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BKWSU in China

Post by fluffy bunny » 27 Jul 2008

The BKWSU in China (representing over 20% of the worlds population) is making slow progress mainly under the guise of trusted trustee Chris Drake and other ex-pats using the "Values education" service front.

Obviously, as it does, the Values Education is being used as a soft sell for BK Raja Yoga, to introduce the religion and lay foundations which can be later turned around and opened up for 'Brahma Kumarism' later. I see they are introducing "peace visualisations" etc. We know what that means.

I wonder what will happen when China wakes up to what it going on and that, potentially, they have another Falun Gong or "Dalai Lama clique" working their way through their godless Communist ranks? Another religio-political sect (as BapDada calls it) based on "spirit worship" creating a powerbase and taxing its citizens (and let me state I am neither pro nor con either Falun Gong or the Dalai Lama). Note how, in another post, I documented how "China legislated living Buddhas have to obtain permission before they reincarnate ...
  • Will China demand, as they have done to the Tibetan Buddhists, to appoint a suitable and official Chinese Chariot of Shiva? A Chinese medium and channel of God Shiva? Or for BapDada to have his seasons according the Communist Party order?
I think this website offers fairly good evidence of what the Chinese might expect for surrendering to the power of the BKWSU. However, I also note many happy clappy Chinese BK types amongst the emigrant Chinese in other countries for whom BKism might be some kind of release from their otherwise soulless lives. See, "Adapting to change and creatively capitalising on crisis", "Purposeful living" and predictions of Destruction by management trainer, B.K. Lee James etc. Have their been any predictions made about China?

China has a very long recorded history going back to the 15th century BC when the Shang Dynasty started to use markings that evolved into the present Chinese characters. Marked turtle shells have been carbon dated to as early as 1500 BC. The Xia Dynasty of China is the first dynasty to be described in ancient historical records such as Records of the Grand Historian and Bamboo Annals from about 1600 BC to 4,200 years ago. The earliest discovered written record of China's past are said to date from the Shang Dynasty in perhaps the 13th century BC and so on. How will it market the 5,000 year Cycle and a disncarnate God to it?

For much of China's history, it recognised gods and spirits and has many stories of heaven like realms intact with deities. Could 20% of the worlds oldest civilisation be excluded from "God", could their Yoga, darna and center organization be so perfect as to account for a rapid purification and inheritance grabbing at the very end of the Confluence Age? Could it have no experience of the Confluence Age to "memorialize" it?

Why has the moral philosophy of Confucius (551 BCE – 479), Taoism and so on been excluded from Brahma Kumari teachings by their "God"? Confucianism is said to have anything between 5,000,000 to 250,000,000 followers in many Asian nations even until today. grouped as "Chinese traditional religions" they number more than Buddhism.

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