False Gita, and its effect

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 07 Aug 2020


90) The most important personality is obviously God. Then Trimurti, then LN(lakshmi-Narayan), then Ram-Sita, and so on. So, this idea/knowledge should come to mind. This is what baba says in the following Murli points. That is full/complete knowledge and power.

1) SM 17-12-72(3):- Sanyasi log kahte hain hum rachta aur rachnaa ko nahin jaante hain to nastik thah_re na. Saari duniyaa hi naastik hai. Baap kahte hain main aakar aastik banaataa hun. Abhi to jo bilkul hi tampopradhan bane hain vo apne ko bhagavan kah dete hain. Jaise poochaa jaataa hai tum kiskaa bachachaa… Akhir main kah dete humaaraa. Kyonki jaante hi nahin hain. Vaise yah bhi Paramatma ko na jaan_ne kaaran apne ko bhagavan kah dete hain. Tum kahenge na yah moorkh hai. Nasha chadna chaahiye na. Ek din unhon ko bhi samjhaanaa padegaa. Aur doosri baat kasam jo jhootaa uthate hain vah hai Kourav Govt. Tum ho Pandav Govt. Unkaa jo Coat of arms hain teen sher (three lions) banaaye hain. Neeche chakr hai. Aajkal naam dete hain veer chakr. Jaante kuch bhi nahin hain. Tum toh is srushtichakr ke raaz ko jaan_ne se chakravarti raja bante ho. Mahavir bante ho.

= Saints say- we do not know knowledge of creator and creation, so they are like naastik/atheists, is it not? The whole world is naastik(atheist). Father says I come and make aastik/theists. Nowadays, they have become fully degraded, hence call themselves as God. [means in olden days, saints used to say - We do not have knowledge of creator and creation, but todays saints say- we are Gods]. Like when it is asked- whose child you are, ...finally it will (also) say- I am child of myself. [means - if you ask a child whose child you are, if the child does not know anything, it will say someting, and if you ask further, like are you child of so and so, etc, it may say yes, etc. and if you ask are you child of yourself, it may say yes even for that without understanding what it says]. Because they do not know. Similarly, since they do not know who God is, they call themselves as God. You call them as foolish, is it not? You should get intoxication. One day you will have to explain (these) even to them. Another thing- Taking of false oath by the Kourav Govt. You belong to Pandav Govt. In their/lowkik coat of arms, they have shown three lions and a wheel at the bottom. Nowadays, they give names(awards) like VEERCHAKR (for the soldiers). They do not know anything. You become chakravarti by knowing this Time Cycle.You become mahaaveer (great bravery).

Baba says- in the coat of arms of India, where the wheel is shown (ashoka chakr, dharm chakr). And, they give veerchakr (Bravery Wheel) awards for the soldiers of exceptional quality who fight in the war. But, these have no meaning (world cannot be uplifted from these. Wars/Conflicts will keep on increasing only). But, actually, the wheel should be of that of Time Cycle.

The wheel shown in the Indian national flag is called as Ashok Chakra (Wheel of Ashoka). King Ashoka has adopted it from Buddhism. It is also called as dham_chakr/dharm_chakr (wheel of Dharma/religion/morality/nonviolence).

But, on one hand, the wheel of dharma shown in national flag actually represents non-violence as preached by Buddha/Buddhism. But, nowadays, the soldiers who fight in war of vioence (physical war), are given awards like veer_chakr (wheel of bravery). And, they salute this Ashoka Chakra (wheel of non-violence). So, how come the wheel of non-violence fit for war of violence? And, how come the wheel/cycle fit for the physical war?

We can see when a soldier dies, his body will be wrapped in national flag. And, it is the soldiers who salute most to the national flag, neither the citizens, nor the religious people like Gurus, etc.

So- a symbol of non-violence or religion(Dharma wheel) is adopted for a nation, but has no place in religious places like temples, churches, mosques. This symbol of non-violence is used and respected mostly only for physical bravery(war of violence). Silly/funny is it not? So, this does not tally at all (even from their own point of view)!

And, most importantly, in all these symbols, titles and awards, the word - CHAKR (meaning Wheel or Cycle) is common.

Even the highest King is called as CHAKRA_VARTHI

But, no one understands the real meaning of CHAKR/WHEEL/CYCLE.

That is why most beloved Ocean of Knowledge ShivBaba intermittently says- I am seedform of this Kalpa tree. I have knowledge of the whole time cycle.

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 09 Aug 2020

# Post No. 25) It is CHAKR(Time Cycle), not CHARKAA(cloth weaving wheel)

2) SM 22-11-77(3):- Naam bhi hai Ishwariy Vishw Vidyalay. Aakhrin prasiddh ho javegaa. Yah BK ki Gita pathshaalaa hai. Koyi ne kaha- Trimurti MAY BRAHMA KO DEKH BIGADTE HAIN. To bolo- achchaa LAKSHMI Narayan Radha KRISHN kaa hee laga do. Parantu unhon ko zaroor ShivBaba ne Brahma dwara rajayi dee hogi na. TO BRAHMA BHI ZAROOR LAGAANAA PADE. ARTIFICIAL KAHAAN TAK CHALEGAA. Trimurti ko hum chipaa nahin saktey. Trimurti MARG BHI NAAM HAI. Sensible bachchaa koyi ho to yah koyi naam rakhnevaali department hai unsey pooche Trimurti marg naam rakha hai, yah kounsi Trimurti? Tumney ikatthaa naam kyon daalaa hai? Achchaa- in teenon ko rachnevaalaa jo hai, unkaa bhi marg hai? Gop bhi gupt vesh may bahut kaam kar saktey hain. Bade2 aadmiyon ko pakadna chahiye. Poochnaa chahiye Trimurti koun hain? Unka occupation kyaa hai? Samjhaane se phir unki dil may yah zaroor lagegaa. Vah bhi govt hai, yah bhi govt hai. Yah hai gupt. Vah hai prakhyaat. Tum gupt padh rahe ho. Padhanevaalaa bhi gupt, gyaan bhi gupt. Beej aur jhaad aur srushtichakr ko jan_naa hai. Yah 4 yugon ka chakr hai. Unhoney phir charkha rakh diya hai. Tum ho BK pandav sena. Vah to coat of arms le jaanaa chahiye. CHARKHAA CHALAANE SE SATY MEVA JAYATI HOGI KYAA? YAH TO CHAKR KEE BAATH HAI. Tumko darnaa na hai. Gupt vesh may kahaan bhi jaa saktey ho. Bahuroopi ke bachche bahuroopi honey chahiye. Parantu ajun bachchon ki buddhi may aataa nahin. Thodi service may hee khush ho jate hain. Deemaag ekdum aasmaan may chadh jaataa hai. Ajun to bahut kaam karna hai. Kisam2 se purushaarth karnaa hai. Baba toh anek points dete hain. Yah Gyan yagy to chaltaa hee rahtaa hai. HAREK ASSOCIATION, MATH, PANTH SAB BULATE RAHO. HAZAARON KI LIST NIKAL JATI HAI. Rajaavon ko bhi bulaa sakte ho. Conference kar sakte ho. Jaise aadmi, vaise2 card chapaanaa padey. Aakar samjho yah srushti ka chakr kaise firtaa hai, aavo hum aapko Parampita Paramatma ki, 5000 varsh ki jivan kahani sunaave. Wonder hai na. Achchaa. -74-

= The name is Ishwariy University. In the end it will become famous. This is BKs’ Gita pathshala. Somebody said- people get upset when they see Brahma in Trimurti picture. Then say- OK, (then) use pictures of LN and Radha Krishn. BUT DEFINITELY ShivBaba WOULD HAVE GIVEN THEM KINGDOM THROUGH BRAHMA, IS IT NOT? SO- PICTURE OF BRAHMA ALSO SHOULD BE KEPT. To what extent we can proceed in artificial? We cannot hide picture of Trimurti. There is also name Trimurti road. Sensible child should ask the people of the dept who keep/fix/give names- you have kept name as Trimurti road. Who are these trimurtis? Why have you kept names together? OK- do you have kept name of the one who creates these three? Male BKs can do service in incognito. ... You need to catch VIPs. You should ask- who are trimurtis? What are their occupation? After explaining, it will touch their intellect. That is also govt, this is also govt. This is incognito, that is presently famous. You are studying in incognito. The one who teaches is also incognito, even the knowledge is incognito. Knowledge of seed, tree and cycle should be learned. These are cycle of 4 ages. They have then put charkaa. You are Bk paandav army. (So) you should take these coat of arms. Can satyaameva jayate (truth only wins) happen from the charkaa (the spinning wheel through which khaadi cloth is produced)? This is actually of time cycle. You should not fear. ......... But it does not come into children’s intellect. They become happy by simple service. ... Lot of service is still remaining. .... Baba gives many points. ...... you can do conference…... [Trimurti, service, coat of arms]

93) The CHARKAA (not chakra! ) (the wheel that is used to weave khadi cloth) had a role in Indian Independence. So, initially, that symbol had been placed in the Indian flag. It took lot of effort in design of Indian flag. It had taken nearly eight different flags and then finally arrived at tyhe present Indian flag. So, we can see how much confusion had there been in coming to the selection of symbols for the flag.

94)Baba is this point, is saying that mere by weaving cloth indegenously will not make the slogan "truth will win". It can happen only by the highest/complete truth/knowledge. And, that is wheel/disc of time (sruchti_chakr), not the physical wheel of charkaa.

# Post No. 26) Vishnu the highest/first coat of arms (after ShivBaba)

3)SM 29-10-82(1, 2):- ShivBaba niraakaar hai. Brahma dwara mukhvamshavali rachte hain. Trimurti shiv ka bhi arth hai. Trimurti Brahma ka arth nahin nikaltaa. Baba correct bhi karte rahte hain. Hamesha trimutri shiv Jayanti kahna hai. Is baari likehnge 46vee Trimurti shiv Jayanti manaa rahe hain. Brahma bigar shiv kaise janm lenge? Brahma dwara varsaa denge. Shiv Baba hai na. To varsaa bhi saath may zaroor chaahiye. To yah Vishnu hai varsaa. Brahma, phir Vishnu varsaa. BRAHMA VA Vishnu VA SHIV. Lekin Shiv to vinaash nahin karenge. Shankar DWAARAA VINAASH GAAYAA HUVAA HAI. ISLIYE Trimurti KA CHITR HAI MUKHY. Trimurti CHITR CHALAA AAYAA HAI. VAHAAN BHI TUM RAAJY KARTE HO TO TAKHTH KE PICHAADI Vishnu KA CHITR RAHTAA HAI. YAH JAISE COAT OF ARMS HAI. Inkaa arth manushy nahin jaante. -33, 33- [coat of arms, Trimurti]

= Without Brahma how can Shiv take birth/incarnate? Through Brahma, property is given. ShivBaba is (main) it not? So- even property should also ne shown together. So- this Vishnu is property. Brahma, then Vishnu. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv. But, Shiv will not destroy. It is said- destruction through Shankar. Hence Trimurti picture is main. Trimurti picture has been followed a lot. Even there (in heaven), there would be picture of Vishnu beside the throne. These are like coat of arms.

# Post No. 27) CLEAR/FULL picture of PASSPORT

4) SM 1-4-72(1, 2):- Abhi dekho ek yah chitr passport ke liye Ludhiyaanaavaalon ne banaayaa hai. Passport toh sabhi ka chahiye na. Jo bhi manushy se devta bante hain. Oopar may dikhaayaa hai ShivBaba. Achchaa in patiti_pavan baap dwara banenge kyaa?(not clearly visible/readable in the Murli) Vah chitr ismay dikhaayaa nahin hai. Baba samjhaate hain bachchon ko passport kaise banana chahiye. Aur yah chitr phir pradarshani may bhi rakhni chahiye. Chaar paanch jaise dikhaya gaya hai Brahma patit hai. So fir patitpavan Baap dwara pavan devta ban rahe hain. BS vah fir V arthat LN bante hain. Vishnu yugal dikhaya hai. Toh jo yah chitr tapasya ka nikla huva hai in oopar double sirtaaj Rajayi pad ka bhi chitr chahiye. Uske oopar Shiv theek hai. To siddh hoga is RajaYog se yah bante hain. Patit_pavan Baap aisa pavan banate hain. Yah(Shiv) hai Patit_pavan. Yah(Saadhaaran roop) hai patit. Aur yah(Rajayi roop) hai pavan. Pavan ban_ne liye Rajayog ki shiksha denevala oopar may patit_pavan Baap. Yah patit, vah pavan. Aur oopar may Patit_pavan Baap. Aise chitr banana padey. Phir likh denge yah Sangamyugi patit aisaa pavan ban rahe hain aur likhna chahiye ADOPTED BRAAHMAN. Patit_pavan baap dwara kyaa banenge vah bhi dikhana pade. To harek samajh sakte hain hum kitna patit hain. Ab 84 janm poore kiye hain. Aadha kalp se patit hona shuru kiya hai. Asuri rajy Ravan rajy. To yah ek prominent chitr banana hai.

=Now, you see, this PICTURE OF PASSPORT has been prepared by Ludhiyana (students). There is need of passport for everyone who transforms from human to deity, is it not? ShivBaba is shown on the top. Good. Do you become pure form impure through God? That picture is not shown in this (picture). Father is explaining how children should prepare passport (picture). And, this picture should be kept in exhibitions. Four five pictures have been shown that of Brahma as impure. Then THROUGH THE PURIFIER Father, he becomes pure deity. BS (Brahma Saraswathi) then becomes V(Vishnu) or LN(Lakshmi Narayan). Vishnu is shown in/as couple. So, in the picture (where BS are) shown as doing tapasya/effort, above them double crowned Kingdom status picture is also necessary. Above that Shiv fits OK. So, it gets proved/depicted that through RAJYOG, they become like this(LN) (and) purifier Father transforms them into so(LN). That(Shiv) is purifier, that (ordinary form) is impure, and this (Kingdom form) is pure. Purifier Father who gives Rajyog teachings to become pure is on the top. This is impure, that is pure, and on the top is purifier Father. Such a picture should be done. Then you should write -these Confluence Aged impure beings become such a pure deities and write there “ADOPTED BRAAHMINS”. What one becomes through Purifier Father, that also should be written. So, everyone will understand how much impure are we. Now, 84 births are completed. Impurity began from half a Kalpa. Kingdom of Ravan is kingdom of demon. So, such a PROMINENT picture should be done.

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

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# Post No. 28)Full list of COAT of ARMS:-

The full list of coat of arms of every age- means full knowledge or history of Time Cycle. In the same Murli, most beloved knowledgeful ShivBaba continues explaining.

5) SM 1-4-72(1, 2):- Doosra coat of arms ka. [chitr COAT OF ARMS ka bana baba dikhla rahe hain]. Ab yah hai present kourav Govt kaa COAT OF ARMS. Inkay baaju CONGRESS akshar likh phir KURU likhna chahiye. Tumhaaraa yah Ishwariy kul ISHWARIY BRAAHMAN SAMPRADAAY likhna chaahiye. Ishwar ne Brahma dwara braahman banaya hai. Ab inmay theen(3) COAT OF ARMS chahiye. Vah bhi 6X4 size may banana hai. Oonch te oonch toh hai apna yah Trimurti. Yah Ishwariy kul sangam ka COAT OF ARMS. Uskay peeche phir aataa hai Sooryavamshi Vishnu kul ka COAT OF ARMS. Ismay Trimurti nahin chahiye. Satyug may Trimurti hota nahin. Vahaan Vishnu (Chaturbhuj) ka hi chitr rahta hai. To baba vichar kar banvaate hain. Pahle yah COAT OF ARMS. Phir Vishnu ka. LN ki Rajayi chalti hai. Phir hai RamSita. Unka bhi COAT OF ARMS banana pade.

Uske baad aate hain anek. Jaise Gwalior, Mysore ki apni2 COAT OF ARMS hai. Chali aati hai. To yukti se COAT OF ARMS banana hai. Pahle2 yah rajavon ka, phir musalmaanon ka. Aise do chaar dikhaanaa pade. Musalmaanon ke baad British government ka COAT OF ARMS. Phir yah hai present government ka. To numberwar sabhi ka ho jaayega. Phir Iswariy Govt. Aise2 VSM karna chaahiye. Yah bhi History Geography huyi na. Numberwaar COAT OF ARMS deni hai. Beech may British Govt aa jaati hai(I think Kingdom ends and democracy starts, hence the word beech). Inhon ko dekar phir apna dena chaahiye. Yah bhi numberwaar dena achchaa hai. Numberwaar neeche utarte hain. Yah buddhi may saaraa rahna chahiye. Moolvatan, sookshmvatan, sthoolvatan. Satyug may kiska raajy, Treta may kiska Raajy? Aur koyi ke buddhi may yah nahin hai.

Likhat achchi reeti likhni hai. Toh samajh sakenge. Pahle hai Double sirtaaj, Phir Single taaj. Phir no Taaj. Praja ka Praja par raajy hai. Slogan maafik likhna chahiye- Praja raajy No Taaj. Sangam par koyi ko Taaj nahin hai. Buddhi may yah achchi reeti baithnaa chahiye. Yah Trimurti aur jhaad hai mukhy chitr. Ghadivala chitr bhi theek hai.ShivBaba phool bhi dena hai. Phir yugal dana bhi dena hai. Jaise mala hai. Gyan artist ka to yahi saaraa khyaalaat chalta rahega. Hum aisa chitr banave jo manushyon ki buddhi may achchi reeti baith jaave.

= Secondly/then (first was about PASSPORT , already said) the COAT of ARMS. [Someone is showing the picture of COAT of ARMS already existing- mostly that of the lowkik Govt]. Now, this is COAT of ARMS of the present KOURAV Govt. Next/Close to this- should be written as CONGRESS, and then KURU (stands for KOURAV). Yours is Ishwariy Kul (Godly clan), (so) should be written as “ISHWARIY BRAAHMIN SAMPRADAAY”. Ishwar/God created braahmins through Brahma. Now, there is need of THREE COAT of ARMS in these. That too- should be in 6X4 (feet) size. Highest of the High is our TRMURTI. This is COAT of ARMS of Godly clan in Confluence Age. After that, next comes COAT of ARMS of the Sun Kul/Clan. No need of Trimurti here. In Golden Age, there is no Trimurti. There exist picture of Vishnu (four arms). So, Baba does these things after discussion. First this(Trimurti) COAT of ARMS. Then that of Vishnu where Kingdom of LN exists. Then that of Ram and Sita. There is need of COAT of ARMS of even them(Ram and Sita).

After that, many come. Like there is COAT of ARMS of Gwalior, Mysore, etc. They continue. So, you should prepare COAT of ARMS with yukti (knowledge or intelligence). Initially, it is of these(local) Kings. Then that of Muslims (foreigners). In the same way, show 2 to 4 Kings. After the Muslims, it is COAT of ARMS of the British Govt. Then it is of the present (democratic) Govt. So, number-wise all are accounted/shown. Then it is (COAT of ARMS) of Ishwariy/Godly Govt. In this way you should do VSM (Vichaar Saagar Manthan= churning of knowledge). This is also history and geography, is it not. You should give/show the COAT of ARMS number-wise. In between- British Govt comes. After them, show yours. Showing all these numberwise is good. Numberwise descending happens. All these should be there in the intellect. Incorporeal World, Subtle Region, Corporeal world. In G Age, whose Kingdom had been there? In Silver Age, whose Kingdom had been there? These are not in anyone’s intellect.

The writings should be good/correct. So, people can (easily) grasp. First it is of double crowns, next single crown, after that no crown, rule of citizens on citizens. You should write this like a slogan- “Kingdom of citizens, no crown.” During Confluence Age, no one has crown. These should fit properly in the intellect. These Trimurti and tree pictures are the main ones. Even the clock one (Time Cycle) is OK. Show ShivBaba as flower (on top). Then the couple beads, then/like the rosary. If the artist has knowledge, in his intellect, during the whole day, these matters will be emerging in his intellect. We will do such pictures so that it will fit best in intellect of people.


a) The COAT of ARMS:-

In Conf Age - Trimurti (with ShivBaba)
In G Age - Vishnu (= LN)
In Silver Age = RS (Ram and Sita)

Many come after Copper Age - you may show some Kings. Like Gwalior, Mysore, etc. [Many Kings can be shown- Like from King Vikarmadity from 500 BC, Nand Dynasty around 350 BC, Chandragupt Maurya - 327 BC, Samrat Ashok - around 200 BC, etc. ]

Then show few Muslim Kings- Like Babur, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangazeb, etc. [From AD 1526 till around AD 1700 ]
Then show British Govt. (From around 1757 AD to 1947 AD).
Then show Congress Govt [from 1947 AD ]- And write word "KURU".

b) Then also show (may be on one side) Godly clan/Govt [from 1937 AD] with Trimurti picture- write there- "ADOPTED BRAAHMINS, Godly CLAN, AUSPICIOUS CONFLUENCE AGE, etc.

c) Also show (may be on another side or at right place) ShivBaba on top, next couple beads, then the rosary, etc.

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 22 Aug 2020

# Post No. 29) Full BK Flag cum the real Indian Flag should be as follows:-

Unhon kay jhandey may bhi chakra hai, fir unhonay charkha banaa diya hai. Unkay saamney tumhara Coat of Arms theek hai. Oopar may ShivBaba, neechey Trimurti aur chakra bilkul theek lagaa hai. Yah tumhara Shiv ka jhanda bilkul theek hai." (Sakar Murli dated 22.10.07, pg 2)

= “There is a wheel in their flag too; then they have depicted a handloom/charkhaa. In front of theirs’, your Court/Coat of Arms is correct. The depiction of ShivBaba above, Trimurti below and the wheel is very appropriate. This flag of Shiv of yours is very correct.” (Sakar Murli dated 22.10.07, pg 2)

99) So- the proper/right flag should be as follows-

---At the top, it should be ShivBaba(CREATOR),
---At the bottom, the wheel(Time Cycle) means FULL CREATION [or CREATION in DETAIL].

In this way, ShivBaba, his incarnation, heavenly property and the whole Time cycle (main actors and the whole drama) would be there in the flag.

100)At present, BK Flag has only/just ShivBaba/CREATOR. The other two pictures/levels are not present in BKWSU. The reasons could be:-

a) If all are accommodated, size of the flag would be bigger (and may be not so comfort or easy to handle), else people the four ages, Trimurti personalities would not be clearly visible from distance.
b) In many countries where Trimurti/s is/are not famous, there use of such a flag may not be so easy to adopt or use*.
c)Like Baba says- you should say/prove- God of Gita as Shiv, not Krishna, but also has said- this would happen only during a little bit earlier than the end period. Not sure.

*d) But, this is not a big issue, BKs should try to put right(= complete) flag. We will discuss more on how the real flag can be designed.

101)Actually, this flag should be flag of not only India, but also of the whole world, or every country. Because all of them are part of time cycle, and God is common to all. And, the stem of the time cycle or Kalpa tree is deity religion. So, even they are also common/ancestors for all the other religions.

102) But, when Indians forgot incorporeal ShivBaba, and placed number one corporeal deity Sri Krishna in the seat of Gita Sermonizer, Indians/Hindus lost even SriKrishna as well. SriKrishna too did not get place in the national flag. Gita scripture also lost its value (more on this will be said later).

103) Surprisingly, no country places God in its national flag. So, we can say- when Indians fall, the all the rest too fall.
[In case any country has God in its national flag (or at least national anthem), readres may kindly mention which will help further discussion. But, I think at least large countries or super powers like- America, Russia, China, India, England, France, etc. do not have God in its national flag. ]

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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: I am a Bk and a writer. I have been benefited a lot by the knowledge given in BK institution. I also have materials written totally on logic without BK knowledge. Anyone can get them as attachments for free by email.

Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 24 Aug 2020

# Post No. 30) Due to False Gita, the name/title BHARATH became secondary/diluted:-

104)India has two main names- BHARATH(pronouced as BHAARATH) and India.
BHA = light, RATH = full of. So, another meaning is- FULL of LIGHT.

105) When name of number one corporeal deity Sri Krishna had been placed in seat of God of Gita, and some rituals and varna/caste system were given higher importance (or inserted later), the internal war is shown as physical war, the highest scripture Gita lost its value and thus became false/broken Gita. - more on this will be discussed later.

DHARMA/RELIGION/SPIRITUALITY/MORALITY/DIVINITY/CHARACTER are closely related words (which will be discussed later in more detail). All these refer to some code of conduct or practice or effort. Some are shown as inner and some are shown as external. Morality are inner practice, and rituals/disciplines are external practices. Inner practices should be given higher imporatnce than external practices. In Gita, both inner and external practices are said. But, when name of Krishna is placed on seat of God of Gita, the inner practice/effort was not understood and the external practice got highlighted, which made Gita to lose its value. Hence today, even though lot many good things are said in Gita about morality, many criticize it just by pointing about the VARNA system mentioned there and hence disregard it. And, when the war is shown as physical war, people could not grasp even a bit of morality said there or failed to respect it as best/right book. [More on this will be discussed later]. Hence Gita lost its value from all the directions.

[106)VARNA is the right word. The word CASTE was introduced by British people during its colonial rule. Word CASTE is bad/strict word, but not word VARNA. When the British people made the flexible VARNA system as a RIGID system by law, it worsened the society further. British people cannot handle the flexible VARNA system of India, so, they took the advantage of introducing forcible/legalized CASTE system and put the blame on Hindu scriptures. Because already the system had become weak.]- more on this will be discussed later.

107)Mostly, Indians/Hindus did not know the signifinace of the name BHAARATH or did not feel satisfied from the meaning of just CHERISHED.
So, they might have introduced name of a King called BHARATHA (pronounced as BHARATHA, not BHAARATHA) in scriptures later. May be. not sure,

Other claims for word Hindu are - Hi stands for Himalaya and "indu" for kanyakumari because another name of it is Indusarovar हिमालयम समारभ्य यवादीदूसरोवराम ।
तं देवनिर्मितं देशं हिन्दुस्थानम प्रचक्षते।। Reference:- Brihaspati agam, vrisddhasmriti by gautam rishi (copied from elsewhere)

Some also say- BHAARATH means God's gift. I am not sure, and does not seem to fit. But, the right meaning is CHERISHED and obviously a very good one.

Anyhow, that is not an issue of this topic. It is just side matter.

108)In the mean time, word India had been put on Indians due to its status of Indus River (Sindhu RIver, later got called as Sindh, then Hind, then Ind, then Indus) Valley Civilization. Hence the name India came.
Some also say- it has impact from the book (INDICA) written by the Greek traveller Magestanese when he visited India.
So- not sure which claims of the above is strongest.
Anyhow, these are for just information. There is no doubt regarding that the original name was BHAARATH.

109)The British colonial rule had uprooted/changed Indian education system fully for nealry two cetruries, and hence English became the primary language in India. Hence for the outside people, word India was more attached/adaptable than Bhaarath. And, since it had been ruling by British people for nearly two centuries, the name/word India (British Indian Company, East Indian company, etc.) was the offical name.

110) So, when India got independence in 1947, while writing the constitution, there arised a question/controversy- what name should be kept for the country- Bharath or India?
It is said that there was heavy debate. Many said it should be BHAARATH now, since that is the orginal name and that name only will keep/indicate our history as ancient and will give right value for the freedom fighters, and culture, etc.
But, due to the criticisms on Gita(as said above) and Hindus scriptures, some members on the debate argued/oppsed that the name BHAARATH will prevent the country from being SECULAR
So- even after strong opposition in the debate, name India was selected as OFFICIAL name instead of BHAARATH. So- the ORIGINALITY of the country lost and it took name of something else. This a great blow to the country. It is like losing status of WIFE and getting name PROSTITUTE. More on this will be discussed later.

Today word BHARATH is used only in few places like slogans- Bhaarath Mata ki jai, and at two places in the national anthem. In regional educational text books, word BHARATH is still used to a good extent. But, in the offical and international level, the name has become totally weak. In constitution, the word Bharat is used only in one article (just to say India's other name is Bharat).

111)So- when name India got higher preference than BHAARATH, the great and most ancient history(or a feeling) Bhaarath got reduced from 5000 yrs to mere 500 years, is it not?
All agree that India is an ancient civilization. But, if the word BHAARATH had been used instead of India, definitely the speaking spirit and communication ability would be different (for a spirtual level person, these words are not a big issue, but on a worldly level it defintiely matters.)

In this way, the country became a weak and confused SECULAR country.

112) Still some people have put applications to Supreme Court in India to make BHAARATH as the first/official name instead of India https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/ ... 737391.ece

113)FYKI, some people use other names too for of India such as- BHARATHA VARSHA/KSHETRA, Jambudweepa, Al-Hind, Hindustan, Tenjiku, Aryavarta, etc. - not important.

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 01 Sep 2020

# Post No. 31)HIGHEST Place of PILGRIMAGE lost its value:-

114)It is very much wellknown that India had been golden sparrow (soney ki chidiyaan). Baba also says- India is the highest "teerth_sthaan (place of pilgrimage)". Few other Murli points are given below.

a)SM 2-10-82(3):- Gita may Krishn kaa naam daalney se itney bade teerth bhaarat ki mahimaa gum ho gayi hai. Dekho Muhammad Gaznavi ne mandir lootaa thaa. Agar unko yah maaloom hotaa ki yah hamaarey Baap kaa mandir hai, toh loot_thay thode hee. Allah ke mandir ko koun lootegaa jisney swarg sthaapan kiyaa. Agar ShivBaba ko jaaney toh kabhi bhi mandir ko haath na lagaave. Bhal shiv ko sab maathaa tek_thay hain, parantu jaan jaave toh kabhi na loote. SIRF Gita MAY KRISHN KAA NAAM DAALNEY SE YAH SAB KUCH HUVAA HAI. Gita KHANDAN HONEY SE DEKHO KYAA HAAL HUVAA HAI. AGAR SHIV KAA NAAM HOTAA, TOH VAHI SADGATIDAATAA HAI, SAB USEY Yaad KARTE. -44- [Gita]

= Due to insertion of Krishna's name in Gita, fame of great(est) pilgrimage Bharat went to darkness. See- Muhammad of Gazni had looted temples. If he had knew that this is temple of our Father, he would not have looted. Who will loot temple of Allah who has established heaven?! If he had known about ShivBaba, he would have never touched the temples. Of course, all bow to Shiv(the incorporeal), but if they had known him, they would not have looted. Just because of name of Krishna has put in Gita, all these have had happened. See what had happened due to defame of Gita. If there would have been name of (incorporeal) Shiv in Gita as one who is real benefactor of all, then all would have been remembering HIM (in a better way).

b)SM 22-4-88(2):- Harek apney dharm ko maante hain. Tum jaante ho yah devi devataa dharm bahut sukh denevaalaa hai. Niraakaar PP aakar is dharm ki sthaapnaa karte hain. Unhoney phir NIRAAKAAR ke badley Krishn ka naam thok diyaa hai. AGAR ShivBaba KAA SABKO MAALOOM HOTAA TOH SAB DHARMVAALEY UN PAR PHOOL CHADHAATEY. SAMAJHTE DEVI DEVTAA HUMAAREY BADEY POOJY HAIN, HUM VAMSHAAVALI PEECHEY KI HAIN. Gita KHANDAN KARNE KAARAN VAH MAAN NAHEEN RAHAA HAI. ARYA SAMAAJI bhee khandan karte hain. Kuch bhee samajhte naheen. Kitney ab jhagadey hain. Khooney nahek khel hai. – [Gita]-vimp

= Everyone believes in his own religion. You know the deity religion gives lots of happiness. The incorporeal Supreme God Father establishes this religion. They have put name of Krishna in the place of INCORPOREAl. If all would have known about ShivBaba, all religions would have had put/worshipped him with flowers. They would have thought that the deities are our ancestors and we had come later. Due to defame of Gita, that respect is not there. Even the Arya samaj people condemn it. (People) understand nothing. How much fight/conflicts there are. This is the game of bloodshed.

115)So- the point is- when Bharatavaasis(Indians) did this great mistake of placing a human being (deity) in the place of incorporeal God, others could not accept it or its teachings. [That too when the same Sri Krishna is shown as having 16108 wives, etc, etc- even the divinity of deities could not be understood].

116)And- there is a great possibility that heaven too lost its value. When SriKrishna had been shown with 16108 wives, and shown as had many children from these wives (even though nothing is said about how he gave birth- whether by physical contact or yogbal), people fail to recognize yogbal, because he is already shown as violent (with physical arms). So- when one violence is shown on SriKrishna, how can people think about giving birth through yogbal.

So- in Hindu concept of heaven, it is shown as they drink alcohol, and it is also shown as vicious. [The other religion scriptures also show in the same way. So- again we can say - When Hindu fails/ed, the rest also fail/ed. More on this will be said later].

# Post No. 32)Conflict between Gita and Vedas began:-

117)Few points on Arya samaj is given below since "Ocean of Knowledge, most beloived Purifier, almighty authority ShivBaba" had mentioned about it in the above/pervious Murli point. For more details, one can do google search.

Members of the Arya Samaj believe in one almighty creator referred to with the syllable Aum as mentioned in the Yajur Veda (40:17). They believe the Vedas is an infallible authority and they also respect the Upanishads and Vedic philosophy as the Vedas because darshan and upnishad are created by vedic rishi. The Arya Samaj members reject other Hindu religious texts which made by normal pandit because they are not "revealed" works and these texts promote things without logic and against the Vedas . For instance, they believe books like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are legends of historical figures, and rejects them as reference to supreme beings and avatars. The members of Arya Samaj reject other scriptural works such as the Puranas, the Bible, and the Quran.[44] They reject the worship of idols. The Arya Samaj promotes the equality of all human beings and the empowerment of women.
https://www.britannica.com/topic/Arya-Samaj = The Arya Samaj opposes worship of murtis (images), animal sacrifice, shraddha (rituals on behalf of ancestors), basing caste upon birth rather than upon merit, untouchability, child marriage, pilgrimages, priestly craft, and temple offerings. It upholds the infallibility of the Vedas, the doctrines of karma (the accumulated effect of past deeds) and samsara (the process of death and rebirth), the sanctity of the cow, the importance of the samskaras (individual sacraments), the efficacy of Vedic oblations to the fire, and programs of social reform. It has worked to further female education and intercaste marriage; has built missions, orphanages, and homes for widows; has established a network of schools and colleges; and has undertaken famine relief and medical work. From its beginning it was an important factor in the growth of Indian nationalism. It has been criticized, however, as overly dogmatic and militant and as having exhibited an aggressive intolerance toward both Christianity and Islam.
118)Arya Samaj works to bring reform in Hinduism. It does many good work in/for Hinduism and nation. But, the institution does not respect the lowkik/sanscrit Gita. Because it rejects puranas (epics) since they appear like to be lies (supernatural, illogical, etc). Another reason is- it believes in incorporeal God*. So- when corporeal Sri Krishna is shown as God of Gita, and many such illogical stories are written in Hindu epics, how can it accept the Gita.
So- we can see the effect. An institution that believes in incorporeal God does not accept Gita!

* - They claim they believe in incorporeal, but they cannot describe it. Mostly, they believe the 6th element (Brahm element as God). Hence they worship nature. They aim to worship nature, and development of all the people, building nation, and some level of morality. [Mostly, Divinity has no place]. But, still, good for the lowkik world.
But, Arya Samaj could not attract majority of Hindus, one main reason is - opposing IDOL WORSHIP (which majority of Hindus follow).

119)So- there are great conflicts due to wrongs and lies written in Hindu scriptures, especially many puranas (epics). And, Baba says- the first and biggest lie is placing name Krishna in place of Shiva.

[Some are actually not lies, but people failed to absorb the essence from the incidents in the story. For example- Shankar (actually Shiva) shown as cutting head of his own son Ganesha. The real meaning is cutting the ego, not physical head. But, without having real knowledge, folloiwing these stories would be only downfall, or baba says- has benefit of only buttermilk (instead of the butter)].

120)Arya Samaj members have published a Gita called as - "VEDIC Gita". They have removed some verses in Gita and some chapters fully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRW5NGDjDFU

There is a good argument for the same - http://www.aryasamaj.org/newsite/node/1266.

According to Arya samaj, Sri Ram is a good man, but not God. So- Some points are good.

So- there is lot of difference in opinions.

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 10 Sep 2020

Post No. 33)Nature also got seat of God (in some scriptures/arguments):-

Post No. 34)RITUALS took higher preference than MORALITY/CHARACTER/DIVINITY:-

Post No. 35)Importance of SELF/SOUL too got vanished:-

120)Lots of Murli points about Gita are said Murli. One more is here-
viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2730&p=55254&sid=9 ... cb#p55254

SM 08-09-20:- अभी तुम समझते हो बाप ने ही राजयोग सिखाया, जिससे सब मुक्ति-जीवनमुक्ति को पाते हैं। यह भी समझते हो कि भारत में ही शिवबाबा आया था, उनकी जयन्ती भी मनाते हैं, परन्तु गीता में नाम गुम होने से महिमा भी गुम हो गई है। जिससे सारी दुनिया को सुख-शान्ति मिलती है, उस बाप को भूल गये हैं! इनको कहा ही जाता है एकज़ भूल का नाटक। बड़े ते बड़ी भूल यह है, जो बाप को नहीं जानते।

“You now understand that the (Incorporeal) Father, Himself, taught you Raj Yoga, through which EVERYONE attains Liberation and Liberation-in-Life. You also understand that it was ONLY in Bharat, where Shiv Baba came. His Birthday is also celebrated, but because His Name has been made to vanish from the Gita, His praise too has vanished. They have forgotten the Father from whom the whole world receives happiness and peace. This is called the Play of just the ONE GRAVE mistake. The biggest mistake is that they do not know the (Incorporeal) Father (Shiva).”

121)When name of real/incorporeal God (Supreme Soul Shiv) is made to vanish from the highest scripture Gita, it creates lots of confusions, leading to many opinions and conflicts. Then obviously nature also gets room to the seat of God. Because except God, all the souls come under nature at one or other time due to owing/having body.

Some Hindu scriptures (mostly in VEDAS- I will try to give reference if possible, else anyone can search/mention*) say- the BRAHMAN = BRAHMAAND = BRAHM element = the 6th element of nature= Paramdham " itself as the Supreme. [6th element means beyond (and superior to) the 5 elements of the physical nature/world.

They say- The physical world (5 elements) are manifestation of the 6th element. Hence they call the 6th element as "INCORPOREAL BRAHM" and the 5 elements as "CORPOREAL BRAHM". Hence they claim God is both incorporeal as well as corporeal. What they say is- during pralay, the corporeal brahm gets destroyed (=gets merged with the incorporeal brahm), and during creation, a part of the incorporeal brahm manifests as corporeal brahm.

122)Now, this might have EASILY opened the door for worship of physical elements. Some people might have then started to call nature too as God. And, RITUALS also might have started. People started to worship fire, water, air, earth, etc.

123)This kept rituals/discipline more important than morality/character.

In DHARMA, the internal aspects are morality/character/divinity, the external aspects are the rituals/culture/tradition/disciplines. When incorporeal God is forgotten, naturally, there is bahirmukhata (extrovertness) which will lead to wandering, and conflicts when different groups practice different traditions.

124)When incorporeal God's value is lost, people lost self respect too. They (even though utter words like SOUL), started to give more importance to body than the soul.

Then physical water itself became PURIFIER. People started to take physical dip in river ganges to purify the SOUL!

125)These rituals and wandering started to wastage of lot of time, money and energy.

126)Note:- I am not saying the actual falldown process is exactly what I have written. These are just my churnings, hence yathaashakti (limited and numberwise) correct. Anyone can improve (or debate on) this.

But, logically it appears almost right. When name of incorporeal God vanishes, then obviously nature will get the next value.

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 12 Sep 2020

127)Other names for the above terms.


GUN = GUNN = virtue, NIR = NIL.
NIRGUN = VIRTUELESS = beyond sato, rajo and tamo stages. (Incorporeal World)
SAGUN = with VIRTUE = can be influenced by sato, rajo and tamo stages. [Corporeal World)

sato = high, rajo = medium, tamo = low
------------- ---------
# Post No. 36) BRAHM element to river BRAHM_PUTRA!:-

128)A reason how river Brahm_putr got value in Bhakti:-

SM 10-1-81(2):- Vah to paani ki nadi hai jis par naam Brahmputra rakha hai. Unhoney to Brahm Ishwar ko kaha huva hai. Isliye Brahmputra ko bahut pavan samajhte hain. Badi nadi hai to pavitr bhi vah hogi. Patitpavan vaastav may ganga ko nahin, Brahmaputra ko kaha jaaye. [mela]

= Name of a river has been kept as BRAHM_PUTRA. They/devotees have considered Brahm tatw (IW) as Ishwar/God. Hence they believe the river Brahmaputra as highly pure. It is big river, so would be pure also. The title PURIFIER should actually be kept for river Brahmaputra (B baba) instead of river Ganges(BKs , mainly indicating BK sisters).

See- In Bhakti- how easily people emotionally get attached to something or some words. Just from the name Brahm in the river, people gave value to that river.

129)And, Baba is also giving the essence. Baba is saying- (after OCEAN/God), the title PURIFIER should be Brahmaputra river (= B Baba), [then only to river Ganges (= BK children)]. Because next to God is Brahma.

---In Hinduism, rivers (cow, trees, etc. also) have high value in Bhakti/worship.
---The point/place where two rivers meet has higher value.
---The point where a river meets ocean has even higher value.
---[meeting = spiritual relation. Either union with God(Soul Supreme relation) or bhayi2 drushti (soul brother relation)- Indicating PUREST RELATION ] .

Similarly, in Bhakti, devotees believe taking dip in these rivers or at the place where they meet, will purify them. [Spiritual significance is - Taking dip in river of knowledge]

[Baba says- just like Bull in Shiv temple actually represents B Baba, similarly, river Brahmaputra also refers to B baba and river Ganges represents children (BKs). River Saraswati represents Mama, etc.].

130)So- the point is- when incorporeal God is made to vanish from the highest scripture, then 6th element gets seat of God, then the other five elements(like river, cow, tree, etc) too.

Finally, in Hinduism- there is also saying everyone is God.
------------- -----

# Post No. 37) VICES too were depicted as physical personalities:-

131) When incorporeal God is shown as corporeal, even the vices were shown as demons like narakaasur, akaasur, bakaasur, Ravan, with Ravan as most prominent shown with 10 heads. And, in Dussera festival, people burn effigy of Ravan.

132)We NOW- know right interpretation of Ravan.
---Ravan represents five vices(lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego) - in male and female each.
---Another interpretation is - Five vices plus five elements of nature. (Because birth of vices come though the body(five elements). [This is the reason why the five elements also called as "paanch bhooths (= five ghosts.)" ]

133)So- when Ravan was also shown as corporeal, then epics like also got created. Obviously epics are important. Because soul plays role of 84 births. So- history also has value. But, when the incorporeal/foundation was lost, the history became highly erratic. And, Baba is explaining us their essence now.

There are many epics in Hinduism. Major/mostly 18. Of them most famous are the two - Ramayan (Rama and the monkey armies as heros with Ravan as villan) and Mahabharat [deity Krishna and pandavas as heros, and kouravas (and also yaadavas- in side) as villan].

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Re: False Gita, and its effects

Post by mbbhat » 12 Sep 2020

# Post No. 38) MANY PURIFIERS!:-

135)In Hinduism, title PURIFIER is given to many.
a)at one place, title PURIFIER (patit-pavan) is given to river ganges. But,

b)the KUMBH_MELA taking place at the meeting of river Brahm_putr with the ocean has highest value. Even more than taking dip in river ganges.

c)There is a lake called maana-sarovar (in today's Tibet) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Manasarovar). There is a saying one who takes dip in it will become angel or his sins will be burnt. [We know it is for the nectar of knowledge- gyaan_maana_sarovar)].

c)Sometimes devotees also say - "Patitpavan Sita_Ram = Purifier is the (deity) Ram (husband) of Sita. [But, actually, we know that it refers to Incorporeal Ram ShivBaba who is SPIRITUAL groom of all the 7 billon human Sitas/Souls. ]

d)But, in Gita - 18-66 (Chapter 18, verse 66) - God of Gita(deity Krishna??) says- "Sacrifice all the religions and surrender to ME. I will clear you from all the sins and give liberation".

136)So- who is the real PURIFIER? - God(= ISHWAR= SHIV = Incorporeal Ram), Brahm element or Prajapita Brahma, river Ganges, corporeal/deity Ram, or deity Sri Krishna?

Total confusion.
Since name of corporeal/deity Sri Krishna is in Gita, and has been shown as doubly violent, people could not get any power from it. So- when name of incorporeal/real God was made to vanish, people get divided into different groups/sects, and more personalities got the seat to the place God/Purifier.

Simiarly, when Ravan/vices were shown as corporeal, deity/corporeal Ram got the seat of Purfier. because one who kills Ravan/vices onlly can be called as real PURIFIER.

# Post No. 39) Wrong Oath and confusion in lowkik govt/legal system:-

137)First of all, God of Gita is actually incorporeal Shiv, not corporeal Krishna. That is the first/great mistake. But, then they do the second one too creating more confusion.

SM 2-9-82(1):- Baap kahte hain main tumko in sab shaastron kaa saar bataataa hun. Yah baatein tum bachchon ko samjhaayaai jaati hai. Tum samjhaa saktey ho- Baap kahte hain tum jo yah kasam uthaate ho vah jhoothi uthvaate ho. Ab kahtey ho Gita Krishn ne gaayi. HAATH MAY Gita UTHAATE HO PHIR KAHTE HO ISHWAR KO HAAJIR NAAJIR MAANKAR SACH BOLNAA. KRISHN BHAGAVAAN KO HAAJIR NAAJIR MAAAN… - YAH BHI NAHIN KAHTEY. ISHWAR KE LIYE HEE KAHTEY HAIN. TOH KRISHN Gita KA BHAGAVAAN HAI, YAH BUDDHI SE NIKAAL DO. Pahli mukhy baath hi jhoothi kar di hai. Jhoothaa kasam honey kaaran unmay taakath nahin rahi hai. ACCURATE HAI EK DHARMARAJ. SUPREME JUDGE, VAHI SACHCHAA HAI. Satyug may to judge aadi hote nahin. -2- [Gita, Dharmaraj]

= Father says- I explain essence of these all scriptures. ...You can explain them/(lowkik people in court) - Father says- the oath what you take is false. You say krishn spoke Gita. And, they say- by considering ISHWAR as omnipresent, in front of, speak truth.No one can say by considering Krishna as omnipresent (I am taking this oath). This (word omnipresent) is said/used to Ishwar/God ONLY. So - remove from the intellect the (belief of) saying Sri Krishna as God of Gita. The first and important matter(oath) itself is made false. Due to false oath, there is no it. Accurate is the only Dharmaraj, Supreme Judge, Only HE is the TRUTH.

So- the title omnipresent can be said only to God/incorporeal, not to any corporeal. So- obviously, we can see how wrong it is.

[Eventhough we know God is not omnipresent, still the feeling of someone AT ANY PLACE AT ANY TIME can be possible only for incorpreal personality or one who is free from physical body. So- do not take the word OMNIPRESENT in LITERAL sense here].

So- this confusion is actually good, because that will make it easy to highlight real God.

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 13 Sep 2020

Continuation from the last post

# Post No. 40)Unlimited confusions:-

138)So- later on- more confusions/theories came- Like DWAITA, A_DWAITA, Vishishtaadvaita, Maha_Vishishtaadvaita, etc.

---Dvaita/Dwaita/TWO concept = God and Soul - as different/separate.

---A-Dvaita(No Two = ONE/Single) concept = Universe is an illusion. God and Soul, Universe and one and the same, but appears to be different only for a temporary period - like a bubble in an ocean. [Bubble = soul, and ocean = God- this is their theory]. So- ultimately all merge together and become ONE.

---Vishishtaadvaita says- Human souls and nature are dependend on the incorporeal brahm, but cannot merge with it. something like that- I am not familiar fully at present.

More on this will be said later if time permits or one can get ideas from the google search. But, if one knows about dvaita and advaita- it is enough, because they are the most popular.

138)Does Gita preach Advaita or Dvaita? Some say it teaches dvaita, some say advaita, some say both! And, there is also a reason for this.
---In its teachings, Gita actually preaches dvaita.
---But, in the preface of Gita (called as DHYAANA_SHLOKAs), the first verse itself says so. "advaita_amruta varshineem bhagavtim, ....
---Great contradictions. Not sure when the preface got added to Gita.

http://aumamen.com/topic/bhagavad-Gita- ... ana-slokas
Om Parthaya prathi bodhithm bhagawataa naaraayanena swayam, Vyasaena gratitaam Puraana muninaa madhye Mahabaratam

Advaitamruta varshaneem bhagawteem ashta dashaa dhyayineem, Ambaa twaam anusandadhaami bhagavad geete bhava dweshineem.

Bhagavad Gita taught to Arjuna, by Lord Narayana himself, written in the middle of the Mahabharata by the Old Sage Vyasa

O Divine mother, she who showers Elixir of Advaita on us, O mother of 18 chapters, I meditate on thee, O Bhagavad Gita, the destroyer of illusion of manifestation (Samsaara)
139)But, actually, Gita preaches DWAITA theory[ Human Souls and God are different. Human soul can realize God, but can never merge with God.] The slokas/verses will be given later. [Majority of the slokas are in chapter 15]

140)So- total confusion. Hence finally some Hindu Gurus might have said- "All the ways lead to truth, every soul is God, etc". - clearly a poor state and of ignorance.

Even about Gita- preachers cannot say exactly what does Gita teach? Dvaita or Advaita. By saying both, they are contradicting the result/output.

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Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 13 Sep 2020

# Post No. 41)CHARACTER and KARMA PHILOSOPHY became secondary:-

141)When incorporeal feeling is lost, the foundation got weak, and rituals took higher seat. This made character weaker. If character is high, karma/action will automatically become correct. Because, the person would not only be least burden to the society but also of high model.

142)OK, now let us come to karma/action theory. It says- As you sow, you will reap. It says- if you do good, you will get good, if you do bad, you will get bad. This is perfectly right. In Hinduism, both character and karma philosoophy has highest value.

143)Character(free from vices) is like DIVINITY, and Karma philosophy is like HUMANITY. Of course, they are also inter-related.

144)But, when importance of the incorporeal God and his teachings is lost (not understood how to follow), physical rivers got the value of nectar. Then some people thought- by taking dip in Ganges, etc- one will get purified. So-rituals got higher value than character and humanity.

But, Hindu devotees do not act with ego aftert taking dip in rivers, as if - "my sins have completely burnt". They have pure wishes (= blind faith). Ego is not present/seen there.

Even today, there is high respect for purity/character/celibacy in Hindusim. Even though majority of Hindus do not practice it, they value it. Hence they fall into feet of them as well as children (in some places).

But, dilution had happened. Hence people failed to give respect to their own virgin children. Sometimes parents force their children to marry even against their own wish. If someone does not marry- people started to criticize - Oh this person might not have got groom or bride. So- the real/full respect was lost.

145)As time passes, Bhakti becomes tamopradhaan/degraded. Baba says- initially there would be Bhakti would be pure/sato- of only one incorporeal Shiv.

146)Baba says = in heaven, the servants would be in the same building of the owners, and will have place in the heart of the owners, will eat the same food what owners eat.

Of course, Baba says- "there would be difference in status between King- citizens, servants, etc even in heaven. So do effort to become King, etc. But, all would be happy.". There will be sanskaar milan. So- emotionally there will not be any gap.

But as times passes, the gap increased and owners started exploting the sevrants.
So- as time passes, due to these aspects, rituals got more importance than morality. Rich people failed to respect poor people who used to work for them(to rich people). Because to perform rituals, etc, there is need of money, so higher varna people started to gather wealth. Also- more wastage of money. This made rich people exploiting poor people.
So- there was also emotional gap between the owners/rich and servants/poor.

This gap opened door for other religions to easily to lure and convert the weak/poor people of the society.

147) Other religions- eg- Islam and Christianity- do not respect/believe in karma philosophy (practically). They believe more in faith and discipline. "If you believe in one God, and his prophet (slight differences is there. Some believe prophet too is fit to be called as God- these will be discussed later), and follow some disciplines/commandments, you will go to heaven. Else, how much good you may do, you will go to indefinite hell. "
Killing animals is not a sin in those religions, etc, etc.
Even though they say believe in One God, they finally get attached only to their prophets- (these will be discussed later).

148)So- the point here is- To what extent "Confusions in Hinduism" made other religions to avoid KARMA PHILOSOPHY. - this is the main question here since Hinduism is the most ancient religion.

149)One who denies karma philosophy is actually foolish. They will commit terrible crimes like- forcible conversion, terrorism, looting others' wealth (even that of citizens), sometimes- may lead to world wars, too. - in the name of God/religion.They will be in total darkness only.

Avoiding karma philosphy will make other religions easy - to lure others and easily convert, and to motivate their members to even commit crimes in the name of God/religion.

So- if the karma theory is avoided, people can be easily radicalized. And, to promote their religion, increase their numbers, other religions might had avoided karma theory in their philosophy. They even do not believe in rebirth in this world! So- practically they fell even deeper. Because neglecting rebirth means avoiding truth.
[More on this will be written later].

150)But- if in Hinduism - Incorporeal God had been differentiated from deities, other religions too would have respected Hindusim. Due to placing a corporeal being Krishna above incorporeal God (Shiva) others failed to respect Hindus, and started to oppose them, finally they themselves get divided among different sects in their own religions (even if all of them believe in one God) and fight with each others, finally leading/heading for the final destruction/transformation of Iron Aged world as per accurate drama plan.

151)Actual hierarchy is as said in "COAT of ARMs" in Post No - 28 in the same page viz- as follow.

First incorporeal God - Shiv, Ishwar. Allah, Jehova,etc.
Next Trimurti - BVS ,
Next LN
Next Ram Sita
Next Ibrahim, Buddha, Christ, etc.
Next single crown Kings.
Next democracy govts

This should be properly understood. Then only confusion and conflcits can be avoided/resolved.

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