Trial at BK Centre

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Trial at BK Centre

Post by earl » 24 Sep 2007

This is a true story. Names have been disguised to protect individuals involved.
On Yom Kippur 2007 at BK G__d C__t A__t___a a trial was held.

On trial was a PBK brother who continues to study each day at and support his local Bk centre and Bk family.

He stood accused of crimes against BKs.

The previous day he had been notified of the trial to be held after Murli class.

The entire gathering made a circle around him after the Murli.

Then the 3 centerwasis made their case against him.

"He gave Shankar Party knowledge to others, He told one sister she would play a role in the Shankar party, He says he will read the Murli to us one day, and now he has sent Shankar party literature to all the Brahmins emails" the accusing Bk centrewasis opened the case against him.

"Did you send the literature", asked one.

"No", replied the accused.

"Who did?".

"p____ ___g".

"You lie, your name was on it", butted in another centrewasi.

"No i tell the truth"

"Did you tell sister B__h that she would read the Shankar Murli with you to us"

"He did tell me that, i won't to do it", came from B__h in the gathering.

"He gave me one of those fake Murlis", spoke another.

"I identifed him as a Shankar, and he admitted it" came from another.

"Hold on i have something to say, i have letter from Baba here", replied the accused after a period of abuse in this style from the family.

"That is not admissible", yelled the chief judge (the regional Bk chief).

"Up till now only religion has been taught at G____d C_____t. Soon the Yoga of kings will be taught for the first time, there will be no conflict in this", read the PBK Brother.

The entire gathering fell into a stunned silence.

"You can ban me if you wish", said the PBK brother after a while.

"No that will not be nessesary", spoke one senior bk mother who sat quiet on the side up till now.

"You will gather all information on who, what, and when and where of Shankar party supporters and tell us the culprits of the emails. You are being deceived by this Shankar. It is all lies (their were murmurs of agreement from the students). That is all for now" commanded the chief judge centrewasi.

The trial was ended and bhorg was offered.
Is it Justice to trial an individual in this manner?

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Post by fluffy bunny » 24 Sep 2007

Another comicbook farce on behalf of individuals that should not be in a position of influence over other's lives.

Although "Yom Kippur" suggests Israel, I suggest it happened in Australia ... because it is was a Kangaroo Court.

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Post by zhuk » 01 Oct 2007

"Now we see the violence inherent in the system. Help, help I am being repressed ..."

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