Yagya history

To discuss the BK and PBK versions of the factual Yagya history from the beginning.
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Re: Yagya history

Post by fluffy bunny » 06 Mar 2008

arjun wrote:I remember ex-l having quoted BK sources many times saying that the Murlis buried underground in a trunk in Sindh, Pakistan will emerge again in the Copper Age to help BK souls (reborn in the Copper Age) to prepare scriptures.
Yes, it is true that is what they claimed.

Of course, the fact that we discovered very proper English speaking books, documentation and posters from the 1930s and 40s that have "disappeared" in time is not answered by the Brahmakumaris leadership. Why then did English not start and spread from the Sind area? I suppose miraculously "just" the English and Hindi ones were destroyed and only the Urdu one's survived.

And, of course, if paper scriptures survived why not all the advanced technology of the C20th and non-BK paperwork?

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Re: Yagya history

Post by andrey » 29 Apr 2008

In the path of Bhakti there is a story that Hanuman swallows the Sun. So it is the matter of the beginning of the Yagya that the soul that is hanuman (Brahma Baba) eats the Sun of Knowledge (the soul of shiv through Prajapita) when it is still small 6-7 years in Gyan and it becomes dark till 76.

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Re: Yagya history

Post by arjun » 10 Oct 2008

Quoted from the BK Section for reference:
“Baba raai toh batlaatey hain. Aisey-aisey apney say baatein karo. Hamney 84 janmon ka chakra poora kiya, ab Baba paas jaatey hain. Fir Baba say varsa paayengey. Saakshaatkaar bhi kartey hain. Ismay paroksha aur aparoksha hai. Jaisey Mama ko koi saakshaatkaar nahee hua. Baba nay vinaash aur sthaapnaa ka saakshaatkaar kiya, inko bhavishya ka saakshaatkaar accurate hua hai. Parantu pehley yah samajh may nahee aataa ki ham yah Vishnu banengey. Peechey samajhtey gaye. Is vikaari grihasth dharma say ab nirvikaari grihasth dharma may jaatey hain, tat twam. Tum bhi Baba kee padhaai say aisey bantey ho. Race karnee chaahiye." (Brahmakumariyon dwara prakaashit revised Sakar Murli, dinaank 15.04.08, pg 3)

“Baba gives His opinion. Talk to yourself like this. We have completed the cycle of 84 births, now we go to Baba’s place. Then we will obtain the inheritance from Baba. We also have visions. This includes indirect and direct. For example, Mama did not have any vision. Baba had vision of destruction and establishment. He had an accurate vision of the future. But initially he did not understand that he will become this Vishnu. Later on he went on understanding. We are going from the vicious household dharma to the viceless household dharma; so shall you (tat twam). You too become like this through Baba’s knowledge. One should race.” (Revised Sakar Murli dated 15.04.08, pg 3 published by BKs in Hindi, narrated by ShivBaba through Brahma Baba; translated by a PBK; the words within brackets in the English version have been added by the translator to clarify the meaning)

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