The BKs on their Esoteric Dimensions, and Thinking.

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The BKs on their Esoteric Dimensions, and Thinking.

Post by searle88 » 15 Jul 2008

Dear All,

We all know that the BKs have a deep esoteric dimension which is worth considering. I have a number of questions ...

1. I believe in the Sat-Yuga period the newly reborn BKs would have special crystals to power something akin to electrical energy. This concept appears in other esoteric literature notably Edgar Cayce. Further light please if initial assumption is largely correct ...

2. Apart from the point of light as being the soul per se at the Third Eye I believe there is reference to one or more subtle human-like body "duplicates" of the gross physical form.Furthermore on esoteric anatomy. I do not know whether the BKs believes in chakras all not. Direct references in their literature would be of interest ...

3. In the Radhasosami cosmology the reddhis-goldish coloured light in the plane of Brahmananda is seen as being one of the lowest planes of existence. But, I recall Shiv Baba saying in one of his Murlis that there was nothing beyond his world ...

4. I noted some references to the emergence of the movement in one of Alice Bailey's book 'A Treatise on Cosmic Fire' if I recall correctly. Per chance, I rang up Benjamin Creme who had also noted the same thing! Any comments ... ?

I know there have been attempts to try to find scientific validation of sorts for some of the BK concepts. I remember reading that in the end days changes in the earths magnetic field would suddenly enlarge the lizard populations to become dinosaurs!!! Hence, this was posited as an explanation for the skeletal remains for such creatures found in the earths strata!!!

Finally, readers might like to examine Multi-Dimensional Science (or Hypotheiss rather)which is my research, and development project;
Robert Searle

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