Corporeal and subtle body

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Re: Corporeal and subtle body

Post by Sach_Khand » 23 May 2010

shivsena wrote: It has been categorically said in Vanis that "aage chalkar Yeh 'deh'(body) aur 'dehi'(soul) dono alag alag nazar aayenge" what is this "dehi" ????... is it bindi soul or is it the spiritual body of light and might, which will be seen different from the physical body (just as they show in movies...a subtle body of light seperating from the physical body.)
To whom do they see? Other people will see a maharathi as soul (dehi) and body (deha) totally distinct? Is it so?
I feel it is said about the purusharthi themselves. As children reach a stage in purusharth, then they can experience themselves as soul (dehi) very distinct from their body (deha). And such stage of children will surely have special effect on other people too who come in their contact.
About the word "dehi", it is said for the consciousness that acts through the bodies. Physical body is not the only body. There are other bodies too of every human being which most of us are not aware of. But "dehi" does not refer to any body, but it refers to the conscious entity which acts through the body(ies).

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