Murli points for churning and inculcation

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Re: Murli Points

Post by Abhimanyu » 09 Jul 2015

Benefits of Shrimat :-

• Without Shrimat, one cannot become pure. [Mu 1-11-78]

• Father fulfills all your wishes without being requested, if you obey Baba's orders. If you disobey Baba and follow the opposite path, then you might fall in a well, instead of going to heaven.
[Mu 2-1-71 Pg-2 ; Mu 2-1-68]

• If you don't follow Shrimat, you will die an animal's death. [Mu 18-2-69 Pg-2]

• If you violate Shrimat, you will become a licentious person or a prostitute. You will not even realize. Baba cautions children that you should not violate Shrimat. Your condition has become miserable because of following the devilish path. [Mu 2-1-69 Pg-1]

• If Baba tells someone "don't do so", they won't listen. They will definitely act the opposite way. Kingdom is being established. Different kinds of people are required there, is not it? [Mu 10-12-68]

• Amongst you, there are some, who become children of God and follow the Shrimat, but there are some, who do not. They become Bhasmasur [the devil who tried to kill God Himself with the help of the powers bestowed by God]. [Mu 2-5-78]

• Those who act without Shrimat, become a cause of disservice. Acting without Shrimat will bring about one's own downfall. Baba has made mothers the in-charge persons since the beginning. [Mu 3-1-76 Pg-1]

• You get confused when you violate any one of the Godly codes of conduct or the directions of Shrimat either in thoughts or in action. [Mu 14-1-84 Pg-10]

• One will have to work hard when one crosses the propriety of conduct in thoughts, words of action. Bap-Dada has prescribed code of conduct for every action. By taking every step as per Shrimat one will automatically become Maryadas Purushottam [ Ram's title] [ Av 21-4-83 Pg-156]

• Only those who follow Shrimat become clever [intelligent]. They cannot remain hidden. They will always do pious things. [Mu 8-8-76 Pg-2]

• You are very obstinate like a child. While displaying the obstinacy of a child, you follow your own thoughts and as result of which you get annoyed. Don't be obstinate like a child. If you mix Shrimat with your own views,(such of) you will be punished. Father doesn't punish. But you yourself invite punishment. Loss of happiness of power itself is a punishment, is not it? [AV 3-5-77 Pg-123]

• If you place every step according to Shrimat then your mind will never be distressed. There won't be any tumult in your mind…There will be tumult in the minds of those who act according to their own thoughts. One who acts as per Shrimat will always be light and happy. [Av.28-5-77, Pg- 194]

• It is necessary to take every step according to Shrimat. There should be sweetness in your relationships.
Otherwise, you will bring disrepute to Baap-Dada ....... One should never take law into his own hands.
[Av 29-5-77 Pg-2]

• The meaning of being always safe is very deep. You will not be hurt by Maya [vices]. You will not have any problem, I make you safe. Your body will always be healthy, death will not frighten you.
[Mu 23-5-73 Pg-3]

• Everyone else gives bad advice. It will make you stupid. Now I am making you good. I am the greatest, so I will make you the highest. Therefore, you must follow that Shrimat. If you follow anyone else's advice, you will be deceived. [2-4-73 Pg- 2,3]

• by following devilish advice, human beings will bring about their own downfall. Shrimat is given by Father only. Everyone else belongs to the devilish community giving devilish advice. Ravana gives devilish advice. [19-5-73 Pg-2]

• Always follow Shrimat. You will be drowned [in vices] if you follow your own thoughts. Real income lies in following the advice of real Father. [5-1-78 Pg-2]

• Salvation is for those who follow Father's orders. [12-5-77]

• Now follow my Shrimat. Stop your devilish advice. If one follows one's own thoughts, it is like trying to bring about one’s own misery. Finally, they will meet their downfall. [25-1-73 Pg-2]

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 10 Jul 2015

Shankar is present here only:-

• Shankar says, "My role is to cause destruction". I also inspire the elements to cause the earthquakes, torrential rains. This direction of destruction through Brahma ... [Mu. 7-4-73]

• Kumarka! Tell, how many children does ShivBaba have? Some say 500 crores, someone says Brahma is the only child. is not Shankar my child? Then whose child is he? Here lies a possibility. I say Shiv Baba has two children, because Brahma becomes Vishnu, so Shankar is left out (in the picture of Trinity). Hence, there are just two, isn’t it? Why do you leave Shankar? Although (people) say Trinity but the occupation (of each personality) is different, isn’t it? [Mu 16-5-77 Pg-2 ; Mu. 14-5-72 Pg-2]

• I have been given different names based on my different acts. They say Har-Har-Mahadev, a liberator from the sorrows. I only, am that, [liberator] not Shankar. Shankar is also doing service with my inspiration. Brahma is also present in the service. [Mu. 4-11-73 Pg-2]

• Actually Shiva has a big role to play. He teaches. What does Shankar do? His part (role) is so wonderful that you will not be able to believe it. [Mu 15-5-75]

• If Shankar wasn't there, I [Shiva] wouldn't have been mixed up with Shankar. They have prepared his picture and mixed me also with Shankar. They call him Shiv-Shankar-Mahadev. Hence he becomes Mahadev (Greatest of all the deities). [Mu 23-6-70]

• Actually, Brahma becomes Vishnu. Shankar is called Dev-Dev-Mahadev because Shankar is next to Shiva.
Brahma and Vishnu take re-birth, but Shankar doesn't. ShivBaba is subtle. Similarly Shankar is also subtle.
[Mu 29-9-77]

• Father has explained that Shankar doesn't have that much part (role). He is next to Shiva.
[Mu 8-3-76 Pg-2]

• Vishnu and Shankar may also become body-conscious (sometimes). [Mu. 17-12-72]

• Your Marshall is Shankar only. His work is to cause destruction only. Neither you nor he uses any weapons. Shankar's work is to cause destruction only. ShivBaba's work is to get the work of establishment done. Shiva and Shankar are not one. That Shankar is ShivBaba's child. [Mu. 20-12-73 Pg[ -2]

• ShivBaba is the Chief. Next are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar. Their dynasty rules up to 84 births.
Shankar is for destruction. Hence he is next to Shiva. [Mu. 21-2-71]

• There's no such thing that, Shankar-Parvati are not at all there. This is the corporeal world.
[Mu. 8-5-70 Pg-2]

• His soul's name is Shiva. The whole world knows this. All these remaining names are given to the bodies. ShivBaba is called just Shiva. Only His body is not visible. Shankar's name is also based upon his body. Soul is just a soul. There is a soul in him also. But names are given to the bodies, like Vishnu and Shankar.
Nobody says: "O soul! Come here". [ Mu.23.3.76, Pg.1]

• Father is always worship-worthy. He never becomes a worshipper. Then, at the second number, Shankar is also ever worship-worthy. He never becomes worshipper. [Mu 29-8-76 Pg-2]

• The new world was created through Brahma's thoughts and the gate will also open through Brahma's thoughts. Now who is Shankar? This is also a deep secret. When Brahma himself is Vishnu, then who is Shankar? Have a spiritual chitchat on this subject. [Av. 1-1-79 Pg-66]

• They say for Shankar that he opened his eyes in a second and destruction took place. This is a sign of the duty of destroyer. [Mu 4-11-76 Pg-1]

• What does Shankar do? His part (role) is so wonderful (that) you won't believe. [14-5-70]

• Shankar has not that much of the part (role) actually. Destruction will take place. Father causes destruction through that person who remains unaffected by sins. If you say that God causes destruction, then He will become guilty.

• Many people get confused on the role of Shankar. How does he cause destruction through inspiration?
Tell them that he has been praised for that. Pictures are also there. This is explained. You do not have any connection with these matters. [Mu 23-3-78 ]

• Shankar's role is to be played practically. However, Shaktis (literally meaning consorts of Shiva, but refers to the mothers and sisters who assist Baba in His task in this Confluence Age) play the role of destruction. Shankar doesn't have to play the part (role) of destruction. Shaktis have to take up the destructive role. [Av. 1-10-71 Pg-191]

• Firstly, understand that we have to get the inheritance of Father. Become Manmanabhav [merge your thoughts into my thoughts]. What does Shankar do? What does he or she do? Do we really need to look into all this? You just remember two words, remember the Father and His inheritance. Then you will get the kingdom. Why have they shown snakes around the neck of Shankar? Why does he sit in such a yogic posture? You do not have any connection with these things. The main thing is remembrance. They will raise many questions. You tell them, "First understand the knowledge, realize yourself as a soul and remember the Father. Leave the remaining. You will understand this in the future. [14-3-88 Pg-2/3]

• What's palm-full of water called? Just keep remembering Father and the inheritance. [20-7-70]

• Destruction takes place through Shankar. He is also doing his duty. Shankar does exist. That’s why, people have visions of Shankar. [26-6-76]

• Shankar is also a deity. They have then combined Shiva and Shankar. Now Father says, “I have entered into this body.” Therefore, you say Bap-Dada, but they say Shiv-Shankar. They don't say Shankar-Shiv. They say Shiv-Shankar. [11-2-75 Pg-2]

• Father is absolutely detached. He has so many children, who have died on the pyre of sex-lust. Supreme Father comes to get the task of destruction of old world done through Shankar. So how will he have attachment? [Mu 1-5-71 Pg-1] [Mu 1-5-79 Pg-1]

• If you ask Shankar - you cannot ask - but suppose you go to the Subtle Region and ask him, he will say “this subtle body is mine”. ShivBaba says, “this body is not mine”. I have taken this (body) on loan.
[Mu 16-4-71 Pg-2]

• Dharamraj is also a creation. The head of Yadavas (Yadava is a race to which the mythical deity Krishna of the Mahabharata epic belonged) is Shankar. [Mu 28-5-71 Pg-2]

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 17 Jul 2015


• The flame of destruction was ignited from this Rudra (another name of Shankar) knowledge.
Then people ask, “Baba, when will destruction take place?” It will take place when the age of
Brahma is over. (27.6.72, pg 4)

• The entire connection of destruction is with your study. Here your study will be completed
and there the war will commence (18.1.71, pg 3)

• Now some flame will be ignited, then it will end ... one should remember Father before the
destruction… when the entire kingdom is established, then the destruction will take place.

• When the establishment is completed, then all the religions get destroyed. (12.11.74, pg 2)

• On the one side, the study will finish and destruction will begin. Rest of the rehearsal will
continue. (8.3.73,pg4)

• The knowledge will be completed and immediately war will begin. (27.12.69)

• The function will begin when the children attain the karmateet stage (i.e., the stage of
detachment from actions). Until then, the rehearsal would continue. (10.1.73, pg 3)

• When you become capable as per the number wise efforts made by you then the old world
will be destroyed. (16.5.71, pg 3)

• You special souls or great souls are not able to observe your greatness. The commencement
of destruction is held up until you instrumental souls have a divine vision of your complete
stage. Now tell how much time is left for destruction? (A.V.7.8.78, pg 1)

• The completion of the task of establishment means receipt of order by the destroyers. Just as
when the needles (of a clock ) meet when the time comes near and the bells ring, similarly the
completion of establishment in the unlimited clock, i.e., the coming of the needles at a
particular time on the one hand and ringing of bells of destruction on the other hand. So tell
are you ever ready in perfection? (A.V. 1.1.79, pg 164)

• On this side your preparation for establishment is going on and on that side the preparation of
destruction is going on, once the establishment takes place, the destruction will take place
without fail. Father has come, so he will establish certainly. (5.8.76, pg 3)

• When you challenge that the flame of destruction will be revealed within a year, then surely
Father will be revealed in establishment, only then the task will be accomplished, isn’t
it?.(A.V.17.5.72, pg 281)

• You should not keep making calculations regarding the year 2000. The calculations of
making efforts are different and the calculations of world transformation are different. Don’t
think that now 5 years are remaining, now 18 years are remaining. It will happen in 99 or
98….. Don’t keep thinking this. Understand the calculations. (20.1.86, A.V)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 18 Jul 2015


• This drill has to be learnt. Just now incorporeal (stage) and just now corporeal stage. When
you attain this stage then everyone will have the divine vision of the incorporeal form within
your corporeal form. You have had the divine vision of yourself. So did you have the divine
vision of your number (rank)? (A.V. 15-9-69)

• The special way to remove tiredness is that devote even a minute out of every hour or two
hours for powerful remembrance without fail. If you devote one minute in between your
schedules for powerful remembrance then it will include all the vitamins, i.e., A B & C.
(A.V. 20-2-88, pg-3)

• People are made to practice 3 minutes silence even by stopping the traffic….You too should
stop the traffic of thoughts while doing any work or talking. One should practice this for even
a minute by stopping the thoughts of mind while performing actions through the body.
(A.V. 24-7-70, pg-291)

• Just now if in the midst of any situation or atmosphere, you receive an order or Shrimat
(Godly direction) to become detached from the subordination of all the bodily organs in a
second, set your mind on one powerful thought after becoming the victor of bodily organs,
then….....Father will say and children should achieve that stage in that second. This is called
ever-ready. (A.V. 1-9-75)

• Going from expansion (vistaar) to abstract (saar) in one second and going from abstract to
expansion in one second is the wonderful game. (A.V. 17-1-78, pg-23)

• Baapdada will also become detached from the sounds or will he create sounds? Practice to
create lesser and lesser sound……The first gate to be opened is going away from the sounds,
isn’t it? Will Baapdada inaugurate the gate alone or along with you? (A.V. 4-10-81)

• Free from all external effects (nirlep) while staying together. Soul is not free from effects but
the soul conscious stage is free from all external effects. (A.V. 2.10.81)

• The stage must be such that one experiences the corporeal body to be in the subtle form. Just
as you observed the corporeal (Sakar) Father (i.e., Brahma). You experienced the subtle
angelic form through his corporeal body also, isn’t it? (A.V. 10.12.78)

• The specialty of the souls who are always victorious is to stop (control) all their thoughts in
one second. One may be busy in any physical work or in the churning of knowledge but at
such time also one should be able to stop himself (i.e., control his thoughts) in one
second. (A.V. 28.6.73)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 21 Jul 2015

Mahabharata Destruction

• It is not the time for Mahabharata destruction now. A centre has to be opened in every street yet.
[Mu. 3-10-72 Pg-2]

• The war with Maya will stop when the Mahabharata war begins and when the roles of souls will be revealed. [Mu.18-1-72 Pg-2]

• Mahabharata war had taken place when the world was to change. At that time only Father had taught RajYoga.

• People will themselves say that this is Mahabharata war. Surely God must also be present, but who's God?The poor fellows do not know this. They are the blind children of blind Dhritrashtra (The blind King of the epic Mahabharata, who pretended to be blind to the ill nature of his 100 sons, the Kauravas).

• The war of Mahabharata opens the Gateway to Mukti (salvation from the body) and Jeevan Mukti (i.e.
salvation while living in the body). [Mu. 7-1-75 Pg-3]

• Your religious war has taken place with the scholars and learned people (pundits).
Religious war is not called war. [Mu. 24-5-73 Pg-3]

• The fight between Yavans, Hindus and the Congress is yet to take place.
This avoidable bloodshed is bound to take place. [Mu. 28.1.71 Pg.2]

• The bloodshed was ignited from this Rudra Gyan Yagya (i.e. the auspicious fire of knowledge).
[Mu. 25-2-73 Pg-4]

• There's a dangerous Mahabharata war too. It is mentioned in the scriptures also. And it’s called third world war. This rehearsal will continue. Fourth world war is also there. [Mu.1-7-73 Pg-1]

• It's not these Hindus who will fight among themselves. The war is between Yavans and Kauravas.
[Mu. 6.10.72 Pg-1]

• Baba has explained how the Yavans and Kauravas are destroyed. It's a war between these people and
Yavans. Hindus and Muslims are mixed up. Here you kill 10 Muslims, and there they will kill 50 Hindus.
[Mu. 25-1-75 Pg-2]

• Why is it called Mahabharata war? (Because) it begins in Bharat (i.e. India). This Yagya (auspicious fire) has been set up in India only. The flames of destruction are ignited from here. The new world is necessary for you, is not it? So, for that, the old world will surely be destroyed. So the root of the war appears in India. The flame of destruction of dangerous Mahabharata war was ignited form this Rudra Gyan Yagya (auspicious fire of knowledge). [Mu. 8-3-75 Pg-2]

• After the noise of despair there will be the sounds of praise. [Mu. 3-3-75 Pg-2]

• The destruction will begin when the knowledge is completed. [Mu.9.3.78]

• When the destruction gets nearer, everyone will start searching God. When the destruction takes place, the establisher should also be somewhere around. [Mu.17-5-69 Pg-1]

• This is the same Mahabharata war. Surely the Father will also be present who teaches RajYoga.
[Mu. 7-3-76 Pg-3]

• When the destruction begins you will know the past history also. [1-1-75 Pg-1]

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 22 Jul 2015


• Not that Mama and Baba have become complete. The complete stage will be achieved
only in the end. Presently nobody can call himself complete. (14.11.78)

• Now nobody has become complete flower. That is the Karmateet stage (a stage where one
is not in body consciousness although physically performing actions) or soul conscious
stage. That will be achieved only in the end. (8.10.78)

• Until one attains the Karmateet stage, some or the other mistake keeps happening through
thoughts, words or deeds. The Karmateet stage is attained only in the end. (6.11.77, pg.2)

• Nobody has become complete in 16 celestial arts, until one continues to make efforts
(purusharth). Nobody has the courage to say that he/she has become complete in 16
celestial arts. Nobody can become. This will happen only in the end. Although someone
may remain awake day and night, but they cannot become complete. If anyone becomes
complete now, he/she will have to leave the body and sit in the Subtle Region.
(27.9.77, pg.3)

• When the number wise Karmateet stage is achieved the war will also begin. (22.6.75, pg.3)

• This (Brahma) has also not become complete. Until he attains the Karmateet stage, I shall
continue to teach. You will also continue to study and teach. (26.6.75, pg.3)

• When Baba reaches the Karmateet stage you children will also attain this stage.....but this
Karmateet stage will be achieved only in the end. (3.5.73, night class)

• Karmateet stage is one in which the body doesn’t experience any pain. The old body
keeps experiencing pain till the end. (24.7.73,pg.1)

• When this study ends, you will attain the Karmateet stage number wise. (8.10.73, pg.2)

• When the arrival of all the souls from there (the Soul World) ends, you will attain the
Karmateet stage. (11.7.71, pg.3)

• When the Karmateet stage is achieved, the Yagya shall end. (7.11.73, pg.3)

• We have to get transformed from Tamopradhan to Satopradhan. That too will happen
when the time of destruction nears. If anyone says that we will make all-out efforts and
achieve the Karmateet stage, but this cannot happen. How can the marriage procession
(baraat) begin without Father? This is something to be understood. (13.5.70, pg.3)

• I cannot attain Karmateet stage in spite of being so close to Him (the Supreme Soul), then
how can others become Karmateet? (22.9.70, pg.3)

• Rich people can never surrender and attain the Karmateet stage. (5.9.70, pg.3)

• Karmateet stage will be attained when the Father asks us to do something and we act
immediately. There must be so much of love for such a Father. If one acts immediately,
then Baba will also come to know the love children have for Him. (15.5.69, pg.1)

• Until there are diseases, it signifies that the Karmateet stage is not achieved.
(24.2.69, pg.3)

• What is the sign of attainment of Karmateet stage? Always successful. Time is also
successful, thoughts are also successful, contacts and relationships are also successful.
Such a soul is called successful. (A.V.29.1.75, pg.275)

• On one side the war will be ready - on the other side the Karmateet stage will be ready.
There is full connection (between the two). Then the study will be over. (7.1.73, pg.1)

• Do not think that some children have attained Karmateet stage, and the race is going on.
Race will end only when the final result will be out. Then the destruction will also begin.
Till then this rehearsal will go on. Until the Karmateet stage is attained we cannot
criticize anyone. (25.7.76, pg.1)

• When the children attain the Karmateet stage, the knowledge will end. The war shall
begin. I will also return after completing my task of purification. My role is to establish
the deity religion. (29.1.78, pg.2)

• Children of Karnataka have also come. This (Southern part of India) is also like a foreign
country.... Baapdada sees both futures in everybody's eyes. Coming in the first birth is
the achievement (prarabdha) of the number one type. So all the foreigners will come in
the first birth, isn’t it? You can come easily from London, but these people also bear a lot
of pains to come here. (A.V.8.1.79, pg.189, 190)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 23 Jul 2015

(The deity of punishment, as per Hindu mythology)

• Many storms (of negative thoughts) will come in the mind, but you should not translate them
into actions with your organs. If you act through the organs then those organs will be cut.
That organ shall be cut. If you get angry at anyone after donating (your body to Baba) then
the tongue shall be cut. Dharmaraj (literally meaning king of religion, but refers to the deity
of death or punishment, according to Hindu mythology) Baba will get the organs cut one by
one. (14-4-73, pg-2)

• I am Dharmaraj too. When you used to do anything indirectly (before coming to this path of
Knowledge) you used to get temporary punishments. Now after coming directly (in contact
with God) if you undo the hard work of Baba, then you will have to face a lot of punishment.
Dharmaraj Baba says I will remove your skin. (17-4-73, pg-3)

• Whether you accompany me happily or unhappily, but you have to accompany me without
fail (whether you like it or not). The unlimited Father is the highest of all the deities of death
(Kaalon ka kaal). (14-9-73)

• Baba has explained how you experience punishment. Punishment is given, not (just) through subtle
body, but by coming into a corporeal body. (4-10-73, pg-2)

• Father says I give prosperity. Sorrows i.e. punishments are given by Dharmaraj (which means
the deity of death and punishment, as per Hindu Mythology). I do not possess the right to
award punishment. Tell me (about your sins) and punishment will be given by Dharmaraj.
(12-11-73, pg-2)

• Father says that whether you like or not, I have come here (so) I will take you forcibly also. I
will not leave anyone. If you don’t come with me, I will take you by giving you punishments
and even by beating you. (22-6-74, pg-2; 21-1-72, pg-2)

• Baba is also a big Marshal. Along with Baba there’s Dharmaraj too. If you don’t follow the
Shrimat (directions) of Baba then (remember) his right hand is Dharmaraj. (24-4-72, pg-2)

• Now remember that there is subtle punishment, along with corporal punishment. Don’t think
that we will suffer the subtle punishments within the mind and exhaust them. No. Subtle
punishments are received in subtle form. And these will increase day by day. If you act
against the code of conduct (Maryadas), violate the code of conduct, both worldly and Godly
codes of conduct, then such souls will have to experience corporal punishments also.
(A.V. 3-5-72, pg-3)

• Dharmaraj Baba will also cause divine visions and tell you that now you are suffering punishments.
You were explained so much to refrain from such acts. But you continued to do that. Now
suffer the punishment. (19-7-72, Pg-4)

• There is very big punishment for traitors (in the outside world). So here also it’s the same
case. If anyone becomes Father’s child and then becomes a traitor, then such souls receive
very big punishment. Their skin is peeled off. (6-10-72, pg-3)

• If the burden of sins remains (till the end) then a tribunal will sit for you. Divine visions are
caused. You acted like this in this birth…... Here also Dharmaraj will cause divine visions
and tell you that Father used to teach you through the body of Brahma. You were taught so
much, but even then you committed so many sins. (Father) will cause visions of the sins of not
only this birth, but also of the previous births. (4-7-78, pg-2)

• Dharmaraj is also a creator. Baba only causes divine visions of the form of Dharmaraj also,
isn’t it? And then, he proves that, “Look, you had promised that we will not get angry, we
will not cause sorrows to anyone.” But even then, you caused sorrows to him, irritated him.
Now you suffer the punishment. I cannot give punishment without causing visions. Proof is
required, isn’t it? They also feel that I left Father and committed sins. (28-5-71, pg-2)

• If anyone takes a vow before the unlimited Father and then falls down, then he will have to
bear the beatings of Dharmaraj. This is unlimited Father and unlimited Dharmaraj. And then
one gets unlimited punishment. If anyone hesitates in some matter or commits any sin, then
you will certainly face the punishment. They don’t understand that they are violating the
directions of God. Dharmaraj gives very big punishment. (8-10-71, pg-3)

• Remember that if you don’t accept now, then I shall break your bones through Dharmaraj.
Just don’t even ask. There are many who cannot live without sex. They are not afraid. Just don’t
even ask how many torments they will have to bear, and their post will also be lost. They stoop to
such a low level in the bad company of others that they become worthy of Chandaal’s post (a
community within the lowest caste in the Hindu society, which attends to funeral work).
(13-10-71, pg-3)

• After some time these matters, i.e., giving lift, will be stopped. That’s why you can take
whatever you want now. Then the Father’s form will be transformed into a form of Supreme
Justice. Before a Justice, one may be his loved one or relative, but law is law. Now it’s time
for love. Then it will be a time for law. Then you will not be able to get this lift.
(A.V. 30-5-73, 25-9-78 pg-2)

• If you forget Father, then you will get Father only in the form of Dharmaraj. You will never be
able to get the Father’s love. That is why, don’t hide, don’t take it lightly, and don’t blame
others. In this foundation of purity, BapDada will give 100 times or million times (padam
guna) punishment for every mistake, through Dharmaraj. There cannot be any concession in
this matter. He cannot become merciful in this matter, because once someone has snapped the
relationship with Father, they get influenced by others. Shifting from the influence of the
Supreme Soul to the influence of souls, means that one has not known or recognized Father.
Before such souls Father appears like a Father and Dharmaraj. (A.V. 12-4-84, pg-239)

• Now you are not getting any direct punishment for the creation of any wasteful and impure
thoughts. But after some lime, leave apart the matter of actions, you will experience the direct
punishment for even the impure or wasteful thoughts. (A.V. 3-5-72, pg-263)

• There is Dharmaraj along with Father. Dharmaraj’s duty also finishes now. He won’t be
there in the Golden Age. Then his role begins from the Copper Age. Father sits and explains
the secrets of akarma (actions without positive or negative results), karma (actions with
positive or negative results) and vikarma (actions with negative results). (25-7-75 pg-2)

• Dharmaraj is also combined (with Father). He is the Right hand. He keeps noting the actions
of children. He has a role in the drama. He’s the one who gives punishment. (1-7-74, pg-2)

• He is Father also and Dharmaraj also. He observes the sins (of children). They abuse me.
There are very strict rules. But Bhasmasurs (a demon who undertook a rigorous penance and
got a boon from Shankara that any person whose head is touched by him will be destroyed.
The demon, misusing his boon, tries to place his hand on the head of Shankara himself who
granted the boon) don’t understand. Bhasmasurs raise their hands to declare that they will
wed Sri Lakshmi (consort of Vishnu) and commit such sins which cannot be
described…....Father says “Be afraid of the punishment also”. Even murderers don’t get as
much punishment as the punishment received by the children here. (2-5-78, pg-2)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 26 Jul 2015


• If you have any problem, you may ask. Not that if someone is poor, he should say,
“Baba, we are yours. We all will stay with you.” In this manner, there are a lot of poor
people in the world. Everyone will seek permission to stay in Madhuban. In this manner,
lakhs will collect here. This is not the rule. You have to lead a household life. They can’t
be put up here. (1-1-83, pg-3)

• You must make efforts while leading a household life. One must not leave that. One
should do service. (15-10-78, pg-3)

• There’s no such practice here that people leave their Father’s house, Father-in-law’s house
and sit here. This cannot happen. Here you have to lead a life like a lotus while
maintaining the household. Let some one be a spinster (kumari) or anyone, for that matter.
They are told to come everyday to drink the nectar of knowledge while leading a
household life. (5-2-73, pg-1)

• One should maintain old relationships. One should find ways to lead a lotus-like life while
leading a household life. (30-4-73, pg-4)

• Those living at home can progress better than those living here (at Madhuban). You are never
prevented from going home. (7-2-68, pg-2)

• Maintain relationships on both sides. One must also lead a household life. Till the end,
one must maintain relationships on both sides. (3-2-78, pg-1)

• You can lead a household life, you can attend marriages. Whenever you get time,
remember Father. While performing any action to maintain the body, you must remember
the Person with whom you are engaged and His House. (27-7-77, pg-3)

• While leading the household life, you must keep up the promise of staying pure. There
will be obstacles at home. Whatever may happen, you must keep up the promise of
maintaining purity. Otherwise your post will be spoiled. (16-10-73, pg-2)

• One must make efforts while staying in household life. One must not leave that. One must
do the service of purifying others. Thereafter one must also make his/her friends and
relatives capable. (15-10-73, pg-4)

• Father says that you can lead a household life but don’t become so weak that your wife
and children don’t obey your orders. (14-11-73, pg-2)

• While leading a household life, doesn’t mean that if anyone doesn’t have a household, he
should acquire one. No. (28-11-73, pg-2)

• Those who lead a household life, do service, can attain better post than those living here
(in Madhuban). (2-1-72)

• When you remain pure while leading a household life, then you will get the highest post.
(28-4-72, pg-1)

• This Father says I adopt you. But you have to stay in your home only, until you become
capable in this knowledge. (9-5-72)

• Baba will not keep everyone here. Everyone has to stay in their respective homes. You
can come here to get refreshed whenever you wish. (15-5-72, pg-1)

• Not that both have to stay separately. No. Both must stay together and check themselves,
whether they get burnt (in the fire of lust) or not. One must not become naked. (8-10-72)

• Many say, we wish to stay here permanently. Then where will your children, with whom
you have developed the bondages of actions (karma bandhan), go? They say, “You take
care of them.” Like this, how many peoples’ children will I look after? But wait, first you
become serviceable. Then arrangements can be made for your children also. As it
happened in the beginning, so will it happen in the end. Hostel can be opened for the
children. This programme is on the anvil. (18-10-72, pg-3)

• Father says, become mine and leave the attachment of everyone else. But that doesn’t
mean, you have to come and sit here (forever). You have to do your business also.
Maintain the household. Children must repay the service of parents. They must serve
them in return. The sustenance given by parents is also like a loan for the children, isn’t
it? (25-5-71, pg-1)

• We have met Father, what else do we require? But we have to take care of the children
etc., without fail. Not that, "Baba these are all yours. Now you take care (of these children).
We have become yours." Arey! Become pure like a lotus while leading a household life.
(9-6-71, pg-3)

• Here everyone cannot come and sit permanently. Only in cases where the husbands
trouble a lot, some mothers run away and come here. Earlier too, they ran only when they
(the husbands) had troubled. Even if someone belonged to a rich family, Baba would tell
them also that you will have to clean utensils, sweep the house. (17-11-71, pg-3)

• Father comes only to explain the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of this world.
These remaining matters of household have to be resolved by everyone on their own.
(2-9-69, pg-2)

• Family life does cause a difference, isn’t it? They can’t explain in the same way as you.
But everyone can’t leave (their homes). (2-12-70, pg-3)

• You can live in the household if you wish. A song is famous with words “I seek thy
asylum”. This also happens. When someone becomes sorrowful, they seek the asylum of
the powerful. Here it is practical. When children are in deep sorrow, when they can’t
tolerate it, when they are helpless, they run away, and seek the asylum of Father. This is
the right asylum for the seekers of true salvation (sadgati). (5-8-76, pg-3)

• Keeping up the prestige of the Brahmin world is also one of the duties of every Brahmin.
Just as you pay much attention to the worldly prestige. The worldly prestige sometimes
prevents you from becoming padmapadampati (Master of unlimited wealth) ...... You
even say that “We like to do so very much, but we have to maintain the worldly prestige
too.”....... You know very well that this worldly prestige deprives you of the
achievements of many births, makes the present diamond-like birth valueless like a shell
(cowrie). Even then you devote attention, time and energy towards maintaining that
worldly prestige. ...…This world is almost finished. Everywhere the fuel has been
collected enthusiastically, fuel means preparations…...... So in order to keep up the
prestige of such world you forget the prestige of the indestructible Brahmin world and
hence the deity world. It’s wrong to keep up the false prestige, forgetting the religion and
duties…..... You may give any clever explanation to save your skin but this is not
cleverness, but it is like shouting (about your weaknesses). (A.V. 14-4-82, pg-381 )

• Take care of the household also. While maintaining the household, show such a miracle
(wonder). The Supreme Soul teaches the highest grade of renouncement (sanyas or
monk-hood) which even the monks could not practice. (3-3-78, pg-3)

• Those living in households can make better efforts than those staying here. They can
show a lot of courage. Only those people are called Mahaveer (bravest of all) who lead a
lotus-like life, while living in a household. (5-4-71, pg-1)

• It’s sung that I will surrender to you. So surely we will surrender in advance, isn’t it?
.......Surrender should also be complete. That secret has also been explained. It’s not that
you have to come and stay permanently with ShivBaba. You have to earn your livelihood,
take care of the children also, but follow the Shrimat (the highest advice). (7-3-78, pg-1)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 28 Jul 2015


• The worshipper souls revere the last bead of the rosary also, even today at the end of the
drama, because even the last number is also the star of Baapdaada’s eyes. (A.V. 16.1.78)

• Entire world will become your enemy but you should not forget Father.(22.3.78, pg.2)

• The biggest cause for cheer is that you searched for Father for many births but now
Baapdaada searched you all. You were hidden behind various curtains. He found you out in
spite of that, isn’t it? So the souls who are always zealous (i.e., in umang and utsah) and who
have faith in one (Supreme Soul) always experience the help of Father in return for their
every step of courage. The feeling that “it will certainly happen” is called courage. This
courage automatically makes oneself entitled to Father’s help. (A.V. 18.2.83, pg.71)

• Howsoever late one may come, but they can progress and get the number one position. It
requires just courage and perseverance (lagan). (A.V. 24.2.83, pg.85)

• Is there anyone who does not possess any specialty? First specialty is that you have reached
here. Even if you don’t have anything else, the luck of meeting the Father directly is not any
less. This is a specialty, isn’t it? (A.V. 24.3.85, pg.267)

• There may be a Brahmin child who does not possess any specialty, but the first specialty is
that he has recognized Father, met Father. A few among crores and a few among those few
souls have recognized Father. So Father also looks at them with the view that these are
special souls. (A.V. 12.11.79, pg.17)

• Do you all consider yourself to be a selected great soul among all the souls of the world? Do
you realize that Father Himself has made us His children? Father has chosen so few souls
from the world and we are the great souls among them. (A.V. 9.3.81, pg.34)

• Father Brahma said that You have set Your eyes on such children for whom it is impossible for
the people of the world to think that such souls can also become great. Those who are the
most ordinary souls .... Ordinary souls only become real Brahmins. Those who are praised as
VIPs presently are in the eyes of everyone. But who is in the eyes of the Father?
(AV. 17.3.82, pg.269)

• Many souls reach near the goal with a lot of zeal, enthusiasm, courage and co-operation of
Father, but the karmic debts of 63 births have to be settled here only. The past resolves, habits
are emerging, to end forever. Some souls, unable to understand this deep secret of karma,
think whether this stage will continue till the last? Why does this clash (of thoughts) take
place even now? They can’t love (God) because of this confusion of thoughts. They waste
their time in thinking. (A.V. 118)

• Many letters are received from children who get entangled in webs of life. Baba is conveying
love and remembrance to such souls also, and reminding them about the same thing. There’s
a proverb in India that a person who forgets the way to his house in the darkness of night,
returns home in the morning, will not be called a forgetful person. Similarly, if you have
awakened once again, then past is past. You can experience the new zeal, new enthusiasm,
new life and you can march forward. (A.V. 20-2-84 pg-146)

• Don’t consider yourself to be new. You are very old, and the same old children have come to
claim their right. This intoxication should be maintained forever…..... Never think that we
have come late, so we will become praja (subjects). No. the latecomers are also entitled to
royal posts. (A.V. 22-1-70 pg-172)

• Instilling hope in hopeless souls is the specialty of Father……That’s why, howsoever you
may be, you are dear to the Supreme Soul……That’s why he has adopted you. Mankind is
still waiting for the arrival of Father. They think that when He arrives, such an incident will
take place. But what emerges from your mouth or heart? You have become perfect and those
intelligent people are wasting their time in examining (Godly Knowledge). That’s why it is
said that Father is bholanath (the Lord of innocents). The specialty of recognition has made
you a special soul. You have recognized, achieved (whatever you wanted). What is to be done
further? Do you feel pity at other souls? Everyone is just a soul, there’s only one unlimited
family. No soul of our family should remain deprived of the boons. (A.V. 30-12-85 pg-116)

• Do you always feel happy that we are the ones who became Father's children from among
crores of souls? Many souls of the world are trying to search for God and we have achieved
God. Becoming Father’s children means achieving Father. World is searching and we have
become his children. (A.V. 12-12-84 pg-64)

• Who are the famous ones among the list of businessmen? People of the world also prepare a
list of famous people. They prepare a special directory. Whose names are included in the
directory of Father? Those who are not seen by the world have only entered into the business
with God and became stars and jewels in the eyes of the Supreme Soul. He has turned
hopeless souls into special souls. .......We are the special VIPs of the directory of the
Supreme Soul. That’s why there’s a proverb that God belongs to the innocent. Although He is
very clever but he likes only the innocent. The outside cleverness of the world is not liked by
Father. (A.V. 15-1-86 pg-155)

• Who have become instrumental along with Baapdada? They are the basis (foundation) of the
world. But who have become such souls? Simple souls. Those who are in the eyes of the
world are not in the eyes of Father. And those who are in the eyes of Father are not in the
eyes of the world. Initially they will look at you and smile (that “Are these the ones chosen by
Father?”). But Father doesn’t do that which the worldly people do. They want famous people
and Father wants to glorify those whose name has been wiped out. Father wants to turn
impossible into possible. Turning ordinary people into great people, weak souls into
courageous, turning those who are illiterate, in world’s eyes, into knowledgeful souls, is the
role of Father. (A.V. 13-3-86 pg-256)

• Each gem is valuable, because had you not been valuable gems, how would you have been
included in the few among crores. The one (i.e. God) whom the world is yearning to meet has
adopted me. The world is yearning for a glimpse of one second and you have become His
children. So you should feel very happy. (A.V. 13-2-78 pg-48)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 29 Jul 2015

BABA SPEAKING TO HALF-BACHELORS or house-holders ('adhar-kumars')

• All of you think yourselves to be those doing service through practical proof, is not it ?
Biggest practical proof is the transformation of life.... Remember that you have to
transform others through self-transformation. This service is easy as well as great. Lecture
through speech & life. This is called Sevadhari (serviceable souls)....What we were and
what we have become. Do you always remember this? By being in this remembrance the
old resolves will never emerge. Along with this, remember what you are going to become
in future. Then because of the greatness of present & future, there will be happiness &
because of happiness you will surge ahead.... Always feel happy looking at this unlimited
family of yours.....Those who become members of this family will come closer in the
future also. (A.V. 27.11.85, pg.65-66)

• For half Kalpa (half of the cycle of 5000 years) you used to go to have a glimpse of
deities. Now Father comes from the Soul World to have a glimpse of you all....It's not that
glimpse (of the path of worship). This glimpse means meeting. Adhar Kumar (half
bachelors, i.e. married men) means those living in pure household. In the unlimited
household you are always Sevadhari (serviceable), aloof from the limited household. The
group of Adhar Kumars is a bouquet of lotus flowers.... you remain in a stage of destroyer
of hurdles (Vighna Vinashak) while living in the household, is not it? As long as you are
under the control of hurdles, that time brings a lakh times loss to you. Just as a successful
hour fetches a lakh times deposit, a wasteful hour causes a lakh times loss....If you remain
detached & run the household, then you will be Maayaproof i.e, detached (nyaara)....If
you consider yourselves to be a householder then Maaya will come. If you consider
yourselves to be a trustee, then Maaya will run away. Maaya arises because of "mine-consciousness"
(i.e., my family, my house, my wealth etc.)....You are gaining the
various gems of experience as you go deep into the knowledge, is not it? As you go deep
into the ocean, what do you get? Gems. Similarly, the deeper you delve into the
knowledge, others will become experienced observing your experience.....Hearing and
narrating is the first stage, becoming experienced is the last stage. The more you become
experienced the more you will be indestructible & obstacle free.... If you have a stock of
pure thoughts, then the wastage will end....Creation of waste thoughts means shortage of
the power of churning. Learn to churn. Take only one word & go into its
depth.....Whenever a waste thought appears, reach Madhuban through intellect. Even
if you remember the atmosphere & great company of this place, your wastage will end.
(A.V. 30.11.79, pg.69-70)

• Do you always remain in the intoxication that we are great souls because you are the ones
to play a role with the Father? In the entire cycle it's this time when you become instrumental
for playing a role along with the Father.... You can count the Father's love for you by your
detachment (aloofness) from the world (nyaarapan)... the sign of those who are always dear
to the Father, is automatic remembrance. A dear thing comes to the mind automatically is not
it.... You forget Baba only when you start considering some person or something to be
dearer than the Father. If you consider Father to be the dear one, then you cannot forget
Him. ....Adhar Kumars are experienced Kumars. They have experienced everything.
Experienced people never get cheated. ....Each Adhar Kumar can cause the welfare of
many by their experiences. (A.V. 1.11.89, pg.102-104)

• Adhar Kumars will have to pay attention towards two special things. What's the specialty
of any item that's kept in a showcase? Firstly, you have to make yourself attractive and
secondly active. The Adhar Kumars should especially imbibe these two qualities. When
these two virtues are imbibed, then nothing will remain to be imbibed.
(A.V. 17.11.69, pg.142)

• Do you stay in an alokik (other worldly) stage while living in the household? You are the
ones who remain detached (nyaara) from the household life and as a trustee. The sign of
trusteeship is always detachment (nyaarapan) and being dear (pyaara) to Father.....By
becoming trustee all the relationships end easily. If one is free of bondages then he's
always happy. Waves of sorrow cannot touch them. Even if they get a thought of "my
home", "my family", "my work" then this remembrance also invites Maya (vices). So
convert mine (mera) into your (tera i.e, God's). Where there's "yours"(i.e., God's) the
sorrows end. Saying "mine" is confusion. Saying "yours" is joy....Always be busy in the
intoxication (lagan) of "One Father & none other". Where there's intoxication, there cannot
be any hurdle. (A.V. 12-12-84, pg-65)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 30 Jul 2015


• One has to make efforts. Although those who come later on can gallop faster than those who
come earlier. (12-10-78 pg-1)

• If you have to get the 'prarabdha' (fruits of actions) for a longer period, then efforts are also
required for a long period, isn’t it? If you make efforts at the last period, then you will get the
fruits also in the last period. You don’t make efforts first and want fruits of the first category?
What’s the use if you get the left-over in the end? Just as the target of achievement is to
become first, make efforts also accordingly. (A.V. 9-2-75 pg-59)

• The deficiency of long period will dupe you in the end. If any rope (bondage) of deficiency
remains then you will not be able to fly. (A.V. 14-4-83 pg-145)

• Children write that Baba I have blotted my face (i.e. indulged in sexual act). Now you cannot
come here. What will you do by coming here? You remain there and make efforts. If you fall
into the drain once, then you will not be able to recover. Not that you can get the post of kings.
It’s said that if one climbs up, he tastes the nectar of heaven and if he falls he becomes
chandaal (the lowermost class of people in a Hindu society who prepare the funeral pyre).
(18-8-76, pg-3)

• Even now there is a margin for change. The board of 'too late' has not been displayed yet. The
secret effort makers and those who make efforts day in and day out with one strong resolve
can make a high jump….. It’s the last chance. So let past be past. Don’t blame yourself
afterwards that we could have done, but did not do. We did not get the time. Circumstances
were not favorable. Even now the hands of mercy of the merciful are present over everyone.
That’s why show mercy on yourself. The year 1978 has passed. You were ready in 1976, isn’t
it? Along with the destroyers, the establishers were also ready, isn’t it? Why have you
received this extra present time? Is it for you? There’s a secret behind this extra time also.
Those coming later-on should not blame that we did not get much time. Just as in every deal
(purchase) some quantity is given free. Similarly, this (extra) time is also given as per drama
for the sake of service, as an 'amaanat' (something entrusted to be taken care of by its owner to
someone while he’s on a tour). (A.V. 16-1-79 pg-221)

• A lot of time of making efforts has passed away. Now very little out of a little time is left
over…... A little time of this fair (mela) is also left. That’s why now you have listened a lot.
Listening means taking this Brahmin birth through speech. That’s why you are called last oral
progeny…... After hearing, it’s the turn to become (practical) form. That’s why the last stage
is of the form of remembrance. (A.V. 30-1-79 pg-250)

• Till now except two or three, no seat has been fixed. Now whoever can make whatever efforts
that one wishes… is late now, but it is not too late. That’s why everyone has got the chance
to gallop forward. So always be enthusiastic. Don’t think that any number is OK. I am
comfortable even at number two position. This is called weak effort maker.
(A.V. 25-10-87 pg-4)

• When those who are instrumental are always enthusiastic in making efforts, then others also
remain enthusiastic by seeing them. Experiencing tiredness while making efforts or slowing
down of the efforts is an indication of which stage? There may not be obstacles but even if
the resolve is not highest, then it will also be called laziness. (A.V. 4-3-72 pg-236)

• Effort maker should not think that I may be unsuccessful even after making efforts. Always
think that the efforts that have been made cannot go waste. If you have made efforts correctly
then the success will be reaped one day or the other without fail. (A.V. 27-4-72 pg-255)

• What is the meaning that you derive from the word purusharth (efforts)? Experiencing
oneself as a purush, i.e. soul while living in this Chariot (i.e. body) is called purusharthi
(effort maker).....Purusharthi means one who considers himself to be a charioteer….If there
is a difference in knowing and living, then persons with such a stage will not be keeping in
their mind the target always. He never stops. They observe the scenes coming on the way, but
they don’t stop. (A.V. 3-5-72 pg- 261)

• As much time you make yourself successful, correspondingly you shall become entitled to
complete kingdom there for a longer time. For e.g., if someone does not become successful for
a long period, if they become successful in the end or become successful a little before the
end, then they will become kings (rajya adhikari) for a short period accordingly. They will
not get the kingdom for the complete period. Those who are busy in making efforts to become
complete since a long time will only become complete kings (rajya adhikari).
(A.V. 14-10-76 pg-1)

• If you are not able to make efforts now, then you will not be able to do so in every Kalpa
(cycle). You say that we shall become double crown holders, isn’t it? If you don’t make
efforts then you will not get even a single crown. There’s nothing here. There’s just the
Dilwara Temple(a group of Jain temples in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan in India) which is your
memorial. (26.10.76 pg-2)

• Now the efforts are not powerful. It’s weak. Everyone is an effort maker. But the power that
should be present in efforts is not seen in the efforts now….. If your result remains weak then
what will be your result in the coming exams? The exams are going to be tough. You need
strong efforts to face them. (A.V. 9-6-69 pg-313)

• (Question) Paper will be in the end. 3 numbers will be declared. Everyone will get number as
per his/her efforts. Creating one’s luck is in one’s hand. (A.V. 6-7-69 pg-313)

• I convey love and remembrance everyday. I send treasures for children everyday. I am
challenging everyone that keep making efforts to obtain unlimited inheritance on Father’s
Shrimat (directions). Do not make mistakes or give excuses. Children say we have bondages
of actions. (Father says) this is your bondage of action (karmabandhan). What can Father do
in this? Father shows the way. Your bondages of actions will keep reducing even if you
remain in remembrance. (9-2-78 pg-2)

• If somebody’s fate gets eclipsed then they have planetary configuration of 'rahoo' (rahoo ki
dasha refers to bad luck in common language).Then they become traitors….. It’s not a matter
to repent. One should be strong in intoxication. We have to tolerate something in the process
of establishment, isn’t it? Will Baba place the crown on your head without hard work (in your
part)? Then, he has to place the crown on everybody’s head. Father keeps explaining.
(27-4-71 pg-3)

• One should not create, where destruction must take place; and one should not destroy, where
creation has to take place. One should not become Master Shankar (the destroyer) where one
has to become Master Brahma (the creator). When Shankar performed wrong actions, then
crabs and scorpions were born….. So don’t create such a creation which bites oneself and
others also. (A.V. 28-5-70)

• The indication of Sun dynasty is fast efforts - thinking and acting immediately.
(A.V. 2-3-82 pg-310)

• When you get overpowered by the atmosphere, keep the physical example before you. An
incense stick does not get overpowered by the atmosphere. Incense stick is for changing the
atmosphere. (A.V. 11-7-74 pg-105)

• Confluence Age is the age to transform the impossible to the possible. This is the age to
transform things, considered to be impossible by the world, into possible. (A.V. 1-2-75 pg-37)

• Consider abuse as praise, censure as songs of praises and insult as a gift.

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 31 Jul 2015


• Those who spread peacelessness, spoil their own post. One should become very, very sweet.
(2-10-78, pg-3)

• One should become sweet & then make others also sweet. If one is bitter himself, then how
can he make others sweet? (15-10-76, pg-1)

• One shouldn’t sing. Actually one should not listen (to songs) too. (15-4-71, pg-1)

• One should make efforts and become faultless. Otherwise one will become habituated. Even
if one dies the habit won’t die. Some children keep on eating and keep thinking about eating.
Nothing else. This is also a vice. Is it not? (8.2.68, pg.4)

• One should not steal with his organs. One should not pick-up anything stealthily. Picking up
anything from Yagya (this Godly home) without the permission is also termed theft. Many are
there who eat stealthily and steal. This has been going on since the beginning (of the Yagya).
(10.2.68, pg.1)

• One should not laugh loudly. Lakshmi and Narayana are called smiling faced. Being smiling
faced and laughing is different. Giggling is also a vice. (8.9.73, pg.3, 9.9.78)

• Crying people cannot do any service. A widow only cries. Here children say we have become
Ram’s (bride). So (if they cry) it means their Ram has died. Or that your intellectual
connection with Ram is broken. You are going in the opposite direction (vimukh). The stage
should be very nice. Baba explains, this soul will become third class maid servant (daasi).
(10.1.72, pg.2)

• How can those who cry themselves, make others smile by serving them? Here one should
learn to laugh, i.e. to smile. One also should not laugh loudly. (10.1.72, pg.3)

• One should work by following even gestures, without being asked to do so. The one who
does something by understanding the matter himself is a deity. One, who does something on
being asked to do so, is a human being. And the one who doesn’t perform even after being
asked to do something will be called a donkey. (23-4-72, pg-2)

• Fighting among themselves is the work of an orphan. (29-4-72, pg-2)

• Criticizing somebody or thinking about others whole day is not called a divine virtue. Deities
do not do such things. (1-1-71, pg-2)

• Not that if anyone has committed any mistake you keep narrating it always. No. Virtues are
sung. Mistakes are not sung…...…Why do you children take law in your hand? One who has
a little anger will always keep criticizing. Reforming is Father’s work. Are you reformists?
...…Everyone hasn’t become complete isn’t it? Someone has some vice & someone also has
some other vice. Father has taken up the contract to remove all those vices. This is not your
work…....If anyone possesses any vice it should be reported to Father. Reporting it to
everyone is body consciousness. (8-1-71, pg-3)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 02 Aug 2015


• Purity is royalty and purity is personality. (AV. 5-2-75)

• What are those people called who take a vow (of purity) and leave it? Sinful souls.
(AV. 6-2-72)

• The sign of real knowledge is purity. (AV. 16-1-80)

• Today’s programme of Baapdada was to check the papers of purity. (AV. 16-1-80 pg-212)

• Don’t let the foundation of purity to weaken. Only then will you be able to gallop “Last so
fast” (AV. 5-4-81 pg-129)

• Now you have to put in hard work, energy and money. Later, both these works will be done
by the personality of purity. (AV. 1-4-78)

• Now in the practical life that personality of purity is needed, which can attract automatically.
This personality is such that it attracts even the religious souls. (AV. 1-4-78)

• Sorrow and peacelessness is born out of impurity. Those who transform the sinful into pure
ones will themselves be pure, isn’t it? Those who are pure souls will have prosperity and
peace automatically. (AV. 3-11-81)

• White is also an indication of cleanliness or purity. Your dress is also white. This is an
indication of purity. (AV. 17-4-83)

• The personality of body brings souls into body-consciousness. And the personality of purity
makes others soul-conscious and brings them closer to Father. (AV. 24-4-83)

• The basis, i.e. Foundation of achievements (prarabdha) of 21 births is purity. The basis of all
the achievements of Confluence Age is purity. Where there is almighty Father there cannot be
impurity even in dreams. Double foreigners do not like lonely life, isn’t it? ... You have
adopted purity forever. For such couples (yugalmoort) purity is very easy….The resolves of
bad company are of impurity. ....Pure thoughts are the food for the intellect. Pure vision is the
light of the eyes. Pure action is the special occupation of Brahmin life. Pure relationship and
contact is the code of conduct of Brahmin life….. The forever (anaadi literally means
something which does not have any beginning, i.e. something which has been in existence
forever) resolve of the organs is good action. Always keep this in mind and you will be free
from hard work and hathyoga (a form of Yoga involving tough physical postures).
(AV. 6-1-82 pg-218)

• Wherever there is purity, there will be prosperity and peace without fail…..... Even if there is
a question of why, what, then there will not be concentration in the power of thoughts.
Wherever concentration is absent, one cannot experience prosperity and peace. (AV. 24-3-82)

• Due to a breakage the line changes. That’s why be unbreakable. (AV. 14-1-82)

• Those who become strong Brahmins take a vow that whatever may happen, we shall not offer
poison (of sex). They tolerate so much. Only then do they get high post. (27-3-77)

• Until one has finished impurity completely, he cannot be coloured with the colour of
purity. (AV.15-3-84)

• Those who feel purity to be difficult waver a lot-----those who are not officer-like souls
(adhikari) will feel the difficulty. (AV. 2-3-85)

• Just as in the beginning children had taken a vow before the Father that we may die, perish,
tolerate and bear beatings, leave the house but keep up the promise of purity always. Such a
gathering of lionesses become instrumental in the task of establishment. They did not think or
see anything. (AV. 18-1-74)

• If your resolves clash with someone’s resolves then it’s better to avoid him. (AV. 14-3-82)

• Whenever one experiences sorrow and peacelessness, there is surely deficiency of purity.
Purity is not just victory over sex lust. But impurity means, the dynasty of sex lust, which are
different kinds of limited desires. Victory over sex lust means victory over all the
desires. (AV. 23.12.85, pg.105)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 04 Aug 2015

To Couples

• You are not bonded in any of the bonds of household, isn’t it? Those who are bound up in the bondage of fear of society, bondage of relatives, are called bonded souls. Even the thought that there’s some worldly relationship should not arise in your mind. While living in the worldly relationships remember the spiritual (aloukik) relationship. You may be instrumental for the worldly relationship but in your mind always the spiritual and Godly relationship (aloukik and paarloukik) should be there. .... It’s not a bodily relationship. It’s a relationship of service. You are not staying in the household because of the worldly relationship. You’re staying because of service. It’s not your house but a service center. It you feel it to be a service center then the service will be always in your mind. [Av. 28.4.82. P400]

• Yugal moort (couple form) means sample form for service. ... So do you live like a special showpiece in the showcase before the world while living in the household? .... Bad things are not kept in the showcase. Now, as some time passes further, the names of those who remain detached while living in the household, will become famous in the whole world. Such couples will be praised infinitely. They will become instrumental in revealing the work of Father. You are not any ordinary ones. You are special souls.

• Cancel the old deal of remembrance of couple form and become single. Then become couple. ... You gave a divorce to the relationship of Maya and entered into a deal with the relationship of Father. .... Although you are cooperative. .... You are not companions. Companion is one. If you have the feeling of companionship (with the bodily companion) then you are gone. ... You are most lucky that you found God sitting at home. What bigger luck do you want than this? If something which was not dreamt of, happens practically then what else is needed? Firstly Father came to you, later you came to Him.

• Are you always Swarajya Adhikari (controller of the kingdom of self)? Kingdom of self means always officer-like (Adhikari). Officer can never be subordinate. If he’s subordinate, he can’t be Officer. Just as if it’s night, it can’t be day; if it’s day, it can’t be night. Similarly commanding souls can’t be subordinate to any organ, individual, and luxury. .... There should not be a thought of defect even in the dreams. Such souls are called “victorious forever”. Has Maya run away or are you still chasing it away? Have you chased it so far away that it cannot return? [Av. 16.1.85. P128]

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 06 Aug 2015

Public lodges (Slaughter house)
• People construct public lodges, etc., for marriage, isn’t it? You explain to them. Those who do not belong to this race will try to create obstacles. Those who belong to this race will accept that you are making arrangements for murders (through thoughts, by constructing public lodges). Those who do not belong to this race will fight, saying this practice has been going on since a long time (i.e. since beginning of Copper Age). [12.4.74. P2]

Individual Service
• First you should meet the main person who’s the head. After getting full details from him then you should meet the main Guru (preceptor) and then he should be explained. .... Baba explains a lot of ideas. Sensible children will understand immediately what we have to do; how to obtain information? One must also pay the amount for lodging, etc. One should make all inquiries. Why are you people sitting here leaving everything. You have surrendered. Then what did you gain from them? One should enquire. [4.4.75, P1]

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