BKs Target Recently Bereaved

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BKs Target Recently Bereaved

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted September 27th, 2006

Reports are coming in, from various sources, of how the BKWSU is now targeting recently bereaved widows.

In line with “service instructions” said to be directly from God and for BKs only, given in the secret channelled messages called “Murlis”, mediumistic messages that encourage BKs to frequent graveyards in order to find new recruits amongst the families of the deceased, active Brahma Kumaris have put a modern spin on the concept throughout Hindi communities in the West.
In what would look to most to be a fairly cynical ploy, BKs profit from the tradition of Hindu families to advertize the deaths of their loved ones in newspapers and to hold days of extended prayers of rememberance after their passing. White clad Brahma Kumaris, the color of death in Hinduism, have taken to turning up at absolute strangers’ houses uninvited and returning every day for the entire period of 8 or more days. During this time, they uses the vulnerability of the recently deceased as a “service opportunity” to expound their knowledge and expand their membership.

It is also reported that despite not being trained or registered as religious practitioners, BKs have taken to muscling in on the ceremonies as well, expecting to do “service” by way of lecturing to the family, much to the chagrin of official Hindu priests. One must surely question the ethics of such conscious and targeted activities ... wonder where the family wealth goes after!
A human being Says: March 10th, 2008

Instead of throwing mud on people who are living their lives as they like, why don’t you look at your ass?

The world need knowledge and info which gives them clarity and calmness not mental pollution.

The hours you take in doing useless research and time-consuming printing, it would be better if you invest them in prayer and reflections on good wishes for your fellow beings
A human being Says: March 10th, 2008

Why do you throw mud on people who are living their lives as they like? I guess you would be happier had they been living in your concept of how life should be lived.

Instead of wasting your time in back-biting and printing bullsh**, you had better invest your time and energy in praying for starved, handicapped or people in difficulty

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