Rakshabandhan and the Importance of Purity

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Rakshabandhan and the Importance of Purity

Post by classic posts » 02 Jun 2008

Rakshabandhan and the Importance of Purity - posted by Kevin on August 31, 2004

AIDS is a huge “mistake”. It’s the best business drug companies can dream of. Read people like Duesberg. Also, BK Neville, who lives in GRC Oxford, has done years of research and has written a book on AIDS after visiting several countries in Africa. The conclusions are different as to what is really going on, but the traditional story we all have heard is certainly wrong somewhere.

None of you BKs and PBKs have any true knowledge. You are all part of a religion. There are two possibilities: God himself doesn’t even have explanations or he is simply fooling you all. You all have a fantastic image of Golden Age, so fantastic that it is totally unreal. On the other hand, none of you can explain the simple things of life there. Nature is in perfect balance (without man!) because there are two elements: death and life. Leaves that fall off a tree are broken down into minerals by micro organisms, and are finally re-absorbed by the roots of the tree. It’s a perfect cycle. The same goes for animals.

In the Disney film “Lion King”, the Father lion explains to his child that, when he dies, he will turn into soil which will be feeding the grasses and thus he, at his own time, will be eaten by the herbivorous animals. On the other hand, if there wouldn’t be lions to take out some plant-eaters, the savannah would quickly turn into a dessert because there would be too many of them. Yet, in Golden Age, you all believe there won’t be any predators. This leads us to a whole (unidentified) different system .. if any such system could exist. Face it, you are brainwashed.

Now it is the moment to jump over to the part of “Yes but, the most important things is remembrance ...” What a great attitude. No maturity at all. Little children can’t be consequent, but grown ups ... oh wait: God calls you children all the time And the Murli’s are their bed time stories, full of wonderfull tales.

Lastly, the meaning of purity has been narrowed down and been turned into something really idiotic. Not only can’t you explain such a simple thing as nature in Golden Age, you don’t even have a clue how people and animals will reproduce as sex is “bad”. “Through Yoga power” ... does anyone here understands this phrase? What has Yoga today to do with reproduction? I know all of you find sex a dirty thing, but I tell you: the birth of baby, now that’s something I find really disgusting. But alas, that’s the way it happens! You want to deny the anatomy of your own body. I guess the body would be quite different in Golden Age too, because there’s no need for any reproduction system there.

All the things and ways of doing your little heart doesn’t like, simply are gone in Golden Age! If God said in his Murli that we won’t have a physical body there, but an astral pure body of light, you would all believe. Why? Because you are religious and the physical has been given a bad name.

Where is your common sense?

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Re: Rakshabandhan and the Importance of Purity

Post by arjun » 05 Aug 2009

Om Shanti.

Happy Rakshabandhan to everyone.

After many years, I got a chance to attend the rakshabandhan festival at a BK center today. I was invited to a local BK center by a BK teacher to attend the rakhi programme. So, before leaving for the office I went to the center and the BK teacher tied a rakhi and offered a sweet and a slogan and applied tilak on my forehead. It was a good experience which reminded me of the BK days when we used to prepare rakhis of silk threads with our own hands. But now-a-days, it seems as if all the BK centers purchase golden coloured metallic rakhis in bulk from Madhuban. Anyway, the atmosphere of purity that is created on the day of Rakshabandhan is more important than these issues.


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