Answers by Ascended Masters

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Answers by Ascended Masters

Post by paulkershaw » 07 Apr 2008

In the heart-space of open sharing; I'd like to include this link to a recent channeling given through a medium/channel called Tatyana Mikushina, who is the channel for Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, as I feel it answers several questions posed by various members of this forum in recent times. Whilst it may answer some of these questions, I have no doubt that other questions will arise too.
Tatyana Mikushina wrote:From: Sirius: Word of Wisdom

Very many people turn to me with a request to give an assessment to this or that spiritual teacher or leader, or to ask the Masters to provide their comments. However, the Masters do not encourage me when I ask them to provide the assessment and information related to one or another spiritual leader.

They say that my task is, as purely as is possible, to provide the Teaching which They give through me. Nevertheless, today during a meditation, when I turned to my Teacher Sanat Kumara with the questions asked in one of the letters I had received, unexpectedly to me, He gave a Message, which we are publishing below.

Tatyana Mikushina Light and Love!

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Re: Answers by Ascended Masters

Post by andrey » 16 Apr 2008

These Ascended Masters seem to be lovers of pomp and show. They won't incarnate now, because no one would belive them, they will wait till they can reveal in full splendor. Why are there then stories of God coming as a beggar. Maybe they are right. Even Christ did not want to go to the cross.

Dear brother paul,

Somewhere you have said that God in me sees the God in you. I don't know if it has been used metaphorically, but if not I would like to ask you if you would be able to see God in me if I am treating you badly. And if God is in you then where is the need of these ascended masters. Just listen to your heart where God is there.

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