a question for you all

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a question for you all

Post by cfile6 » 01 Feb 2011

I have a question for you all, BKs PBKs, splinter groups, ex BK's feel free to answer

Lets say for arguements sake there was a Golden Age, how come there are other ages after that, if everyone in the Golden Age was so perfect, then how could any other possible ages occur? And how could a Golden Age come about from such hatred, corruption, etc....?

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Re: a question for you all

Post by peterbindi » 01 Feb 2011

The perfect Golden Age where the Deity souls live in harmony and ballans and with a eternal conscience is a part of the Drama.

Drama is very strong,everything what happen must happening,every day,every hour,every second and every moment is happen as it must happen,....Drama,....very strong,..allway,s changing.

The deity,s in the Golden Age lose also energy slowly,because they do not remember Shiva anymore,and because of lost of power there is a chance,everything go down slowly.

So the Golden Age is perfect but also not perfect.

And from the time now,it is named as Iron Age,the dirty place of poison and corruption,this time go into the Confluence Age,when you stay in rememberence of Shiva then you

slowly lose your bad habbits and become a better human,brahmin,deity,Shiva and his children thogether with Drama make the Golden Age out of purity.

This is what i have understood from knowledge at the moment.


ps,in short,what goes up must come down :laugh:

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Re: a question for you all

Post by avyakt7 » 10 Sep 2011

The Golden Age is not really a "place" but a state of being. Although Gyan points out that there is a 2500 year of "paradise," it is just a label for from day 1 everything tends to degrade. The physical world makes us experience duality. That range of duality goes from the two opposite but complementary poles. i.e: good, bad- pure, impure, etc.

BK paradise will be only experienced by BKs (That also includes, PBKs, Ex-BKs and any branch of BK-ism, for these souls are aware of Gyan.) It will last 2500 years as we all know, but at the same time there is the experience of the other 2500 of not being in paradise, the experience of sorrow. Similarly every soul, that is every soul will experience their own Golden Age and the opposite of it. Obviously their timing differs, but ... for the soul there is no experience of time. (Paradox of Gyan.)

In the experience of BK paradise which lasts 2500 years, there is no experience of sorrow. The "defining line" to experience some sorrow is reached after those first 2500 years. That experience doesn't happen all of the sudden, but gradually.
The place goes along with the capacity and purity of the soul. A Silver Aged soul, although still in "paradise" (but no really paradise ....Baba calls that semi-paradise, and BKs like to call those 2500 years Heaven in general ) has comparatively a different experience of their Golden Age than a soul born in day 1, year 1; but for that Silver Aged soul that is his/her Golden Age and it is enough according to his/her capacity.
On the same token a BK soul from day 1, year 1 has a great capacity for happiness likewise a great capacity to experience sorrow. This is something that it is not emphasized in the Murli. Those last 2500 years mean sorrow for a BK soul who has experienced something else.

Note that we are trapped in "static" labels which are known only at this time to make sense of how the Drama works.The Drama is dynamic and repetitive and those static labels which we repeat when we read the Murli do not fully explain movement, entropy/change, capacity of the soul, duality and the necessary repetition of the Drama.

The understanding of those terms gives a different view of what the "Golden Age" really mean.
Labels such as Golden Age, Silver Age, etc... could be deceiving. They give us the sense of a static state of affairs, when in reality everything is continuously changing, never static and thus a static label cannot grasp movement... but a "black or white" type of thinking needs that to make sense of something not that easy to grasp.

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