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Post by freedom » 09 Oct 2007

sparkal wrote:Someone is having a laugh here, yes? A send up, no? This is a new organisation surely, not the BKs that I am aware of. Big bucks. Where does that money go? If people have no respect unless they are paying big bucks perhaps they don't deserve the knowledge on offer. As for those charging. Whatever. Love will change everything.
Welcome to the forum of truth !!! 8).

As you said : Love will change everything ...

Freedom + Love

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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: I am an ex-teacher and member of the BKWSU and my interest lies in assisting those who request support on any level I can.
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Post by paulkershaw » 10 Oct 2007

Welcome back to the forum sparkal.

I wish you much love and happiness here, and also add to your 'mantra' that "Love will change everything" to also include "Love for the Self will change everything too".

Warm wishes of Light ...

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abrahma kumar
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Welcome back to the forum, sparkal

Post by abrahma kumar » 10 Oct 2007

Nice of you to drop by again sparkal and hope that your time on the forum will prove to be personally rewarding.

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