Sakar Murlis: Direct or Indirect or just havamahal ?

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Re: Direct or Indirect or just havamahal (nonsense)?

Post by shivsena » 09 Jun 2009

sachkhand wrote: Dear Shivsena,
The above Murli point has been used by Veerendra Dev Dixit, but it is not as you have given.
It is as follows:
"Baba raat ko 2 baje uthakar likhte the, Baap baith likhaate the ..." [ meaning: "Before Baba used to get up at 2 am., Father used to sit and dictate ...]
Can anyone clarify which of the above two is true? :confused: :prize: ;-) Sanjeev.
Dear sanjeev.

I have quoted the Murli point exactly as i found in the revised Murli; if advance knowledge says it differently then that Murli should be produced.
Anyway it has never been proved in any Murli that sevakram is Ram's soul, so Baba Dixit's explanation that ''Bap(sevakram) baith likvate thei" has to be taken with a pinch of salt.


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