Dadi Janki operation

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Re: Dadi Janki operation

Post by fluffy bunny » 05 Aug 2008

ermine wrote:God bless Dadi Janaki for undergoing an operation and having good health for our sakes.
Do you really believe that she did it for your sakes and that she would personally prefer to be sick or ill? Surely not. An interesting projection.

I disagree on the embodiment front, I am sure that Lekhraj Kirpalani would have taken seriously any wrongdoings very seriously and would have courteously replied to letters quickly.

Its difficult to feel good criticising a 90 year old woman but, like anyone else, I found she was always fine within her worship worthy comfort zone but as soon as one or drama took her out of it, she could get difficult and unpleasant. There was a recent Murli point saying that King Janak only made it to the Silver Age, do you think that refers to her?

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