Murli points for churning and inculcation

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 07 Aug 2015


• The whole mankind of the entire world is a devotee. The giver of knowledge is only one,
Supreme Father and Supreme Soul Shiva…..... There’s so much pomp and show in Bhakti
(path of worship). You don’t have anything. In all other spiritual gatherings there will be
sound. They will sing songs and worship. Here Baba does not like even this record (songs). In
future, this may also stop. (24-8-76)

• Even if someone is subordinate to any resolve or habit partially, or if someone seeks name
and fame, if someone keeps shouting questions of why and how, if someone has the resolve
of a deceiving worshipper like a crane or the resolve of a worshipper who’s something else
inside and something else outside, so wherever there is a part of Bhakti (worship or devotion)
then one cannot be knowledgeful soul because Bhakti (worship) is night and Knowledge is
day. (12-1-77 pg-11)

• These fairs, exhibitions will go everywhere. So those clever children, who have points, are
requested to provide help. Their names are always chanted. First they chant the names of
ShivBaba, then Brahma Baba, then Kumarika, then Gange, Manohar. In the path of worship
they chant the name of God while rotating the beads of rosary. Now here the names are
chanted through mouth. (20-11-76 pg-2)

• Children complaint before the Father. Why do such things happen with me? Why is my role
only like this? Why are only my resolves like this? Why do I only get such seekers of
knowledge or why have I been given such a country? Are you such complainants? Complaint
means part of Bhakti (worship). Howsoever someone may be, but the special duty of
serviceable souls is to transform them. If someone observes the weakness of others then they
themselves will become weak.

• Those who are worshippers (bhakt) will never feels themselves to be officers. They will have
the resolves of worship (Bhakti) till the end and they will keep seeking, ‘give blessings’, ‘give
power’, ’shower kindness’, or ‘have a look at me’, etc. Such resolves of asking
or the resolves of subordination will be seen in them till the end. They will always be in the
form of seekers. They will not be able to imbibe the intoxications of children of God, being
masters and being master Almighty, although they are being trained to imbibe such
intoxication. They will be satisfied with little…... Worshippers will never possess the power
to come in direct connection with the Father. They will be satisfied being in the contact of
souls. (14-7-74 pg-109)

• Worshippers enact a lot of dance and drama. They feel happy and then suddenly start crying.
Tears roll out of their eyes in the love of God. But they do not know God. One should know
the one in whose love the tears roll out, isn’t it? Nothing can be gained out of pictures. Yes if
they worship a lot, then they can have divine visions. (15-2-75)

• Until one knows Father, he/ she will keep worshipping too. When the faith becomes strong
then they will be freed from worship (Bhakti) automatically. (31-10-78)

• In the path of worship the devis (female deities) are respected a lot. Actually this Brahma is
also an elder mother. (23-3-84 pg-2)

• You have the experience of Bhakti. You know that various monks and ascetics etc. narrate the
scriptures of the path of worship. Here it is different from that. Before whom are you sitting
here? Double Father and mother. There it’s not so. You know that the unlimited Father also
lives and Mama also lives. Younger mother too. (24-3-84)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 10 Aug 2015


• Many are there who will break away. Let some troubles come and look how people run away. You ran after knowledge. Had there been no knowledge you would not have run (after Him). Do you run after Him? He has not performed any magic, etc. ShivBaba is called magician. (5.11.76, pg 2)

• Big troubles are going to come. Those souls will get help who become Father’s children and those who do service nicely. They will get help in the end. (19.5.72, pg 3)

• One should not get frightened in trouble, etc. Let earthquake or hurricane come or let people die, you should not be afraid. This is going to happen certainly. The heart should not beat (in fear). Big troubles will come, riots will breakout, people will shout, “haay, haay” (shouts of despair) then they will hail the victory. (8.7.78, pg 3)

• Three fourths of the world will be destroyed when the bombs are dropped. The portion of India only will remain. (6.4.71, pg 2)

• Most of the work is to be done by earthquake. When it (i.e. the earth) shakes then all these buildings will fall. (19.7.71, pg 3)

• Entire destruction will take place through earthquake. (19.7.71, pg 3)

• Even if the war begins a little, there will be famine. (27.6.72, pg 4)

• I shall show two or four times how people die suddenly. At that time they will not be able to remember hymns (mantras). Suppose the ceiling falls down, how will you be able to remember?

• There will be so much disturbance that they will not be able to come from abroad. Fierce war will start. Then they will be stranded there. They can hardly come even if they pay 50-60 lakhs rupees (6.2.76, pg 3)

• In future the situation of the world is going to worsen. Food grains will not be available to eat, and then people will start eating grass. Then how can they say that we cannot live without butter? (5.3.76, pg 3)

• The five elements of nature will assume a fearsome form. (A.V. 14.9.75, pg 110)

• Present time is the time for disturbances to increase. But on the one side there will be disturbances in nature and on the other hand the masters of nature will become stable… on the one side nature will assume dangerous form and on the other side, due to the final time, all the five vices will also assume most dangerous form…. Everywhere there will be an atmosphere of disturbance. The ruling authority (rajyasatta), religious authority (dharmasatta), scientific authorities (vigyan satta) and various other authorities will be in disturbance. (A.V. 24.12.79, pg144)

• Just a wave of the ocean will shake everything. (6.7.70, pg 3)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 17 Aug 2015


• In the final paper there will be turbulence everywhere. On the one side there will be turbulence of atmosphere or environment. On the other side will be turbulence of persons. And on the fourth side will be the turbulence of lack of essential commodities. Being stable (constant) in the midst of such turbulence on all sides will be the final paper. (AV. 1-9-75, pg-85)

• The type of effort (purusharth) in which one’s stage is dependant on the circumstances or where success is dependant on commodities, will fail someone in the final paper. (AV. 1-9-75, pg-186)

• One should be able to take the support of body whenever one wishes and leave the support of body and stay in the incorporeal (bodiless or ashariri) stage whenever one wishes. Do you move around like this? Do you feel the experience of taking the support of body and leaving the body consciousness as the same? This experience will become the basis for fetching first number in the last paper. (AV. 15-7-73 pg-1)

• Now these are the (question) papers of second or third class. The magnitude of the final paper will be many times more horrific than this…... But the practical part (role) of shakti swaroop (the powerful consorts of Shiva) or the part of the revelation of incarnation of shakti or the role of revealing the Almighty Father through oneself will take place in such situations only. (AV. 13-9-75 pg-107)

• Time will never come with prior intimation. It will happen suddenly. When you feel that it’s near, then it will not come. The indication of coming (i.e., nearing of time) is that careless people will be careless. Otherwise how will the numbers be decided? ....Those who are maharathis (elephant mounted warriors or effort makers of the highest level) will get 'touching'. But Father will not tell. 'Touching' will occur just as Father has said. But Father will never announce. (AV. 31-12-87)

• In the final paper surprising things will appear as questions. Only then will souls be able to pass and fail. Questions will arise in the mind, although one does not wish to do so. This is called paper. And it is a paper of just a second. (AV. 15-4-74 pg-25)

• The paper or examination of virtuousness takes place here itself. But the practical paper of facing the situations will have to be answered there. Its result also will come here. You have to appear in the practical paper (i.e. exam) in such a way that everyone should feel that there’s a lot of change in them.
(AV. 9-8-76 pg-3)

• The paper (exam) of nature will be to shake you through lack of commodities, like water. Now this paper was not so big. But the commodities prepared through water, commodities based on fire, and similarly commodities based on every element of nature have become the basis of temporary comforts of the life of human beings. So all these elements will take paper (i.e. exam). Now the deficiency of just water has taken place. But the real examination will take place when the commodities prepared with water will not be available. (AV. 25-10-87)

• Papers (exams) are going to come with high speed. That’s why the special basis of eating, drinking, wearing, walking, living and maintaining contacts may be checked as to whether any of these are becoming obstacles in a subtle form. (AV. 25-10-87 pg-1)

• Whatever has happened is nothing. Now many things have to take place. You will think that this has taken place suddenly. That’s why it was very less. But papers (i.e. exams) will come suddenly. Papers will not come with prior intimation…..but now such papers are going to come, which are not even in your dreams or thoughts. (AV. 19-9-72 pg-363)

• The date of final destruction can never be fixed. If the date is fixed then all the seats will be fixed. Then there will be a long line (queue) of those who pass with honour. That’s why be free from tensions on account of dates. When everyone becomes free from tension, then the date will arrive. The date when everyone will be free from this thought will be the date of destruction. (AV. 18-1-77 pg-25)

• Final paper (i.e. exam) will take place amidst different types of horrific circumstances, and such type of circumstances which will be attractive, although one may not wish to be attracted. In comparison to that, the present circumstances are nothing (negligible). (AV. 16-10-69 pg-122)

• The final paper is being announced beforehand. One should be always free of bondage; even free from the bondage of service. One should be ever ready and come to the battlefield as soon as the announcement takes place. This is the final paper which will take place in time. If you are able to pass in this practical paper then there’s nothing bigger than that. (AV. 2-12-69 pg-157)

• The more you come nearer (in stage) the problems will also keep coming. (AV. 19-2-69 pg-2)

• Do you get afraid? You will have to face. Facing papers means galloping forward, i.e. getting very nearer to perfection. Now this paper is going to come. If you possess a clear intellect yourselves then you will be able to clarify to others. (AV. 8-2-75 pg-4)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 18 Aug 2015


• (Preceptors) teach brothers. Then whatever they get they share among themselves. Many
copy and many more will do. You see so many sisters become Brahmakumaris, but it’s of no
use…....Giving diamond in exchange for a cowrie is Father’s work. Remaining people cheat.
They gobble up the money. And become even more degraded. (27-2-74, pg-3)

• How can RajYoga be taught unless Father comes? There’s a lot of adulteration, corruption in
the world, isn’t it? It is neither RajYoga nor Hathyoga (physical Yoga consisting of difficult
physical postures). They then learn some new magic of different kinds. (3-2-74, pg-4)

• They have shown Kansa, Jarasandh, Hiranya-Kashyap (demons), etc., to have been existent in
the Golden Age (Satyug). And they have shown Krishna in the Copper Age (Dwaparyug)
.....All the demons have been given separate names. Kumbhakaran (brother of demon king
Ravan), etc., are the names of demons. Now it’s demoniac community, i.e., those who follow
the demoniacal advice. (5-5-73, pg-2)

• Earlier when (monks) used to seek alms (or beg), they did not use to see even the faces of
ladies. They used to close their eyes. They were like that in the beginning. (15-5-73, pg-1)

• One day you children will expose them. There are big preceptors, etc. In the end everyone
will become tired. (22-10-78, pg-3)

• Father spoils his daughter too (by having physical connection with her). Everyone gives his
news to Baba, isn’t it? We did this bad work. There are many such instances. Some are
spoiled by the preceptor, some by brother, and some by maternal uncle. This world is called
Vaishyalaya (a land of prostitutes). (8-2-75, pg-2)

• Big & famous ascetics, monks, etc., who allow themselves to be worshipped by others are
called Hiranyakashyap (A demon in Hindu Mythology who ordered his subjects to treat him
as God and worship him, but ended up being killed by an incarnation of God from a pillar in
the form of a half man-half lion called Narshimha). Such people are destroyed by God by
assuming the form of Narshimha. (25-10-78)

• The bigger the titles (of a preceptor), the bigger the tail of such a monkey. (18-4-71)

• You are also number wise. Although big Maharathis (the so-called senior brothers & sisters)
take care of museums, but don’t understand anything. (24-9-70, pg-2)

• Preceptors can’t give salvation. They distract people from God and attract towards
themselves. And prevent people from divulging the Mantra (hymn) to anyone. They frighten
people so much that they think that preceptors will curse them. Father says, “Don’t get
frightened.” Go and see how the preceptors sitting on the banks of Yamuna get themselves
worshipped by telling “Shivoham” (i.e., I am Shiva). (11-5-73, pg-3)

• Preceptors have created a mess. After the death of one preceptor (Guru), whoever ascends the
throne, is accepted (by the people) as Preceptor. This is only one real Preceptor (Satguru).
(19-9-73, pg-3)

• Worst of all corrupt people are the preceptors of iron-age (Kaliyugi Guru), who distract
people from the God, who makes India a heaven, by telling that God is omnipresent, and
teach them to abuse God. (31-10-73, pg-1)

• These Gurus are the biggest enemies. That’s why they are called Hiranyakashyap demon (a
demon king who declared himself a God, but was killed by an incarnation of Vishnu). Now
Murli is going on (i.e. Flute of knowledge is being played). All the Gurus also must be
listening. So they will develop enmity without fail. One day they will also become friends.
(6-11-73, pg-4)

• Every Guru before his death appoints his disciple as the next Guru. The Guru died. When he
could not grant salvation, then how can his disciple cause any benefit by becoming a Guru?
Here Father gives a guarantee. I take everyone along at the end of every Kalpa (cycle of 5000
years). (11-6-72, pg-3)

• Why do Shankaracharyas, etc.. (a title given to a set of preceptors) visit the temple of Shiva at
Varanasi? When they bow, it shows that they are worshippers, isn’t it? Then why do they
make others worship them? This point is worth noting nicely.

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 19 Aug 2015

Miscellaneous points of the World Drama Wheel:-

• Bread butter can be earned by spinning a wheel. Therefore, here too, you spin this wheel. Everyone has to leave at the same time. Not that someone will leave in between. [15-8-73]

• Nobody can leave (the drama) in between, everyone has to leave together. Although the world will not become completely empty at any point of time ....... The Ravana (i.e. demoniac) community leaves and doesn't return. However, these people remain. [26-4-74 Pg-2]

• You children will be prosperous for 3/4th of Kalpa (5000 years cycle). I feel you children are great. That's why I say "Namaste" (I bow before you). [Mu. 2-9-70]

• Those who come late (in the drama) experience a little sorrow and a little prosperity. [7-11-70]

• Wonderful part is played in the latter part of the drama. The ignorant people will faint at that time.
[Mu. 30-5-72]

• Baba will name the important big ones (i.e. actors), is not it? Lakshmi & Narayan, Ram & Sita. Islamic people, Buddhists, all are worth not a penny. [18-2-73 Pg-3]

• You children have known everything through Father. Remaining people do not know how this world wheel rotates? When does it begin? When does it end? You children only know even this number-wise.
[18-2-73 Pg-1]

• Although this birth is good, the previous birth must have been like Ajamil (a devilish mythological character who spends the whole of his life in vicious acts, but obtains a ticket to heaven due to a single pious act). Father says I enter into a sinful body in the sinful world, who has become degraded after taking 84 births. Although now he has been born in a good house, because even then he has to become Baba's Chariot. [6-4-77 Pg-20]

• Those who are not in Confluence Age will become degraded day by day. That side (i.e. in the Iron Age) the degradation is increasing. This side your Confluence Age is ending. Those are matters to be understood, is not it? [15-4-75 Pg-1]

• In spite of being actors of drama if they don't know the main actors, director, creator and the beginning, middle and end of the drama they would be called foolish. There is no harm in writing this. [14-8-76 Pg-3]

• When the total eclipse of total degradation takes place, then Father comes to make us perfect in 16 celestial arts. This eclipse is removed through Swadarshan-chakra (literally meaning a wheel-like weapon of Vishnu, but here it refers to the wheel of world drama that we churn in our minds). [27-11-77 Pg-1]

• If you don't become chakradhari (holder of Swadarshan-chakra) you cannot become Chakravarti (a complete King). Chakravarti will be free from the hurricanes of Maya (vices). [Av 18-9-75, Pg-113]

• Now it is a land of death. This land of death will end and Golden Age will surely come. This Cycle has always been rotating. [5-5-78 Pg-3]

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 21 Aug 2015


• Everyone should feel their responsibility. If they think that Didi, Dadi or teacher is
responsible, then it proves that you have to become their subjects in future and not the king.
This is also a resolve (habit) of being subordinate, isn’t it? One who is subordinate cannot
become an officer. He cannot achieve the kingdom of the world. (A.V. 30.5.73, pg 81)

• The defect in the sapling will reflect in the entire tree. Does everyone feel his/her
responsibility to that extent? Or do you feel that we are young and have come late.
Responsibility lies on the elders…....Even in case of responsibility, young and old; everyone
is entitled (adhikari). Everyone is a companion; so feel that much responsibility. Those who
are crowned with the responsibility of both self-transformation and world transformation, will
be crowned with the kingdom of the world. (A.V. 12.10.81, pg 36-37)

• Baapdada is observing the chart of sense of responsibility of each one. To what extent
everyone feels his responsibility? Have you adorned the crown of responsibility of world
transformation or not? ....Do you adorn it always or sometimes? Do you become careless?
Do you feel that responsibility lies with the elders, we are young…Everyone raises his/her
hand when asked if you wish to become Lakshmi-Narayan. So when you have to wear the
crown of kingdom, then the basis for that crown is the crown of responsibility of service.
(AV. 2.1.82, pg 207)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 22 Aug 2015


• Those who sacrifice themselves completely get the inheritance for 21 births. Complete sacrifice means remembering Him. The mind should be diverted from the children, etc., everything. (9-4-72 pg-3)

• The faster you surrender yourself completely, the closer you will be in the kingdom. If you don’t become complete quickly then you will not be closer (to Father) in the kingdom. What will you have to do to come closer? You will have to surrender yourself faster. (AV. 18-6-70)

• Firstly you have to surrender your every thought. Secondly you have to surrender every second, i.e., surrender of time. Thirdly actions should also be surrendered and the relationships and property, whatever you possess, should also be surrendered. All the relationships should also be surrendered.
(AV. 29-6-70)

• When something is mine then worries arise. When you have said ‘yours’ then Father knows everything. You become carefree. There is a little difference in the words 'tera' (yours) and 'mera' (mine). Telling ‘yours’ means getting everything. Telling ‘mine’ means losing everything. What happened when you started telling ‘mine’ from Copper Age onwards? You lost everything, isn’t it? Health was lost. Peace of mind was also lost and money was also lost. You were masters of the world once upon a time and have become clerks of offices and businessmen, who are nothing, when compared to the world emperor.
(AV. 17-10-87, pg-4)

• If mind is surrendered then the body, money, time and relationships are soon directed to that side. So the main thing is surrender of mind, i.e. surrender of wasteful or negative thoughts. This is the indication of complete 'parvaane (an insect that sacrifices itself by revolving around a flame or light) (13-10-69)

• If you want to get the unlimited inheritance then you will have to give everything that is limited.

• When you have surrendered everything, then everything means surrender of thoughts, speech, action, relationships, all the persons, luxuries, resolves, habits, attitudes, vision and remembrance. This is called surrender. (AV. 4-10-75 pg-150)

• You came to this path of knowledge and surrendered yourselves. So you are a trustee. Why do you worry? You have surrendered and then you have to do service also. Then you will get return. If someone has surrendered and does not do service, even then they have to be fed. They eat with that amount. They finish their own (amount). (22-11-73 pg-3)

• When someone does not sacrifice himself, then the success also will not be complete. If you think more and do less, then the fruits also shall be less. Firstly the courage is less, the thought is not powerful, and then there will not be power in the action also. And that’s why the fruits will also be less.
(AV. 18-1-75 pg-23)

• When you have surrendered body, mind and money to Father then after giving, how do the words “my thinking”, “my understanding” and “my resolves” arise? (AV. 15-7-73 pg-134)

• The meaning of the word ‘surrender’ is very big. Nothing remains mine. When someone has surrendered then body, mind, money and everything is surrendered. When mind is surrendered then how can thoughts be created in that mind according to one’s wish? How can bad deeds be performed through the body? And how can the money be invested in bad actions or wasteful acts? This proves that someone gives and then takes it back. (AV. 18-9-69 pg-108)

• Do you know that what will happen if the stamp of ‘Complete Surrender’ has not been impressed? Just as the value of unstamped (unlabelled) things gets reduced. Similarly the value of you souls will get reduced in heaven….... “Completely Surrendered” Pandavas are praised that they melted and died .(It’s written in the Mahabharata epic that after entrusting their kingdom to their successors, the Pandavas along with their wife and a dog, began their journey towards the Himalayas and started melting and dying one by one, before commencing their journey to heaven). But they did not melt on the mountains but they melted in their high stage. They took themselves from a low stage to a high subtle stage and melted in that stage…... Complete surrender means surrender of body, mind, money and relations, everything….....Mind cannot create even a thought against the Shrimat (Godly direction). This stage is called complete surrender. (AV. 3-10-69, pg-115)

• Did you get late in preparing your will? You cannot get will power until you have completely willed all the vices, internal or external. Did the corporeal medium think that how will it happen, what would happen? Did he think so? If someone prepares a will after a lot of thinking then such wills do not bear much fruits. Just as there is a difference in sacrificing an animal in one blow, and many blows…....The one which is accepted first (i.e. sacrifice in one blow) gets number one power. Those which are not accepted first will not get much power. (AV. 18-1-70 pg167)

• If you become completely surrendered (samarpan) then you can become the best mirror (darpan), in which the divine vision (or reflection) is seen clearly. If you surrender as per your ability or power then the mirror will also be as per the ability or power. Complete surrender means relinquishing self respect also. (AV. 5-4-70, pg-144)

• Now you have to take real Kashi Karvat (an ancient tradition practiced in the city of Kashi or Varanasi where people used to sacrifice their life by jumping into a well that had a huge sword inside it so that they could be liberated from all sins). The Kashinath (Lord of Kashi) ShivBaba himself says that I have come to take you all. You have to certainly take the Kashikarvat now. (2-9-77, pg-3)

• Someone is registered only when he/she takes a vow of complete vicelessness and lives up to it.
(20-1-78 pg-3)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 25 Aug 2015


• The trustees of Dilwada Temple (ancient Jain temples situated at Mount Abu) don’t know anything. They should also be searched for. Perhaps they reside in Ahmedabad. They should be given a book. Come, we will explain the secrets of Dilwada temple. (4.7.71, pg 4)

• Many say that we are very much attached to our children. You have to remove that at any cost. Attachment should be only to one. Remaining persons should be taken care of like a trustee.
(1.10.71, pg.3)

• There are many householders who waste their time in many pleasures, under the subordination of their bodily organs….Being intoxicated in the pleasures of bodily organs is called household life & not trusteeship. (20.10.75)

• Give everything to Father and become trustee. Baba, everything is yours. However, you can use it in your work. Father will not act in such a way as putting to use everything that belongs to you and starve you. No. (4.2.73, night class)

• Nothing has to be given, but only to be considered. Baba everything is yours. OK, children, take care like a trustee. If you eat keeping in mind that everything belongs to ShivBaba, then it is as if you are eating (surviving) out of ShivBaba’s store. You children have to take care of your household also. But you must feel yourself to be a trustee. (14.4.77)

• Trustee means double light. Householder means burdened person. (A.V. 30.1.79, pg.254)

• Not that great luck is just to stay at the service centre as a volunteer (sevadhari). No. Only that soul can become a good bead of the rosary who is truthful and an open-hearted trustee. (A.V. 1.4.82, pg.332)

• Trustee means always light. Householder means always burdened. If you are householder you will always be led to downfall. If you are trustee you will be in an upward stage. Trustee is always like a carefree emperor, i.e., free from all tensions. They are always in the spiritual intoxication that we are Master Almighty……If you feel yourselves to be a trustee then a full stop is applied. Full stop means experience of powerful stage. (A.V. 21.12.78, pg.147)

• Even the thought that this is my family, she is my spouse, is wrong. This limited creation which Baapdada has given me to take care of, like a trust, is not my creation, but I am just instrumental for taking care of them, like a trustee, on behalf of Baapdada. There is no attachment (merapan) in a trustee. Trustee is always instrumental. (A.V. 12.7.72, pg.322)

• The most royal form of burden is the thought that this is my responsibility, I have to discharge the responsibility at any cost……Because of getting entangled in such household, you forget the trusteeship. Even this body is not mine. I am a trustee of this body also. So the trustee cannot use anything for himself without the concurrence of the owner. .....When you have to experience the pleasures of only one (God) through these bodily organs, then why do you experience the variety of pleasures through many bodily organs? So you become a householder (grihasti) while living in household (lokik pravritti) of this world……Become light with the thought that Father is responsible for everything. I don’t have any responsibility. (A.V. 20.10.75, pg.211-212)

• If you become trustee then as a result of becoming nyaara (detached) and pyaara (lovable), you can become stable in uniform stage. ....If you have even slight attachment then “mine” means household life. Wherever there is merapan (mine-ness) there will be attachment. People with attachment will be called householder and not trustees. (A.V. 12.10.81, pg.41-42)

• The specialty of a trustee is that he will always feel light in every matter….When you became Father’s children, you became his children along with your body, mind and money, isn’t it? You gave everything to Father, isn’t it? ....When you have already given, it doesn’t remain yours anymore. Trustee means no attachment. …Trustee doesn’t have any bondage. He is a free soul. Becoming slaves, in the attraction of any kind, cannot be called trusteeship. Trustee means free. (A.V. 5.6.77, pg.215)

• If your centers are changed slightly, will you get disturbed? Will you feel pity for the seekers of knowledge (jigyasu)? …If such a (question) paper comes your way, are you detached (nashtomoha)? If you have any attachment in the relations of aloukik (Godly) service, then the students who come (to the centers) will deliver lectures on this. (24.10.75)

• Become the trustees of body and mind. Everything is Father’s responsibility. (A.V. 20.10.75)

• If you treat the household also like a trust (amaanat) then the attachment (meraapan) will end. There’s no attachment (meraapan) in the trust (amaanat). Only in case of attachment (meraapan) there is entry of other vices, along with attachment. (A.V. 24.10.75)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 26 Aug 2015


• Here holy activities are not undertaken. People do charity. That is also a sin because if anyone donates (or gives alms) to the sinful then they (i.e. the donors) will receive more punishment. Father says you cannot give money to any sinful person. (8-4-72 pg-2)

• When Father is not present then He bestows fruits for short periods. When He is (practically) present, He bestows (fruits) for 21 births. It’s famous that ShivBaba’s treasury (bhandara) is always full. Look, so many children are there. But nobody knows who gives what? Only Father knows and the soul in whose body Father stays knows. He is very simple. (18-4-84 pg-3)

• One should not give money to sinful people because they will commit sin with that amount……If you donate to sinful souls then your sins will increase. You must be like a trustee and act on the advice (of Baba) ...... It's effect will be seen on the donor also. (16-4-72, night class)

• Someone has sent a rupee requesting to add a brick in their name. You will get the best palace (in return) because you are poor. I am a 'garibniwaz' (a poor man’s supporter). A poor man donating a rupee and a rich man donating ten thousand rupees will get the same post. (23-5-77 pg-2)

• Rich man will be very proud too, isn’t it? I am so and so. I possess this and that. Baba says that in order to deflate their ego, when they came to donate something, Baba will ask them to keep it with himself. Baba will observe. If he’s (worthy) capable then He will make him rich. If he’s not capable then He will tell him that we don’t require it. The donor will express wonder at His action. (Baba will say) we don’t require at all. If you wish you can dump it. It will not be of any use to us….....If someone dupes Baba, who is making us so great, and then comes back, then Baba will say He was a traitor. He had duped us. We should not accept anything from him. Let him become poor. Such persons who are proud of themselves are called damned. Baba will say such damned persons are not required. It’s in Baba’s hand, whether to accept or not. (17-12-70, pg-3)

• It’s not that you have to give alms to poor. Those people give alms to poor. There are so many poor people in the world. If everyone comes and sits here then they will create problems. Many people request (to be allowed to stay with Baba). But I have to accept (the proposal) carefully. It should not lead to a situation where they come and create problems in Yagya (spiritual family)........Giving the amount belonging to Yagya to someone is a big sin. Here money is for those souls who transform themselves from cowries (shell) to diamond and are available on Godly service. (23-3-76, pg-3)

• The sins of a person increases by donating money to the sinful. The punishment for this act is experienced by the giver. If someone donates amount to a bad person and if he commits sin with that amount then the sins of the giver increases. (19-8-71, pg-4)

• Alms are given to the needy. If alms are given to a drunkard then the responsibility falls on the donor. That’s why the karmic debts should be cleared. Once someone surrenders his/her life, then they are not allowed to donate money to anyone. But spinsters have to be given donations. (5-6-68, pg-2)

• Unworthy people should not be given donations. Those (worldly) people donate in the name of God. That is indirect donation. It brings temporary prosperity. By donating directly (in Godly work) you will get returns for 21 births. (20-2-74, pg-2)

• One must become benefactor. One must not waste money. It’s also a custom that one should never donate money to unworthy sinful souls. Otherwise the donor also becomes responsible (for the sin).
(30-6-75, pg-3)

• You don’t have the right to donate money to anyone without asking (Baba). When you have donated everything to Father, then you can donate only on His advice. (12-5-73, pg-4)

• One should not remember anything that he/she has surrendered (or given to Baba). Father says I do not accept such a thing at all, which will remain unused in the end and for which I will have to give complete returns in the end….... (Some souls) ask (Baba) after 10-20 years to return a particular thing that they had donated. You donated a negligible thing to get millions in return and now you say that we have donated something. Don’t you feel ashamed? You give cowrie and take diamonds. Even then you ask for the cowrie to be returned. You ate so much (in the Yagya). Now return that also. Did you do as much service (as you ate)? You are doing disservice. Whatever you ate while doing dis-service is your debt. You will become servants of servants (in future births). (16-12-70, pg-3)

• Giving others is not expenditure. This is like giving a rupee and getting one lakh rupees in return. So that (rupee) comes under the account of deposit and not expenditure. When you use your power for overcoming obstacles that will be called expenditure. Don’t think that I give five rupees to ShivBaba. This is like getting billions of times in return in heaven. So will it be considered as giving? ........If you feel that we are giving, then it is like insulting ShivBaba….....Never think, “I have given something to ShivBaba”. Think as if I am insulting ShivBaba. (2-10-76, pg-3)

• One should not give or take anything from anyone. Tell them, why you give this. Your connection is with ShivBaba, isn’t it…..The good deeds of those who don’t give directly is not deposited with ShivBaba. Establishment (of new world) takes place through Brahma. So one should do everything through Him. If someone misappropriates midway then it will not be deposited with ShivBaba. If you have to give anything to ShivBaba, you must give through Brahma. Even if you have to open a centre it should be done through Brahma. If anyone opens a centre on his own, how can it be called a centre? (3-11-76, pg-3)

• There’s worth in depositing amount from one’s sincere income (into God’s work). The amount from sincere income is bearing fruits in Father’s work. If the money comes in an easy manner then the body will not be utilized (in God’s work). And if the body is not utilized the mind will also waver. That’s why such a life where income is earned and deposited in Godly Bank is the No.1 life. And if income is earned and deposited in destructible banks, then it will not bear fruits. (A.V. 27-2-85, pg-198)

• If money is donated to someone and if he drinks (beer) or commits sins with that amount, then his sins will be deemed to have been committed by you. By transacting with souls one becomes a sinful soul. What a difference! A sinful soul, by transacting with sinful souls, becomes sinful only. (14-1-75, pg-4)

• Father says that a huge task of establishment is to be accomplished. Even a paisa of amount involved in this service should not be given to anyone. Marriage of sons is not an excuse. (one must tell his son that you can) Stay with us if you want to remain pure, otherwise get out. One should be so detached.
(12-1-75, pg-3)

• The destructible money is also carried through to the next birth by those who help Father. (8-3-72, pg-2)

• One should not feel proud that we have given (something to Baba). If you don’t give anything
Baba will be relieved of the responsibility to give diamonds in return for cowrie. (25-10-78, pg-3)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 27 Aug 2015


• Explanation for everything is given through Murli (the flute of knowledge). So one should make notes. Children do not make notes from Murli, and then they sit and ask Baba the same questions.
(8-10-72 pg-2, 8-110-77 pg-2)

• Everything is based on Murli. If you do not get Murli then where will you get Shrimat from? (11-2-76 pg-3)

• The Murli that’s narrated in corporeal form only is the Murli. The Shrimat given in corporeal form is Shrimat. Shrimat cannot be obtained from anywhere except Madhuban…...…The role of Baba that takes place through Sandeshi (bk sisters who bring message from Baba by going into trance) at the time of Bhog (sacred edible offerings) is completely wrong. (AV. 11-4-82 pg 365)

• Listening directly is number one. Listening to tape (recorder) is number two. Reading Murli is number three. (27-1-75 pg-3)

• Murli is the (blind man’s) stick. Any discrepancy will be removed on the basis of Murli. This basis will guide you to your house and your kingdom. But the efforts should not be made as per the rules according to the target but it should be made from the heart. Real Brahmins are recognized through Murli. Love for Murli means real Brahmin. Lesser love for Murli means half-caste Brahmins. (AV. 23-10-75 pg-220)

• One should not miss the Murli for even a day. Otherwise Baba considers them to be foolish. If one cannot imbibe virtues then he should think that “I am body conscious.” (14-1-72 pg-2)

• If someone does not listen to Murli then consider him or her to be an idiot (kambakht). They are not bakhtavar (worthy). One should never leave Murli. (27-9-73 pg-3)

• It’s good to keep the notes of Murli with oneself. This is an explosive, isn’t it? Many children keep notes. (16-10-72 pg-2)

• Brahma’s body (which) is fixed, so Murli is through his body. And the service which is done through the Sandeshis (bk sisters who bring message from Baba by going into trance) for some time is not called Murli. There is no magic in it. Magic is there only in the Murli of Baapdada. That’s why the Murlis which have already been narrated and which used to be sent to you for revision will continue to be sent from the main service center at Abu. The connection of Murli and Yagya will continue, as it was earlier.
(AV 21-1-69 pg-2)

• Cannot speaking be termed as Murli? .......These things will be completed anyway. (AV 5-4-83 pg-119)

• In the Murli one gets the response for questions like “what should I do? How should I do?” If you still persist on asking, then it means that the power to bring the Murli in practice is less. (AV. 4-2-80 pg 273)

• Because of the weakness of soul Maya takes birth. The reason is one’s weakness and the solution is daily Murli. (AV. 12-10-81 pg-61)

• When people start reading Murli they will be awakened. The work of printing Murlis will pick up momentum. The work of tape (recorders) will also increase very much. Murli will reach foreign countries also. (12-12-76 pg-3)

• Now you are sitting in front of Father. Listening to Murli directly is so different. Just as people purchase this Tape machine, T.V. will also arrive one day. Will Father not arrange this for the comfort of children? It’s not a big matter isn’t it? (22-2-75 pg-3)

• Many children do not pay attention to Murli. They do not read Murli regularly. Some of the Brahmanis (sisters staying at the centers) are also such that they never read Murlis. Then whose benefit are they causing? Many Brahmanis (sisters) are there who cannot cause any benefit. They cause benefit neither to themselves nor to others. (19-3-75 pg-2)

• Here everything is fitted into the intellect directly. There’s a difference of day and night between listening directly and reading Murli. (2-3-77 pg-2)

• The Murlis have begun to be narrated since the days of Karachi. Earlier Baba did not used to narrate Murli. He used to get up at 2 A.M and write 10-15 pages. Father used to dictate and then its copies used to be issued. In the path of worship the papers of scriptures, etc., are kept carefully. Day by day bigger books are printed. So many biographies are prepared. They are read and kept aside. You read the Murli and throw it. Otherwise the versions should be kept forever. (26-5-78 pg-1)

• Gopikas (literally it refers to the female friends of Krishna, here it means the sisters and mothers who do not get the privilege of listening to Murli directly from Baba due to family bondages) cannot live without the Murli. So this arrangement has been made. Children become restless without Murlis, because this Murli makes the life like a diamond. (24-8-78 pg-3)

• Listening to Murli is a different subject. That is a matter of earning money. It will not increase the age. It will not make someone pure. It will not destroy the sins. Children listen to Murli a lot and then indulge in sex. Then Father says that the children do not reveal the truth. If you cannot remain pure then why do you come here? They say that “Baba I am like Ajamil (a character from Hindu mythology who indulged in all kinds of sinful activities throughout his life but got salvation in the end by uttering the name of his son which happened to be the name of God). I will become pure only if I come here.” (17-1-84 pg-2)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 28 Aug 2015


• One is Rudramala, the rosary of incorporeal souls and then the rosary of Vishnu ...
Rosary is corporeal. It’s a rosary of a kingdom. And then they rule number-wise. You children must understand this nicely that as the time passes, the knowledge will become shorter...
People will feel detached at the time of destruction. (5-7-72 pg-2)

• The rosary of the path of worship means rosary of Maya. Rudramala is the rosary of God. (13-1-72 pg-2)

• You also know how the Rudramala is formed. You also know that there’s a rundamala (rosary of torso) also. The rosary of the kingdom of Vishnu is prepared, isn’t it? Now you children have known the secret of rosary. Whose name is Rudramala? Souls become the beads of rosary number-wise as per the Godly study. (17-3-68 pg-1)

• Those who pass, get the scholarship. This rosary is formed of those souls who have taken scholarship. The better the pass percentage the better will be the scholarship. This rosary is formed of those who take scholarship. The numbers reach thousands after increasing gradually. The post of kings is the scholarship. Those who study cannot stay incognito. (21-8-76 pg-3)

• I am on the top of the rosary. Then there is a couple - Brahma and Saraswati. They will become the emperor and empress of Golden Age. Then they have the entire rosary of souls who sit on the throne number wise. I make this India heaven through Brahma, Saraswati and the Brahmins. (26-11-96 pg-3)

• When the knowledge is completed then some unique children will not commit any mistake. Then they will become the beads of rosary. (26-11-76 pg-3)

• In the beginning Baba revealed the posts very carefully. Now those people are not present. Now the rosary will be prepared afresh. (24-3-75 pg-3)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 29 Aug 2015


• Mothers have become world mothers. Now you are not limited mothers… you are not the ones to get entangled in the limited household…. When mothers got tired by running from pillar to post, then observing their tiredness Father had to come to liberate them from their tiredness. (10.12.84, pg 66)

• All the mothers have become world mothers, isn’t it? ... You are not the mothers of the limited household. Do you stay at home or live in the place for world service? ... The more you have a target of unlimited service, the more you will be liberated easily from the limited bondages….. It cannot be possible that you do not get time or your body does not work for the great work. Wheels will be attached (i.e. the task would become easy). When the wheels of zeal and enthusiasm are attached then those who cannot walk will also begin to walk… so acquire the wheels of zeal, enthusiasm and joy and cut these limited bondages. The bondages of husband, bondage of children has ended. Now become free from those subtle bondages. (A.V. 9.5.84, pg 309)

• Mothers will say that let my husband get well, let my son settle, let the business pick-up. They keep thinking or telling these things. But this desire will be fulfilled when you become light yourself and acquire powers from the Father. For this, the utensil like intellect should be empty. Be free from the thoughts of “What will happen, when will it happen, it has not yet happened, etc.” (A.V. 13.4.83, pg 135)

• Baapdada has brought the special gift of easy path (sahaj marg).... The gift is the easy achievement that you obtain…. Mothers should be especially happy that Father has come especially for us… nobody made the mothers famous and Father started the chain of “mothers first”. So mothers are very dear (seekiladhi) isn’t it? Father has found you with so much of love and made you his own… look, how Father has searched you from different corners… people say that even two three mothers cannot stay together and now mothers are instrumental in establishing unity in the entire world. They say that mothers cannot live together and Father says that only mothers can stay together ... they don’t just take up the responsibility of worldly family but also the responsibility of the service of all the souls of the world. You may stay anywhere for name sake, but the world service should always be there in your mind. If you have an unlimited aim then you will acquire the unlimited features also. Otherwise you will be entangled in limits…. Mothers should come to the field of service. Each mother should take care of one service center. If you do not have time then form a group of two or three amongst yourselves. Don’t say that I have the bondage of house, I have children ... shaktis (powerful mothers) should come to the field and return the sustenance that you have received. The more service you do the more free you will be and you will be happy too. (A.V. 11.5.83, pg 200)

• All the shaktis are holding the flag of revelation of Father, isn’t it? Just as the shaktis have been given other weapons, now the Shaktis should hoist the flag of revelation of Father. Father is revealed through every Shakti and there will be cheers hailing victory. Father was revealed through shaktis. Shiva and Shakti are always shown together. Baapdada is always proud of the army of shaktis. Those who were not brought forward by anyone have moved so ahead that they can change the world. Those who were disowned after being termed hopeless have been made responsible persons by Father. First Shakti and then Shiva. He has pulled himself to the backside… when mothers experienced downfall they experienced it unto the level of feet and when they climb up they have the special lift of moving ahead… mothers should always feel especially happy about the position they have reached. The hopeless life has been transformed into a life full of all hopes. What were you in your past life and what have you become now? The world is groping in the dark and you have reached the destination. So you should be happy, isn’t it? ... Always be in this intoxication that we are the gopis (female friends of Krishna) of the past Kalpa (cycle). When we found Father we found everything… The main virtue of shaktis is fearlessness. They are the ones who are not even afraid of Maya. The divine vision of those who remain in a fearless stage happens in the form of a shakti, always the holder of weapons. World will come to bow before you in this form only. Mothers can become number one if they just continue to maintain all the relationships with Father. Mothers can achieve higher number if they pass in the test of detachment. This subject is important for mothers. (A.V. 30.11.79, pg 72, 73, 74)

• Mothers are fast effort makers, isn’t it? Don’t sit at home now. Now make groups and spread everywhere for service, open centers. We shall see next year how many centers you have opened? Give message to everyone before the problems begin. Then everyone will praise your virtues. Keep opening centers now. Adopt some ways to give message… Mothers should always dance in joy, because they have transformed from hopeless to hopeful. Father has made them the crown of his head… Pandavas (brothers) also feel happy observing the mothers because shaktis are the shields for Pandavas. If the shield is strong then the attack will not take place. That’s why Pandavas should be happy in keeping mothers forward. If they themselves come forward then they will have to bear the beatings with a stick. If shaktis are kept in front, then Pandavas are also praised. Keeping (mothers) in front means moving forward.
(A.V. 5.12.79, pg 88, 89)

• The special obstacle faced by mothers is attachment. Destroyer of attachment means fast efforts… whatever may happen, you keep dancing in joy. "Mirua maut maluka shikar" - "Death to the prey and victory to the hunter". This is called 'destroyer of attachment', such souls only become beads of rosary of victory… many exams will come. Coming of exams means going forward to next class. If there were no exams, then how will the class change? That’s why pass fully and not pass simply. (A.V. 1.12.78, pg 91-92)

• Shaktis and mothers were degraded by everyone. Now Father comes and uplifts them. He places them ahead of Himself. So shaktis should be especially happy…. Do mothers cry anytime? Do they shed tears anytime? Now the eyes are filled with spirituality. Where there is spirituality there cannot be tears… crying means sign of sorrow. How can those who are immersed in the ocean of prosperity ever cry? The wave of sorrow should not arise even in the dreams. Dreams should also be filled with comfort. Why? Because the ocean pf prosperity has come in close relationship with you. So always live in prosperity, happiness. Never cry… shaktis are a sample. If a sample is crying, then how will the others enter into a deal? So never cry. Neither cry through your eyes nor through your mind. (A.V. 7.12.78, pg 111)

• Prepare a gathering of mothers. Just as you have arranged a training class of kumars, arrange a gathering of mothers in madhuban who can be helpful. The gathering of kumars (spinsters) is along with the gathering of mothers. You will have to come again at the time of gathering. (A.V. 2.2.69, pg 34)

• What is the main obstacle faced by mothers? (Someone said attachment). Why does it arise? Attachment arises from “mera” (i.e., mine). But what is your promise? ... I am yours. So everything is yours ... So then where did ‘mine’ arise from? You mix ‘yours’ with “mine”... everyone says that the first promise is that whatever you say, we shall do accordingly. We shall eat whatever you offer; we shall sit wherever you ask us to sit. Do you remember the promise? Keep up the promise that you have given. Are the mothers, who have come for the training, surrendered? When you have surrendered then where did attachment arise from? ...…The meaning of surrender is also very deep. Nothing remains mine. When you have surrendered your body, mind, money, everything, then how can someone create thoughts according to one’s own will in such a mind? ...…What will be the stage of the one who has surrendered his mind? Manmanabhav. His mind will be always engaged there. ...... How can someone, who is in a stage of Manmanabhav (i.e. one whose mind is always engaged in thinking about God), have attachment? What? ..........If the stamp of victory over attachment is affixed then the letter (like soul) will reach its destination…...... Hence the stamp should be affixed without fail. The surrender ceremony for such mothers only will be organized later. Only those mothers will be called in that ceremony who has got this stamp affixed. The conference will only be for the conquerors of attachment. So get prepared soon. (AV. 18-9-69 pg-107)

• Here people lie down before sanyasis (ascetics). Mothers also sleep (i.e. lie down before the Sanyasis), which is unlawful. It’s bad on the part of mothers to leave their household in the company of ascetics. Now so many mothers have come out (of their household). (15-4-72 pg-2)

• First of all mothers should try to become conquerors of attachment. It takes a lot of time to become conquerors of attachment. Although the bondages end when somebody’s husband dies, and when they find the husband who is highest of all husbands, they should catch hold of him nicely, isn’t it? That husband made you vicious. This husband who’s highest of all husbands takes you to heaven. He takes you after making you conqueror of attachment. (29-5-72 pg-2)

• Had mothers not been there, Father would not have been called Gaupaal. (The protector of cows)....... They are the ones to always dance to the tune of Murli (flute). They cannot live without Murli. Those who love Murli will love the holder of flute (Muralidhar)....... Those who love Murli will love the muralidhar (i.e. Baba who plays the flute of knowledge)....... Mothers have a good habit of studying. They have a certificate of love for study. (AV. 21-3-85 pg 261)

• You are not ordinary mothers but Shiv Shaktis (consorts of Shiva). Shakti means destroyers (of demons) and winners. They are the ones to hoist the flag of victory. They are the ones to reveal the Father in the world. They should always be in the unlimited intoxication that we are Shiv Shaktis, the destroyers of demons. Father has come himself on the earth for the mothers. Are you happy that we called (God) and Father had to come? ...... Mothers’ job is to awaken their colleagues (i.e. other mothers).
(AV. 9-5-84 pg-310)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 02 Sep 2015


• Are you bound in any bondage of the household? The soul which is bound in any bondage of worldly dignity or relationship will be called a bonded soul. ..... You should not even create a thought in your mind that we have any worldly relationship. While maintaining the worldly relationship, the divine relationship should always be in your mind. The worldly relationship should only be instrumental, but the divine (alokik) and incorporeal (parlokik) relationship must be in the mind. .... It is not the relationship of the body but a relationship of service. You are not living in the household because of the relationship but because of service. It is not your house but the place of service. When you consider it to be a place of service then the service will be in your mind. (AV. 28.4.82, pg.400)

• Couple form means sample for service. .... So do you live like a special show piece in the showcase of the world while living in the household? ...... Bad things are not kept in the showcase. Now as the time passes, the names of those who remain detached while living in the household will spread in the entire world. ..... The couples will be praised very much. They will become instrumental in revealing the work of the Father. You are not ordinary. You are special souls. (AV. 28.12.79, pg.162)

• Cancel the old agreement of the remembrance of couple form and become single and then again become couple. ..... You have given divorce to the relationship of Maya. You have entered into an agreement through the relationship of Father. ..... You may cooperate with each other but you are not companions. Companion is one. As soon as you remember the (bodily) companionship you will witness downfall. .... Everyone is most lucky. What better luck do you require than finding God while living at home? What more is required than happening of something in practical, which was never in the dreams. Father came to you first. Later you came (to Father). (AV. 1.12.78, pg.92)

• Are you Officers of your self-rule (swarajya adhikaari) ? Self-rule means always an Officer. Officers can never be subordinates. If you are subordinates then you are not Officers. Just as when it is night, it cannot be day. If it is day, it cannot be night. Similarly Officer-like souls cannot become subordinates to any organ, person, and luxury. .... There should not be a thought of defeat even in the dreams. Such a soul is called victorious forever. Has Maya run away or are you still chasing it away? Have you chased it so far away that it will not return? (AV. 16.1.85, pg.128)

• If your spouse does not cooperate then you make your own efforts. If the spouse does not cooperate then will the pair not be formed? (30.6.74, pg.2)

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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 13 Sep 2015


• Who will remain in India? Only those who are learning RajYoga and knowledge, will remain. Everyone else is going to be destroyed. (20.1.71, pg.2)

• Those who do not take knowledge will get destroyed. The path of worship will be destroyed and the path of knowledge will be established. They experience punishments also. They do not get any post also. (27.11.77, pg.2)

• Forest catches fire. Flowering garden does not catch fire. (5.2.74, pg.1)

• Establishment takes place through the power of Yoga (meditation). Destruction takes place through physical power. (5.2.74, pg.2)

• Do not think that everything will get destroyed completely. You people do not think. .... First of all the Islamic souls will go. It is observed that there the Islamic people are creating a lot of anarchy. First let them die. The (destruction) should begin from there. Then, next the Buddhists and Christians should depart. We have to get kingdom from the Christians. Muslims will be killed along with us. (13.2.73, pg.2)

• Just as the Brahmins became instrumental in creating the Yagya (Godly family) along with Father Brahma, similarly, until you attain a flame-like stage, the flame of destruction which has been ignited from the Yagya will not attain a complete form. It ignites and then cools down. Why? Because the flame-like souls and base-like souls have not attained the constant flame-like stage themselves.
(AV.16.1.75, pg.14)

• Destruction will take place. Everyone will perish. Who will remain? Those who remain pure on Godly direction. Only they will follow the Father’s advice and obtain the inheritance of world kingdom.
(6.9.76, pg.2)

• Such a time will also come when these 5 elements will act as walls in this unlimited hall. .... This nature will show the rehearsal of future here itself in the end. Whatever disturbance may be created by any element everywhere, but wherever you, the masters of nature (prakritipati) will be present, the nature will serve you as a maid-servant. You just become victorious over nature. ..... The house next to yours, or the house next to your neighbor’s house may get damaged, but you will be safe. ........ Everyone will run to seek physical and subtle support towards you. Your place will become a place of asylum. ..... “You have found (God), we did not know, we lost”. This sound will reverberate from everywhere.
(AV. 27.10.81, pg.79-80)

• This Mahabharata war is famous. God Father is also present here surely. He is establishing
through Brahma. Destruction of the Iron Age will also take place through Shankar. (25.10.76, pg.2)

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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: I am a PBK. I want to join this forum so that I can share my thoughts of knowledge presently being given by ShivBaba among BKs and PBKs.
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Re: Murli points for churning and inculcation

Post by Abhimanyu » 14 Sep 2015


• It is like showing disregard if someone pays attention to that worldly service (job) after becoming Father’s children. Baba says, "I am trying to make the human beings the masters of the world. And then children spend their energy on worldly service". (15.5.77, pg.2)

• This is ShivBaba’s Chariot. If you do not give regard to it then you will have to bear beatings from Dharmaraj (He is considered to be the deity of death in Hindu mythology). ...... Adi Dev (the first deity) is respected so much. When they show so much regard to the non-living picture then how much regard should be given to the living form. (30.9.75, pg.3)

• Even if someone shows a little disrespect towards Father then he will die (from this path of knowledge). It is famous that the one who abuses the true preceptor will not reach the destination. If someone performs any act under the subordination of sex-lust or anger then they bring disrepute to the Father. (17.1.73, pg.3)

• Any kind of ego will cause insult to self or others. Not showing regard to others’ opinion or cutting them is also a kind of royal ego. (9.4.73, pg.2)

• Elder brother is always considered to be equal to Father. He is also elder. Just as Mama is also elder. All this is based on knowledge. The one who has more knowledge is elder. Although someone may be young physically, but if he is clever in knowledge then we think that he is going to get a big post in future. Such big people should be given regard because they are clever in knowledge. Those who are less knowledgeful should respect them. (3.5.73, night class)

• There are such foolish ones also who, due to lack of complete knowledge, do not hesitate in showing disregard to the commander also. They do not have manners to speak also. Those who are elder to oneself should be addressed as ‘Aap’(a word in Hindi used for the English word ‘you’ while speaking to elders) ..... Instead of ‘aap’ they speak using the word ‘too’ (a word in Hindi used for the English word ‘you’ while speaking to younger persons or children). (27.7.73, pg.2)

• Those who are nicely educated should be respected. But not having learnt manners, some people show disregard to even the Maharathis (effort makers of the highest grade). Their intellect does not work. When Baba has sent a serviceable soul (for service) then certainly they have a special place in the Father’s heart. (14.11.73, pg.1)

• Children should show a lot of respect. The unlimited Father is teaching in the body of Brahma. So everyone should be seated before the arrival of Father. Coming after the arrival of Father is not a sign of regard. Even in the schools, those who arrive late are asked to stand at the back. (30.11.73, pg.2)

• The Chariot (of God) should also be respected. Father narrates through him only. (3.1.71, pg.2)

• Children should only respect Father. What does showing respect mean? If someone studies well the knowledge taught by Father, it is like respecting him. (10.12.68, pg.1)

• Big Maharathis (effort makers of the highest grade) should be respected, isn’t it? Not that we are also Baba’s children. But each one should be respected number-wise. Yes, if a small child also becomes clever then it is possible that elders will have to respect him. (13.10.76, pg.1, 9.10.71, pg.1)

• If Baba (the corporeal medium) is disrespected then ShivBaba thinks that disrespect of the person through whom I give knowledge means disrespecting me. Baap and Dada are together isn’t it?
(25.2.76, pg.2)

• First give respect and then take your right. ...... If you leave respect and just take your rights then what will happen? Whatever you have done will go waste. That’s why keep both the things together.
(AV.9.12.70, pg.331)

• Giving regard to the Father means maintaining the codes of all the relationships with Father after realizing him always in whatever form he is and as he is. ..... Giving respect to Father means following the Father. Giving respect to the teacher means being regular and punctual in the studies always. Giving respect to the Satguru (the true preceptor) means forgetting the body along with all its relationships as per the order of the Satguru, i.e. staying in the incorporeal stage like the Father and being ever ready to return home. Similarly, giving respect to the relation of husband means being immersed in the love of just one in every thought and every second. I shall eat with you; I shall be with you always in every act ...…Always keep up this promise. .... So maintaining all the relationships is like giving regard (to God).

• Giving regard to the knowledge means having unshakeable faith in every Godly version that has been uttered from the beginning to the end. “How will it happen? When will it happen? It should have happened. It is true, but….....” Raising such questions also means raising doubts in the form of subtle thoughts. Even this is like disregarding the knowledge. ..... One question is to seek clarification and another question is on the basis of subtle doubt. This is called disregard. Thirdly, showing respect to one self, “I am weak. I am not courageous. Father tells, but I cannot become (as He wants me to become). My role in the drama is in the end. Whatever role I have is good.” So becoming hopeless from oneself is like causing disrespect to the self. Fourth point is giving regard to the souls who are related to or are in contact with oneself. It means .... Having great feelings towards every soul, i.e., the feeling of uplifting or moving forward or the feeling of world benefit. .... Considering others weaknesses or vices to be your weaknesses or vices, and merging (samaana) and transforming them instead of describing them or spreading them, is called giving them regard. Anybody’s weakness or big issue should be made small; the mountain should be transformed into a mustard seed. And a mustard seed should not be transformed into a mountain. This is called giving regard. Transforming dejected persons into powerful persons, not getting coloured in the company of others, creating zeal and enthusiasm in others is called giving regard. (AV.25.1.79, pg.241)

• To maintain one’s dignity give regard to others. The more regard someone gives to others the better will be his dignity. If you give lesser regard to others you lessen your own regard. Hence, this main thing is required. Did you understand? Just as becoming helpful in the Yagya is like taking help, similarly giving regard is like taking regard. (AV.2.12.73, pg.2)

• Give as much as possible whatever you want for yourself. Give respect. Do not take it. Give regard. Do not take it. If you want name for yourself, give the donation of Father’s name (to others, i.e. spread Father’s name). .... Do not ask anyone to give regard or fetch regard. When the path of getting something by asking, itself is wrong then how can you reach the destination? .... Those who seek glamour get irritated. That’s why be in the glamour of being a Master fortune maker (Vidhata). (AV.7.1.85, pg.105)

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