Dadi Prakashmani's soul reborn as a baby boy!!

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Re: Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

Post by bkti-pit » 29 Jul 2008

ex-l wrote:Its an order. It reads; "Blah, blah, blah ... Janki Kripalani says go hunt more VIPs and keep them online".
And it is called "service to reveal BapDada" ...

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Re: Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

Post by bansy » 29 Jul 2008

bansy wrote:(I am trying to find the thread where there comments found DadiP was reborn as a boy. This post should be moved there if someone can locate it.)
I found it myself, it is in the ex-BK subforum Dadi Prakashmani's soul reborn as a baby boy!!.

Maybe the last few posts of this thread should be moved there. And then the "Dadi Prakashmani's soul reborn as a baby boy!!" also moved into this Commonroom subforum so the events are in chronological order. Thanks.

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Re: Avakyt Dadiji - Dadi Prakashmani's Death

Post by arjun » 29 Jul 2008

Dadi Janaki wrote:A book of Dadiji's teachings, together with photos is being printed and you can order it from the Madhuban literature department and distribute it to your guests. Whatever cable TV you have in your city/country you can have them show Dadiji's life story on VCD. wrote:The photos of the Dadis have been on sale in the Abu shop for years, ex-l.
Even when I was still a member you could get a picture of your favourite guru for your shrine.
And this is what ShivBaba spoke through Brahma Baba in one of the revised Sakar Murlis published by BKs in Hindi:
”Baap warning detey hain bachchey, is bachpan ko kabhi bhoolnaa nahee. Tumko toh ek ShivBaba ko hee Yaad karnaa hai. Koi bhi guru gosain aadi ka photo bhi nahin rakhnaa hai. Niraakaar ShivBaba ka toh photo nikal na sakey." (Brahmakumariyon dwara prakaashit revised Sakar Murli, dinaank 14.07.07, pg 3)

"The Father gives a warning – Children, never forget this childhood. You have to remember only one ShivBaba. You should not even keep the photo of any guru-gosai, etc.. One cannot photograph the incorporeal ShivBaba." (Revised Sakar Murli dated 14.07.07, pg 3 published by BKs in Hindi, translated by a PBK, narrated by ShivBaba through Brahma Baba)

But our brother BK mbbhat said in one of the threads that it is OK to have such photographs. I don't know how he would interpret the above Murli point. May be he would say it is meant for the non-BK gurus, not for the BK gurus.

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