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Re: Love to all

Post by sachkhand » 23 Aug 2009

AUM Shanti.
Dear Shivsena,
shivsena wrote: BKs and PBKs both claim that they have the truth, but they do not know that they have been deceived in the name of truth and are also deceiving others. Only those who realise this fact and study the Murlis and Vanis will surmount these two obstacles(vigna) and reach the final truth and get the title of vigna-vinashak ganesh.
I do not accept your opinion that BKs claim is false or they have been deceived in the name of truth. BKs are silent to the querries raised on the basis of Murli points because I feel that they too do not know completely. But whatever they tell others is based on the actual facts. Murlis are there to all to read and understand correctly. What BKs oppose is telling and spreading half knowledge amongst other BKs. You can see the fate of the so called advance knowledge people. They are themselves confused in understanding the knowledge. And I think it was proper on the part of BKs to ban such people from the centres. Because the so called PBKs just confuse and attract people and they themselves do not have answers to the querries raised based on the Murli points.
What do BKs claim?
(1) They claim that Supreme Soul Shiv gave knowledge through Dada Lekharaj. It is their beleif and totally accept it. And I think it is correct. You may differ.
(2) They claim that Shiv entered Dada Lekharaj in the year 1936 and the divine acts of God started from then. Even in Murlis it is said that it is impossible to say exactly when Shiv entered. So it is not hidden. But they had to tell the people when from the divine acts started. And I think the date they have given is based on the changes that started to take place in the life of Dada Lekharaj. Everyone is free to study the Murlis and Avyakt Vanis and to understand the knowledge correctly. How can any one person, let it be even Janki Dadi, tell actually what all happened in the yagnya in the early days. It is said in Murlis that when Father comes then the history of the Yagnya will be clear.
(3) BKs claim that world is going to change (from hell to heaven) soon and I think it is true.

But with PBKs it is different. They claim many things but the one who is giving this knowledge never accepts what he tells.

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