Who is Bharat and who are Bharatwasis ??

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Re: Who is Bharat and who are Bharatwasis ??

Post by shivsena » 15 May 2017

Murli 11-5-17: "सिर्फ भारतवासियों को अपने देवी-देवता धर्म का पता नहीं है।"

Who are these Bharatwasis who do not know about Devi-Devta-Dharm ???


Same Murli : "भारतवासी ही आपेही पूज्य आपेही पुजारी बनते हैं। सतयुग में पूज्य थे..."

How are Bharatwasis Pujya in Satyug and who worships them in Satyug ???

Please share your views.

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