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World Drama Wheel

Post by jiri » 13 Nov 2007

ShivBaba’s (via Virendra Dev Dixit) Murli


In the picture of world drama wheel, in terms of basic knowledge it is told in short that this is a wheel of the world consisting of four arms that has been divided into four ages. These four arms of 1250 years each signify four ages. Among these arms, two arms are towards the right hand and two are towards the left hand. Two arms of the right hand signify Golden Age (Satyug) and Silver Age (Tretayug) [that is heaven] and the two arms of the left hand side signify Copper Age and Iron Age [that is hell]. Hell comes after heaven and heaven after hell. This change takes place after every 2500 years. But in order to transform the hell into heaven, in between, there is a Confluence Age at the end of Iron Age, (which has been depicted in the form of a small arrow). This is a Confluence Age (Sangamyug) of 60/50 years, when the Kaliyug is changed and the Golden Age is established in the thoughts. This cycle of 5000 years keeps rotating as it is; but when we delve deep into the Murlis with this basic knowledge, then a lot of new points emerge. For this, Baba says, “Rotate the swadarshan chakra (the wheel of self realization)” (mu.16.10.02, pg.3). So this is the wheel of four Ages. How does our soul pass in this? This is visualization of the cycle of the eighty four births of the soul. So, by diving deep into the Murlis, by thinking and churning, a lot of such points emerge, which makes the entire knowledge of the scriptures clear. Baba has said in Murlis, “This drama is also like any other drama. But those dramas are limited dramas, and this is your unlimited drama of 5000 years.”(mu.19.12.01, pg.2). When does the shooting of this drama take place? It takes place in the Confluence Age. So in the Confluence Age, the period of its’ shooting will also be fixed. At the most, the age (duration) of Confluence Age has been mentioned to be 100 years (mu.3.11.76, pg4) and at the least, 40 years in the Murli (mu.11.9.73, pg.3). As for the rest, Baba has mentioned the age to be 50 years some where (mu.2.3.74, pg.2), and 50-60 years somewhere else (mu.29.1.91, pg.3). In this way the age has been described in three or four ways in the Murlis. So there’s no need to get confused in this. As per the references in Murlis, wherever Baba has mentioned the Confluence Age to be of 40 years, is also correct and wherever he has mentioned it to be 100 years, is also correct. There are four ages. They are like four scenes of the drama. And the time for the shooting of each age should also be fixed in the Confluence Age. It is not that the shooting of all the four ages will take place simultaneously. Certainly the shooting of the Golden Age will take place first. For e.g., when someone constructs a house, then the construction of the ground floor and collection of all the materials takes more time. Similarly, the first age is the Golden Age; a long time is needed in laying its foundation also. Even in the scriptures, the age of Golden Age is shown to be four times the age of Iron Age, the age of Silver Age is three times the age of Iron Age and the age of Copper Age is twice the age of Iron Age. In the scriptures the age of Iron Age is mentioned to be 1250 years only, but the scholars have multiplied it with divine years and made out the age to be lakhs of years.

For e.g. Baba says, “There are no separate days or separate year or separate month for the deities.” Days, years, months are only here. For the shooting of the Golden Age, if the initial 10-12 years period of the shooting of path of worship is also included, then generally the shooting period of Golden Age is of 40 years totally, but if the initial period of the Confluence Age is deleted and (also) the sample of establishment of Confluence-Aged heaven which was shown at Karachi, then the total age of 60 is calculated from 1947 (onwards) because even after 1950 there was no special progress from the point of view of Godly service. Just as there is an account of the shooting and the account of the drama is made, and the actor-like souls descend from the Soul World-like house to the world drama stage and their number keeps increasing. In the Confluence Age, until the destruction of the world does not take place and the new generation does not begin and until the new generation does not get set in the correct position, it cannot be considered to be the accurate beginning of the Golden Age. And when the accurate Golden Age commences, in the broad 5000 years drama, the souls descend from the Soul World-like house and in the shooting period, the souls wake up into the stage of knowledge from the world of ignorance and from the grave-like stage (i.e., they enter the path of knowledge), it is as if they come into the awakened stage. It’s as if the souls lie in the dormant stage in the Soul World and are awakened after coming into world drama stage. Similarly in this world drama stage, at the end of the Iron Age, all the souls are lying in the slumber of ignorance. The Supreme Soul comes and gives them the message of knowledge and awakens them from the grave (of ignorance). So that message of knowledge which was spread very fast in the Brahmin world, was spread ever since the pictures were prepared and service started taking place through the pictures. The pictures of trinity, world drama and the world tree were actually prepared in the Yagya since 1960-61. Prior to that also the draft of these picture had emerged in the intellect, but the complete form of these pictures was ready when first of all a book named ‘Gita Saar’ (essence of Gita) was published as an essence of Murlis. In that book these three pictures were published and later on Brahma Baba had got thousands of folders printed. With these folders the task of service started in the outside world. Since then the population of souls started increasing quickly in the world of knowledge and the shooting of Golden Age became fast.

During the 16 years period from 1961 to 1976 the souls started increasing in the Gyan Yagya on account of the service of giving message or taking message. As for the rest, when the souls who had come from Karachi, were sent into the field of service, then among them, a doubt was created in the minds of many that now Baba is left with nothing, and many Brahmavats (children of Brahma) broke away from the Yagya. The population decreased. So the service went down instead of increasing. Then, later when the situation improved slowly, then the speed of service increased. So the period from 1961 to 1976 was a period of bringing pace in the field of service. Why has this shooting period been calculated up to 1976 only? Because the 100 years age of Brahma is completed in 1976. Aadi Brahma i.e. the person in whom the Supreme Soul Shiv entered first, had been mentioned in the picture of Trimurti that the Supreme Soul Shiv first of all entered in Prajapita Brahma. He entered into Brahma later on. It has been mentioned in Murlis, “The Murlis began to be narrated from Karachi” (13.6.01, pg.1). So the entering of the Supreme Soul into Brahma is proved from the time when Murlis began to be narrated from Karachi. Prior to that Baba used to narrate Murli through some other children. So that Aadi (first) Brahma should be 60 years old in 1936-37 and if 40 more years are added to those 60 years then the 100 years are completed. So the 100 years age of that Aadi Brahma is completed in 1976 (17.9.68, pg.1). Brahma leaves the mortal world (Mrityulok). Brahma’s age is completed in the mortal world (16.10.84, pg.2). So that soul takes a new unworldly(aloukik) birth from 1976, from the point of view of the stage of mind & intellect, from the point of view of taking a divine birth of revelation and from the point of view of revelation of his role.

Yesterday, it had been told in the explanation of the picture of Lakshmi Narayan, “When did Lakshmi & Narayan take birth?” Baba had asked so. “Ten years less than 5000 years ago”(mu.6.3.75). As per the Vani (Godly versions) dated 1966, this time comes to 1976. From the point of view of service, the period from 1961 to 1976 is a time especially for giving message and in that time all the souls who undergo Golden Aged shooting (whose number has been mentioned by Baba (mu.22.3.76, pg.1) to be 9 lakh at the beginning of the Golden Age and 2 crores at the end of the Golden Age), obtain the message of knowledge. The Gyanamrit magazine published (by BKs in Hindi) in 1973 contains the potamail (the details of) the entire service done until then. In that it has been mentioned that so far 1 crore souls of the world have been given message. So the 1 crore souls out of 500 crore souls of the world are like a small part. So the calculation was correct. Big fairs began to be organized from 1973. In each of these fairs lakhs of souls began to be given message at a time and every month fairs began to be organized in some or the other big city of India. So from 1973-74 to 1976, another 100 lakh i.e. 1 crore souls receiving the message was not a big achievement. In this way the scene of drama or the task of shooting of 2 crore human souls of the Golden Age receiving message of knowledge is completed. In the picture, who have been shown as the chiefs in the Golden Aged shooting period? Who are the souls representing Golden Age? The (souls representing Golden Age are) the souls of Radha & Krishna. We know that this is the same period of the shooting of Golden Age, in which the souls of Radha & Krishna (i.e. the souls of Mama & Baba or Brahma & Saraswati) occupy a permanent place in the hearts of Brahmin children. They play the roles of hero & heroine. So they become instrumental for the Golden Aged (satyugi) shooting.

After that the period of Silver-Aged (tretayugi) shooting begins, as it has been shown in the picture. Similarly, who are the chiefs in the second Silver-Aged scene? The (chiefs in the second Silver-Aged scene are) souls of Ram & Sita. So certainly in the Silver Aged shooting, the souls of Ram & Sita should appear among the Brahmin world, on the stage as representatives or chiefs. So it happened as expected. If the souls of Radha & Krishna become instrumental in establishing the Brahmin world, if they create the new world of Brahmins, then this task of establishment in fact took place in the Golden Aged shooting. But until the dirt is destroyed, there’s no value for the establishment. So, two kinds of Brahmins got collected in the old world of Brahmins. Brahmins like Ravan & Kumbhakarna also came together and the effort making Vashistha & Vishwamitra were also present. Then Shankar’s part begins in order to segregate the elevated section among them, to undertake sorting, and to destroy the wicked section. Just as the soul of Krishna plays the part of Brahma in the picture of Trimurti, similarly the soul of Ram assumes the role of Shankar in the picture of Trimurti. In the picture of ‘Trimurti’ with write ups in Hindi, the matter written below Vishnu is a proof for this. In that, an explanation for the four arms of Vishnu has been given. Four arms mean the four souls helpful to the Supreme Soul shown in the form of the arms of Vishnu. So, four names have been mentioned in the picture- Lakshmi & Narayan and Ram & Sita. That’s why four arms have been depicted in the picture of Vishnu Chaturbhuj (i.e. four armed Vishnu). Two arms are towards Brahma & two arms are towards Shankar. So two arms, i.e. Brahma & Saraswati are indicative of the establishment of Brahmin religion and two arms i.e. Ram & Sita undertake the task of sorting in the confluence aged world. They clean the dirt so that the great souls, who become inheritors of the new world, could get their place.

In this way the account of the Silver-Aged shooting which begins from 1976 is this fact that 10 years before 1976, i.e. in 1966 Baba had made a declaration in a Murli , “In the coming ten years the old world will be destroyed, i.e. the old world of Brahmins will be destroyed”(a.v.25.10.69, pg.130). Through whom will it take place? It will take place through the soul of Shankar. There must be a soul who is instrumental in causing destruction. So that soul is the soul of Ram, for whom Baba had said in an Avyakt Vani, “When was the flame of destruction ignited? Who was instrumental?” Then a reply was given, “Just as in the beginning of the Yagya, the flame of destruction was ignited from the Yagya kund (literally it means the sacrificial altar, but here it refers to the Godly family) along with the task of establishment. Father Brahma & children became instrumental. So those who have become instrumental in igniting the flame of destruction will also have to complete it in future.(a.v.3.2.74, pg.173)” Those souls only had become instrumental in the beginning. The soul of Brahma, souls of Brahmin children and Father Brahma, i.e. (the soul of Prajapita or the soul of Ram), for whom it has been said in Murli, “In the past in the Yagya, Ram failed (mu.11.10.87, pg.2).” That same soul comes into the Yagya after Brahma leaves the body in 1969. That soul takes its efforts to a stage of maturity by 1976 and gets revealed in 1976. Just as Brahma & Saraswati were representative in the world of Brahmins. Similarly, in the new world of Brahmins i.e. in the world of Advance Party, the souls of Ram& Sita (the souls who are revealed as Shankar& Parvati), play the role of the representative of Silver-Aged shooting among the Brahmin children. That is why those children occupy the hearts and minds of the advance children just as Brahma & Saraswati occupied the hearts and minds of the Brahmin children from 1946 to 1976. So the souls of Ram & Sita also become instrumental in the Silver-Aged shooting of 30 years. Their 12 years period of service from 1976 to 1989 is especially instrumental and fixed for causing the Silver-Aged shooting. Even here the account of giving message is the same, because Baba has mentioned the population at the end of the Silver Age to be 5-10 crores. At the end of the Silver Age the population is not 33 crores. If the population at the end of Silver Age becomes 33 croes, if the population increases from 2 crores to 33 crores in 12 births, (if it increases 16 times) then the population at the end of Copper Age will however increase many times, isn’t it? Then, in this way what will be the population at the end of the Iron Age? Then, it’s not so that just by the end of Silver Age, 33 crore deity souls descend from the Soul World. Baba has given the account of five to ten crores, but not accurately. There will be 5-10 crore deities. So this is not a big matter. So till 1976, two crore Brahmins get the message. The messengers keep multiplying. The number of messages being given goes on multiplying. That’s why in the next 12 years from 1976 to 1988-89 another eight crore human souls receive message from the fairs, conferences, big programs. And in this manner the Silver-Aged shooting gets completed.

Now a question rises. There the souls of Brahma & Saraswati and Brahmin souls became instrumental in giving message. However, here many are unable to even see the souls of Advance Party. Only those who are in connection or in contact know. The souls of Advance Party have not been shown to be taking any special part in the fairs, conferences and the celebration, exhibitions etc. From where did they become instrumental? How did the souls (of Ram and Sita) who represent all the souls become instrumental in giving message to the world? The account of the population of Silver Age which has been calculated for them is….. In 1976, when the destruction of outside world did not take place, then the faith of Brahmin children in Baba’s Murlis, in Baba’s knowledge diminishes. The Seniors of the BK Brahmin family do service not because they have faith in the Godly task, but because those Seniors or chiefs understand clearly that another new party has emerged which they cannot face in respect of knowledge and Yoga. That’s why they cannot face the souls of that Advance Party even after organizing programmes of Yoga & service not only at all India level but even at the international level. In their words Advance Party is only called ‘Shankar Party”, although ShivBaba’s three children are equal. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are like brothers. But they have started partyvaad (parties). In the name of Shankar party, fearing them, whatever international programmes of Yoga & service they organized, through them, they could not damage that party even slightly. Passing through ups & downs is not a big matter. This Yagya has been passing through ups & downs ever since the beginning. The boat may shake but it will not sink. Baba had especially told even today that people of the world say that ‘Om mandali’ is as good as gone. What does Om Mandali mean? ‘Aa’, ‘Oo’, ‘Ma’. ‘Aa’ means Brahma ‘Oo’ means Vishnu. ‘Ma’ means Mahesh, i.e., a group (mandali) of Brahma, Vishnu & Shankar. For e.g. there are music groups, isn’t it? Someone plays harmonium, someone plays ‘tabla’ (a kind of drum), some one plays Saarangi (a kind of guitar). Then 2-4 persons collect to form a group. Similarly, this is a special group of three souls in the task of world transformation and this group is so strong that in the beginning people of the world used to say, “Om Mandali is as good as gone.” Whatever happened in the beginning happens in the end. In the end, the faithless Brahmins, who are going to be destroyed intellectually among the world of Brahmins, also start telling that this group is going to end sooner or later because they do not have faith in the sayings of Brahma. They read the Murli of Baba just for showing off; in the same way as the false (worldly) Brahmins recite Gita to earn money. They do not feel the necessity of delving deep into the verses (shlokas) of the Gita. Similarly, such a Brahmin does not try to go into the depth of the versions of Murli. If someone does delve deep into the Murli, then he says. “Arey! there’s no necessity to go into the depth, you will sink”.

It means that until 1988-89 the souls of Ram and Sita only become instrumental in giving message to 10 crore souls and along with them the Advance Party also becomes instrumental. Fearing them, the Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris organize big programs of Godly service so that the intellects of people are not diverted towards the Advance Party. Otherwise why will those who have become faithless, organize programs of Godly service? They do not even know when the heaven is going to be established? When will the old world be destroyed? How will those, who do not have any aim in their Brahmin life, show others the indications? They run the business just for their own livelihood. They give message to the world under fear. Actually, they are not interested in giving the message, but it’s their compulsion, because they have already left the outside world. Now, if they leave this (Brahmin) world, then the people will laugh at them. That’s why those poor fellows are entangled. So being under the bondage of giving message and on being pushed by the Shankar party, they prove to be Pushkarni Brahmins. They are the Brahmins who perform parade on being pushed to do so. They are being pushed by some special souls, based on which or under the influence of that push, they are giving message to other souls, to the worldly souls and not by their wish from their heart and mind. So who gets the credit of giving message? The souls of Ram and Sita, (i.e., souls like Shankar – Parvati), the special main souls of Advance Party get the credit for that.

After this, if anyone asks that why only 12 years time is fixed (in the drama) of the shooting of Silver Age, then the main reason of fixing the special time of the shooting of Silver Age is that Baba has said, “It takes 50 to 60 years to establish the entire kingdom (mu.24.7.72, pg.2)”. “It takes 40 to 50 years, also 50 -60 years for you children to become satopradhan(pure stage) from tamopradhan (impure stage) (mu.6.10.74)”. This Yagya of knowledge precisely runs for 50 years. Then after the studies, it is war, which is the time of the horrible (mahabhaari) Mahabharata war, and when the war ends, one gets the kingdom (mu.8.3.72, pg.4)”. So the time for these three things is fixed. When does the study lasting 50 years end? From 1947 to 1998 – this period of study of 50 years is completed. In the shooting of every age, a year has also been added as roong (grace). . That’s why the period of shooting of Silver Age from 1978 to 1988 -89 is for 12 -13 years. Even in the path of worship one never donates just 50 rupees. They donate 50+1 rupees only. So these 12 +1=13 years of shooting of Silver Age is completed in 1990.


After the shooting of Silver Age, the period from 1991 to 1998 is fixed for the shooting of the cooper age. In the Copper Aged shooting, the main souls have been shown in the picture, which have to play a special role, (i.e., Abraham, Buddha and Christ). So these souls of Abraham, Buddha and Christ are the seed-like and base-like souls in our Brahmin world, who get revealed in a special way at the end of the shooting of Copper Age and they play the special role of establishment, fostering and destruction of their own religions and they also get revealed. The souls of Abharam, Buddha and Christ, who come from the Soul World, will not get revealed. First of all, it is the matter of revelation of the base-like and seed-like souls of the Brahmin world, because until the religious fathers are revealed along with the base-like and seed-like souls, their followers and subjects cannot get message. In this way, the period till 1998 is the time for establishment of the living kingdom, because Baba has said, “It takes 60 years for the establishment of the entire kingdom. Your entire kingdom will be established in 60 years”. So when is the 60 years period completed? In1998. Initially the seed–like living (chaitanya) kingdom is to be established, i.e., the family of 16,108 kings and queens, the royal family will indeed become stable (later on) number wise and when this task of establishment of living Kingdom is completed, then the establishment will take place and destruction shall begin. Until establishment has taken place completely, destruction cannot take place. Rehearsal will keep taking place. That is a different issue. In order to bring pace into the efforts of children, rehearsal will keep taking place in between, but total destruction will not take place. Total destruction, wars, dispute, fights, bloodshed will take place generally in the world but particularly in India. It will take place when the shooting of an age of disputes and sorrows, i.e., the Iron Age will end. In the Indian tradition the Mahabhari (ferocious) Mahabharata war and the establishment which takes place through that war has been shown in the Copper Age because Dada Lekhraj, who is the secondary Brahma, completes the age of 100 years in 1988-89. Brahma’s age ends in the mortal world. So when Brahma’s 100 years age ends then his new divine birth should be revealed. Baba has said, “When Krishna takes birth, lightening occurs.” What is meant by lightening? (Lightening means) flashing of light for a second and then darkness again. Lightening occurring suddenly in the world of Brahmins and then, light and shining is seen everywhere and then darkness again. So Baba has given the indication of the birth of Krishna who has become a point i.e. seed-like. That is why the period of 1988-89 is a period of the beginning of Copper-Aged shooting. That is why Krishna has been shown to have lived in the Copper Age in the scriptures. Krishna did not come in the Copper Age, but the special role of taking divine birth, which has been played by the soul of Krishna was played at the beginning of the Copper Age and the special role of causing the Mahabharata War has also been played at the end of the Copper-Aged shooting, i.e., Iron-Aged shooting. That is why, in the scriptures Krishna has been shown in the Copper Age. The memorial (yaadgaar) of that very Confluence-Aged Krishna exists in the scriptures. There’s no memorial and there will be no memorial of the Krishna who takes birth in the Golden Age. There will not be any Kans (Krishna’s maternal uncle and king of Mathura who killed seven of his Krishna’s siblings, and tried to kill Krishna also but was eventually killed by Krishna) there.

After 1998-99, Iron-Aged shooting begins in the world of Brahmins. War of thoughts, disputes, killings will take place and at that time the souls of the world will get message at a fast pace. Supreme Soul will also get revealed at a fast pace and the worldly religious fathers – Abraham, Buddha, Christ, who descend from the Soul World in the Iron Age, their base-like souls and the seed-like souls will also get revealed and at the end of the Iron-Aged shooting, a wave of knowledge will spread across the world. Death will spread its hood in all the direction i.e., North, South, East, West. But the might/force of knowledge will also go on increasing and after the year 2000 when the entire world gets the realization of the Supreme Soul God Father, there will be explosions of atomic bombs in the final five to seven days and with the fourth world war this world will end. 500-600 crore human souls and the souls of insects, animals and birds will leave their bodies and become the dwellers of the Soul World. Some special seed-like souls will remain on this world drama stage, who would have made their process of (inhalation and exhalation) breathing subtle through the power of Yoga, in whom there will not be any effect of the atomic atmosphere because their process of breathing (inhalation and exhalation) will be so slow that they will not require to take a special deep breath. At that time the mountains of ice which have formed over the North Pole and South Pole will melt. And due to their melting, the level of water in the oceans will increase. The result of this will be that the Continents like Russia, Africa, and Australia which were not existent in the minds of human beings before 2500 years; [For e.g. America. Human beings did not know where the land of America was situated 500 years ago, whether it existed or not. Australia was unknown 300 years ago. Similarly, all other lands of the other religions, for e.g. the land of Arabs, Muslims or the land of Christians were also immersed in the depths of ocean 2500 years ago.], so these destructible lands of religions which were neither present earlier nor will be present in the world after the atomic explosions will get immersed in the depths of the ocean. There will be only one indestructible land of Bharat (India) and there will be only ocean in all the four directions of the world. Due to the heat produced in the world due to atomic explosions the level of water will of course raise, but the ocean water will vaporize and rise upwards due to the heat in the atmosphere. Those vapors will then precipitate as clouds and torrential rains will take place for many days. Rain will not stop at all. Due to the atomic explosions the biggest destruction will take place through earthquakes (mu.24.3.99, pg.2). When the earth will shake, then all the houses will fall down and all the human beings will be crushed to death under the buildings. They will be suffering the punishments of their sins. Someone’s leg will be crushed and somebody’s arm will be crushed. There will not be any one to extricate them. They will suffer to death.

After the year 2000, after the subtle and physical destruction, among the four and a half lakh human souls who remain, (i.e.) the seed-like souls who will give birth to the new world, half of them will be like Shankar and half of them will be like Parvati. Half of them will be in the list of sinful souls, (with an attitude of Duryodhan and Dushyasan) and half of them will be in the list of pious souls, who have been described as per the world of Brahmins. As for the rest, the worldly pious and sinful souls will not remain. For e.g., Baba has said in Murli, “When the destruction takes place, then half of those who remain will be pious souls and half of them will be sinful souls.” It means that the sinful souls, who remain, will have to make efforts once again. (Someone asked, “Will the pious souls not have to make efforts?”) In their (pious souls’) company the sinful souls will also be present. When they come into the company of (those) souls then they indeed will be colored by the company to some extent. So one kind are the original pious souls and the sinful souls and another kind of souls are those who become pious or sinful due to the company, i.e. those who come under the influence of others. So what kind are the queens? They are the ones who come under the influence of the kings. After the destruction, the souls of all those who survive will return from the Soul World and then will enter into their bodies. Someone may question, “How will their bodies be preserved?” The reason for that is that when it rains torrentially for many days then the atmosphere of the world will become cold. Ice will set almost everywhere in the world and in that ice, those seed like souls who are very strong in the stage of remembrance, will leave their bodies. That is why, the bodies of those yogis will be buried in the ice as if in cold storage, the natural facility that will be prepared by the nature. Their bodies will remain safe and it will remain safe until their souls do not enter into them from the Soul World through some means or the other, when their turn comes. In this way, the new world will begin. The seed like souls, will once again begin their penance in the soul conscious stage, realizing the proverb ‘ant matey so gatey’ (i.e., “As the thoughts in the end so will be the salvation”). At that time there will not be ShivBaba’s remembrance. There will not be any knowledge. All the knowledge will be forgotten.

Even in today’s world, sometimes such an accident takes place that if someone suffers from such an injury to the brain, then he forgets everything of the past. Similarly they too will forget everything of the past. (Someone asked how long will the torrential rains last?)The torrential rains will lasts for a few days. Arey! Even if it rains continuously for 4 hours then people start crying out for help. That is however a matter of a week or two weeks. But the atmosphere will become cold and the ice which will set will be set for a long time. In many areas of the world the ice will be set for many years and in that ice their bodies will remain well protected. Until the birth of souls like Radha and Krishna does not take place, the bodies of many will remain like that. Souls will keep descending from the Soul World.

First the souls will enter into the bodies of the seed-like souls. Those souls will enter into the bodies which will be lying under ice. When the time comes the ice at that place will naturally melt and those souls will start moving. Gradually, everyone will gather, because these seed-like souls are the seeds of all the religions of the entire world. At the time of the final destruction, they will have to spread throughout the world. To whichever religious land or to whichever religion a seed-like soul belongs, it will have to go to that dharmkhand [religious land] . Suppose someone belongs to a completely leftist religion, then certainly it will also be a seed-like soul who will turn the intellect towards opposite direction. Its intellect will certainly work in a direction opposite to that of the Father, because it is a seed-like soul. In the seed there will be a quality which is a quality of other religions. There will certainly be a peel/covering of body consciousness covered on it. So, for those souls which become of an opposite intellect, it is said, “Those who bring disrepute to the sadguru, will not get accommodation anywhere (sadguru nindak thaur na pave) (mu.13.3.97,pg.2).” Such children of the seed-like Father, who bring disrepute to the sadguru, will be thrown into far-off countries in order to do service at the time of destruction, where the tandav (a dance as performed by Shankar/Shiv at the time of the dissolution of the world in Hindu mythology ) of destruction would be taking place and even while living there, on the basis of their devotion, sentiments and faith in the Supreme Soul, even while performing service in the foreign countries, in foreign religious lands, even while giving message, they will remain in the remembrance of the Supreme Soul Father. And they will realize and will repent that they became instrumental for causing disrepute of the Father even after having recognized Him or having lived near Him.

In this way they will burn all their sins by burning repeatedly in the fire of repentance; but later it will certainly take time for those souls, who have spread out in the entire world to gather. That 18 years period is from the year 2000 to 2017-2018. Just as the 18 years period is important here also (the period from 1951 to 1968 is an 18 year period, isn’t it?). Baba had left his body and had become Avyakt in 1969. So how many years did this corporeal and unmanifest (Avyakt) role continue? 18 years. So just as the task continued for 18 years here, similarly 18 years are fixed there also. The bhatti will take place automatically for 18 years. Automatically means that they will not have to make any special efforts, because the subject of knowledge would have ended. Only the subject of Yoga (remembrance) would remain. (Someone asked, “Will there not be the knowledge of ShivBaba?”) The subject of knowledge will end. What is knowledge? Introduction to the Supreme Soul, introduction to the soul, introduction to the creator and the creation; this is only knowledge. So, that will end. Yoga means soul conscious stage, the stage of ‘as the thoughts in the end so will be the salvation’ and there will not be any need to do service, because there will not be any opposing souls, who need to be served and one will not need to make any special efforts to inculcate. Until we have to come in contact with the worldly opposing souls we are in need to do the effort of inculcating. If we remain continuously in the remembrance of Father, then how will we be coloured by the company of worldly people? But, until destruction takes place we have to come in contact with the huge gathering of the 500 crore human souls of the world and their atmosphere or environment. So that atmosphere will not be present there. That is why, there will not be any need to inculcate virtues also. Inculcation of virtues will be automatic. So in the Yoga bhatti of 18 years, the first couple who will be successful in purifying (rejuvenating) the body i.e. the five elements, is Shankar and Parvati. They will only become instrumental for giving birth to the children like Radha and Krishna at that time. So those 18 years (for rejuvenation) and if 18 is doubled, we get 36, then we arrive at 2036. Until then the souls of Radha and Krishna will be aged 18-20 years. When they reach the age of 18-20 years they will be entrusted the kingdom, and the accurate Golden Age will commence. By then the four and a half lakh more children would also have taken birth. Through whom? By those number wise 4.5 lakh seed-like souls who would have rejuvenated their bodies numberwise through the power of Yoga. In this manner, the Golden Age begins with a population of 9 lakhs. So this is the account of the shooting of the four Ages and the period after that of the world drama wheel.

In this advance knowledge, the second aspect of the picture of world drama wheel is that every age passes through four stages in its shooting period. Passing through four phases means passing though satopradhan, satosamanya, rajopradhan and tamopradhan. It means that the rotation of a Kalpa is enshrined in the shooting of an age. For e.g. let’s take Golden Age. The period of Karachi was completely pure, satopradhan sample of the fist birth. Satopradhan shooting took place there, because one corporeal Father’s company was there. One did not get to see even the face of any tamopradhan human being. So to whom will they give their hearts? Baba has asked in Murli, “When you did not even see anyone, then whom will you give your heart to? To one Father.” So how will be the stage? Vyabhichari (licentious) or avyabhichari (one and none else)? It will become satopradhan, isn’t it? So in that shooting period the stage remains satopradhan and avyabhichari. After that even the satosamanya stage occurs. And that satosamanya stage begins when the children are made to enter the field of service in Mt. Abu. So when the children enter the field of service, they will certainly go up and down (in their stage). At that time Baba had given them direction to maintain their stage constant. Does anyone know what that direction was? At that time Baba had given a direction, “Go soon, come soon” Go soon for the Godly service and come back soon. So in case of those children who followed the direction, whenever their stage degraded a little, they used to come running to Baba. Their stage got covered/made up in between by coming into the colour of the company of Baba. And those children who lost their faith, became disillusioned and remained in the old world. Their stage went down day by day. The stage of those children who used to visit Baba once in a while became satosaamanya, because continuous company was not there, isn’t it? So this stage continued until Mama and Baba were alive. Mama was the controller of the Yagya, the administrator. “As the king, so are the subjects”. The soul of Paramatma Shiv (i.e. the Supreme Soul) , the soul of God Father was indeed present in the body of Brahma Baba. So, “As the company, so was the colour (effect)”. The stage was satosaamanya for those children who the company of the corporeal medium. The children who did the company of the corporeal remained in the satosamanya stage until that time. The Silver-Aged shooting took place.

After that when Mama Baba left their bodies, then the corporeal company ended and when the corporeal company of the Supreme Soul ended, and then there remained the company of the incomplete Brahmins and the tamopradhan world. So the stage became Copper-Aged rajopradhan stage. In this manner, the shooting of rajopradhan Copper Age began from 1969. When the Copper Age begins then the population increases quickly in the foreign countries. In the Yagya also, the same thing happened. The first service centre of London was opened in 1969, which became the head office of all the foreign countries, (someone asked, “When?”) after Baba left his body; because the population of the outer world also increases at a fast pace through the Copper-Aged rajopradhan stage. Souls of other religions start coming into power. Even in the Yagya of Brahmins the same thing happened. This cycle continued till 1973 and after 1973 a big human undertaking of downfall began once again. It became a house of downfall. Baba has said, “Dirt accumulates in the fairs. True fair is the practical union of the soul and the Supreme Soul (mu.23.10.74).” In 1973, Supreme Soul was not present in a practical form. So in 1973-74, in the fairs of the souls, tamopradhan human souls started entering in large numbers and started coming in contact with brahmakumars and kumaris. When lakhs of people with corrupted vision and attitude started coming in contact with the brahmakumars and kumaris through company and vision, then how will the stage be maintained? How far will they cover up? Their stage became tamopradhan. That is why Baba says. “As the company, so will be the colour/effect). Bad company and bad food are two very great defects.” So from 1973 to 1976, the tamopradhan Kaliyug (degraded Iron Age) was established in the Brahmins world. In this manner, these four stages were included in the Golden Aged deity shooting, as if a Kalpa was repeated. Just as the drama is repeated in 5000 years, similarly ditto repetition takes place in these 40 years.

Whatever activities took place 40 years back in the Yagya, the same activities take place again from 1979 to 1989 after 40 years i.e., the Silver-Aged shooting also passes through four stages. The Advance Party commences from Delhi because the special task of the seed-like souls of the Advance Party is to establish the kingdom. The task of establishment of Brahmin religion by Brahma and Brahmins and the task of the beginning of the establishment of the gathering of the kingdom (the heavenly gathering), by the seed-like souls of the Advance Party, (the souls who are going to become kings), starts from 1976, although this gathering began through a few souls. For e.g. Baba has said, “One and two will add to become twelve.” Even a single powerful group, a group of 12, 12X9=108. Even if a single powerful gathering is prepared, then they will keep attracting other groups and finally the gathering of rosary of 108 will get revealed. So initially after the shooting of four Ages, a group of 12 comprising of great souls like Prajapita Brahma will get ready, isn’t it?

In the Silver-Aged shooting, among the seed-like souls of the Advance Party also, these four stages are seen. The satopradhan stage takes place from 1977-78 to 1980. From 1980-81 to 1983 the stage becomes satosamanya and the fort of Advance Party which gets ready in Delhi, gets destroyed by 1983 when the rajopradhan stage begins, because the Supreme Soul Father vanishes from the eyes of the seed-like souls of the Advance Party. In this manner, the night of Brahma begins. This period from 1983 to 1988-89 is fixed for the Copper-Aged rajopradhan stage and Iron-Aged tamopradhan stage. In this way there are four stages in the Silver-Aged shooting also. Similarly in the Copper-Aged shooting also there are our stages- satopradhan, satosamanya, rajopadhan and tamo. By 1998, the tamopradhan stage of the souls of vaishya class (it literally refers to the business class among the Hindus, but in this Godly knowledge, the souls of each age are compared to the four classes of Hindu society, i.e. Golden Age corresponding to the Brahmins, Silver Age to the Kshatriyas, Copper Age to the Vaishyas and the Iron Age to the Shudras) also ends. After this there are the four stages of the souls of Shudra class also which is seen from 2000 to 2003-04. In this manner, after the end of the shooting of these four Ages, the intellects of special Brahmins gets transformed. The transformation of the body made of five elements, i.e. the body, will commence after the transformation of the soul comprising of mind and intellect. . That will also be repeated four times. Just as the example of snakes was given that a snake leaves the body i.e. skin 3-4 times and then dies (mu.18.7.70, pg.2). In the picture of ‘world drama wheel’, the third point of advance knowledge which was hinted now is regarding, “Brahma’s day and Brahma’s night”(mu.6.10.88, pg.1). Until someone has faith on the corporeal Godly role, it is Brahma’s day for them, and when the faith ends, it is said to be the shooting of Brahma’s night.

Om Shanti
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Laxshmi and Narayan

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ShivBaba’s (Via Virendra Dev Dixit) Murli

Advance Course “LAKSHMI- Narayan” (1 HOUR)

In the picture of Lakshmi & Narayan generally an explanation was given that Radha-Krishna will grow up to become Lakshmi & Narayan, whereas the picturisation in this picture does not the mean that Radha-Krishna will grow up to become Lakshmi & Narayan. But the correct meaning of the picture is that Lakshmi & Narayan printed in the centre and Radha & Krishna whose picture is printed below have the relationship of creator and creation between themselves. Lakshmi & Narayan, the creators are shown standing above (Radha & Krishna) in the centre. Creators mean mother and Father and Radha and Krishna the children, their creation, who will take birth in the Golden Age have been shown below. Baba usually asks in the Murlis, “What is the relationship between Lakshmi & Narayan and Radha & Krishna when Baba asks about the relationship in some places in the Murlis, then it proves that Radha & Krishna and Lakshmi & Narayan are not the same souls. When there is a relationship then certainly those souls are related to each other through some relationship. It is a relation of mother-Father and children. This matter is very clear in this picture. On the top of the picture also a heading is given –“Creators of heaven and their divine creation”.

Here, if we look carefully then one will come to know that ‘Swarga ke rachayita’ (Creators of heaven) is a plural phrase. It has not been written as “Swarga ka rachayita” (Creator of heaven). If it had been written ‘Swarga ka rachayita’ (Creator of heaven) then rachayita (Creator) would have been one, but here it has been written ‘Swarga ke rachayita’ (Creator of heaven) because, for the process of creation of the world, two persons are required. Without two persons, creation of children cannot take place; that is why here it has been written, ‘Swarga ke rachayita’ (creators of heaven). It is not that creation will take place through the point of light Shiva. Point of light Shiva is the name of incorporeal soul- Shiva. He is one. But one can get incorporeal inheritance from the incorporeal Father. Also, there is no question of creation of something incorporeal , because the incorporeal soul is without any beginning (anaadi) and is imperishable (avinashi). So there is no question of creating it. That thing is created, which did not exist earlier. So both creator and creation should be corporeal. That is why it has been written here ‘Swarga ke rachayita’ i.e., creator of the heaven, i.e., Lakshmi & Narayan and further it has been written, “and their divine creation”. The divine creation of the creators of heaven L.N, who have been referred to in plural. Divine creation means creation of deities. The children born to them will be deities. If they are termed as Shiva's divine creation then, Shiva is infact God. Will God create God & Goddess or the deities? Deities create deities and God creates God & Goddess. The title of God & Goddess is that of Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan, who are transformed from man to Narayan and woman to Lakshmi, i.e., they are called Nar (man) - Narayan (Deity). The children who will be born as deities in the Golden Age will not be called God-Goddess (mu.1.12.96,pg.2), because the title of God-Goddess is for the people of all the religions. They are the parents of the entire world, whether anyone considers them their parents or not. So the heading “Creators of heaven and their divine creation” proves the fact that the creator should be first and the creation should be next. This entire picture has been prepared in the sequence of the creators and the creation.

In the picture of Lakshmi & Narayan, in the centre is the picture of Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan. When the Confluence Age will near completion, then some years before completion Radha-Krishna will be born as their children, they are their creation.

In the heading given below the picture of Trimurti, it has been written, “Golden Aged self rule (swarajya) is your Godly birth right.” This has been written above the crown of Lakshmi & Narayan. This sentence also clarifies as to whose is the birth right of the Golden Aged divine self rule, which has been mentioned as the birth right? It is the birthright of Brahmins, isn’t it? And whose children are Brahmins? They are the children of Brahma. When do they become children of Brahma? The Brahmins of the Confluence Age get the Godly birthright; the right, which is obtained as a result of the Godly birth. For e.g. if a child is born to a Lakhpati (an owner of one lakh rupees) or Crorepati (an owner of one crore rupees), then the birth right of the Crorepati Father is obtained by the child only, because just by taking birth, it is proved that he has a right over the crores of rupees. So similarly, the Godly birthright means that those who have taken birth from God get the birth right of Golden Aged inheritance just by taking birth.(mu.29.1.75,pg.30). So should that right be received in this birth or in the next birth? It should be received in this birth only, isn’t it? Because when the Brahmin birth is here then the birthright should also be received here only or will it be received in the next birth? So this sentence also proves that there are some such Brahmin children also who obtain the inheritance of Golden Aged divine self-rule, the inheritance of the kingdom of the Golden Aged divine self-rule in this birth itself and through this body only.

The next point in this picture is that the circle of light depicted around Lakshmi & Narayan, is not the circle of purity of deities. The aura of purity, which is depicted, is shown around the head and not around the entire body. Here Lakshmi & Narayan are shown completely inside the world of light, and Radha & Krishna have been shown below in a world of flowers and leaves. The artist has picturised this fact. Through divine visions Baba has given this picturisation in the picture that Radha-Krishna are in the world of natural beauty of the Golden Age and Lakshmi & Narayan are in the confluence aged world in which there is the light of knowledge. They have been shown to be encircled by the light of knowledge. They have not been shown in the midst of heavenly world. This also proves that these Lakshmi & Narayan are connected to the Confluence-Aged world. They are not connected that much with the Golden Aged world. They have obtained the kingdom with the power of their efforts, with the power of knowledge. They become the Emperor of the World. That’s is why the circle of light around them from the head to the toe, proves that they are the souls dwelling in the midst of the confluence aged world of light, whereas their children Radha-Krishna are the souls dwelling in the midst of Golden Aged natural beauty.

Another point is clarified through this picture. If someone asks that why are these Lakshmi & Narayan depicted in such paraphernalia? Will they wear such decorations and sit in the Confluence Age? There’s no question of wearing such paraphernalia in the Confluence Age. The artist will picturize the internal subtle matter through gross matter only. For e.g. Shankar is shown to be naked, so the artist wants to reveal that he is in an incorporeal stage. Brahma has been shown to be wearing clothes. So through this it has been revealed that he is in a corporeal stage, he is conscious of his bodily dress. Similarly the different kinds of decorations, dresses and jewelleries shown on the bodies of Lakshmi & Narayan are actually decorations of divine virtues. It is an internal matter. How can it be picturised? That is why the subtle decoration has been revealed through the gross decorations of divine virtues. As for the rest, one does not possess such decorated physical form in the Confluence Age. It is a decoration of divine virtues, decoration of divine powers.

The crown, which has been depicted, is a crown of responsibility of establishment of heaven, which was not borne by others, but was taken up cent percent by them(these L.N.). So this also reveals that the Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan who belong to the Confluence Age become instrumental in giving birth to Radha-Krishna. They obtain the decorations of divine virtues and powers from the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul directly and they take up the crown of responsibility of the establishment of heaven. As for the rest, the children, namely Radha & Krishna, who will be born to them, will not take up the responsibility of the establishment of heaven. Their intellect will not possess this knowledge. Baba has talked about Lakshmi & Narayan in the Murlis in two ways. At one place he said, “These Lakshmi & Narayan are fools. They do not possess any knowledge.”(a.v. 17.4.71, pg.3) On the other side it has been said in the Murli, “These Lakshmi & Narayan are clever. Only then do they become the masters of the world.”(mu.15.10.95, pg.1). So due to these mutually contradictory statements in the Murlis, sometimes the ignorant Brahmins get confused that Baba has spoken one thing somewhere in the Murlis and another thing somewhere else.

But it is not so. Infact whatever Baba says has only one meaning. Why will Baba speak ambiguously? It is said that ‘God is truth’, and truth is only one. Such an illusion is created only because one is not able to guess the correct meaning of the true versions of Baba. Where it has been said ‘Lakshmi & Narayan are fools’ it has been said for the Golden Aged Lakshmi & Narayan i.e., Radha & Krishna. It has also been said, “ Those Lakshmi & Narayan are clever”. Only clever persons can become masters of the world. These words have been used for the Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan, because they make efforts in the Confluence Age and get the inheritance of the kingship of the world directly from the Supreme Soul, the Father. The souls, who obtain the inheritance directly from God, can actually be present only in the Confluence Age , and not in the Golden Age. On the basis of the versions of the Murli also, this fact becomes clear that the Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan are different and the Golden Aged Radha & Krishna, who grow up and assume the title of their parents, i.e., Lakshmi & Narayan are different. The Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan are creators and Radha & Krishna, who grow up to become Golden Aged Lakshmi & Narayan are their creation. So there are only two Golden Aged relationships - one of mother & Father and the other of children, i.e., brother & sister. The foundation for this is laid in the Confluence Age. Only those souls can become Mother & Father who make efforts through this body and attain everything in their life.

In this picture the words that have been written in small letters below the feet of Lakshmi & Narayan--- “From Era 1 to 2500 years”--- The writing of ‘2500 years’ proves that it is the period of the rule of the Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan depicted here in the centre, and that they rule for 2500 years generation after generation. So the reign of Radha & Krishna, who will be born in the Golden Age and become Lakshmi & Narayan, will not be for 2500 years. Their total rule including 8 generations will be for 1250 years only. But here it has been written 2500 years. This also proves that these souls are the souls of Ram & Sita who complete their efforts in the Confluence Age and establish the kingdom of Ram (Ramrajya) and become instrumental in starting the dynasty of Lakshmi & Narayan and these souls will take birth as Ram & Sita in the Silver Age and there their rule will continue for 12 generations. So, the reign of 1250 years in Silver Age and the reign of 1250 years by the name of Lakshmi & Narayan, both kinds of kingdoms are established by the souls of those Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan. That’s why it has been written below their feet— ‘Era 1 to 2500 years’. This write up also makes it clear that the souls of Ram & Sita have been shown to be standing in the circle of light as Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan. They are not the souls who become Golden Aged Lakshmi & Narayan. Yes, but their title will be continued in the Golden Age for 8 generations. This is the reason why it has been written in bold letters below their feet “Golden Aged World Emperor Shri Narayan and World Empress Shri Lakshmi.” This write-up also proves that the Lakshmi & Narayan who are standing in the centre of the circle of Confluence-Aged light, are World Emperors and not Golden Aged Emperors. There is a difference between the World Emperor and Golden Aged Emperor. The World Emperor exists where all the religions of the world are present. Entire world means that the 500 crore human souls will bow before them. The English people will also call Him Lord Krishna. The English people will also accept him. In the Murli also such versions have appeared which prove that the creators of heaven i.e., Lakshmi & Narayan are present in the Confluence Age. For e.g. there is a sentence, “Everyone will call these Lakshmi & Narayan as the creators of heaven—heavenly God Father.” The creators of heaven will only be called as the Heavenly God Father.But it is also true that ever since these souls are revealed as Lakshmi & Narayan, the entry of Supreme Soul Father into them is not proved, because then they become pure. But they get the entire power of the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul to control the world, isn’t it? On this basis this, the Confluence-Aged Lakshmi & Narayan are proved to be different.

After this the second phrase that has been written below in thick writing —“Prior to the engagement, Crown Prince Shri Krishna and Crown Princess Shri Radhe.” (Swayamvarpoorva Maharajkumar Shri Krishna and Maharajkumari Shri Radhe)—this write up also proves that this girl & boy (Radha-Krishna) are the children of a Maharaja (King). That Maharaja is already in place, who is the Maharaja of the entire world. Only then it has been written here Maharajkumar (Crown Prince) Shri Krishna and Maharajkumari (Crown Princess) Shri Radha. This also proves that someone who are the parents of this boy and girl have already been crowned as World Emperors. So it has been said that he is the son of a Maharaja, i.e., his parents are already Maharaja-Maharani. From where did they obtain their empire? They obtained the title of ‘Maharaja’ directly from the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul Shiva, the point of light , on the basis of their efforts. There’s no other corporeal personality who gives them the post of the Maharaja of the World, i.e. there’s no corporeal personality who gives them the emperorship of the world. They obtain the emperorship of the world on the basis of their efforts and the power of the remembrance of the Supreme Soul. Whereas, from whom do Radha & Krishna obtain the Golden Aged Kingship? They do not get it directly from the Supreme Soul. They get the kingship though Lakshmi & Narayan, the deities. So Radha & Krishna who are going to become the Golden Aged Maharajan have got degraded (i.e., they are of lesser grade when compared to confluence aged Lakshmi & Narayan). Why? Because the confluence aged Lakshmi & Narayan obtain the inheritance directly from the Supreme Soul and Radha & Krishna obtain it from those Lakshmi & Narayan, i.e., the deities. However there will be a difference between the inheritance obtained from the Supreme Soul & the inheritance obtained from the deities, isn’t it? This difference has been shown in the picture here.

Another point of this picture is that Lakshmi & Narayan who are transformed from a man to Narayan and a woman to Lakshmi in the Confluence Age, are not the ones who are transformed from man to prince. It is Brahma, i.e., Dada Lekhraj who is transformed from a man to prince in the Golden Age and it is Om Radhe Mama Saraswati who is transformed from a woman to a princess. As for the rest, those personalities who are directly transformed from a man to Narayan and from a woman to Lakshmi, who may be considered to be the souls of Ram-Sita, then those souls, achieve a kanchankaaya (i.e. deity-like body) in this birth itself and by making efforts through this body itself. The souls of Radha & Krishna, who will take birth in the Golden Age, will achieve the kanchankaya (deity like body)by taking birth through their parents. That is not a great achievement; but the big achievement here is that on the basis of the knowledge given by the Father, the Supreme Surgeon, they make such efforts through their body in this birth itself that they convert and rejuvenate the five elements without leaving the body. They will not only rejuvenate the five elements of their body but also become instrumental in changing the collective nature of the entire world, on the basis of the collective power of meditation (Yoga), because Baba has said in the Avyakt Vani that until you change the nature, think that the transformation of the world cannot take place. Nature means five elements. So will the five elements of the body, which is in immediate contact with the soul , change first or will the worldly five elements get transformed first? Both are linked to each other. The world also changes slowly and the five elements of the world also change. But the basis for that is the transformation of the body related to each soul. How does this happen? What is the method? That is something to be understood. Baba has said in the Murlis, ‘I am a surgeon(mu.22.12.01,pg.1).’ So when the Supreme Soul himself will come as a surgeon then He will perform plastic surgery better than the worldly surgeons, won’t he? The plastic surgery done by those surgeons gets deteriorated in this birth itself. It has to be got done twice or thrice. Supreme Soul should be such a surgeon who goes (only) after performing a permanent job. Baba also says, “I give you disease-free body for 21 births”(mu.22.12.01,pg.1). Actually Baba is such a surgeon who makes our body disease-free for 21 births, but our body becomes disease-free in this birth also on the basis of the power of Yoga. For that the example of a washer man has been given, “I am such a wonderful dhobi (washer man), who is a sailor or dhobi, who washes your body-like dress and sails your body-like boat across (from the Iron Age to the Golden Age)”(mu.14.2.01, pg.1). When he is a dhobi, he will indeed be better than the worldly dhobis, won’t he? Even the worldly dhobis do not ask you to leave your clothes and take it in the next birth from them. They too wash the clothes and give it to you in this birth itself, rather just within two or four days , don’t they? O.K, this is not a gross (sthool) cloth, it is infact a body-like dress, which has got deteriorated since 63 births. So the Supreme Soul, the Father gives the guaranteethat He is a wonderful dhobi in the sense that He washes our clothes in such a way that it remains disease free for 21 births. It means that He is not a wonderful dhobi in the sense that He will wash the cloth and give it in the next birth and will tear off our cloth in this birth. No.

As it is those Brahma kumar- kumaris have fixed a target, "Brahma is our only Guru. Brahma is everything for us. Our efforts cannot be more than this." So for those who have taken an incomplete aim of getting transformed from man to prince, it is possible that they leave their body. But Baba has given us this very famous aim, described in Gita as getting transformed from man to Narayan, so the body of Narayan will definitely be a kanchan body (i.e., a deity-like body). So the Supreme Soul makes our body deity-like in this birth itself. What will be its mode? It has also been said, “ The example of snake is that of you children.”(mu.14.10.02,pg.4) Those Sanyasis (monks) however just pick up the false example. They give an example, but actually it is about you children. Just as snakes shed their skin, you children also will shed your old skin and attain new skin. The body-like dress is the skin. Like Brahma Baba we will not shed this skin and leave it permanently. Actually, the example of snake is an accurate example. When the snake sheds its skin, it does not die. The snake remains alive. It sheds its skin three or four times in its life and then dies. Just as it has been told in the explanation of the world drama wheel that the soul consisting of mind and intellect has to pass through four stages while getting transformed from tamopradhan (totally degraded) to satopradhan (highly purified). It has to pass through the stages of ‘Up & Down’ four times mentally in the shooting period. The Golden Aged shooting, Silver Aged shooting, Copper Aged shooting and Iron Aged shooting. Four kalpas (four cycles) are merged in the shooting of these four ages. In the shooting of those four ages a soul goes ‘Up’ as well as ‘Down’. So just as there are three or four dimensions involved in the purification of a soul, which it has to pass through, similarly, in order to purify the body, the body also has to pass through three-four dimensions. It will not become kanchankaaya (deity-like body) in just one chance. First the soul, consisting of mind & intellect becomes satopradhan (highly purified) because until the soul becomes satopradhan the body cannot become satopradhan. For the soul, Baba has said, “Your soul will keep becoming golden and the bodies will go on rotting.” Until when? The bodies will keep on rotting until the world consisting of 500 crores souls with conflicting resolves is present. When the world of 500 crores is destroyed, when the genuine souls of deity religion belonging to a similar type will remain in the world, then there shall be one vibration. Due to the uniform vibration, the power of fraternity (sangathan) will be created, vibrations will be transformed, and due to that the nature will also begin to be transformed.

So after the year 2000, the entire world of Brahma will be destroyed, the opposing (virodhi) souls will return back to the Soul World. A few seed-like souls, who will be left in this world, will be so deeply immersed in the remembrance of the Supreme Soul that when in this Manasi world (a world believed to be created through the thoughts of Brahma, the creator in Hindu mythology) the thoughts will be jammed in all the four directions like the ice , then they will have to get embedded in it.

In the picture of World Drama Wheel, it was told that after the year 2000 the balance of earth would get disturbed due to atomic explosions. There will be big earthquakes. The mountains of ice on the unlimited North Pole & South Pole will melt. The level of ocean will rise. The big unlimited continents will be submerged in the depth of the ocean. At that time the heat that will be generated through atomic explosions, will cause the water of the ocean to boil and when the vapours from the ocean will rise into the sky and cause torrential rains for many days, then due to its effect the atmosphere of the earth which had become hot due to the atomic explosions, will become cool. The axis of the earth will change. For once there will be an atmosphere of ice everywhere on the earth. In that ice, the souls who have made the highest efforts will leave their body and reach the Soul World through their mind & intellect. As for the body, it will be safe, and as per the proverb ant matey so gatey (as the mind is at the end, so will be the salvation), when the souls will return then they would have reached the stage of soul consciousness, that is in a mature stage of soul consciousness. They will remain in soul conscious stage and make efforts for a long time, because Confluence Age has been said to be of 100 years, which means that even after the year 2000, until 2036-37 when the 100 years of the Confluence Age will be completed, some souls will continue to make efforts. So during that period, the souls who are the ones to give birth to Radha & Krishna, the souls who will be proved to be the World Emperor & World Empress in the world, will change the five elements of their bodies within 18 years on the basis of the power of Yoga within the shortest period. Within that 18 years period, they will have to pass through three or four dimensions. The entire body will not become 100 percent in just one chance. For e.g., if a person falls sick for a long time, then his upper skin wears off, and a new skin appears. So a similar thing will take place. There will be transformation once, then second time, then third time and then the body becomes completely Kanchankaaya (deity-like/gold-like body)(or golden body) in the fourth time. Then children like Radha & Krishna take birth through such persons whose bodies have become kanchankaaya. In this way, the first issue will be Radha & Krishna and Radha & Krishna will not be the only children, other children will also start taking birth. In this way, in the next 18 years (from 2018 to 2036), the four and a half lakh souls who make efforts, who are seed like souls, who will make their bodies kanchankaaya , will be ready in their mature stage, and will give birth to four and half lakh children like Radha & Krishna till 2036. In this manner the deities with kanchankaaya will give birth to children with kanchankaaya. So those great effort makers like Lakshmi & Narayan are proved to be the souls who make their bodies kanchankaaya in this birth only. As for the rest, the souls like Radha & Krishna take next birth and obtain the property of kanchankaaya on the basis of the efforts of their parents. They do not make their bodies kanchankaaya through their own efforts.

The next dimension of understanding this picture of Lakshmi & Narayan is that we have to become Lakshmi & Narayan here itself, we have to make our bodies kanchankaaya here only. That’s all right, but there is an accusation famous in the Brahmin world about those who have to make their bodies kanchankaaya here only. The accusation is that Ram & Sita have infact failed. In the Murlis Baba has said, “Ram & Sita failed. So the Ram & Sita who have failed will have to become the servant and maidservant (daas-daasi) of Radha & Krishna.”(a.v.25.5.73, pg.3).The first thing is that in the Golden Age, nature will be the maidservant. In the Golden Age there’s no need for keeping any servant or maidservant, because there all souls are elevated. This matter of becoming servant or maidservant is here in the Confluence Age. In the Golden Age there’s is no matter of becoming daas-daasi. In the Confluence Age there are some such souls who are proved to be daas daasi, because as parents, they make efforts like daas-daasi. Because even in the (outside) world the parents are called first class daas-daasi (servants) of their children as they foster them. Giving birth to children, sustaining them in the womb for nine months, enabling them to read & write, cleaning their urine and ******* (i.e. changing their nappies),enabling them to grow and after they grow up, entrusting them their life long income. Who will be better servants & maidservants than them? Baba tells us in the Murlis, “Children, I am your most obedient servant.”(4.7.02,pg.3) So when ShivBaba Himself has come as the most obedient servant of us children, then if the parents become the servant & the maidservant of their children in the Golden Age, then is it a big issue? In the world this tradition had prevailed in the Golden Age, the Silver Age, Copper Age and is prevalent in the Iron Age too. It’s not something to be looked down upon that Ram & Sita will become daas-daasi. Baba talks of unlimited matters in an unlimited way. By taking it in a limited sense one develops a vision of hatred. So the souls of Ram & Sita made the great efforts of giving birth to children in the new world. This world runs on the basis of the great efforts made by the 4-5 lakh Ram & Sita like souls. Just as a seed is imperishable, similarly four and a half lakh souls who take complete 84 births are imperishable seeds. Seed is only called Father. These ancestor-like souls, who give birth to Radha & Krishna like children, become daas-daasi in the form of mother & Father. Actually, they need not perform the actions of daas-daasi in the Golden Age. Baba has also said this matter in the following way in Murlis “Mother and Father are like servant and maid-servant of their children.” (mu.16.10.74).

So in the picture of Lakshmi & Narayan this point is also solved that the souls of Ram & Sita will become daas-daasi in the form of mother and Father. Actually, they need not become daas-daasi in the Golden Age.

The next point to be understood in the picture of Lakshmi & Narayan is that the children like Radha & Krishna who will be born in the Golden Age will be born as twins, i.e. a brother and a sister will be born together. Its proof is given in this picture also. Look at the faces of Radha & Krishna carefully. Is there anything in common between them? Are the faces not ‘the same’? They are certainly the same. Even in today’s world there is a lot of similarity between the bodies and faces of the twins who are born, because they have made similar efforts. There remains a little bit of difference, because there will be some differences in the efforts of each soul. So there were some differences in the efforts made by Mama and Baba in the Confluence Age. As for the rest, both were equal effort makers. That is why in the Golden Age also they take birth together, they leave their bodies together. They get the similar facial expressions. So by listening to this some Brahmakumars and Brahmakumaris, who are more body conscious say, “Arey! These people talk disgusting things that we will be born as brothers & sisters there, and the brothers& sisters will grow up and get married.” Arey! There will not be functions etc in the Golden Age. There will not be any need for celebrating functions, marriages, festivals etc. in the Golden Age. Everyday is a celebration there, a function there. Functions are celebrated in this world where people are sorrowful. So they celebrate some or the other festival for a day and feel happy . In the Golden Age such a separate day is not fixed, there is no such coronation. However the mention of swayamvar in the scriptures pertains to the Confluence Age. Swayamyar means making our choice (of the partner) (Swayam= self, varan= choice). It has already been mentioned that the Confluence-Aged Radha & Krishna are different and the Golden Aged Radha & Krishna are different. The Confluence-Aged Radha & Krishna, who have been described along with Kans, Jarasandh (demoniac Kings) in the scriptures are infact a matter of praveshata(incarnation, i.e. of entering into the body). Kansi & Jarasindhis are not however present in the Golden Age. The picture here also proves that Radha & Krishna are coupled children . Apart from this, Baba has said in the Murli , “Krishna will not be said to be the husband (Swami) of Radha.”(mu.5.9.02,pg.2). When they are brother and sister then how can he be the husband? When they grow up, children will be born through drishtiyoga (love of sight) and oral love. There is infact no connection of the corrupt organs in it. It is the matter of the power of Yoga, the power of the elevated organs. It is a matter of attraction of mind and intellect. Since there is no body consciousness in the power of Yoga (yogbal), their mutual love remains like that of a brother and sister only. There’s nothing disgusting in it. Due to body consciousness such thoughts arise in peoples' mind.
Second matter is that Baba has said , “There will not be many relationships in the Golden Age. The relationships will be very light. Mother, Father, brother and sister; there will not be any other relationships.”(mu.8.12.00,pg.3). The foundation for this is laid here in the Confluence Age. In our Brahmin world, what’s our mutual relationship? Our mutual relationship is that of a brother and sister and that of our mother and Father(the world mother and world Father)! That’s all. There’s no other relationship. As for the rest all our relationships are cancelled here. These resolves of ours’ will also be transferred to the Golden Age. Little indeed will there be a lot of relationships? Absence of a lot of relationships there, means that the relationships of chacha ( paternal uncle), Mama (maternal uncle), kaka (younger paternal uncle), tau (elder paternal uncle) come to an end. If these relationships begin to exist even there then the world of sorrow will be created there also. Suppose the parents of Krishna are separate and the parents of Radha are separate then Krishna will have a separate sister and Radha too will have a brother. Later on if both get married then they will have Saala (Brother-in-law ) and bhanja (sister’s son) also, then , there will be chacha (paternal uncle) and naana (maternal grand Father) also. Then infact all the relationships of the Iron-Aged world have begun . It does not happen so there. In the picture a heading is given—‘Maharajkumar (crown prince) Shri Krishna and Maharajkumari (crown princess) Shri Radhe. Then will there be two kings in the Golden Aged world also? Baba has come to establish one kingdom in the entire world. There will be one king , one religion, one direction /opinion, and one language in the entire world----this is the aim given to us. So will Radha and Krishna have separate parents? Will there be two separate kings in the world? No. Actually, in the new world establishment by ShivBaba, there will be only one Maharaja (Emperor) and one Maharani (Empress). Just as the Maharaja and Maharani, all other couples will give birth to coupled twins. Someone asks a question that when all the couples give birth to twins only, i.e. mother and Father give birth to two children only, then how will the population increase in the next generation? How will the population increase in the Golden Age? So Baba has clarified this in the Murli. Baba has said , “In the royal family, only two children will be born because of more royalty. There are some fourth-class category subjects also. Their population is also more.” So among them some parents give birth to two pairs of twins also. Twins are born twice in the same life, then the same parents will give birth to four children also. But in the beginning of the Golden Age, that act(of giving birth to the twins) will take place less frequently and at the end of the Golden Age, the twins take birth in large numbers. In this way the population increases slowly.

The next heading in this picture is—“The corruption and vices will end in India (Bharat) in the next 10 years and after the forth coming war the Kingdom of Suryavanshi Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan is going to arrive soon.”

This writing proves that the word ‘Prajapita’ (Father of the subjects) has appeared (in the Murlis & pictures) after Mama passed away in 1966. In the picture of Trinity and the picture of Lakshmi & Narayan the word ‘Prajapita’ has not been added to “Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya”(Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University). The pictures of Lakshmi & Narayan & the Ladder have been prepared after 1966. In those pictures the word Prajapita has been added-----Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. This proves that this picture was prepared first of all in 1966 and this declaration of 10 years has been made in 1966. This period of declaration ends in 1976. So corruption and vices should end in India within 10 years by 1976. But this matter was understood in a limited sense. So the Brahamkumaris who think in a limited sense thought that corruption and vices did not end in India in 1976. Entire India is a far away proposition; there is not even a single Brahmakumar and Brahmakumari who has become free from corruption and vices. That’s why either this picture was removed or the 10 years declaration made in this picture has been removed. So they pasted a slip on the 10 years declaration. But it was not necessary.

“Unlimited Father speaks to unlimited children in an unlimited sense.”(mu.25.2.00, pg.1). The word Bharat (India) is not meant for the land of India or the 70-80 crore human souls of India. India is called Bharat mata (Mother India). So it proves that certainly there’s a mother who represents India, for whom it has been said in Avyakat Vanis, “ “Bharatmata Shivshakti Avtaar, (Mother India is the incarnation of Shiva’s consort i.e. Shakti), this is the slogan for the last period.” So Shivshaktis will emerge who will end vices from the world; corruption from the world. Shaktis are said to be sangharkarini (destroyers of the evil), but here corruption and vices should have ended from India in 1976. So the reality is that the sentence uttered by Baba that corruption and vices would end in India in 10 years, infact, that incognito Shakti / power starts playing an elevated role from 1976 only. Corruption and vices end through her only. She does not become a devi (female deity) in her life in practical actions. Devi-devtas (the deities) will be revealed as couples. Revelation does not take place in a single form. But the proof for this is that the unity brought about by purity is certainly seen. Wherever there is purity there will certainly be unity. If there is no purity there will not be unity. Baba has given the example of a Queen Bee , “When one queen bee (honeybee) flies from the beehive then the entire swarm(of bees) follow her.”(mu.1.11.96,pg.2). Actually, it’s a matter related to this Yagya (Godly fraternity) and establishing a new beehive. The queen bee is ready since 1976, only it is a matter of leaving one fraternity form of beehive and establishing another beehive through her. In this manner, when the Mother India, the incarnation of Shiv Shakti, takes a revelation-like birth, then everyone will follow her. All the great souls of the Brahmin family, the souls who give special importance to purity will follow her.

Then, is only Bharatmata (Mother India) praised? She is Mother India, however a widow is not worshipped , infact a widow is looked down upon. In India, people especially sing, ‘Vande Mataram’ (I bow to you Oh Mother!) and ‘Jai Matadi’ (Hail to you Oh Mother!). When people remain awake throughout the night in the worship of devi (female deity) then they remember just the mother as if there is no Father. But no; if there’s a mother then there will be a Father behind who acts like a canopy. But yes, Baba has certainly kept Shaktis (mothers) on the forefront. Baba himself wants to get revealed later on and wants to reveal the Shaktis (mothers & sisters) first. On this basis, if she is Bharatmata (Mother India) then along with her Father is also certainly present and that Father is not just the Father of India, but he is the Father of the world, because mother looks after the house and Father looks after the outside matters as well as the house household matters. So he is the Father of the world(Vishwapita) because Brahma becomes Vishnu, isn’t it? So the soul who is transformed from Brahma to Vishnu is the mother of India (Bharatmata). Foreigners do not have faith in Godmother. They have faith in Godfather . Indians have faith in God Mother also. They believe, “You’re the mother and you only are the Father too(twameva mata cha pita twameva)” - they believe in the Father too. Our India is a country of the path of household. Here the ancient deity religion, which believes in the household, flourishes. In order to lay the foundation for that religion, that Father who enables the Shaktis to make efforts is already present, due to which she is revealed in the world as Bharatmata (Mother India) and that Father is the head of Rudramala (rosary of seed-like souls), who is called Shankar. About the head of Rudramala i.e., Shankar it’s famous in scriptures that though he used to drink poison though he has been shown as vicious , but the poison had stopped in his throat. The poison did not have any effect on him internally. For the ignorant people from outside he appears to be vicious, one who beholds kalank (dirty charges), i.e. Kalankidhar(the defamed one), but actually he is nishkalank (innocent or not guilty). So that word ‘Bharat’ applies to both mother and Father. It is not that the mother becomes vice less and Father was vicious. It means that the souls of Ram & Sita make such efforts in the Confluence-Aged world of Brahmins, which is an effort of a mysterious pace, because Baba has said in the Murlis, “Shankar’s role is so wonderful that you children also cannot understand it(mu.15.5.75)”. The role of Parvati (Shankar’s consort) will not be so wonderful. Everyone will understand it very easily. That’s why everyone will start following her immediately. There’s some secret hidden in the understanding of the role of Shankar. The souls who understand the depth of that RajYoga are depicted as just 16,000 gop-gopis (friends of Krishna). The meaning of Gop-Gopika is one who makes secret (gupt) efforts. The entire world will not be able to understand the depth of that matter as to how those Gop-Gopikas had established a secret relationship with that Supreme Soul? In which that yogi was also present. How was he a yogi even while living in the household life, in the life where he enjoyed the pleasure of the senses?

So it’s a matter to be understood that the mother became viceless since 1976 and on the basis of her purity she established her unity. A gathering of Shivshaktis was formed. Among so many Brahmakumars & Brahmakumaris who have dedicated their lives in India and the foreign countries, will there not be 108 Shaktis who are totally dedicated to purity number wise and as per their efforts? OK if not 108, there might be at least one. The version that Baba has narrated , “The corruption and vices are going to end in India in 1976” has been said for that one Shakti. Someone may ask for a proof. Its proof is that if that soul has an impression of purity, then her unity will also be sharper when compared to other Brahmakumaris. Other Brahmakumaris are afraid of being transferred. They think, “Who knows that unity will be formed on the basis of our purity or not, that’s why we do not want to get transferred.” But that Shakti, who forms unity on the basis of her purity, establishes unity on the basis of her purity even if she is transferred anywhere, to any country or province of the world, even to a country of Negroes like Africa. So this is a proof that there’s a Shakti in India who has become ready since 1976. Corruption and vices have ended from a living Bharatmata (mother India). When that Shaktimata (mother shakti) is present then the Father is also certainly present. Well, it is true that one is purity of mind and intellect and the other is a gross physical purity. So the purity of mind & intellect is purity without attachment—nashtomoha smritilabdha (detachment and remembrance of God). Well, you children may perform any action through your organs but it should be in the remembrance of Father. So your actions (karma) will also become akarma (actions without any positive or negative effect). But the remembrance should be 100 percent. Even if the remembrance is 99 percent and there is one percent body consciousness then that action will result in a sin. Baba has said in a Murli, “I cause destruction through such a person on whom no sin mounts” Shankar’s role is unique. His role is indeed that of the world Father. He’s referred to as ‘twam adidevah purushah puraanah” (you are the first deity ; you’re the most ancient man) and “Jagatam pitaram vande Parvati Parmeshwarau”(I bow to the World Father and the Lord of Parvati) in the scriptures. But Parvati’s role can infact be understood. The one who (puts one across)causes salvation is only called Parvati (Paar lay jaaney wali). That part opens in the end. It is also said that the hidden Rustum (one who hides his face under the bushel) comes out in the end.

So the last point in this picture regarding the 10 years declaration is right. It is not false that corruption & vices did not end from India in 10 years. The word Bharat (India) applies to the souls of Ram & Sita. To give a hint about this, Baba has told a statement also, “In Ramayana (epic) the entire story is based on Bharat . Only the technique of explanation is required.(mu.8.1.95,pg.3)” Arey! Is the entire story in Ramayana based on Ram & Ravan or on Bharat? Baba has proved that actually the story of Ramayana is based on hero & heroine. It’s obviously not based on the villain. Who are the hero & heroine of Ramayana? It is Ram & Sita. Actually, Ram & Sita are the souls who represent Bharat (India). Whenever an example is given for the code of conduct (Maryadas), then one points towards Maryadas purushottom Ram (highest among men in respect of code of conduct). If anyone asks, “ What kind of a Maryadas purushottom is he, who has been depicted in the scriptures & pictures as one who drinks poison? Why has he been picturised like that? Actually this too is a secret, which has to be understood and explained.

Om Shanti

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The Tree

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ShivBaba’s (via Virendra Dev Dixit) Murli
Advance Course “KALPAVRIKSHA” (1 HOUR)

This picture of world tree measuring 30x 40 inches, is one of the oldest pictures among the four pictures prepared on the basis of divine visions. Baba had first of all got the folders of Trimurti (Trinity), Kalpavriksha (the world tree), World Drama Cycle prepared in 1960-61, when the book named ‘Sachhi Gita Saar’ (True Gita Summary) was published. On the basis of the advance knowledge, in this, along with the roots, the seeds have been added below.

The seeds are the seed-like souls who give birth even to the roots and who were present along with the seed, Father Ram, at the beginning of the Yagya and now, after Brahma has left his body, they have taken rebirth as a Brahmin and gallop ‘last so fast’ to become great effort making souls. Here we see that the upside down tree has been shown in an upright way. Actually, its roots are upwards and the branches are downwards. The branches shown downwards are oriented towards downfall. The roots, i.e. base-like souls and their seed-like souls are oriented upwards because the seed initially mixes itself with the soil (khaak or ash) which Avyakt Baapdada also says in Murli, “Now it shall be seen, who becomes ash and how many become, and it will also be seen as to who is the one among the crores or one among the lakhs who will come out”.

Seeds are present before the roots. In the beginning of the Yagya, these seed-like souls were the ones to play the role first of all. Those who were there in the beginning will now once again be revealed in the end in the form of Advance Party, in the form of ‘last so fast’ effort makers (purusharthi). There’s a proverb “Daana khaak may milkar guley gulzaar hota hai”. (The seed mixes itself with the ash to create a garden). If the seed does not mix itself with the ash then the gulshan, i.e. garden cannot be prepared. Here, there are four parts in the Kalpa tree - Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, the Iron age right at the top and the fifth part, i.e. the Confluence Age has been shown along with the roots & seeds, where the seeds of every religion are sown, the foundation for every religion is laid, which is being laid now.

Along with the foundation being laid for every kind of religion, the Supreme Father Supreme Soul, who lays the foundation for the deity religion also plays the role through Prajapita Brahma in this Confluence Age only. Here the pictures that have been given as the Father and mother, in that place one should consider that same Prajapita and Brahma respectively. In different religions they have been called by various other names: Aadam-Havva, Adam-Eve, Adidev-Adidevi. Bodily human gurus lay the foundations for other religions. Brahmins are also humans only. That is why in the Indian tradition, 9 gotras (lineages) of Brahmins are considered. Particularly the Brahmins belonging to the 9 gotras connected to the 9 religions are shown to be sitting on the roots here, whose seeds are also of 9 types.

There are different seeds of every religion. Seed contains more power. That is why precisely these 9 seeds are praised as the unlimited 9 gems, which become ash by dying alive, i.e. they make themselves into ash. They accomplish the Godly task even by becoming ash. They are the numberwise children of Brahma, through whom the expansion of the entire world takes place. They themselves also obtain numberwise attainments from the Supreme Soul, the Father and also become instrumental in enabling their followers to obtain the attainments. But here in the upper portion of the roots ten base-like Brahmin souls of ten religions and their ten seed-like souls have been shown.

Actually, from amongst them, the atheist religion’s root and seed are totally irreligious in the name of religion. Actually, they are not Brahmins at all, because they do not make any attainments from Father Brahma, they only cause destruction. They do not give any creative cooperation in the Godly task. That is why; they are not numberwise as they are not included in the list of Brahmins. They cannot even be included among the 9 gems. As for the rest, the base-like & seed-like Brahmins of the by-plot religions are shown to be sitting on the right and left sides of the tree and the founders of the world tree in the form of mother and Father are shown to be sitting on the roots that are shown to be almost missing in the middle.

They are not Brahma-Saraswati, because Saraswati is Brahma’s daughter. That is why; Brahma-Saraswati cannot be called the couple form who lay the foundation for the deity religion, which follows the path of household. Actually, Brahma and his daughter Saraswati, they do not become any couple form (mu.2.10.98,pg.3). Those who had laid the foundation at the beginning of the Yagya have now almost vanished from the Yagya. It is them, who have to be revealed now as the founders of deity religion, as the couple form of the path of household. Now the original foundation has almost vanished in the eyes of Brahmins. It cannot be said to have completely vanished. It has almost vanished (mu.25.10.01, pg.1).

For this, an example of the Banyan tree of Calcutta is given. It is a world like tree whose wood-like bones do not decay even while in water. In the upper portion of the root, where the tree does not get moisture, only that part gets decayed. That is why, the lower portion of roots is said to have almost vanished. It does not vanish completely because it keeps getting the moisture of the water of knowledge. That is why the foundation of the deity religion, which follows the household path, does not vanish completely, but it is said to be almost vanished, whereas the roots of the other religions, i.e. their base-like Brahmins are seen directly. Here in the tree, the seeds of 10 types, roots of 10 base-like souls and 10 main branches have been shown. The descriptions of the salient features of those 10 religions have to be given here necessarily. So it is also necessary to know which the ten main religions are and what are their specialties and which are the souls who play a special part in those religions, through which easy recognition of the souls of every religion can be made.

First of all is the Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharma or the deity religion. Their main salient feature is tolerance. Tolerance is the king of all virtues. One or two souls who imbibe this virtue should certainly be present in each Brahmakumari Ashram, who will certainly possess the virtue of imperishable tolerance like Brahma. Such unending tolerance that is seen in the souls of the deity religion, will not be seen in the souls of other religions. Just as it is said, “Dharat pariye par dharam na chodiye” (You may fall dead on the ground but you should not leave your religion). This will be their natural and consistent salient feature. They will not experience any special effort, i.e. hard work in imbibing this feature.

The second special religion of this world tree is Kshatriya (warrior) religion, whose special salient feature is the power to face situations and power to assimilate, (which has been the special religion of Indian Kings). In India, mostly the souls of the Kshatriya (warrior) class only became the kings, in whom the power to face situations has been seen specially. It’s not so that they do not possess tolerance at all. But generally, why will a person possessing power, tolerate? In spite of possessing the power of tolerance, they possess the nature of facing, against the oppressors. They will certainly face even in the most dangerous circumstances. Just as in the Avyakt Vani, BapDada has described two special virtues of the ocean, “The ocean faces the storms through the waves of knowledge, and it is the special feature of the souls of the warrior class to assimilate or accept opposing souls of any kind among themselves, as per the historical Indian traditions.” - (mu.21.9.75,pg.121) Though the cruel, tyrannous tormenting followers of foreign religions came to India and caused so much oppression, attacked repeatedly, looted; but even then the Indian kings faced them as well as assimilated them, whenever required.

India is a country of mother and Father, because Ram is called Father and Krishna is a soul of deity religion with a gentle nature of motherly affection, motherly love (mu.10.11.01,pg.1). Ram & Krishna both are the hero & heroine, mother & Father, Aadam & Havva, or Adam & Eve of the world like stage. The strictness of Father is embedded in the soul of Ram, who is the seed of the Kshatriya dharma (warrior religion). The power of the essence form of the entire world like tree is embedded in that seed like Father. So he will certainly possess the special feature of assimilating all the human souls.

The next, i.e. third religion is Islam. It is the number one religion of the leftist path. Leftist path means, one which shows the opposite path. Its special feature is that it is highly lustful (mahakaami). One is lustful (kaami), i.e. one who is immersed in the lust of one’s husband or wife only. This one is called lustful. But mahakaami (highly lustful) is the one whose lust does not get satisfied by just one person. The example of a dog is given for mahakaami. Don’t they say, ‘a lustful dog’? So the particular feature of their life is becoming vyabhichari (adulterous), due to which the population of the world started increasing rapidly from the Copper Age. Actually, the population of the Islamic people who were later on called Muslims increased rapidly. In them, in the beginning, i.e. in the Copper Age there was a tradition of marriage even between brothers & sisters . They were so vicious & vyabhichari. Vyabhichar (i.e. adutery) is a part of their religion. Not only men, but women also marry and even divorce several times in their life. All this is in fact, as per the plan of drama, because had they not done so, their population would never have increased.

After this, the next religion is -- Buddhism. The special feature of Mahatma Buddha has been ‘non-violence in a limited sense’. When Buddha came to India, the tradition of violent yagyas (sacrificial altars) was prevalent with much pomp in India. Not only animals, but also human beings and the children were cut into pieces & baked in the sacrificial altar (Yagya). Their flesh used to be baked in fire and consumed as an auspicious offering (prasad). It was called Narmedh Yagya (a sacrificial altar where human beings were sacrificed). At that time Mahatma Buddha arrived and opposed these violent yagyas.

Those who followed him, i.e., the Buddhists abandoned this violent tradition. Initially the path of household was accorded special importance in Buddhism. They were the ones who used to give special importance to Brahmacharya (celibacy). But later on, after sometime, when due to their innocence, men & women started living together in the Buddhist Vihars, then vyabhichar became widespread in them. And when the disclosure of this fact took place, then the male Buddhists started getting a feeling of deep renunciation and they started becoming Sanyasis of the path of isolation. That is why Baba has said in a Vani, “When did Sanyasis (Indian monks) come? (They come) a little before the Christians”.(mu.25.4.73,pg.4)

Actually, the Sanyasis (Hindu monks) who were initiated into monkshood by Shankaracharya came later on, but before them the souls of Buddhism only had started becoming Sanyasis. So ‘the renunciation of home and background in limited sense and the non-violence in limited sense’ has been the special feature of Buddhists. The non-violence of Buddhists is a cowardly non-violence. That is why they did not at all face the foreign mercenaries. They handed over their wives & children very easily to the tormentors and became dependent forever. This is the reason why Buddhism could not remain in existence for a long period in the world and this is the reason why today atheism, i.e. the communism of Russia is popular in all the lands under Buddhism.

Next, i.e. the fifth religion is Christianity of Christ. The main feature of Christianity is ‘secret anger’. It is the second number religion following the leftist path. It is not that its followers do not possess the sex lust i.e. an attitude of vyabhichar like those of the Islamis. They too possess an attitude of prostitution i.e. of giving divorce and of having many relationships in the same life. But when compared to the Islamic people this is a religion, which develops in the cold regions. As the land of Islam is hot, it increases sex lust, whereas the European land of Christians being basically cold gives rise to cold anger, cold anger means that their nature is not like Shankar to display anger immediately.

These Christians will remain peaceful when they feel angry. One will not know that anger has found a place in their mind. They will appear to be very peaceful and a personification of civilization. But internally a volcano of anger will begin to amass. On finding an opportunity the volcano of anger assumes such a dangerous form that they don’t hesitate to develop materials of dangerous repercussions like atomic bombs against their enemies, even if its explosion engulfs the entire world and even if their own race is completely destroyed like the iron missiles which emerged from the intellect like stomach of the Yadavas of Mahabharat fame. In spite of understanding such dangerous results very well, they cannot control their anger. They keep making efforts constantly to make a full-fledged attack.

The second special feature of these Christians is to act or show off the outwardly civilization, i.e. to enact the drama of the pope (popeleela), to increase such dangerous and fearsome cold anger within themselves in a secret manner(mu.24.3.99, pg.3). This feature of exhibition is such that it gives rise to the special art of advertisement. Their art of advertisement showed such a miracle that they proved the ancient Indian civilization to be uncivilized and backward. They have proved in the history that the Aryans came from Europe and that backward people used to live in India. They made the ancient European civilization of Greece and Rome famous, whereas the reality is just opposite. In this manner, the special features of Christians become cold anger, the drama of exhibition (popeleela) and thirdly cheating of advertisement’. All these three features are just opposite to the ancient traditions of India.

The next sixth religion is ‘Sanyas Dharma’ i.e. the religion of renunciation. This is also an indigenous (swadeshi) Indian religion like the Buddhists. Buddhists have been basically followers of the path of household, whereas, the founder of the Sanyas Dharma i.e. Aadi Shankaracharya, has been the one to adopt the path of renunciation since childhood. They keep developing and prospering in India only from the Copper Age until the end of the Iron Age. Only in the last 100 years, they spread to the foreign countries due to the fear of their superficiality being exposed in India. After going there, they start displaying the physical procedures of hatt Yoga (an ancient system of meditation involving difficult physical postures) in the name of ancient Yoga, Sahaj (easy) Yoga of India.

The special feature of this religion is ‘cowardly purity’. It is just as if someone spends five to ten years in jail and after coming out of jail, he starts boasting about his purity (Brahmacharya), that he followed Brahmacharya (celibacy) for ten years. So they are very expert in inculcating such a compelled purity while living happily away from the opposite sex (doorbaaz-khushbaaz wali pavitrata). It is impossible for them to imbibe purity while living in the household with wife and children. That is why they kept running away towards jungles by calling the women to be the gateway to hell. They neglected their shortcomings and started pointing out at others’ shortcomings. Even then, although their purity is a cowardly purity, but at least they have liking for purity. By remaining pure, they have at least prevented India from downfall.

When the land tradition of having many queens, by quoting the example of 16000 queens of Krishna, at the time when considering the worship of Krishna, was being followed by the Indian kings under the influences of lewd foreigners and when the subjects also started going towards the dangerous netherworld (rasaatal), while quickly becoming hell-going (narkagaami) by becoming addicted to lewdness on the footsteps of their kings, then at that time at the end of Copper Age, in the beginning of this religion, the Indians, who were witnessing downfall got a message of purity, due to which the kings of India renounced their luxury and started following a life of penance and India was saved from falling to the depth of downfall.

The specialty of Sanyas Dharma is that with the power of purity, they play the pure Indian role of renunciation and penance in the beginning, when they were in the satopradhan (pure) stage. But in the end, the same Sanyasis after becoming tamoprodhan (degraded) prove to be the ones who play the role of pleasure seeking, sex-indulging pure alienness (videsheeyata). The equipments or materials of sexual pleasures & high-class luxuries, which are not available even with the householders of good rich houses, can also be seen at their places in plenty. (mu.28.12.98, pg.2). Some Sanyasis even possess personal aeroplanes to roam around. The meaning is that these Sanyasis are neither strong in the Indian race nor in the foreign races. That is why in the Indian scriptures they have been termed as Nakul (the fourth brother) among the Pandavas (of the Mahabharata epic). Nakul means (‘na is kul ke na us kul ke’) one who neither belongs to this race (kul) nor to that race (kul).

One of the Pandavas was named Nakul from among the five Pandavas. Nakul means Nevla (a mongoose). The nature of a mongoose means that their nature is to refute the poisonous snakes that spit the vices-like venom. The religions, which spit the venom of vices, are the religions following the leftist path, i.e. Islam, Christianity, Muslim religion and the atheism of Russia. Baba has also said, “ when the Sanyasis will come out (in your support) in the end, then you children will become victorious”; because these Sanyasis will only expose the foreigners and heretics after knowing the true knowledge. Although, the main feature of Sanyasis is cowardly purity only but, in the beginning and in the end, their capital of purity of many births proves useful for the upliftment of India anyway. This is the reason that they are very proud of the cowardly purity. After the atheist religion of Russia, the maximum ego of the second number in the world is also seen in the souls of this Sanyas religion, but there is a slight difference. At least they believe in the incorporeal Supreme Soul. Well, they say ‘Shivoham’ (i.e. I am Shiva) but at least they believe in the virtues of the Supreme Soul. But their ego increases to such a level that they consider themselves to be God. This matter is very deadly.

Next religion is Muslim religion. This religion was spread by Mohammad, when the blind faith of idol worship among the Arabians, i.e. Islamic people had increased to the maximum level. Earlier in fact, they were idol worshippers. Then Mohammad came and refuted this blind faith and most of the Islamic people started following Mohammad because Islam is a religion established by a human being. That is why a religion established by a human being cannot remain in a pure stage for a long time. That religion started witnessing downfall very fast because of the blind faith, blind belief and the passion for sex lust. In order to give a new form to that religion, Mohammad came and established Muslim religion. It is not that the sex lust vanished from the Muslim religion. The sex lust had to increase and not decrease day by day, because the blood is the same as that of the Islamic people.

It is a historical fact that the Arabian country is a desert area. Nothing could be grown there. Now within 100-200 years, the reserves of oil were discovered, then due to it they became rich. Otherwise, earlier there was a lot of poverty there, because when their population increased very fast, then the desert area could not provide them the money & property and when they started becoming poor, then their resolves of spending their life in comforts, sexual pleasures and lewdness started getting obstructed. So in order to fulfill those desires, their eyes fell on prosperous India and they collected in lakhs and made big-big armies and attacked and looted India, troubled like tormentors, caused arson and looting. Their attacks on India are famous in the history. So in the history of the world they are proved to be a greedy religion. They are lustful but they are also greedy. The extent to which greed is embedded in them is not found in any other religion of the world. And also no other religion of this world became as aggressive and atrocious as them on the basis of this greed.

The next religion is - Sikhism. The tortures of Muslims began (in India) in the end of the Copper Age, i.e. from the seventh or eighth century, i.e. the attacks of Muslims had started from the beginning of the Iron Age itself. Mohammad Bin Quasim made the first attack in the beginning of the Iron Age, i.e. about 1300 years ago. Beginning from then on until the middle of the Iron Age, i.e. fourteenth century, the dominance of Muslims increased in the world to such an extent that their rule spread to almost the whole of India, particularly their tortures also increased to such an extent, that they were beyond limit. They forcibly converted Hindus into Muslims at the edge of the sword. So in order to face their attacks, such a soul came from the Soul World, which awakened the dormant Rajputs (Kshatriya /warrior class) and gave them such knowledge that the souls of Kshatriya religion, the Rajputs with strong bodies, who had a lower level of intellect are even today facing the English (i.e. Christians) and Muslims. The extent to which they have faced the foreigners, and foreign mercenaries, the number of sacrifices that the Sikhs have made is much higher than the Hindus. So the Sikh religion has always extended cooperation to India, no other religion was as co-operative and close to India, Indian traditions and Indian civilization as the Sikh religion.

Buddhists also were cooperative in the beginning, taught the lesson of non-violence, but later on they became weak due to their cowardly non-violence. When the foreign mercenaries attacked them they bowed down, even handed over their wives and children. In this way these Buddhists became their subordinates very easily. That is why they could not extend co-operation to India. Then, only the Sanyasis are remaining but they have renounced the world itself, and household life itself. Without the household life how could the kingship continue? So later on their becoming co-operative or otherwise became the same. Until they were pure, the Sanyasis extended co-operation to India, but when their stage degraded, then their co-operation also ended.

On the right side Sikhism is the only religion, which has remained cooperative to India from the beginning to the end ever since its inception 500 years ago. They have remained favorable to the traditions of Ram & Krishna. Although they have been the believers in the incorporeal (Supreme Soul), but they also had faith in the worship of deities . They have praised but never criticized Ram & Krishna. It is the only such religion, which has been described as the second number religion following the path of the household by Baba in Murlis.(mu.9.10.73). The number one religion in following the path of household is deity religion and the second number religion is Sikhism. So in laying the foundation for the new world, when compared to other religions, this religion proves to be a religion which can be made the foundation of deity religion; because the deities who were there, they came into the bad company (of other souls) and became completely corrupt, because it is an ancient religion. They did not remain intelligent. They became completely tamopradhan (degraded).

But Sikhism is not an ancient religion. It is a new religion, which comes in the middle of the Iron Age. It comes later on. So the religion, which comes late, becomes neither much satopradhan, nor much tamopradhan. So even in the end they at least had the intelligence that they have to earn their livelihood through hard work; that they should not leave their religion and that they must remain busy in the development of their own country. They never liked to earn money through illegal means. Even today they are very hard working. So Sikhism is made the foundation of deity religion. It is a religion, which extends cooperation to the deity religion, although there are some such souls belonging to Sikhism also who have become terrorists under the influence of the foreigners. In fact every religion does degrade a little in the last stages. This drama has already been made. Even today there is a section of Sikhs who are always ready and will remain ready to extend maximum cooperation to India.

After this, the next religion is -- Arya Samaj. Its special feature is, ‘attachment towards the subjects’. They wish that their population should increase, maximum number of people should become their followers, maximum number of people should remain under their leadership, i.e. the tradition of garnering maximum votes has been prevalent among Aryasamajis. That is why Baba has indirectly referred to these Aryasamajis in Murlis as Kauravas.(mu.31.3.72). As such it is an Indian religion. Kauravas were also Indians, but these (Aryasamajis) are semi atheists. On what account are they atheists? They believe in the incorporeal (God); they follow the Yagya procedures of Yagya traditions also; but they do not have faith in corporeal deities. They say that the heaven and the hell exist in this world only. So the special feature of Arya Samajis is attachment towards the subjects. How? Even since Maharshi Dayanand, the founder of this religion came; he opened such a path in India through which they started converting any soul of any religion, any person of any caste or however backward a person of the world into Hindus.

They did not see that they are preparing quality or increasing numbers. The quality may fall down but the number must increase. They did not think that is it better to produce one lion-like child or produce many jackal-like children? So what is the result? The weak souls of the deity religion of India that kept converting into other religions from time to time; because Hindus only got converted into other religions. Souls of other religions never became Hindu nor did the Hindus mix them among themselves. So those who kept converting from the deity religion into other religions repeatedly whenever they got opportunities, it is they who became Arya Samajis later on, i.e. they accepted Hinduism again. This means that the opportunistic weak souls of deity religion only get converted and become Arya Samajis.

When Islam religion started, they got converted into Islam. When they did not find comfort in Islam, they got converted into Christianity. When they did not get prosperity in that religion also they got converted to Muslim religion. Like this, they kept on converting themselves from one religion to the second; from second to third. Whenever they found opportunities of getting comforts, they kept on converting themselves in the satopradhan religions (i.e. new religions which are in the pure stages at the time of commencement). But in Gita it has been said, “Swadharmay nidhanam shreyah pardharmah bhayavah” (Better to die in one’s own religion rather than convert into others’ religion). And Baba has also said that it is better to die in one’s own religion. Others’ religion causes sorrow. It is better to remain in one’s own religion. So it was always their attitude that they did not have a fixed religion of their own. They went to the extent of establishing a secular state or they adopted whatever religion came their way. They got converted as and when they got an opportunity, just like today’s opportunistic leaders -- jahaan dekhi tavaa baraat, vahaan bitaai saari raat (wherever one sees a frying pan and a marriage party, one spends the entire night there). They transferred themselves to that religion.

When they (such weak souls) heard the news of establishment of such a religion by Maharshi Dayanand in India, then such souls immediately got attracted. They had the old resolves of enjoying the heavenly comforts of India. The amount of comforts that they saw, that these souls experienced in India, that much comforts were not experienced by their souls anywhere in any birth and in any religion. Little indeed can one get prosperity just by converting to other religions? Wherever there is a firm religion, there is might, and might gives rise to pleasures. That is why Baba says, “Religion is might”. When there is no power in a person then what comforts will he enjoy? Be it internal power or external power, wherever there is no faith in religion, power will also not remain there.

So such souls, who kept converting in every religion, made themselves completely weak. So such weak souls come to India again and adopted the Hinduism of Hindus and became Aryasamajis. These souls are so weak from the point of view of religion that they are not capable of running the kingdom (rajsatta). In their kingdom things will take place as per the proverb, “Taka ser bhaji, taka ser khaja, andher nagari t chaupat raja” (a proverb which refers to the misrule of a king in whose kingdom a particular quantity of vegetable and a sweet are sold at the same rate). That is why; Baba has termed the rule of subjects over the subjects as an illegal, unlawful, unrighteous rule. So this religion is the most downtrodden religion of India, a religion of the degraded stage. It is a religion that prospers in the world during the last 100 years.

When the atheist (naastik) religion, which is the last religion of the world develops , then the semi atheists, i.e. Aryasamajis also come at that time. On the one side Maharshi Dayanand came and started Aryasamaj; and on the other side Lenin & Stalin came and established atheism in Russia. They got the czars (kings) of Russia executed. So both the religions, i.e. Aryasamaj and the Communism (atheism) of Russia are such religions, which do not like kingship at all. They neither like kings nor do they like living among their subjects. Even during the English Government, there were some kings who were let to retain their names by giving them minimum pension or title. But ever since this Kaurava Government has come, the situation is such that they have exterminated even the name of the kings.

Thus the tenth or last religion is atheism. They neither believe in the soul nor the Supreme Soul; neither heaven nor hell. They consider just the body and the elements of body to be everything. Their intellect is busy in the analysis of the five elements of the body. Body means soil. So they analyzed every atom of the elements through their intellect and prepared atomic bomb, i.e. they created danger for the world. These souls are not constructive even for the self and are rather destructive. They do not become cooperative in the task of the Supreme Soul. But the Supreme Soul is also a clever person. He makes such souls only instrumental in the physical task of destruction. On one side when the Supreme Soul comes, he sows the seed of knowledge in the souls of ancient deity religion and for that he makes the special souls instrumental in India. And on the other side the preparation of atomic energy starts in Russia. This invention is also of these people only. So they are the egoistic Russians, whose main feature is ‘body consciousness’.

On the basis of the above points any soul belonging to these religions can be recognized. Below the tree, the uppermost portion which is the last portion of the tree, it has been cut and is shown to be placed below as a sapling. Sapling means that there are some selected special souls of every religion. Some souls are selected from the old world like tree and are incorporated into Brahmin religion, i.e. the Supreme Soul pulls them out and they come into the Brahmin religion. Those souls, who came into the Brahmin religion after being converted into various other religions, cannot be similar. Three groups of such souls are depicted here. The three main groups are the groups, which have spread from here. In the portion of roots there are the three groups -- roots of left side, roots of the right side and roots of the centre which have disappeared, on which the chiefs, i.e. mother and Father have been shown to be sitting below the world like tree.

First group is the group with firm faith in deity religion, their chiefs are shown as mother and Father seated below the world tree. Prajapita Brahma has been shown to be sitting as Father and Mama has been shown to be sitting as Mother. Thus they are shown to be sitting as mother and Father. That is why one must not think that they only are Mama and Baba. It must be considered that they are the mother and Father of the world i.e. World Father and World Mother -- Adam and Eve are sitting. They are called by Muslims as Aadam and Havva, through whom the foundation of the new world is laid. So it is certain that the soul of Father belongs to the number one religion. It is said, “Allah avval deen.”

Deity religion also has two forms, just as there are two main branches of every religion. Muslim religion is attached with Islam. The atheist religion of Russia is attached to Christianity. Similarly, the deity religion, which is a firm follower of the path of household, is a combination of deities and Kshatriyas. The main soul among the special souls playing the role in Kshatriya religion is the soul of Ram. It is the soul, which plays the role as Prajapita. ‘Father is said to be Ram.’ It is not said that Krishna is said to be Father. So the soul, which plays the role as Adam, is the soul of Ram. Deities are soft natured. Their chief is the soul of Krishna, who is the World Mother, i.e. Jagdamba who plays the role of a mother with a soft and sweet nature. The souls shown in the middle main portion (stem) of deity religion, on which the mother and Father are sitting, are the souls who are firm, who follow them from the beginning to the end of Iron Age, and who remain firm in their religion. They never leave their religion in their entire life. That is why the souls of deity religion have been depicted in the portion of stem from the bottom to top. That is why Baba says, “You children are steadfast in the deity religion.” (mu.20.2.74). It means that you never get converted to other religions.

Brahmins have been shown to be sitting on the by-plot roots on the left side and the right side. Among them the by-plot roots of the right side are the roots of Indian religions. They are the base-like roots of Buddhism, Sanyas religion, Sikhism and Arya Samaj. These are the roots that extract such nourishment, which nurtures the Indian religions. The branches of Indian religions, which have been shown numberwise, on the right side, towards the top, get nourishment from the roots of the right side. The religious fathers on the right side like Mahatma Buddha, Shankaracharya, Guru Nanak, Maharshi Dayanand give special importance to purity. That is why they are righteous religions. So they get nourishment from the roots of the right side and there are some seeds also which give birth to these roots, who became seeds and did the activity of sowing, from whom these roots emerge in the beginning of the Yagya.

So this is the second part on the right side and the third part is of the by-plot roots on the left side. The roots on the left side are such roots, which lay such foundation in the Confluence Age, or in other words the Brahmin souls who lay such foundation enter the Yagya, who have come from leftist religions. They have spent many births by getting converted into leftist religions - some in Islam, some in Christianity, some in Muslim religion & some in the atheism of Russia. So when those souls enter the Brahmin religion or when the Supreme Soul attracts them (into the Brahmin religion), then they are not able to leave their main features very easily.

The Islamic people cannot leave their lewdness. Christians cannot leave their anger, Muslims cannot leave their greed and the atheists cannot leave their ego. So these are three groups. The middle portion, which extends from the main part of the root below to the stem, which extends to the top, represents the real swadeshis (literally meaning own countrymen, but here it refers to those souls who belong to religions established in India like deity religion, Buddhism, Sikhism, Sanyas & Arya Samaj etc.) and swadharmis (souls belonging to the deity religion). The second portion is the portion of the roots and branches on the right side, who are swadeshis but vidharmis (souls belonging to religions other than deity religion). And the third portion is that of the roots and branches on the left side who are strong vidheshis (souls belonging to religions established and developed outside India like Islam, Christianity, Muslim religion & Atheism). They are videshis and vidharmis. So these are the three groups.

These are the three main parts of the tree. One is the stem portion of deity religion. Second part is that of the Indian religions on the right side. They are swadeshis but vidharmis. Vidharmis means souls belonging to the opposite religion, because the stem of deity religion is going upwards, but the religions on the right side have adopted the opposite direction. They are Indian. Thirdly the leftists are vidheshis as well as vidharmis. The souls on the right side are not videshis and the souls on the left side are neither swadeshis nor swadharmi. They belong to the opposite religion and opposite country. They caused the maximum harm to the deity religion. The souls on the right side did not cause as much harm to deity religion of India as caused by the souls on the left side. So these are the three groups. This point is proved from the roots itself.

The opposite religious fathers shown above are the souls, who get nourishment from these roots only, who are shown down in the form of Brahma’s children. The Supreme Soul is giving the nourishment of knowledge, but the souls sitting on the by-plot roots whether rightists or leftists’ roots are under compulsion to adopt the nourishment on the basis of their mind’s direction(manmat)or the direction of their preceptors and as per their own ways. They will not adopt the inculcations narrated by the Supreme Soul directly. They will adopt it through their preceptors. They will adopt it as per the directions of their Gurus. They will not adopt Shrimat directly.

Thus it is clear that in the Brahmin world ever since ShivBaba has come and established the Yagya, the souls who cause destruction started entering the Yagya number wise along with those who cause establishment. That is why Baba has said in an Avyakt Vani “The flame of destruction ignited from the Yagya kund (literally meaning the sacrificial altar, but here it refers to the Godly family) along with the flame of establishment.” So who were responsible for igniting the flames of destruction? Baba has said, “Brahma, Father and Brahmin children.”(mu.3.2.74,pg.173). If children start interfering in between mother and Father, then, will those interfering children be called videshi (alien) or swadeshi (own)? Definitely such alien children entered the Yagya who caused friction between mother and Father. Who causes friction between Ram & Sita? Ravana. Baba has said, “Fighting begins in India ever since the arrival of Ravana.”(mu.8.8.70,pg.3). So when Ravana came from the Copper Age then the Indians fought amongst themselves.

The souls of Islam coming from the Soul World that entered into the base-like roots in the Copper Age transformed their(the base-like soul’s) vision & attitude into lewd vision and attitude. The base-like Brahmins who have been shown on the left and right side of these roots are the souls who become the number wise Narayans with lesser degrees in Satyug because they do not study completely. They become the last Narayans who are not praised in India. The Golden Aged second Narayan to the eighth Narayan are praised in the form of Seven Sages (Sapta rishis), but neither temples are constructed for them nor they are worshipped in the form of Narayans. The Religious Fathers coming from above (Soul World) enter into the bodies of the souls of these Narayans from time to time in the Copper Age and make their vision and attitude lewd (vyabhichari), just like the soul of Abraham entered into the body of the soul of second Narayan of Golden Age and made his vision and attitude lewd. Not only him but other souls also come from the Soul World behind the religious fathers, vidharmi souls also enter number wise into the subjects of the soul of Islam who becomes the second Narayan in the Golden Age.

The religions, which have extended cooperation to those who make the vision & attitude lewd, are Aryasamaj & Atheism etc. The vision and attitude of the distinctive souls of the base-like Islam religion and their followers, who give and take cooperation, become corrupt. The firm souls of the deity and kshatriya (warrior) religion among the Brahmins, did not accept the corruption at the beginning of the Copper Age and they clashed with them and chased them into the Arab countries. After reaching Arab country they become completely free and started practicing even more adulteration. They were so lewd that they started marrying their own sisters also, because they had to increase their generation.

‘If any obstacle is created within the Yagya, then its main reason is impurity’, Baba has said so. The biggest enemy in the Brahmin world i.e. sex lust is specially working in the Brahmin world also. Souls of which group cause its effect to enter? It enters through the souls of Islam. Those religions, which extend cooperation to them, become instrumental in spreading those vibrations and become India’s enemies. They break the pure household of India. Who are the ones who separate Ram & Sita? Ravan’s special job is to separate Ram from Sita ; and that Ravana had entered the Yagya since the beginning itself. It is said that maximum downfall takes place through religious preceptors. It is not that the roots on the right side are the roots representing religions, which extend cooperation to India. No. They also start behaving in an opposite manner. The reason for this is that Buddhism is an Indian religion. It is a weak religion when compared to Islam because it comes after Islam. (Similarly) Sanyas religion is weaker when compared to Christianity because it comes after Christianity. Moreover, in the tree the root of Sanyas religion is shown to be somewhat fatter because its basis is purity.

At the end of the Iron Age, when the Christians spread all over the world in the last 200 years, then these Sanyasis (Hindu monks) go to foreign countries and become the subordinates of foreigners and Christians. They completely adopt foreign culture in their life and become very lewd (vyabhichari). When they were in their pure (satopradhan) period they adopted Indian tradition. But when they become degraded (taamsi) then they become more impure than those belonging to other religions. It is not just the matter of one Rajneesh (Osho). The condition of all the sanyasis is same. Otherwise they used to stay in the jungles earlier. There was no necessity for them to enter the cities. Although it is not a foreign religion, but even then they behave oppositely. It has been shown in the scriptures that demons were always powerful when compared to the deities. If God had not extended cooperation to the deities, then they would never have been victorious over the demons. They would have always remained as their subordinates.

All the religions on the right side become subordinates to the foreign religions on the left side very easily. Among the Indian religions it is only the Sikh religion which is a religion that follows the path of household. It believes in the path of household till the end. “Ek naari sada Brahmachaari” (being faithful to one woman throughout the life is equal to remaining celibate). This is a proverb among Sikhs and it is being seen in their practical life also. So except the Sikh religion on the right side all other Indian religions come under the effect of foreigners and they discard the Indian civilization and culture.

Om Shanti
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the Ladder

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ShivBaba’S Murli

Advance Course “LADDER” ( 1 HOUR)

Here, in the picture of ladder, the Confluence Age has been shown in two parts----one is the lower portion, shown at the right corner and the other is the upper portion shown at the left corner of the picture of the Ladder. In the old picture of ladder it has been clearly written in the lower portion shown at the end of the Iron Age, “Confluence Age of 40 years” whereas Baba has mentioned the period of Confluence Age to be of maximum 100 years in the Murlis (mu.3.10.69, pg.1). This proves that the period from 1936 to 1976 has been depicted here and the period of the Confluence Age after 1976 has been shown on the top portion of the picture. In the Ladder '40 years’ has been written below (i.e. in the portion of Confluence Age in the lower part of the picture) So from 1936 to 1976, the task of establishment of shooting (rehearsal) of Golden Aged souls by Brahma, which was supposed to have taken place within 40 years, was completed in those 40 years. The task of shooting of the Golden Aged souls, which was supposed to take place, took place in four stages---Satopradhan (completely pure), Satosamanya (ordinarily pure), Rajo (partially pure) and Tamo (Impure). The shooting of Rajopradhan and Tamopradhan which has got completed has been depicted here in the picture of ladder below in the form of Ravan Rajya (Kingdom of Ravan) where the 40 years of the ordinary Confluence Age got completed. The 60 years of the elevated (purushottam) Confluence Age from 1976 to 2036 has been shown above in the Ladder. Until 1976, when the task of shooting of Golden Aged souls of deity class is completed through Brahma, then after that those demoniac souls who are vipreet buddhi (i.e. those whose intellect works in the opposite direction when compared to that of the Supreme Father Supreme Soul ) at the time of destruction, get destroyed and those who are preet buddhi (i.e. those whose intellect loves God and works according to Godly direction) at the time of destruction have been shown in the upper portion of ladder and depicted as victorious souls.

That’s why Baba has said, “In the picture of ladder write clearly in the lower portion that those who were vipreet buddhi at the time of destruction got destroyed and it should be written above that those who were preet buddhi at the time of destruction were victorious. After 1976 the souls who gain victory have been shown here above in the Ladder, among which Ram and Ram’s three brothers have been depicted here. On the one side is a group of brothers and on the other side is a group of sisters. On the one side is the group of Rudra mala (Rudra’s Father’s rosary) and on the other side is the group of vijay mala (rosary of victory). Four souls have been shown as the heads of Rudramala, who are the seeds of four religions. In the scriptures these souls have been mentioned as the four eldermost maanasi sons (born through the thoughts) of Brahma-----Sanat, Sanathan, Sanandan & Sanath Kumar. These four souls are the seed-like souls of the four main religions---Deity religion, Islam, Buddhism & Christianity. Among them, the seed of deity religion is the soul of Ram, the seed of Islam is Bharat, seed of Buddhism is Lakshman & the seed of Christianity is Shatrughna. (Bharat, Lakshman & Shatrughna were the brothers of Rama of the Ramayana epic). These four seed-like souls of the four religions belong to the Rudramala and four souls are their cooperative shaktis (the female deities shown in the picture) who have been shown on the other side. Out of them three have been shown and one has not been shown. As for the rest, the picture of sphere of heaven, which has been, depicted along with the picture of Trimurti, contains all the four Shaktis.

It is meant to say that these four seeds of the beginning and these three Shaktis, add up to seven and the remaining two are Mama & Baba. So, all of them add up to nine. (Someone said something). One is less because the fourth person i.e. Shatrughna, must have caused destruction of the readymade house of Paramatma in the Confluence Age. That’s why Supreme Soul destroyed his house. So their place of worship got the name Girjaghar. (It means a church in Hindi, but literally ‘gir’ means ‘fall’ and ‘ghar’ means ‘house’). That’s why only three (cooperative shaktis) have been shown. One has not been shown. For Mama, Baba has said, “Even if Baba goes away , Mama will be present in the task of establishment”. So these are the nine gems of the beginning, pertaining to nine religions. Until now it used to be thought in the Yagya that the eight Narayans are the eight gems; but along with 8 Narayans, eight Narayanis (feminine form of Narayan) are also attached. So 8+8 =16. So they are not included in the count of 8 –9 gems, because these Narayans are the Narayans who possess lesser degrees and take lesser births (when compared to the first Narayan). The degrees of the seventh or eighth Narayan will be much lesser. So how can those with lesser degrees be counted among the gems? Those who are gems will neither possess lesser degrees nor take lesser births. They are the seed-like souls who pass with honors in their own religions and take complete 84 births. The souls of Narayan are the base-like souls who have been shown sitting on the roots and who take numberwise lesser births.

The seeds of these roots have been shown here above in the picture of ladder. Between the two groups shown here, one group is the group belonging to Sun dynasty of Rudramala and the second group is the group belonging to the Moon dynasty of the Vijaymala . The beginning of a dynasty must certainly have taken place from a person. A dynasty is named on the basis of the name of a person, for e.g., Raghuvansh (dynasty of King Raghu). Here, when there is a name of Sun Dynasty, then there certainly must be a soul playing the role of Sun and when there is a name of Moon dynasty then certainly there must be a person playing the cool role of a moon of knowledge (Gyan chandrama). When the age of hundred years of Prajapita Brahma who plays the role of Sun of Knowledge in the Sun dynasty is completed in 1976, then that same soul, (who was Aadi Brahma), rises as the Sun of Knowledge (Gyan surya). The Sun of Knowledge was revealed in 1976 and the darkness of ignorance was destroyed. The clarification of those matters in the Murlis, which seem to be matters of ignorance, or those matters, in respect of which complete clarification is not received, , begin to be given (from 1976). So the light of Sun of Knowledge began to appear from 1976. Earlier to that the light of Moon of knowledge was prevalent in the Yagya. The light of the Moon of knowledge is cool. So in the cool light of knowledge, the insects also keep taking sustenance. But in the light of Sun, until the cool rays of the moon are present, those insects will grow, but as the intensity of sun increases, the insects will keep getting destroyed. Similarly, here also, ever since 1976, when the role of Advance Party commences through the Sun of Knowledge, then the period of seed-like souls also commences in a visible form and the insect-like souls, who do not like to live in the light of knowledge, begin to get destroyed. They do not have any place in the active Advance Party. The souls belonging to Sun dynasty are the children who take direct birth from the Supreme Soul, the Sun of Knowledge. The dynasty of moon, which has been depicted, does not take birth directly from the Sun of Knowledge, but they are the souls that take birth directly from the moon of knowledge. They are the souls, who sustain during the reign of the moon of knowledge. They are the souls, who receive sustenance in the traditions of Brahmins that have been established by the moon of knowledge, like the souls living under the guidance of the Didi’s and Dadi’s. They belong to the moon dynasty. The moon of knowledge, Brahma and the souls, who receive sustenance in the centers established by him, at first became the souls belonging to the dynasty of moon of knowledge.

The souls belonging to the dynasty of Sun (the Suryavanshi souls) are those who neither take the support of the moon of knowledge nor take the support of any person or preceptor. Rather they are the souls who take the support of only the Murlis (flutes) of knowledge of the Sun of Knowledge, Supreme Soul Shiva. Those souls of the Sun dynasty have been shown here. It means that when the role of Father becomes incognito then the Father becomes incognito and reveals the children. Copper & Iron Age has been said to be the night of Brahma. The stars of knowledge (Gyan Sitaarey) get revealed in it. Among the two groups, i.e. the Suryavansh (Sun dynasty) & the Chandravansh (Moon dynasty), “Krishna is said to belong to Suryavansh and Radha is said to belong to Chandravansh”(mu.13.8.76,pg.1). For Krishna, who has been shown to belong to the Sun dynasty, it is said , “Krishna was the eighth child. In the Golden Age however eight children will not be born at all (to the same parents).”(mu.18.12.72,pg.2). It is a matter of the Confluence Age in particular. When these seven Narayans get revealed, then the Brahmin soul in whom the eighth number Krishna’s soul, i.e. Brahma’s soul enters and works in the Confluence Age, gets revealed. Shri Krishna is revealed at the eighth number; that is why Shri Krishna has been depicted in scriptures to be the eighth child. (Someone said something). Those seven Narayans get revealed first, (who were in the basic knowledge in the Yagya already) and their roles also get revealed. And at the eighth number is the birth of Krishna. Krishna and along with him his friends have also been shown above in the Ladder. From the point of view of Mahabharat and Bhagwat, Krishna and his friends; and from the point of view of Ramayana, Ram & his three brothers and as per other scriptures the four brothers have also been depicted as the four children of Brahma. These souls have been shown standing behind Ram as three irreligious (vidharmi) seeds. Ram is the seed of the deity religion. The three souls of the other religions play the destructive role as they are the vidharmi (irreligious) seeds. In the beginning, in the pure stage, they extend cooperation to the Supreme Soul Father, but later on they start playing an opposite role. Because of playing an opposite role, they get a little of crown & pantaloon towards the end of the Silver Age. As for the rest they cannot obtain kingship in the beginning. Those souls who initially recognize Father, extend help in Father’s task, but become opponents later on, start doing disservice, then at that time their crown & pantaloon is snatched and they become entitled to the kingdom at the end of Silver Age.

For e.g., eight Narayans are shown here in the Golden Age. These eight Narayans continue in the Silver Age also in the same order. These eight Narayans only become numberwise Ram & Sita in the Tretayug, because Baba has said, “Those who become Lakshmi & Narayan, they only become Ram & Sita.(mu.25.5.72). As the serial number of Lakshmi- Narayan in the Golden Age, same is the serial number of Ram -Sita in the Silver Age. In this way, among the (twelve) thrones of the Silver Age, eight are occupied by the souls who sit on the thrones in the Golden Age and one from the Confluence Age. So, nine thrones belong to the souls from Golden Age and in the remaining three, these three brothers (i.e. the seeds of Islam, Buddhism & Christianity) are adjusted in the last destructive thrones of the Silver Age. They created obstacles in the Supreme Soul’s task; the heavenly fraternity (swargeeya sangathan) that was supposed to have been established earlier but due to the obstacles that they created, the entire task gets postponed and delayed. So that heavenly fraternity does not get ready. For that they get this punishment that even at the end of the Silver Age, they become instrumental in the disintegration of heaven. They cannot become instrumental in establishing heaven. They are the establishers of the last three steps (of Silver Age). So the heavenly world gets destroyed by them.

Further, it has been shown that the shooting of Golden Age & Silver Age within the Yagya takes place at a time when the incorporeal Supreme Soul works in a practical form and when the same Supreme Soul becomes incognito, then a shooting of hell takes place by the bodily human preceptors takes place. This is what happened in our Yagya. Until our Mama Baba were alive, the task of shooting of foundation of heaven within the Yagya took place and when Mama-Baba left their corporeal bodies and the Sun of Knowledge, Supreme Soul became incognito, then because of the Supreme Soul becoming incognito, the bodily religious preceptorswithin our Yagya, (who belong to the leftist Ravan Community as said in the picture of tree) spread the chains of their bondages in the entire Brahmin family and control the entire Brahmin family in their own way. The same Brahmin souls come here in the kingdom of Ravan and start adopting all the traditions of kingdom of Ravan in the path of worship. They start the shooting (of their roles). The enablers of shooting are bodily religious preceptors. A proof for each of the shooting is given here in this picture. The first proof is that when the heaven ends, and the Silver Age ends, then at the beginning of the Copper Age, the first indication (in the very beginning of the kingdom of Ravan) is that the palaces-like fraternity (sangathan) of deities merge into the land and half of the world gets destroyed. At the end of Silver Age half of the world gets destroyed (through earthquakes), because at that time the kingdom of Ravan having a vicious nature starts and at that time heaven gets destroyed due to the deities adopting the leftist path. Semi-destruction takes place, the entire world does not get destroyed, i.e., earthquake takes place and the palaces merge (in the depths of earth) due to the shaking of the earth (mu.9.2.70).

Its shooting takes place here; just when Mama & Baba leave their bodies, the Supreme Soul became incognito. When His Chariot itself was finished, then the Supreme Soul became incognito and due to this the rule of these bodily religious preceptors starts and when the rule of Ravan begins then the vicious attitudes begin within the Yagya, because after Mama left her body, Brahma Baba was a male bodied soul and male bodies are indeed Duryodhan-Dushyasan (villainous Kaurava princes, who were responsible for disrobing their sister-in-law in their Father’s court). There was no Shakti (a female power/powerful sister or mother) to control them and the one who controlled them was a demoniac Shakti, who came to power, due to which Brahma Baba’s heart wavered. Baba has said in Vani, “When the Kings become Shudras (impure), then they construct temples. Particularly the vicious kings construct temples.” (mu.7.3.78, pg.3). Here also the same thing has happened. Earlier Baba had never established any center with the property of the Yagya. Those brothers & sisters, who came, gave ornaments, money, property etc to establish service centers; but the charge of all the service centers was taken up by other brothers & sisters. Baba never established any service center or temple; but when Mama left her body in 1965 then exactly a year after that, in 1966 the Somnath temple (i.e. service center) was established by Brahma Baba (mu.21.12.01,pg.3), on the sea coast, (here the ocean of knowledge was Madhuban (i.e. Mt. Abu.) and its coast was Ahmedabad (a city close to Mt. Abu)). So that service center was opened in Ahmedabad (a.v.24.1.70,pg.4). So this is the second proof of the beginning of the kingdom of Ravan.

Construction of temples commences from the Copper Age, in the kingdom of Ravan. The first proof is earthquake. Here earthquake means that after Mama left her body, the earth-like sisters & mothers, who were continuing in the path of knowledge due to the affection of Mama, started shaking and due to their shaking, the seekers of knowledge (jigyasu) who were continuing in the path of knowledge on their basis, broke away. Similarly, even after Brahma Baba left his body, the souls who were continuing in the path of knowledge only due to the love of Baba, were shaken and broke away and those brothers who were continuing on their basis also broke away. In this way, a huge destruction took place in the Yagya. This is the second proof.

The third proof of the kingdom of Ravan is that first of all pictures were prepared in the Copper Age for 200-300 years. Lots of pictures are prepared. At the time of arrival of Christ 2000 years ago, a lot of pictures were prepared on demoniac advice in the caves of Ajanta, Ellora, Elephanta, Kanheri, etc. The same thing happened in our Yagya. Had Mama been alive, she would not have allowed the preparation of numerous pictures. She had faith on only four pictures. But Mama, who was the deity of knowledge, passed away. Brahma Baba did not know the depths of knowledge. ShivBaba used to speak through him; that is why he used to narrate knowledge. So the bodily preceptors, who were like Maya Ravan, gave advice to a person, “Prepare a lot of pictures so that your respect increases and on your basis our respect would also increase.” So in the same way as the pictures in the caves of Ajanta, Ellora & Elephanta in Bombay towards Maharashtra were prepared approximately 2000 years ago, they got scores of pictures prepared in Bombay towards Maharashtra. This is the third storey of the kingdom of Ravan. There’s no necessity for preparing such numerous pictures in the kingdom of Ram. There are only four selected pictures----Lakshmi & Narayan, Ram & Sita. On the basis of these four pictures, the entire kingdom is based and here, a lot of pictures got ready. After 300-400 years, i.e. from 1966 to 1969 for 3-4 years of the shooting period, these pictures were continued to be printed.

Then during these 3-4 years from 1969 to 1970 / 71 the scriptures got ready. These are also prepared on the direction of Ravan. Baba did not give any direction to print voluminous scriptures, or to prepare scriptures. Among those scriptures the main scripture is Gita. What is the biggest mistake committed in Gita? Child’s name has been included in the place of Father’s name. Creation’s name has been included in the place of creator’s name. The same thing happened in the Yagya also. In our Murlis like Gita, the name ‘Pitashri’ has been added. Pitashri is the name of Brahma. Brahma is however a creation. In the Murlis of Brahma Baba’s time, nobody’s name was written. ‘ShivBaba Yaad hai?,’ (Are you in the remembrance of ShivBaba?) has been written. Now, ever since Mama left her body, on finding an opportunity, the bodily religious preceptors added “Pitashri” before “ShivBaba Yaad hai?” without bringing it to the notice of Baba. “Pitashri ShivBaba” means that Pitashri has become ShivBaba. In the place of (Paramatma) the Supreme Soul they added the name of “Pitashri”. By adding the name of Pitashri, the entire Vani (Murli) became Brahma’s Vani. This was a very big blunder. Child Brahma Krishna’s name was added in place of Father Ram’s name. Similarly other scriptures were prepared. For e.g. “Shrimat Bhagwat Gita” was another scripture that was prepared, similarly, the ‘Bhagwat’, which was prepared in the path of worship, contains a chapter on the story of the running away of the 16000 Gopis. They are very much interested that’s why they have given a name on its basis- ‘Bhagwat Katha’(meaning the story of elopement). Similarly in our Yagya, a book named “Ek Adbhut Jeevan Kahani”(A wonderful biography) was published by these bodily preceptors. In that wonderful biography the wonderful act of making sisters and mothers run away from their homes, is actually the story of Prajapita Father Ram. In the Murli also, Baba has narrated a sentence. “Made Gopis (female friends of Krishna) run away from homes, stole butter, did this, all this is actually the story of Prajapita; but the name of Krishna has been added.”(mu.28.12.72) Similarly, here in the Yagya also Brahma’s name has been added and the photo of Brahma has also been added. The book of a wonderful biography, which has been written, contains a photo of Brahma and below it is written ‘Pitashri’. So an impression will be created in the readers’ mind that all these acts, all these miracles of God have been performed by this individual, whereas it is not so.

Similarly, other scriptures have also been written. For e.g. ‘Bhavishya Puran’ (a Hindu mythological scripture) was written in the path of worship. Names of imaginary kings were written in it and all of them were proved to be false. Similarly, here also, a book has been written in the Yagya, “Vishwa ka Bhavishya” (future of the world). In that book however, there is no description of the future of the world. When will Krishna be born? When will the old world be destroyed? When will the new world be established? There is no clarification on these matters. There were worldly matters in it. There was the reference of destruction in 1976. That too was proved to be false. It means that the book “Vishwa ka Bhavishwa” was actually made a means of earning money, as in the path of worship. Similarly, other books have been written here in the path of worship such as the book named “Yogvashishtha”. In that book Vashishtha (preceptor of Ram) has given teachings to Ram and stories from all over the world have been narrated & explained in it and it has been named “Yogvashishtha”. Similarly, in our Yagya also a voluminous book has been published- “Yoga ki vidhi aur siddhi”(the method of Yoga and its achievements). By reading that fat book, will the soul go into the expansion (vistaar) or concentrate on the essence point (saar)? It will go into the expanse. So, the reader of such a fat book will go into expansion, then how will he concentrate on the point? So these people have published such literature. (this line was not found in the book) They have simply named a book. “ Yoga ki vidhi aur siddhi” and in that somewhere they have mentioned the matters of meditation & philosophy of Patanjali, somewhere the matters of the sankhya darshan of Kapilmuni and somewhere the matters of worldly yogis and somewhere, some matters of knowledge and Yoga of Murlis have been added to it. It means they have collected dirt and made it a means of earning money and name and then brought it to use. So the preceptors of the kingdom of Ravan of the path of worship created an ostentation (aadambar) of the shooting of all these scriptures.

Similarly, further it has been shown here that on the basis of scriptures, large temples were constructed in the path of worship and in those big temples, initially, the memorial of one unadulterous Supreme Soul, Shiva (i.e., Shivalinga) used to be worshipped. Later on, in those temples they depicted the bodily deities, prepared idols and their vyabhichari (literally meaning prostitution, but here it refers to worship of many deities instead of one God Shiva) worship commenced. Similar events took place in the Yagya. Until Mama and Baba were alive, only the photo of Shiva, the point of light (jyotirbindu) used to be displayed in the classroom; but immediately after Mama-Baba left their mortal bodies the worshippers of the bodily beings like Mama & Baba displayed Mama Baba’s photos Thus began the adulterous shooting of the kingdom of Ravan of the path of devotion. The form of worship displayed here is a worship of the path of the household in which Mama and Baba are worshipped. Those who are worshipping also belong to the path of the household. That is why they have been depicted as wearing the crown of responsibility. But with the passage of time, when the degradation increased even more, then the worship of the path of household was also violated. As people became more and more vicious minded, what happened was that the women community started worshipping Krishna more. As such sex lust is embedded in every one. Women like the male body; so they commenced the single worship of Krishna and males started worshipping single female deities (devis) for the fulfillment of their mental passion for sex lust. Such lewdness takes place in worship also. In such a degraded form of worship (tamopradhan pooja), it is as if one gets a stench of the thought, “Why is this single worship being done?” Deities belonged to the path of the household. The Supreme Soul established the path of household. Then why did the worship of single deities begin? Why was Radha not shown along with Krishna? So it has been shown here as to what is the attitude of Ravan. Ravan wants to see (people as) single. When he makes them single then his task will be accomplished and when both Ram and Sita (husband & wife) are together then his task will not be accomplished. That is why he plays the trick of chasing away Ram from Panchwati (In the epic Ramayana, it has been written that when Ram, his wife Sita and his brother Laxman were living in the jungles, Ravan, the demon king, in order to kidnap Sita, asks one of his uncles to assume the form of a golden deer. Sita sends Ram and Lakshman in pursuit of the golden deer and thus Ravan, who comes in the garb of an ascetic, kidnaps her). That is why here the difference has been shown that those who worship single deities do not possess the crown of responsibility. It means that they are not the souls who assume the crown of responsibility of purity of heaven, because the one who is Ravan will make Sita single i.e. lonely. It means that his intentions are not good, isn’t it? Because his intentions are not good he wants to create a brothel. He does not wish to establish pure heaven. Such souls have not been shown to possess the crown of reponsibility and the souls who do not assume the crown of responsibility cannot become crowned kings even in Copper Age and Iron Age.

There is a difference even in the worship in the path of the household. In the picture of the Ladder the worship of the ones with 16 degrees complete and 14 degrees complete or those with lesser degrees are also shown. So, not only Ram & Sita are deities with lesser degrees, but all these later Narayans, from second Narayan to the last Narayan, are the deities with lesser degrees. All of them are failures; all are of the moon dynasty (chandravanshi). All those with lesser degrees, who are failure Narayans belonging to the moon dynasty have been shown in the Ladder. But these belong to the path of household. They worship the deities belonging to the path of household. That’s why they have been shown wearing the crown of responsibility.

Further it has been shown that these Ram & Sita with lesser degrees are indeed worship-worthy deities, but further, when the Iron Age commenced, then in the shooting of Iron Age, the worship of the human beings with nature & resolves of animals also started taking place in the Yagya. They are also worshipped as God by giving them place in temples & ashrams and they start following their Shrimat. Take for e.g. Hanumanji (a Hindu deity depicted in the form of a monkey. He is said to be the closest devotee of Ram and had helped him gain victory over Ravan in the epic Ramayana). What is the work of Hanuman? Hanuman’s job is to set Ravan’s Lanka aflame with his tail. His animal instinct is shown in the waist, i.e. the persons in whose waist the sign of sex lust has been shown, those souls with a sign of sex lust are directly visible to the Didi, Dadis, dadas that sex lust is deeply embedded in them and they have done disservice in the Yagya. They have performed the task of igniting the flame; they have uprooted centers because the biggest obstacle in Yagya is that of sex lust. But such souls are also enshrined in temples by making them heads of ashrams like that of the Pandav Bhavan of Karolbagh, Delhi. Similar is the case of ‘Ganeshji’ (another Hindu deity with the head of an elephant and the body of a boy. He is considered to be the son of Hindu deities Shankar & Parvati), who has not been shown having a long tail signifying sex lust, but his face is filled with a lot of body consciousness. Depiction of a large body means that he possesses a lot of body consciousness. It seems as if his eyes are filled with the ego of body consciousness. His ears are very big. It means that he listens to a lot of knowledge. He has the capability of listening to knowledge & narrating knowledge. The forehead is also broad, which means that he is very intelligent, but he cannot restrains himself from showing body consciousness. Whenever something takes place in the class, then they will shoot such words, which will pollute the atmosphere and make it vicious. They will certainly speak such words from the mouth or will certainly give such a stare through the eyes that it will spoil the atmosphere; it will also spoil others’ attitude. Such souls with a trunk of body consciousness who possess body consciousness in their face, but that much sign (of body consciousness) is not visible in the waist as much as in the face. Worshippers of such animals are the worshippers who get their head tonsured (i.e. become devoid of intellect). Maya in fact makes them tonsured (devoid of intellect). Maya has made them devoid of intellect, that’s why they worship such animals. What is the meaning of worshipping animals? In our Indian tradition who is considered to be worthy of respect? Those persons to whom we entrust our sister or daughter are considered to be worthy of respect. The party, which is worthy of respect, we worship them, consider them worthy of respect and also we (to be cancelled) behave with them in the same manner and give respect. Here they worship animals. It means that they entrust their sisters & daughters to such persons, or leave them in the custody of such persons. So it is equal to worshipping and bowing their head, isn’t it? So how will those persons who bow before such persons establish heaven? Will these animals establish heaven? They will all the more uproot heaven. So in this way it has been shown that in the path of devotion, the worship of animals also begins. In the kingdom of Ravan, the preceptors of the Ravan community make them do all these things, because in their view it is well established that yes, they are animals, they possess the tail of sex lust. They even come to know that they are the persons who have uprooted the centers like the center of Naya Nangal (a town in the Punjab province of India), but they have notes (money), isn’t it? So they offer the temptation of notes (money). Muslim Government is working in the Yagya. So they yield to the desire. They say, “If I am made the head, then I can give so many notes”. Such persons, whose tail of such an animal instinct is clearly visible, are also made to sit in the ashram-like temples in the form of God and their directions are followed by people in such a way as if it is the Shrimat of God. They worship them in the same way as God is worshipped. They offer them living flowers (i.e. seekers of knowledge), in the same way as flowers are offered to God.


Further in the picture, ‘Worship of human beings by human beings’ has been depicted. In every center such seekers of knowledge (jigyasu) and such preceptors will certainly be visible. The Guru, who has been shown here, is coloured (i.e. wearing coloured dress) from top to bottom. They are less coloured above than below. Their organs are coloured more from below, but even then they are so expert in narrating knowledge that they catch hold of any person and make them wear white dress. They will make them wear white dress also and make them such a Brahmakumar, who will fold his hands, bow his forehead and lower his head before the Guruji. He will make him such a Brahmakumar that whether or not he listens to Baba’s Murli, whether or not he accepts Baba’s advice, also whether or not he accepts or listens to the class Teacher, but he will certainly accept the advice of his Guru. Until his Guru is continuing in the path of knowledge, he will also continue in the same path and the day his guru leaves the knowledge, he will also leave it. Nowadays such preceptors & pupils can be found in every ashram. Such Gruruji does not get any Sandali (a special seat for the teachers of BKs). They indeed belong to the category of seekers of knowledge only, they sit below (on the floor) only, they are students only; but they are very good preceptors, who are clever in making such Brahmakumars. They will immediately prepare white robed Brahmakumars-kumaries. Even if they themselves wear coloured dress but they will prepare such Brahmakumars who will be very humble and dressed in tight white robes from top to bottom.

When the worship of preceptors, worship of human beings by human beings increases much, then it assumes a fierce form, ‘Of the worship of the five elements.’(mu.2.10.99, pg.3). Somewhere, the worship of fire has been depicted and somewhere the worship of trees. Somewhere soil; somewhere water and somewhere wind is being worshipped. In this way the worship of the five elements is equal to the worship of five ghosts. The best sample of worship of five ghosts (elements) is the worship of the human body. It is not just the matter of Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. Whichever institution encouraged this form of bodily worship experienced the same result----worship of the human body made of the five elements. How is the body made up of five elements worshipped? Worship of a particular person or the service of a particular Guru, is called the worship of body. (Somebody said, “Giving too much respect to preceptors). No. Doing special service of a particular person, doing special favours, not looking at everyone as souls is the worship of a body. For e.g. suppose a class is organized and toli (any sweet) is distributed to all; after the distribution of toli, if any jigyasu (seeker of knowledge) sits to clean all the utensils then it is considered to be the service of Yagya. But if he cleans the utensils of a particular brother or sister and refuses to clean the utensils of others; then it is called the special worship of the five elements. There are some special human beings made up of five elements, whose body made up of five elements has been worshipped. In whichever ashram this special worship of five elements commences it gives the same result, especially when the service of a male body takes place. And in the Brahmakumari ashram, many such males have been surrendered (i.e. permitted to dedicate their life for the ashram) against the Shrimat, whereas Baba has never said in any Murli that men should be kept in Goushalas (literally meaning cowsheds, but here it refers to the BK centers where only cow-like sisters & mothers are supposed to stay). Arey! If God is named Krishna, then will Krishna become Gaupaal (i.e. protector of cows) or will he take care of bulls? Men should safeguard Shaktis (sisters & mothers); they should earn money and provide it to them, and not sit there (at the ashram) and eat. So this was the result of the commencement of this kind of worship of body. What is the result that has been shown? The result is that this Brahmakumar has been shown standing in white robes from top to the bottom. He is a very famous Brahmakumar of the time when this picture was prepared. The dagger of sex lust has been shown in his hands. It means that the use of the dagger of sex lust through eyes-only is considered to be the dagger of sex lust. Baba has never said in any Murli that Kanyas & mothers should sit and give drishti to men or men should sit and give drishti to sisters & mothers.

In India, in which there was a tradition that sisters and mothers like Sita never used to look into the eyes of other men, in the same India which tradition has been commenced by these bodily religious gurus preceptors, and people belonging to Ravan community in the name of knowledge? The tradition of men giving drishti (looking at each other in the process of meditation) to women and women giving drishti to various kinds of men has been started. Arey! Eye is also an organ. Isn’t the exchange of drishti with (i.e. by looking at) many people through this organ not vyabhichar (lewd behavior)? Other organs do not dupe as much as the eyes; eyes are the organs, which dupe the most. So will we enter into the company of others through that organ which dupes the most and that too the company of delicate spinsters (kanyas)? So, what will be the result? Vyabhichar (lewdness), bhrastachaar (corruption) will increase all the more. Nobody can stop it. Instead of heaven, hell will be established even more. That hell is being established in the Yagya. Quarrels are taking place in the centers. When do disputes occur? The more the organs becomes lewd, the more quarrels there will be. For e.g. in the picture of ladder, that Duryodhan, Dushyasan (literally referring to two villainous Kaurava princes, but here they refer to the man who is shown molesting a woman in the portion of Iron Age in the picture of ladder) has seized the intellect-like foot of that lady with his intellect-like foot, i.e. he has become dominant over her, he has taken her in his custody and is holding a knife of sex lust in his hands. It means that he is continuously hitting her with his knife-like eyes. Man’s organs are strong and the organs of spinsters are delicate. When strength (i.e. a strong man) attacks delicacy (i.e. a delicate woman) then she will come under his control. So here it has been written, “Haay ShivBaba bachaao…” (O ShivBaba! save me). It means that they, i.e. the weaker sex do not possess that much power to face the male body. Due to the effect of company, a weakness develops in her automatically. So this cry comes out of the heart, “O ShivBaba! save me. We had dedicated ourselves here to remain pure but our purity is receiving a blow all the more here. so the cry comes from within O! ShivBaba! save me; he is making me a prostitute. Now I am no more your Shivshakti (consort). So the cry which comes from within is the cry of some Brahmakumari who has been shown here. Any worldly woman will not utter the word ‘ShivBaba’. Her clothes have been shown to be dirty. What does it mean? The dirty cloth, which has been shown, is indeed a white saree (a five metres long piece of cloth worn by Indian women) only, but that Dushyasan has made it dirty. So in order to show that white saree to be dirty, its colour has been shown muddy like this. So her body-like dress has become dirty. What is the main reason for this attitude in the Yagya? The main reason is that this entire scam is going on through the men who have entered the centers as surrendered brothers. If those men had not been surrendered then this scam would not have occurred. Baba has never ordered in Murlis that there is a need for men to get surrendered. Arey! Men can earn and eat by themselves wherever they wish in the world. What is the necessity of their security? There could be the interference of purity on the spinsters (kanyas) and mothers. They may require that security for purity. So they can come and seek asylum in the Yagya.

Further, worship of Devi (female deity) has been depicted in which a person has been shown uttering the words “Doob ja, doob ja” (i.e. get drowned - get drowned). In the path of worship devis are worshipped, given a lot of respect, offered ornaments, temples are constructed for them. People spend lakhs of rupees in constructing temples, preparing ornaments and in worshipping. After worshipping them for 8-9 days, they take them to the ocean or rivers and immerse them in water. If the idol does not sink in water then they even make it sink forcibly by pushing it with their foot. From where did these traditions of the path of worship start? They start in the Confluence Age. This is precisely the making of the bodily religious preceptors or the making of those people who act under the influence of these preceptors. Baba has got the kanyas (spinsters) and mothers surrendered for the purpose of Yagya seva (Godly service). Those kanyas and mothers are sevadharis (those who do service). They are not any (female) deities. Deities will be in the Golden Age. In this Iron Age nobody is a deity. For e.g. in a Murli Baba has said, “Those who worship devis (female deities) belong to the Ravan community.” Those who worship devis will not pay much attention to ShivBaba, they will not remember him, they will not follow the Murli or Baba’s directions as much as they should. If the same direction appears in the Murli everyday, “Children, open the centers; open the museums”, then they will not pay attention, but when that devi gives them directions, “Brother, we should open our own centre”, then the worshipper of that devi will immediately get a temple constructed for that devi. In every city such temples are being constructed and deviji is practically installed in those temples. Good clothes, good attires, things of decoration, sofa set, a double bed, colour T.V, fridge etc. are arranged for and collected in these ashrams. Even if someone cannot make arrangements of milk, clothes and house for their wife and children, even if he makes them cry throughout their life, but will waste all his money in the worship of those devis and when the real form of the Father is revealed in the world, then such persons belonging to Ravan community, who worship devis, feel remorseful. They do not view such remorse to be remorse. They see that these devis have caused our downfall; they are not devis but demonesses. They then appear to them as demonesses. When the form of God is revealed, then they start insulting those devis by visiting their temples and they insult them to the extent that they finally make them sink. They bring to an end the regard and respect which they used to receive. Where are all these matters related to? These are the internal matters of our Yagya only. Now some such shooting of such devis and the shooting of ‘doob ja doob ja’ (get drowned- get drowned) has taken place and in the future this shooting is going to take place at a greater speed.

Further, it has been shown that the heads of religious power and heads of political power are separately organizing their gatherings and societies, organizing their meetings, i.e. the power of religion and the power of politics go into different hands in the kingdom of Ravan. A good sign of the kingdom of Ravan has been depicted. In the kingdom of Ram the power of religion and politics is in a single person’s hands and in the kingdom of Ravan the religious and political power goes into different hands. So the same thing happened in the Yagya. Until Mama and Baba were alive, the religious & political power was in the hands of Mama & Baba. All the service centers were controlled from Mt. Abu and as soon as they left their bodies, the Brahmakumars and kumaris distributed the areas amongst themselves and became zonal in charges. The religious and political powers were entrusted to separate hands in the year 1969-70. This entire work is accomplished by the bodily religious preceptors. When the heads of religious power organize their meeting, then the male section, who conduct the business of organizing fairs, conferences and the business of publishing fat books and publicizing them, organize separate meetings in the head office. Those who control the class and thrones, i.e. the heads of political power, shown in white robes, do not take part in the meeting of those heads of religious power. Those controllers of class, i.e. the heads of political power also hold meetings, but only when their shaking thrones go out of control. So, they hold meetings in order to solve these problems and in that meeting the heads of religious power do not take part, i.e. the religious power and political power comes in separate hands. This is an indication of the kingdom of Ravan.

A third beggary group has also been shown. They do not possess the power of religion also, i.e. there are such Brahmins for whom it is said that Pandavas roamed as beggars, who are devoid of religious power. Religious power means that they are not allowed to sit on the Sandali (throne) and speak in the class even for two or five minutes, leave alone an hour or two. They will not be entrusted any special responsibility in the fairs and conferences. They will not be given any space equivalent to even the space occupied by the tip of a pin, neither in the religious power nor the political power. The property possessed by the third party is Gita, which has been placed below the head (of the beggar), i.e. the knowledge of that Gita is contained in their intellect. They have put at stake their body, money, place, family, wife, children, i.e., everything, in that game of dice (gambling), which had been taught by the Supreme Soul of the Mahabharata fame, “Surrender everything in this Yagya, become full beggar.” (mu.18.6.70, pg.1). So, here the soul of Ram has been shown as a representative, and his entire group can be understood in this context. The third group of Pandavas which has been shown here is depicted with the Gita below his head, i.e.,only the knowledge of the Gita is their property and he is lying as a beggar on a bed of thorns. It means that just as this world is a sorrowful jungle of thorns, similarly, there are just thorns causing sorrows for him everywhere in this world. Be it his family members or neighbors or relatives or be it the age old members of the B.K. family; but no one remains cooperative. Similarly, what is the condition of the beggar-like India shown as? He is asking for alms from the foreigners. Two foreigners are standing. You can understand who are those foreigners who were giving him alms in 1976. These are the same foreigners who give him alms of food and money and become cooperative in the Godly service that was being done by him. That means the Christians and Islamic people are giving alms in the form of a loan. These alms are his livelihood. What is the job of a beggar? To roam about asking for alms at every door is his business. It is said that we found God while sitting at home. But nobody knows the form in which they found God? What is the condition of Bharat (India) depicted as, in which/whom God comes? The Bharat, who was a prince in the beginning of the Golden Age, who becomes the full prince of the world, becomes the Vishamaharajan (emperor of the world), He only becomes a full beggar at the end of the Iron Age. “Until he becomes a full beggar, he cannot become a full prince.” (mu.14.11.00, pg.3). He too has a Godly plan. The book which is placed below his head has ‘Five year plan’ written on it. (If you observe the old picture of ladder carefully, then you will find ‘Five year plan’ written on it). Five year plan means that he has received a Godly plan from 1977 to 1980-81 - that you make this planning by taking a loan from foreigners in this way. This is a Godly planning. It has been said in the Murlis that the Government which belongs to the Ravan Community keeps making a new planning after every five years. Again and again they keep on planning. The story of planning never ends. In the beginning they had prepared this account that they will plan for five times, will make five year plans. This planning will continue for 25 years. But now, how many years have passed since 1947? Even now their 5 year plan has not ended. There is a saying, “God Shiva has come in an incognito form to create the Golden Age. O man! At least wake up now.” If God comes as a big personality, as an influential person, then the entire world will come to know. This was a Godly plan of five years available with the beggar. That was a one time plan of making the beggar Bharat (India) independent. Beggar means one who is dependant on others and independent means one who does not care for anyone, and stands on his own feet (i.e. he is self reliant).

So what is the duration of the plan? 5 years. The plan was till 1981. When 1981 is over, his plan is successful in 1982. So the beggar Bharat, who had become a full beggar in 1976, stands completely on his own feet (i.e. becomes completely self reliant) in 1982. He does not require to take support of any kind from anybody. The plan is completed and the foundation of the establishment is laid. This has been shown further that when this task is accomplished, it takes a little time. One does not become a king all of a sudden. Baba says, “Suppose a poor man gets a lottery of 10-15 crore rupees then he will not be given the entire lottery immediately.” If he is given the lottery immediately then what would happen? .... That is why that kingdom of the world is given slowly. (Someone said something) Baba is Almighty. But the soul, which plays the role of Master Almighty is someone else, isn’t it? He is transformed from a complete beggar to a complete prince. This is a story of rise and fall of 84 births of Bharat. By mistake we have thought that this entire story is of Brahma Baba, but Brahma’s soul is Krishna’s soul. Horoscopes of Krishna and Christ are matched. Christ and his followers neither become more sinful nor more pure (mu.29.3.99, pg.3). So the Krishna’s soul, Dada Lekraj neither becomes more sinful nor more pure. Who becomes more sinful and more pure? It is the soul of Ram, the Prajapita. That is why at the end of the picture of ladder, Brahma is shown standing in his efforts but in such a beggary form, a Pandava, who is a dweller of forests or one may call him Ram or Shankar, is lying in a jungle of thorns - the beggar Bharat. He is shown to be lying as a subordinate. So this is a story of the rise and fall of the 84 births of Bharat. Omshanthi.

(Note –this is a draft version)

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