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The Maryadas (from Hello from daughter of BK)

Post by tom » 24 Jun 2008

global wrote:The point mhbat made about going to the bathroom and take a bath? How is this possible in the real world. You're at work you go to the bathroom than you ask your boss "Sorry I have to leave my job to take a bath?" Sounds kind of foolish doesn't it and you would be out of a job in a matter of no time. In North America we use toilet paper. Again makes no sense in the practical world.
Thank you global, reminding us to this very important point. When I came to Gyan, I learned from my Seniors that in the morning first we take our clothings off and after the first bowel movement - of course after cleaning ourselves with toilet paper - we take a shower. If we are at home after every bowel movement but if we are out, and have the call of nature, afterwards when we come home we take a shower and wash all our clothings, because during the bowel movements the clothings we had on, "have become impure due to the toxic elements which our body discharges". If we had some pants or sweaters on, which made of not washable material, we give them to dry cleaning.

I practiced this BK "rule" decades long and taught the newcomers the same. As I was going daily to my job, in order not to have much dry cleaning expenses, I only wore washable pants and sweaters and washed them coming home after job.

I remember also that I saw a comment about this practice in the Murlis more than once. Something like this; "You take shower after bowel movements." Today, under the light of the historical facts I learned from this forum, I am sure that this rule was just like the other Maryadas, an invention from Om Radhe or Dadi Prakashmani and the hint in the Murlis must have been put in the Murlis later by editor brothers. This point of global remind me of Arjun's post, here; Traffic Control
Arjun wrote:I was reading the latest edition of the Gyanamrit magazine published by the BKs in Hindi in which all the articles are tributes by BKs to Dadi Prakashmani. In her article, Dadi Janaki writes that she was sent by Dadiji and Didiji for foreign service in 1974. She also wrote that Dadi Prakashmani visited them in 1977 and it was Dadi Prakashmani only who gave the hint to start the practice of Traffic Control in London.

From PBK point of view, the practice of remembrance of ShivBaba five times a day with the help of Traffic control songs is the foundation for the practice of offering namaz (prayers) by Muslims five times a day.

As I learned years ago from some Moslem co-workers, that it is according to the Moslem religious law a must to take a whole bath after semen discharge, and women also after sexual intercourse have to take a whole bath including hair wash.

Interesting to think, that the Seniors who introduced to the BKs this rule of taking bath after every bowel movement could
have taken it from the Moslem's religious law to bath after 'impure' sexual interaction and transferred it into BKs celibate life as taking bath after becoming 'impure' by this bodily discharge of bowel movements. But only the long hairs of the Kumaris don't need to be washed everyday. So I saw many Kumaris running with greasy hair except Thursdays.

In modern life, with all facilities, it is a very good practice to start the day with a shower, as it activates the metabolism and refreshes the body, but the excessive ritual of multiple washing, and even after coming home from outside if there was a need of bowel movements, washing also all of the clothings has to be calculated as a strong type of conditioning for the purpose of cultist control over mind and body of the believers.

By the way, I have never seen in decades any toilet paper in the public toilets of Pandav Bhavan and Shantivan. And during the days of BapDada meetings the local and double foreigner BKs are waiting in long queues in front of the WCs. Who is talking from the cleanness of the BKs, if the Seniors do not have the understanding of hygiene for public WCs.

It is now also obvious for me, that Dadi Prakashmani has got the idea of the five times Traffic Control practice from five time prayers of Moslems and transferred it to BKs with 'as soon as you hear the songs stand aghast looking at one point and think of Baba,' as the best method of cultist mind control.

I think, soon we have to start a new thread of Maryadas.

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