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Ask Dadi Janki

Post by fluffy bunny » 30 Apr 2013

Have you ever wanted to ask Dadi Janki a question - or give a friend that opportunity? Now is your chance!

For the first time ever, Janki Kripalani will be doing a special online Q&A, answering questions sent in by YOU. Deadline for submission of questions is 4th May.
Of course when the BKWSU says, "answering questions sent in by YOU" they probably don't mean questions sent in by PBKs. Generally such questions are heavily censored before Janki gets them but who knows? Perhaps the BKWSU is ready to change?

The Q&A will be broadcast live at 7pm on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at

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Re: Ask Dadi Janki

Post by arjun » 01 May 2013

Interesting development. But as you say, will she or anyone from BKWSU attempt to answer the questions raised by the PBKs or regarding PBKs? It would be nice if any of the PBKs could send questions to her through email or facebook before 4th May. Thanks for the information.

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