No photographs of Shiva Baba

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No photographs of Shiva Baba

Post by bansy » 29 Jul 2008

(From another topic)
Revised Sakar Murli dated 14.07.07 wrote:One cannot photograph the incorporeal ShivBaba
Is there any Murli point that indicates that it is okay to have a picture of Father Shiva, i.e as a point of light with the usual white point of light and orange-yellow background is often used everywhere. (The BKs later add the image of Brahma Baba (Lekhraj Kirpalani) below this point of light).

As a metaphysical "concept", there is no way to really show a physical representation of Father Shiv, but is a picture such as a point of light with an orange background acceptable ?

And can we use even the red oval egg shaped representation (e.g. sticker of Father Shiva) that we all see everywhere in the BK world ? They use this shape to make those lamps in your room and you have a big one at the top of Tower of Peace.

I think most people know which pics I mean. Is this not a representation of current Bhakti, i.e the representation of the shivling/jyotirlings ?

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