Adi devi-devta Sanatan-dharma

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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: I would really like to have a more personal aproach and deeper realizations to the philosofy of the brahmin comunity-wise with less than a tinge of materialism that strikes out there, thank you. Great place to find!

Adi devi-devta Sanatan-dharma

Post by Coqui » 01 Nov 2010

Hello to you & all!

Being a student in my personal spiritual life I encountered a various and variegated multi-versatile paths and on this grounds it all could and can also be synthesized, as my experience do showed me in few line.

What I am trying to do here is to do it so with under the heading of: ADI DEVI DEVTA SANATAN DHARMA.
It really do showed to me the divine yug in few aspects of realization. So please, if you will like to correspond this appeal, studying I would really appreciate then what is your specific understanding of this stablished Dharma? The Original and eternal Dharma of Devi-devtas.. how nice.

Om Shanti

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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: I am a Bk and a writer. I have been benefited a lot by the knowledge given in BK institution. I also have materials written totally on logic without BK knowledge. Anyone can get them as attachments for free by email.

Re: Adi devi-devta Sanatan-dharma

Post by mbbhat » 03 Nov 2010

The full name is AADI SANAATAN DEVI DEVTAA DHARM, also called as DEITY religion.

Sanaatan = santaan = children.

All are children of God, but those who realize him are his first(= aadi) children.

So ASDDDharm means religion of the first children of God.

The other religions are religions of next children of God, because they realize God later -after too late board = at the time of destruction].

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