Naturally normal

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Naturally normal

Post by sparkal » 23 May 2006


At some point or other , we may all be faced with the possibility that, " NORMAL " is not necessary " NATURAL ". If someone is abnormal, it is perhaps assumed that they have moved farther away from that which is natural, AND farther than that which is normal, which itself may not be natural. This suggests that normal is natural, when in fact, we can be natural, yet considered by normal people to be abnormal and unnatural. So, to be naturally normal, is not the same as being normally natural, which would be the ultimate normal, naturally.

So, being abnormal can fall either side of "NORMAL" and receive the same degree of disapproval from normal people , who may not be natural, normally. Simple really I guess. There is only one NATURAL point of comparison and that is with the being the world remembers as Shiva, Alla, God etc. normally. A point of light, like ourselves, naturally, but a soul who has not taken a costume in this material dimension, which is naturally normal for this one. Therefore, there is only one being who can offer us a pure and natural "IMAGE" of our natural selves, which normally lies hidden beneath the normal self/selves.

God's religion is that of peace, the natural religion and nature, naturally, of the human soul. And, can someone run that one by me again as to why the most loving being in the universe is also one of the most feared? It may be normal , but it certainly ain ' t natural.Normally seen as a judge, yet naturally like what we all want to be.

Let us be it, naturally.

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