Experiencias personales de BKs (Personal experiences of BKs)

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Experiencias personales de BKs (Personal experiences of BKs)

Post by vivaespana » 02 Sep 2007

REDUNE Asociación para la Prevención de la Manipulación Sectaria - Los que estábamos en Brahma Kumaris no podíamos mantener ninguna ... Dentro de la secta existía la teoría de que el mundo se iba a acabar muy pronto y que ... La Historia de Sandra.

This article is in Spanish, however, if you press translate this page, you can read it in English as well. "I was in a Sect"; Sandra's History.


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Post by fluffy bunny » 02 Sep 2007

Work in progress ... another country, another continent ... same old story.
HISTORY DE SANDRA. History of Sandra; "I was in a Sect"

He has spent eight years tied to a group that promised a better world to him in exchange for sacrificing its identity.

My history began during a meditation course. It was interested in improving my capacity of concentration for my studies in Psychology. For that reason I enrolled in a course of seven days where the members of the group Brahma Kumaris supposedly taught to me to meditate. Every time they invited me to more events and meetings in which they offered a full world of peace and happiness to me, near God. Little by little, I began to notice that my life had a new sense, that the group supported and shared my values to me. My life became them and the altruistic activities that we carried out. One assumed that éramos the elevated spiritual Earth beings more, that the truth was only in Brahma Kumaris and that the true God was the one who said to us what we had to do.

The structure of the organization was totally pyramidical. It was necessary to obey almost blindly to the leaders because that supposedly fulfilled the desires of God. At the outset everything was beautiful; I was created my own bubble to protect me from the world and to isolate to me of my personal surroundings. Then the conflicts with my family began, when seeing that never it already was in house, that did not have friends. They saw more and more me unwell, because that arrives a little while in almost you are not conscious of the necessities of your body.

To all those that tried to help me it said to them that it was my life and that it was not put in a sect. But the pressure arrived to such an extent that I left my house and I was transferred to the center where the courses were distributed, that also were house. Then I gave myself to its cause totally. He was very painful for mine, but then, unfortunately, you do not think about anybody or about anything: they made me feel that they were my true family. Those that we were in Brahma Kumaris we could not maintain any special relationships or affection, by no all means sexual, with any person.

I was in from 21 to the 28 years old and every time more was deteriorated psychological and physically and more moved away of my family, my friends and same me. But still it conserved part of that Sandra cheers and coherent. That spark was the one that helped me to flee from that impasse.

Within the sect the theory that existed the world was going away to finish in a moment and that there was to be prepared; that the only form to avoid the suffering was to remain within the group. In spite of the fear, I had several attempts to leave there, but always they commanded somebody near one the group so that it convinced to me that it returned. What detonated the pump within me was to give account me of which they were limiting my capacity of decision and .reason; that it felt to me catched by an invisible cord that surrounded my soul and that had robbed to me most valuable: the freedom.

With the aid of a friend, who also was inside and that she wanted to go away of the group, I changed myself of the center of activities where it lived to an apartment during a weekend. It felt to me very single, it had to begin to reconstruct to me from within and to recover my ideas, my values. At the outset you take refuge in the routine life and you try not to think about anything. Later the crises of anguish and anxiety, the excessive fear begin. Luckyly, I told on the support of that friend who at the same time went that I and of Pepe Rodriguez, author of the book “the power of the sects”, that helped me very many to understand what it was happening to me and with that in addition I maintained one long conversation that allowed to clarify certain doubts me.

The time is now my better ally, since it is serving to me to be able to be filling my mind of new experiences and to be forgetting others. They have spent three years already and now only I know of them by pamphlets of the courses that organize and that I see in some stores and herbolarios. I learned much of this experience, learned to know me same me, not to value to me through the eyes of anybody and to being more tolerant with different people

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