False Gita, and its effect

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False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 10 Jul 2019

# Post No. 01:-

Introduction:- Most beloved, Knowledgeful, Incorporeal Supreme God Father ShivBaba usually says False Gita is the cause for downfall of Bharath and fall of other religious scriptures too.

The False Gita begins with-

Putting/inserting name of corporeal Sri Krishna in place of Incorporeal Shiva. It then gradually led to the following misconception.

---the spiritual love into earthly love,
---the non violence, internal war with Maya/vices into physical war of violence.

---It then gradually increased vices, and caused gender inequality, then cause for downfall of other religious scriptures too. These aspects would be dealt one by one gradually. The readers are free to interrupt at any time.

At the end, effects of Right Gita can also be obviously put. But, till there let us discuss effect of false Gita to a great extent.

As usual, the topic starter is just yathaashakti effort-maker, so there can be errors, kindly bear it, but one will definitely find lot of good points too. Let us proceed.
1) Actually, a soul is both male and female. [We are limiting discussion to human souls only here].

---When soul is related with God, God is male/groom, and all the souls (say 700 crores), are HIS brides. Because all the souls love, pray, and try to seek God in one or other way.

---When a soul is related to its own body, the soul is male/owner and the body is its bride/property.

---So, practically a soul is above gender. A soul can have male body in this birth and female in another birth.

Explanation :- In India, for example, there is a word- karod_pati, lakh_pati. lakshmi_pati, Sita_pati, etc.

Karod means crore. One who owns crores or lakhs is called karodpati or lakhpati.

Lakshmipati means husband of Lakshmi, and Sitapati means husband of Sita.

So, pati can mean husband or owner. In short, the SUPERIOR.

2) Even though all the 7 billion souls are brides of Supreme ShivBaba, only 16108 become practically eligible to be called as brides of God, since their love only attains to the level of love between a good husband and wife. Relation of other souls is not so strong. They pray to God for limited or selfish desires only.

Actually, this love between souls and God is FULLY SPIRITUAL. And, the brides can be physically males or females (Brahmakumaris as well as brahmakumars). And God is obviously FULLY above gender (physically as well as intellectually- he does not have body of his own, and is least influenced by body-consciousness).

3) But, when the name of Sri Krishna had got inserted, level of gender-less/incorporeal God is brought down to just a physically male personality. And, the spiritual brides (who could be physically female as well as male personalities) were considered to be only female.
This depicted the spiritual love between the Supreme Soul and the top most 16108 HUMAN SOULS to a mere human deity and some physical females. The self esteem of both God and highest truth-seekers or top most human personalities were brought down. What would be the result?! Just imagine.

4) This then caused GENDER UNBALANCE too. Just imagine what would happen if one male is considered to have 16108 wives.The level of female personalities falls to the bottom, is it not?
But, the level of male (Krishna) personality would not be (practically) considered to be high. Even though some may consider Sri Krishna as hero, but all will not accept. Many would see him as lusty personality only.
So, degradation begins.

5) All the rules were forced on females:- If we see the scriptures, there majority of the rules are said for females only. Many restrictions are put on females. For example, in Hinduism, married females are forced to wear a DOT on forehead, but husband need not!

Widows have no rights, but widower has. A widow cannot marry another male, but a widower can marry.

[ The REAL SIGNIFICANCE:- Actually, male is God, and all the human souls are females. God is perfect, so no need of forcing rules on HIM.
But, all the human brides (including males) have to follow rules. Male/God can marry any no. of females (any no. of human souls), but any human being can marry only once (to God only).
Once they forget God (become spiritual widow), they lose all the rights. Marrying (attachment) anyone else than God would be a sin.

This is the real significance. But, when name of Krishna got placed on Shiva, gender inequality arose and caused downfall of society in Bharat. And, this led to male dominated society and males had more rights to commit mistakes].

BUT-When devotees enter a temple, every male should also wear the dot on his forehead! Because in temple (in front of God), he agrees that is is also a female (subordinate) ]

6) HIGHEST SYMBOL VALUE fell down to the bottom:- The significance of the DOT on forehead are TWO.
First is I am an eternal soul.
Second is- I am wife(related) to/of God only/mainly.

Now- When name of corporeal Sri Krishna got inserted, incorporeal God was totally forgotten, and the significance of the DOT/TILAK has been considered just to the level of wife of an Iron/Copper Aged Male.

So, value of the highest symbol/DOT fell into a useless ritual.

7) Today some feminists criticize this DOT/TILAK what Indian females(wives) wear as a symbol of slavery to males/husbands. And, they argue it should be abandoned. A great degradation, is it not.
So, the one of the HOLIEST, HIGHEST and RICHEST symbols had got considered to a be a symbol of SLAVERY (as well as license to have vicious/sexual relation with husband).

8) So, the symbol which is actually for purity had got interpreted as a symbol for impurity (or in fact, Kaliyugi level purity. In Kaliyug, sex with one person is considered to be purity only. It looks that there is at least SOMETHING here. But-... ).

9) But, when sex with one person is considered to be purity, the status of virgin got lost. In India, even though, there is lot of value to purity/celibacy, they lost courage to follow it. Because when sex with one person is considered to be purity, status of virgins got lost. The virgins were considered to be burden and her parents think to get her married as early as possible.
So, the SOMETHING is actually worse than nothing.
And, we know the situation in some parts in India/Bharat where poor parents become ready to sell their daughters for small money just to get rid of her, as a virgin sitting in parents house is considered to a drawback. Because, the society or the neighbourhood will start to comment or criticize such virgins staying in parents house.
So, the RESPECT to PURITY practically got lost.

More points will come later.

Posts: 3226
Joined: 19 Jun 2008
Affinity to the BKWSU: BK
Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: I am a Bk and a writer. I have been benefited a lot by the knowledge given in BK institution. I also have materials written totally on logic without BK knowledge. Anyone can get them as attachments for free by email.

Re: False Gita, and its effect

Post by mbbhat » 14 Jul 2019

# Post No. 02)

10) When the esteem of woman got lost, woman was considered to be an object of physical beauty, then to lust. Woman became a burden to man. Since he would always have a worry about her. Even today- SOME Parents or husbands - are usually worried and do not like to send their wives/daughters alone outside and majorities of MEN expect their daughters/wives to be at home before SUNSET.

So, by male dominance, freedom of even males got lost. Because they are now worried/concerned about their female assests (female relatives). I am not saying this is entirely due to false Gita. Lust/vices are the cause. But, by the false Gita, the degree of degraration increased to a great extent.

11) The widows lost their basic rights. At/In SOME places/clans* in India, the widows used to jump into the fire of her husband's dead body and sacrifice her life. This is called as SATI PRATHA ritual. Some may be jumping willingly, some might be due to fear of facing humiliation from the society, some may be forced.

But, the life/esteem of woman came down, is it not?

* - Mostly SATI PRATH had existed at very places only. But, anyhow, the practice shows the downfall of the society.

[Real Significance of SATI PRATHA:- Most beloved ShivBaba says in his sweet Murli of divine, Supreme Knowledge (almost in right words) - "Main aayaa hun tumhen le jaaney. Tum aavo yaa naheen, main tumhaarey shareer ko aag lagaakar le jaavoonga. = I have come to this world to take you all back to Paramdham. Whether you become ready to return or not, (even if you do not become ready) I will burn your bodies and take you back. "

The point here is- when the SUPREME GROOM DIES (leaves HIS body/Chariot**), all the 7 billion human brides will have to leave their bodies. The SUPREME GROOM has the authority to do so, because at THAT/THIS time, eveyone has become tamopradhan (fully degraded), and hence God comes to transform the world once again (AS PER DRAMA PLAN). Also- when these human brides die (leave their bodies) willingly or unwillingly, they will receive either liberation in life or liberation and free from all the sorrow for at least half a Kalpa. ]

** - Even though ShivBaba has left sorporeal body of B Baba in 1969, he still is in subtle body of Brahma, and also comes in Gulzar Dadi occassionally. But, when the final bell rings, HE wil leave even the subtle body of B Baba.

So, SATI PRATHA has a GREAT significance. Baba says in Murli- "You practice bodiless stage, you put to effort to die (tum marney ki practice karthay ho= Willingly you are practicing bodiless stage as well as then to die(leave body without attachment and sorrow) ).
So, the practice of BODILESS stage which is the HIGHEST one which recharges the human soul and the human soul enjoys its highest state super sensuous bliss- This is acutally following the sati-pratha WILLINGLY. [Of course, those who are not willing, will be forced (have to take punishment) as per THEIR OWN karmic account as per drama plan.]

12) Like Baba says- Actually, one should give sacrifice of mein_pan (ego), but people due to ignorance give sacrifice of goat, sheep, etc which pronoounce "mein, mein". [In Hindi - MEIN means I (ego)].
Without realizing the essence people give sacrifice of lakhs, crores of animals in the NAME of GOD!

Similarly, due to ignorance, physically females had to follow sathipratha in worldly way. [Now, SATI PRATHA/PRACTICE does not exist. It is banned by law. ]

13)The real slogan is - "Parameshwar hee sachchaa pati hai = God is the real/first/supreme GROOM (all the human grooms of many births are secondary/next)" got INVERTED and in Bharat/Hindusim, the slogan became famous as "PATI HEE PARAMESHWAR hai = human groom himself is the SUPREME"

So, total inversion!

So, due to androclone society, there had been great degradation. [I am not saying feminism is good/right. Feminism also is not good. There should be BALANCE. Shifting one side will always lead to degradation].

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