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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: I was previously posting as bkry in the ex-BK Forum. I was introduced to this website and I was wondering as to who all the other parties refered to here were.

Holographic Universe

Post by Pari » 25 Jan 2015

On 18th January 2015, I launched my e-book titled “Holographic Universe: An Introduction”. Free downloads are allowed for 7 days at Smashwords for 7 days from 18th January 2015. After the 7 days, the e-book will be sold in Smashwords, at the same price as in Amazon. Thus, the e-book can still be downloaded for free within the next 12 hours. I was thinking that PBKs would have heard this news from the BK forum since PBKs must be going there frequently. So I did not post this earlier, here. Since there are only 12 more hours for the free download, I thought I will let this be known through this forum.

The following is the link to my e-book at Smashwords:

The following is the link to the e-book at Amazon:

This book also explains how God came to re-create the new Golden Aged world. The book will help to put God’s service on the world stage. The book will assist to do this if the book goes on the first page in the ‘highest rated list’, ‘most downloaded list’ and/or in the ‘bestseller list’. Thus, if you like the book, please write a good review and give a 5 star rating at the bottom of the e-book at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/511443 and at http://amzn.to/1y98UND because this will help to bring the book to the attention of all those who look for new books to read.

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