"Self-Managing Leadership" becomes "Authentic Leadership"?

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"Self-Managing Leadership" becomes "Authentic Leadership"?

Post by fluffy bunny » 17 Jun 2008

A question note a statement, we have been following the involvement of the Oxford Leadership Academy [OLA] Brahma Kumari Wing and were wondering what was going to supercede the SML courses now that they have been withdrawn by Braian Bacon.

Taken from "The Shambala Institute, is "Self-Managing Leadership" going to become "Authentic Leadership"?

Note, The Shambala Institute does NOT appear to be connected to the seminal and renown meditation center in California by the same name of Shambala. Judy Johnson, as we will see, is not only a consummate professional in her own chosen field and Brian Bacon follower BUT ALSO a Brahma Kumari. Proving that the "OLA BKWSU Wing" has spread internationally, this time to Canada. Sorry, should that be the BKWSU OLA Wing ... I am never quite sure comes first. We have documented before that we believe the reference to 100,000 "alumni from 90 countries involve those passing through Brahma Kumari service programmes. Do we know how high the Shrimat went on this SML corporate development stuff?
The Shambala Institute wrote:2007 Authentic Leadership Summer Program Leading with Purpose, Values and Vision: The Art of Effective Execution with Ruben Perczek & Judy Johnson

How do we go beyond metric-madness to find an effective focus for our enterprise? What are the critical components of effective execution? Is it possible to integrate our personal values and passion with the corporate agenda? How?

This module answers these questions and takes us to new heights of understanding on how to move our enterprise ahead in its growth path without selling our soul.

The module is based on the Oxford Leadership Academy's celebrated Self-Managing Leadership course, which has over 100,000 alumni from 90 countries. You will hear stories from the front lines of leadership in governments and multinational corporations worldwide and see the implications of today's global environment for all aspects of your own work and life.

Some of Judy's recent clients include the United Nations, the Girl Scouts, Alberta Cancer Board, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Metals Economics Group, Precision BioLogic, Canada World Youth, Human Resources Canada, Centre for Intercultural Learning and Canadian Foreign Service Institute. Judy is also Associate Faculty at Dalhousie University, teaching the Advanced Facilitation Skills Course.

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Re: "Self-Managing Leadership" becomes "Authentic Leadership"?

Post by hope1 » 20 Jul 2008

Interesting, I knew it wouldnt take them long. You only have to look at any BK literature stall to see how much they love repackaging ...

On second thoughts, take a shifty at the following link ... Leadership Retreat which shows that when Brian was still in circulation he delivered this course himself. So it looks like this is one part of his repetoire he has allowed them to still deliver. It doesnt look like its been developed to replace SML if it was around in 2006, and at the same place.

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