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AdDress_ing ShivBaba!

Post by sachkhand » 07 Aug 2009

AUM Shanti.
In the post "Picture Of Shiva Baba", page 4 dt. 31 Dec. 2008.
button slammer wrote: Initially we don't comprehend fully the role of ShivBaba. But by 'looking' again and again, the intellect matures and our rememberance becomes firm; understanding develops. Here I understand the 'picture' of ShivBaba to mean whatever you have understood up till now. Keep looking and keep revising, eventually you'll remember ShivBaba as He is and who He is, the telepathic link remains unbroken. ShivBaba is the most humble and obedient servant of His children. To the extent we look and remember He will be present.
I fully agree with button slammer's above quote.
I would like to add few more things.

ShivBaba's direction is to understand oneself as soul first and then remember ShivBaba, The Supreme GodFather.

It is said in Murli that True love is only when one is soul conscious.
Murli dt. 1.6.85, page1:
Real Love Baap se tab ho jab apne ko Aatma samjhe. (Real Love with Father is then possible when (we) understand ourselves as soul.)

Also it is said that if someone is soul conscious then Father is already with him. ( In Hindi it is, Aatma abhimaani hai to Baap saath hai he. I do not have Murli date now.)

So in my opinion, also according to ShivBaba's Shrimat, our purusharth comprises of two simultaneous purusharths.
1) to be soul conscious and
2) to remember Supreme Father, ourself being soul conscious.

I think, as we get to know, experience and understand soul consciousness, then simultaneously we
will experience and understand Father of all Souls, The Supreme Father Shiv.

Murli dt. 19.4.85, page2:
Aise nahin sirf Paramaatma ko nahin jaanate. Aatma ko bhi nahin jaanate. Aatma ko jaan jaaye to Paramaatma ko phat se jaan jaayen. Bachha apne ko jaane aur Baap ko na jaane to chal kaise sake.
(It is not that do not know Supreme Soul. Even do not know soul. If know Soul then will know Supreme Soul immediately. Child knows oneself and does not know Father then how will (he/she) follow. or translated in another way, Child knows oneself and does not know Father then how is that possible.)

My humble request is, give more attention to being soul conscious.
I I I I I, just try to experience "I" i.e., you who has clothed the body as a dress and thus you the soul, a point of light, has got an address i.e., by adding dress the point of light "I" have got an address.

Now, when you experience yourself a soul "I", it does not necessarily mean you will see a point of light etc., Just give attention to feeling and experiencing the source "I". And as you experience I, with Love just say Baba or Father or any other word for it in your language. I am sure that soul gets connected to Supreme Soul Shiv, wherever He may be now, in person X, Y, Z, etc.,
In my opinion, this is the only way to reach the address of Supreme Soul Shiv.
Give more stress in being an authority of experience. AnubhaviMoort.

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