Flaws in PBK Philosophy

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Re: Flaws in PBK Philosophy

Post by mbbhat » 17 Oct 2020

# Flaw No. 615)PBKs inadvertently imply- PBK Yagya is creator of False Gita:-

665)Murli Point:- "Jhoothee Gita se Bharath dharm_bhrasth, karm_bhrasht ban gaya hai = False Gita (Putting name of Krishna in the seat of God of Gita) has made Bharath/India irreligious, and karm_bhrasth/goofy(may not be accurate translation)" .

PBKs interpret this as - "Gita(Sakar Murli) became wrong/false by putting name of B Baba ("PITAASHREEE") in Sakar Murlis. This has led downfall of Bharath, means Mr. Dixit did not get any value in BK Yagya. [PBKs interpret "Bharath" for "Mr. Dixit" here]".
But, their claim fails, since Sakar Murlis have been spoken through mouth of B Baba himself, not through Mr. Dixit. This is already discussed in the same topic, but adding few more points.

666)Now, their such allegations fails by default itself due to the following reasons too.

666a)PBKs believe "false HUMAN Gita" is ex PBK Kamala Devi. She is obviously a product of PBK Yagya. So- in this view, "false SCRIPTURE Gita" too should be a product of PBK Yagya, is it not?
arjun wrote:666b)I have written several times and I repeat that whatever mistakes are committed by BKs in physical form are also committed by some PBKs in subtle form because BKs are the roots, but PBKs are the seeds.
666b)So- even in this view- PBKs imply - PBKs are the first cause for the mistake.

667)Practically, if we see- PBKs definitely are cause for false scripture Gita in Confluence Age . That is FALSE INTERPRETATION of Gita/Murlis.

668)We can see- Mr. Dixit playing role of Hiranyakashyap. He tries to take seat of Chariot of the Sakar Murlis too, even when he clearly admits they are words spoken through mouth of B Baba.

PBKs may say- "B Baba was just title holder, hence word PITAASHREE should not have put in the Sakar Murlis".
But whatever they may argue, it loses value because - in Sakar Murlis are words through mouth of Brahma B baba, and there are few words of B baba too, - which PBKs clearly admit it.

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