Rashi of Krishn and Christ milti hain (have common things)

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Re: Rashi of Krishn and Christ milti hain (have common thing

Post by fluffy bunny » 26 Dec 2012

Actually, Jesus was not born on December 25, he was born on or around 1 Tishri by the Hebrew Calendar. That is the first day of the Hebrew New year ... or September 29 on the modern Julian Calendar. That would equate to the end of the Copper Age in your model.

The original “Christmas” celebration was a feast called "Saturnalia", a Roman holiday for the God Saturn which had existed centuries before Jesus was born as the old Babylonian Feast of Bacchus ... a drunken orgy of a festival. The Christians wanted to stop the pagans worshipping their gods, so they converted it into "Christ Mass" instead.

Originally, it was the birthdate of numerous sun gods, like Mithra, which the Christians wanted to supersede with their Christ. Same business, different bosses.

Do you really believe the Om Mandli was wealthier than the Vatican? (We use the term "Vatican" for the Church of Rome, it has more than one billion members worldwide. I can think of 'one' painting in its art collection alone, which is worth more than the whole of Lekhraj Kirpalani's entire wealth).

There is a saying,
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt".
Please find some other kind of service to do and one that is not intellectual as you do not have good education.

Try practicing simple loving kindness to others. Some kind of practical seva or karma Yoga which help others, the old and sick, the poor, or similar. Suggesting this to you is my kindness.
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Re: Rashi of Krishn and Christ milti hain (have common thing

Post by mbbhat » 26 Dec 2012

OK, if i am wrong, then I will take back my words. Because i am putting here something what i churn also.

I have absolutely no ill feeling to say - I was/am wrong. [we should be ready to accept defeat if we are correct].*

Because - when a person has enough gold with him, if his calculation on copper, etc go wrong, he is not going to lose anything.

In otherwords, If main business goes fine, the effect of side business will not affect.

Since- all these are relative truth, they do not have real value. they are just information, not essence.

Thanks to the great knowledge of complete soul.
* - Maya se jeethey jeeth, Maya se haare haar = If we win Maya, we win everything, if we lose to Maya, we lose everything.

So- it is immaterial if we win or lose with human beings in these arguments.
So- I think better to change my last post as below.
25) A coincidence:-

Christmas is celebrated on Dec 24th - that is near end of the year . After 7 days (Dec 25 to Dec 31st) of this celebration, new year comes.

So- of the whole 365 days, there is 7 days - the end period (gap between Christmas and beginning of new year).
Now, if we relate that point to True Shiv_Ratri/ShivJayanti, and take age of Confluence Age as 100 years, the gap between ShivBaba's incarnation and New Age/Kalpa is 100 years.

Since life span of Kalpa is 5000 years,

if we compare the two,

( 100/5000) is almost equal to (7/365).
If there is any mistake, you please can correct.

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