The age and the life of the First Emperor(ess)

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The age and the life of the First Emperor(ess)

Post by bansy » 08 Jun 2009

How old (physical age approx) will the First Emperor be in the Golden Age ?

How will he be recognised as the First Emperor ? Who will recognise him ?

If he is a baby, who gives birth to him ? Where and how does he live, with whom ? Who will feed him milk etc. Would the air be so pure that there is no need and simply breathing in the pure air, drink the pure water, chewing the grass and have the sunlight will be enough to grow ?

Or will a fish be cut open and hey presto, a baby boy standing emerges, as given in some writings ? Which gives rise to who cuts the fish open....

Or if he is about 18, who looks after him until that age ? And in what environment is he looked after ? How would be crowned and what is the ceremony of coronation, if any ? If he is the first man Adidev, then who will build his palace, someone younger ? (for if it was someone older then he cannot be the first man ?).

The same questions can apply to the first woman.

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Re: The age and the life of the First Emperor(ess)

Post by arjun » 09 Jun 2009

Om Shanti. According to the advanced knowledge being given by ShivBaba (through Baba Virendra Dev Dixit) there will be no Emperors or Empresses as such in the Golden Age. These are just titles. Everyone will be equally happy.

According to the Sakar Murlis the first generation deities including the first emperor/empress will live upto the age of 150-200 years.

The deities born in the Golden Age will not be required to be taken care of like the children of the Iron Age. They will start walking as soon as they take birth, just as the offsprings of animals start walking right from their birth even in this Iron Age. But they will definitely eat some fruits etc. to keep their body in good condition.

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