Mbbhat's Views and Churnings

To discuss the BK and PBK versions relating to the progressive differential development of BK & PBK ideologies or theologies.
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Re: Mbbhat's Views and Churnings

Post by mbbhat » 14 Jun 2017

# Post No. 80) Significance of splinter group/s in Drama:-

1) In Heaven, there are different positions. So- not only Kings, but servants, chandaal (cremators), etc., are also necessary.
So, those who defame God and his service will get lower position. The splinter groups, who act as if they are ahead of the real children, and real Chariot B baba, are doing a great dis-service for THEMSELVES ONLY, in Drama.

But, Baba says- "Akalyaan may bhee kalyaan hai= There is benefit even in loss." - and "nishchay buddhivaalon ko kabhee bhee ghaataa pad naheen saktaa = those who have faithful intellect will never incur loss".

2) Another significance of the splinter group is- In Copper Age, there is need of some reason for (faster) degradation. So, there could be contribution from the splinter group too - say in the creation of erroneous scriptures, or faiths and rituals, etc.

3) Another significance is- in Drama, there should be good fight for the BKs. So- the splinter group becomes nimitt for that.

4) Further, when there is difference in opinions between BKs and the splinter group, the worldly people will give lesser importance to BK philosophy, and God's work will continue in the INCOGNITO way, till almost the end, which is also very much necessary.

When people see the difference in opinions among the Murli believers, some of the worldly people may think- "Oh this is also like a bogus, blah, blah blah".

5) And Baba says- more the kalank is, more kalangeedhar you become.
Baba also says- "In drama, I am the one who is most defamed, and My children only/mainly defame Me!"

6) Most importantly, the Adi Sanaatan religion is a complete one. So- it will be independent of other religions for its activities in society.
If we see the history, the other religions had been dependent on other religions. Many had invaded other countries and looted their properties, have even taken many of others as slaves, etc, etc.
But, the Adi Sanaatan religion, (say Deitism or Hinduism), would be a complete one in better way.

So- there would be a natural system of different levels/positions,
----with full respect in heaven,
----and then it may become like a caste system from Copper Age,- like in official manner.
----As time passes it may further degrade and would be like exploiting the lower level people. [A thought on this is here- Post No. 80 - http://www.brahmakumarisforum.net/chat/ ... ste#p11575
So, the weak effort making souls or the ones who do disservice would take the lower position, and the splinter group souls would be in the lower position.

7) But, it is a great challenge for the BKs to have mercy on the splinter groups as Baba has said- you should become rahamdil (merciful) till end.
But, Baba says- have raham/mercy and ruhaab/esteem- both.

So- whatever I write here, may seem to be as if I am angry with PBKs (as per perception of Sita soul), I am not. But, it is the authority, with which I write.
Baba says- "Have balance between love and authority".
Baba also says- "Do not beg kripa/blessings from Father. What the Father teaches you is the kripa/blessings."

So- what I have written here is really a blessing to PBKs, (and even to others to some extent) - which they may realize now, or when it is too late - as per their role in drama.

Wish everyone all the best.

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