Traffic Control

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Traffic Control

Post by john » 07 Oct 2007

Does anyone know when this practice was first introduced and, in fact, was it a direction from ShivBaba or BapDada, within Sakar Murli or Avyakt Vani?

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Post by fluffy bunny » 08 Oct 2007

I would like to know the same about all the other 'cast in concrete' practises the BKs are told to perform.

From my reading, it seems the early days before the "Islamic invasion", were much more fluid and natural.

When did it become spiritual 'boot camp'?

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Post by arjun » 09 Oct 2007

Om Shanti.

Today, I was reading the latest edition of the Gyanamrit magazine published by the BKs in Hindi in which all the articles are tributes by BKs to Dadi Prakashmani. In her article, Dadi Janaki writes that she was sent by Dadiji and Didiji for foreign service in 1974. She also wrote that Dadi Prakashmani visited them in 1977 and it was Dadi Prakashmani only who gave the hint to start the practice of Traffic Control in London.

From PBK point of view, the practice of remembrance of ShivBaba five times a day with the help of Traffic control songs is the foundation for the practice of offering namaz (prayers) by Muslims five times a day.

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Re: Traffic Control

Post by jannisder » 20 Jun 2008

It is very annoying to have a bk friend over and his watch gives a sign to traffic control every 7 minutes before the hour. Now that i know what it means.

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