Didi Manmohini

To discuss the BK and PBK versions of the factual Yagya history from the beginning.
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Didi Manmohini

Post by fluffy bunny » 21 Jul 2012

From a post: here.
warrior wrote:co-head of the renowned international Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, Didi Manmohini, left her body on July 28, 1983
It's a sad truth that one cannot ever take for granted anything the BKWSU publishes as truth, especially whatever the fantasist Jagdish Chander has written. That man is responsible for more of the BKs' fabrications than anyone else on earth.

The document says ...
In 1937, when Baba established this Godly University and created a trust of kumaris and mothers surrendering all his movable and immovable property to them, Didi Manmohini ji was one of those special members of that trust.
What was Didi Manmohini lokik name? (The document says the Father was called, "Dada Asharam ji").

Is she of any significance to ADvance Knowledge? For example, one of the Muslim Emperors?

The BKs used to claim that always claim that Didi Manmohini was "One of the 8" top souls in the world along with Dadi Prakashmani and Dadi Janki ... but then they make a lot of false claims. (Elsewhere, they claim that Dadi Janki was 21 in 1937 and a "founder member" or member of this committee too ... but the original documents say she was only 13 in 1938).

According to the original 1930s documents we have, the managing committee was:

Om Mandli Managing Committee
  • Radhi Pokardas Rajwani 22 unmarried
    Palu Motiram Dhanrajmal 22 married
    Parpati Nanikram Wasvani 21 unmarried
    Roopvanti Hassaram Balani 24 married
    Sundri Karamchand Mahtani 17 unmarried
    Gudi Kewalram Mahitani 28 married
    Rama Gopal Hathiramani 18 unmarried
    Radhika Kishinchand Kirpalani 26 married
    Motil Ratanchand Surtani 18 unmarried
  • Lila Rijhumal Sukhrani 15 unmarried
    Mithi Naraindas Daswani 18 unmarried
    Lachmi Parmanand Daswni 17 married
    Rukmani P. Hathiramani 36 married - Bholi Dadi
    Gopi Hashmatrai Hathiramani
    Sati Bhojraj Wadhwani 18 married
    Lachhmi Sobhraj Chulani 40 married
    Sati Rijhumal Sakhrani 45 married
    Jasoda Lekhraj Kripalani 45 married
Which one is she?

(Note also, Jasoda Kripalani was only co-opted at a later point and not on the original committee).

Thank you.

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Re: Didi Manmohini

Post by Larena » 25 Jul 2012

Didi Manmohini was presented in the Advanced Gyan as the root soul of Buddhism. It means that according to AG the soul of Buddha enters the body of that soul, converts it to Buddhism. In other words the soul which was called Manmohini Didi served as an instrument in establishing Buddhism in the broad drama - acc. to AG. There are long stories and explanation about this soul in AG. I may even have references to particular numbers of lessons explaning her role.

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