Shiv Baba's Message

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Shiv Baba's Message

Post by Kaal » 22 May 2020

To all divine soul Brothers,

Supreme Father's divine message, in brief.
This message includes some main points from Murlis (source of spiritual Knowledge).
So begin ...
Reference: Brahma Kumaris

THIS IS A Godly MESSAGE, and an essence of what is taught through Brahma Kumaris Godfatherly University. Please also SHARE this with others. This is beneficial for all. To download or print the message, here is the PDF version.

Before we begin, if you are new to BKWSU, we first advise you to visit our About Us page; and after that take the 'online' 7 days course to understand the essence of Godly knowledge. If you already know about us, please continue to read the Godly message below.
* The Father Speaks to us Children *
I am your Spiritual Father
My sweetest children, you have all heard about Me, or read about Me. But now the time has come for Me to talk to you directly, to tell you the truth which you have been searching. Before I tell you about Myself, let Me remind you about yourself. Sweet children, you are not who you think you are – name, religion, profession, relationship… you are not even this body which you see with your physical eyes. You are a pure being of consciousness, a tiny sparkling star of living energy, who uses this body to play many roles. You are a pure, peaceful, loveful, powerful soul.


Our Relationship & Your Story
Before coming into this world, you all lived in your silence home… the Soul World… a land of light and silence. But you, My sweet children, had to play your role in the world, for which you left your home and came into this world. When you first came to this world you were complete, perfect and divine. Each one of you had a perfect physical costume (body) to wear and this world was a perfect world… a world of divinity, love and prosperity, known as Paradise, Heaven, Swarg, Jannat, Baahist, Garden of Allah… When your body would get old, you would just change and wear a new physical costume and continue to play your role. More and more children from home joined you in this world. You all were enjoying this world of happiness, called the Golden Age (SatYuga) and Silver Age (Tretayuga).

As you continued to play your part on the world stage for a very long time, your purity and power slowly started to reduce. You forgot your own self and thought you were the body you were wearing, and thus lust, anger, ego, attachment and greed came into your interactions. The love and harmony which was there among you were lost and you started cheating and fighting with each other. When you experienced pain and sorrow, you started calling out to Me. You started looking for Me, you had forgotten that I, your Father, stay in the Soul World. You started looking for Me in your own world. You had a faint memory that I, like you, am a being of light, so you started building temples where you made a symbol of My form to remember Me.
../... continues... 'God's message'

✿ How God Teaches: - God Father Shiva teaches us children (students) through the corporeal medium of Prajapita Brahma (in whom he enters and speaks). Murlis are the unadulterated original versions of SHIV BABA our Supreme Father, teacher and Satguru. To know more, please refer to page: What is Murli?

Please visit official page 'Shiv Baba's Message' to read more.


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