History of the term Advance Party

To discuss the BK and PBK versions of the factual Yagya history from the beginning.
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Re: History of the term Advance Party

Post by mbbhat » 20 Dec 2015

fluffy bunny wrote:Unfortunately, your translations are not trustworthy.
There is a saying- "Even after falling, the moustache did not get dirty".

My translation is not necessary here. I have pointed a blunder done by others and your false praise, without proper comprehension and appreciation.

If you are still having doubt, you may re-check with someone who knows both Hindi and English. You may also request your PBK friends/members here to translate them.

Or you may continue to appreciate such great blunders of PBKs as great research matters, blindly.

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Re: History of the term Advance Party

Post by fluffy bunny » 20 Dec 2015

It still constantly amazes me that 80 odd years since the Yagya started, and all the multi-millions of dollars or 100s of 1,000s of adherents later, the Brahma Kumaris have still not published a single complete, authentic and unmodified collection of what it believes to be "God's teachings".

This alone leaves the impression that,
  • a) the Brahma Kumaris, on the whole, don't value their God's teachings (they merely see them as something to secret away and manipulate for their own financial/political advantage).
    b) they are almost entirely responsible for the doubts and confusion created by doing so.
The title of this topic is "History of the term Advance Party".

As usual, BKs cannot keep 'on topic' and cannot answer detailed questions about the evolution of their own religion. They seemingly don't know, they cannot get answers from their leaders, and so all that is left is blind faith.

And that is exactly the same problem that Virendra Dev Dixit confronted back in the 1970s. From my point of view, the BKs only have themselves to blame for creating Virendra Dev Dixit and the PBK movement, by the disrespectful and arrogant way they treated both the Knowledge and sincere seekers.

As far as I can see,
  • a) That is the approximate history of the PBK branch, and their use of the term.
    b) Until the BKs get their act in gear and publish a full, complete and unadulaterated collection of the Murlis, everything any individual BK says is a waste of breath. It is without value, as there is no way of anyone knowing if what they are quoting is true or accurate according to its original context.
That's a criticism that has been made of you before - quoting out of context - but which you are too arrogant and stubborn to accept, and too lazy to go and fix, e.g. work with other BKs and PBKs to make a complete collection we can all refer to.

How strange to have a religion which hides away its own teachings from the world, and allows its leaders to constantly change or corrupt.

Yes, from a research point of view, it is all of value for the sake of greater understanding (even if it's not 'the truth').

It's just a shame the BKWSU's leaders are more concerned about whitewashing their public face than documenting the truth.
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