mercy whilst in the grip of such unquestioning conviction seemed perverse and the phrase: "There but by the grace of God go I came to mind".

So when Mr. Green's says that "BK's don't think that they are in trouble" there may some truth in that.

I know that any BK may read this post and feel, "there goes Abrahma Kumar again" but these words do not come from a rabidly critical place. I am really trying to understand what happens to us when we join such a club. Do we sort of opt-out of the society at large?

I am imagining what the situation could be like for a BK parent whose BK child broke Shrimat or 'fell-foul' of the BKWSU system in any way? Would a pukka BK parent follow the advice of Senior's if that advice could potentially lead to the breakdown of a parent/child relationship? This question reminds me that even parents and children in BK parlance are regarded as brothers/sisters. Am I wrong in saying that? Are BKWSU adherents more or less at risk of finding themselves in 'dysfunctional' relationships: parent/child; husband/wife; Father/son; mother/daughter; Father/daughter; mother/son?

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Total Conviction

Post by proy » 27 Feb 2007

Abrahma Kumar wrote:The conviction was TOTAL, leaving no room at all for any sort of reflection - it seemed. I asked myself: Are we all like that? So secure in that the Murli pronouncements on any given topic IS indeed ALL there is to know.
So it seems to me, yes, even though most rank and file BKs are nice people in my experience, their minds are closed. But here is the odd thing. I have met many people who believe that the Bible is literally the words of God, but they are up front and open about it. When I first encountered the BKs they said I could be a good Jew or a good Catholic and still benefit from BK "Knowledge (TM)". Only later, when I started going to morning classes, did the truth come out. There was only one God, and that was Shiva, the Jews and the Catholics were wrong. There was only one collection of the words of God, and that was the Murlis, everything else was wrong. There was only one channel for God and that was BapDada, everybody else was a fake. I wish they had told me all this in the 7 day course, then I would have avoided them in the same way I would avoid any religious fanatic. Anyone who thinks they are right and everybody else is wrong is by definition insane. Of course it is not "everybody else", there are the 900,000. Hence the club AK refers to. Those who know and gloat about or feel pity for those who do not know. It is only when you leave, as Mr Green implies, that you realise you were in deep trouble psychologically and psychically.

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