Objective history of the formation of BK and PBk family

To discuss the BK and PBK versions of the factual Yagya history from the beginning.
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Objective history of the formation of BK and PBk family

Post by Satyamevajayathe » 03 Sep 2012

The Colossal machinery of BK and the growing numbers of Pbk were not started in a day. It has taken years of human existance with dedication and systematic activities of it members to form this size.

So let us start asking ourselves how reliable and objective the presentation of the history is from the BK and the Pbk side. I have lived both the sides of the coin and want to start a discussion in the sense were you are not part of the coin and seeing from observer point of view. I understand that it is difficult to have pure objective view because you are always biased due to your fixed belief and past experience. I can see that when I was a BK or Pbk my opinions were always biased by my ideology and objectivity and was simply suppressed by either negation or rationalizing it to my fixed belief.

So my friends if u think there is space for objectivity and acceptability in terms of observed and unbiased debate I would like start a fresh thinking how it all began.

So to begin there must be understanding of the precedents to this begining and both BKs and PBKs must try to have ground level thinking were magical thinking should be replaced by logical and objective approach. When I say logical again it must be not based on false logic for example when we say " why are the clouds formed?". It looks perfectly logical to say because. " to cause rain and come down to earth". There is catch here because cloud formed because water vapor formed from evaporation of water is lighter and rises up in the atmosphere and as it rises it cools to form the water and because it is heavy it falls as rain. So the real logic rain is just an effect of the phenomenon and not a cause to it.

Why I went into this detail because we use this type of false logic to justify lot of our belief so it looks rational. Sorry that I am boring with so much details. But be sure my friends it is in the details that there is the truth.

Will continue with objective dissection of the history in the next post

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Re: Objective history of the formation of BK and PBK family

Post by fluffy bunny » 03 Sep 2012

I am looking forward to your findings. You seem to be considering the right point of view.

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