Vishnu Party explanation

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Re: Vishnu Party explanation

Post by shiva » 22 Nov 2015

From where is the Vishnu Party getting funds to run all these activities please?

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Re: Vishnu Party explanation

Post by bkshiva007 » 04 Dec 2015

param shanti,

i do not know about funding of Vishnu Party....but

interesting video uploaded in bapuji Vishnu Party channel

link for this video

Beyond Brahmakumari & Shiv Yoga by Bapuji. What is that Knowledge beyond brahmakumaris institution?

Paramshanti Bapuji.
Question-You have told us about shivyog and many other facts related to shiv. People are visiting various institutions like Brahmakumaris for realisation of shiv. What is that Knowledge beyond brahmakumaris institution.

Answer-Brahmakumari institution believe in incorporeal Shiva, creator of this brahmand. I went there. Very good knowledge. They preach that brahma create, Vishnu maintains and Shankar destroys. I have also meditate incorporeal shiv of brahmand. But shivyog is primary knowledge. It is the beginning or primary base of knowledge. Beyond shiv, there is mahashiv. If you meditate in incorporeal stage, you will receive power from incorporeal Shiva which will empower your soul and eliminate your bad deeds(vikarma).

Power in a soul will gradually emerge knowledge of mahashiv. Mahashiv means creator of galaxy or Akashganga. Beyond galaxy there are universe or param mahashiv. Beyond param mahashiv there are great universe then great great universe or multiverse. I believe multiverse is the creator of 100 (kala) brahmand. I explain this to those who come to understand this knowledge as a child.

Question-Bapuji, you have told us that Indian scriptures contain knowledge of one brahmand. Brahmakumari institution is also giving knowledge of shiv.

Answer-Indian scriptures have four Vedas, sixteen Upnishads and eighteen Puran having stories of brahma, Vishnu, Shankar and history/ geography of this brahmand. Further, I read two words in many scriptures that when Mahashiv become mahakal wind up infinite brahmands in each cell of his body. Those two words which I frequently think about and also read in scriptures are infinite brahmand(anantkoti brahmand). I deeply meditate upon those two words. Also meditate upon incorporeal shiv at 2 A.M. I think of Almighty Authority, who is Almighty Authority. Then gradually I realized divine visions of upper world. I came to know that after shiv, there is mahashiv and got full vision of milky way. At that time I realised the essence of scriptures that a second of mahashiv is 100 years of brahma. There is co-relation between time, space and speed.

In a moment of mahashiv creation and dissolution of infinite of infinite brahmands occur. I understand the essence of scriptures, in whose per second infinite of infinite brahmand’s creation and destruction take place. I came to know that Mahashiv’s one second is equal to brahma 100 years. Life time of a brahmand is 100 years of brahma. Creation and dissolution happen in a second of Mahashiv.

I visualized that in the end, there are kalp pralaya, mahakalp pralaya and mahakal pralaya and read in scriptures that in mahakal pralaya, mahashiv becomes mahakal to windup infinite of infinite brahmand in each cell of his body.

Question-That means drama is of infinite period of time.

Answer-Mahashiv is the creator of galaxy. When there is no power in mahashiv then mahashiv merges infinite of infinite brahmand or shiv. Shiv means solar system. Scientists are saying that in our brahmand there are millions of solar systems. Millions solar system means millions shiv. Millions of shiv is equal to one mahashiv and millions of mahashiv is equal to one param mahashiv or universe.

Question-So this knowledge is beyond 5000 years.

Answer-World Drama is not of 5000 years. Drama is infinite. It is said there “ Father of infinity talk of infinity to the children of infinity”. “He explains the secrets of beginning, middle and end of the drama of infinite world”. If there is infinite drama then time is also infinite. How it can be 5000 years. They condemned Indian scriptures as totally false. They are like little children of primary school.

Question- Science is developing at high speed. Everything you are talking about shiv, mahashiv and param mahashiv will be proved in future world?

Answer-Development of science and scientific instruments are done by Almighty Authority by giving them inspiration or ideas to do their work. In coming period, vision of multiverse will come in their cameras. Today, instruments in the field of science are made of gross elements. When these instruments will be of supreme element(paramtatva) then picture of billions of multiverse will be recorded. Scientists will reach here to find out these changes. All things in the world will transform into supreme elements. There will be change of elements. Gross elements will transform into three elements, then three elements will change into supreme elements or param tatva.

Question-It means there is a big world beyond shiv or one brahmand.

Answer-Shiv is the initial stage of knowledge just like a drop in the ocean. Shiv or brahmand is the primary knowledge.

Question-Please tell us about brahma, Vishnu and Shankar.
Answer-Shiv of this brahmand create through brahma, maintained through Vishnu and destroy through Shankar. This is only of one brahmand. One brahmand is one solar system. Single sun is nothing in comparison to a galaxy where there are billions sun or solar system. In a universe there are billions of galaxies. There are ten raised to five hundred universes in a great universe.

Question-Sun is called as surya dev. Scientists are saying that there is a sun one crore times bigger then our sun in another galaxy. Is it maha surya.
Answer-In our galaxy there are sun million and billion times bigger. Sun will remain a sun whether it is big or small. Stars visible at night are million times bigger sun in our galaxy and in other galaxies. All these are sun or surya apart from those near the centre point of galaxy which are maha surya which we call as maha Paramdham or maha amarlok. Mahasurya or mahashiv is composed of supreme element(param tatva) or param prakash. Sun or surya are of gross element. Due to massive power at the centre point of our galaxy itself billions of sun are rotating. Whose gravity power created these sun and what is their speed?
Earlier scientists talked about blackhole, now they are saying sun are created by white hole. Presence of invisible divine light in the centre of whitehole. That divine light cannot seen by a camera.
Those who want to move further may watch our videos. How galaxies and universes are created. Also explain how multiverse are created and will be uploaded in youtube.
There is wide spread of darkness of ignorance. There is difference of opinion everywhere even in scriptures also. Scriptures have the history of 50 years of brahma. One day and night of brahma is equal to 8 million 64 crore years on earth. How history of billions multiplied by billion years can be maintained. Earlier they did not write on paper. They have sharp memory due to powerful soul. Whatever they listen recorded in their soul. But gradually they lose their memory power due to downfall of soul power.
Just like those who believe that Krishna is yogeshwar. Nobody knows Krishna accurately. Krishna gives knowledge of Gita. Knowledge of Gita came from Almighty Authority and given through the mouth of Krishna. Ram and Krishna are incarnations of Almighty Authority and not of Vishnu, shiv or parbrahma. Nobody knows Almighty Authority. He is infinite of the infinite world.

Question-He enters somebody.
Answer-He does not enter. Shiv put a cell in the soul of Krishna, Dada Lekhraj and in the soul of Ram for connection because transformation of world is to be done by both. Both are helping in changing the world which was not done earlier. Krishna in the name of brahma and Ram as Shankar are doing their work.


also concept of time in hinduism by bapuji
he clear world drama is not limited to 5000 years...

Ancient Aliens - Season 5 - Magic Of the Gods (Hindi) explain by bapuji ... Throughout the ancient world, magic was used for everything from healing to communicating with the gods. But did magic really exist in the ancient times? bapuji explain everything from his divine knowledge....

param shanti

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Re: Vishnu Party explanation

Post by hanumanpole » 07 Dec 2015

Param Shanti to all,

The new videos have been uploaded in the YouTube channel. Please visit and watch the videos with open mind and endeavour to comprehend the essence of it. It gives a lot of insights into the eternal world drama.
Simply type "Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel" in the search board. You shall get all the videos instantly.


Param Shanti

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Re: Vishnu Party explanation

Post by vrkrao » 08 Dec 2015

Sorry brothers (Fluffy Bunny and Mbbhat), for my earlier question seems to have triggered a quarrel between the two of you.
(Trust this does not represent the 'seed' or the 'root' within the 'Kalpa Tree' which is responsible for the two 'cats' within the 'branches', viz. America & Russia being drawn into an obvious explosive confrontation, currently unfolding at an alarming pace in the operational theatre of the outer broad drama)!
I thank both of you for both of your responses, but I was actually expecting appropriate response from followers of Vishnu Party, as there appeared to be a possibility for different explanation, for which I might get better clarity from them.

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Re: Vishnu Party explanation

Post by bkshiva007 » 13 Dec 2015

History of Universe & Multiverse - by Bapuji Dashrath Patel

For the first time, Bapuji has revealed the history of the Universe & Multiverse, which is not mentioned in bk and pbk Murlis/Vanis ... really amazing knowledge by Bapuji !!!

You may visit the link below (English translation from this link, is specially for BKs & PBKs) ... part 1

Question: Paramshanti Bapuji! Please tell us Bapuji, about the history of Universe. We want to know the history of each and everything - History of Souls, History of Earth, History of Human Beings, history of everything. Therefore as per your comprehension of spiritualism, and what you have visualized, what do you want to tell the World about the history of Universe?
Bapuji: Today I will reveal the history of Universe. The history of Universe will cover the history of Galaxy and the Solar System too. I will explicate the history of multi-universe, and the trillion and trillions of multi-universes which exist would also be explained. Firstly, we need to understand how the Universe is created? Who made the Universe and why? How Universes are driven? How galaxies were formed in the Universe? How Solar Systems were formed in galaxies? How human beings and souls were created? The souls who were created at the time of creation of Universe - how were they? There are different categories of souls. Like, basic category of souls is dev-atma (Guardian Angels), duratma (Demons), paap-atma (evil souls or Devils). Then further at the higher level, there reside Farishte (Angels), above them reside the param param param (supreme supreme supreme) Souls. So in the history of Universe, I will tell you who is the Creator (Master) of the Universe? The creator of the universe whom we call Param Maha Shiva.

Question: Can he be called Father of the Infinite?
Bapuji: No, not infinite. He is completely a different personality. Listen, I will talk about three categories.
Say, one Solar System, who is the creator of one Solar System? The creator of one Solar System is Shiva. Galaxy means Maha Shiva, the creator of one Galaxy is Maha Shiva. The creator of one Universe is Param Maha Shiva. And the creator of multi-universe is splendid, like a 'giant'. We will explain this later, in other sessions. Today we will tell you about Param Maha Shiva - one universe. When Param Maha Shiva is in abstract form there is latent energy inside param maha Shiva - Pure Divine Light - and it is covered and surrounded with Might. The core is the Light which possesses infinite powers and it is protected by the shield of Might. Say, as in the sun, in the rays of light which come forth, there is the Might of that supreme Maha Shiva. The Might is the 'maha tatva' around the Light. The rays that cover the core supreme Divine Light is the Maha Tatva. When the creator of Universe – Param Maha Shiva, in his abstract form, willed to create crores and crores universes, immediately two souls were driven out from Param Maha Shiva. In that thought process other multiple souls were created. Initially 12 souls were created; they were surrounded by, and circled themselves in a space. For example when you make a house, you figure out the space required around the house. Thus 12 souls created a space in the universe. Further the souls break up to 2 , 2 to 4 , 4 to 8, multiple creation process gets started.

Question: Bapuji what you are explaining now, the space and the universe, could the scientists track
this in the visible universe?
Bapuji: I will explain this later, because this is history beyond 16 celestial degrees. What scientists are
seeing is a small proportion of the visible 0 (zero) celestial degree of this Universe.

Question: That means we can say it is a drop, a small minute portion of this Universe?
Bapuji: It is a small dot of this Universe. And this small dot, which is miniscule, is only the visible universe. This part is only summarizing into 156 trillion light years. The whole universe is of several lakhs ('arab') of light years. It is beyond human imagination. Visible world is negligent part of the whole universe. It is just like a drop in the ocean. The reason is because the instruments used by scientists for the inventions or discoveries are made of physical elements. "Hubble Telescope" and other devices or their tools are made of physical elements, and the visibility of the physical elements is very less or low. If the same devices are converted in the form of supreme elements then the energy gets multiplied. The energy in the elements made up of supreme elements is infinite.

Question: Bapuji what you are telling us has no mention in our mythology or scriptures?
Bapuji: This 'param' (supreme) knowledge is nowhere mentioned in any of the books. What I am giving, you would not be able to trace anywhere. What you read in the scriptures and mythology are the stories of one Solar System. It is the story of our one Solar System only. There are billions of solar systems in one Galaxy. In one Universe there are hundred billion galaxies. Whatever is visible to us is a part of the small dot in the whole Universe. Likewise, Science has said there are more than 200 billion galaxies and in each galaxy there are hundreds billions of solar systems. This universe is magnificent. Initially the incorporeal world was created and the souls were in abstract, eternal form.

Question: Bapuji, what about Parallel Universe? And are there several such dots of Parallel Universe?
Bapuji: No, Parallel Universe is different. All the other universes are made in different ways. I will explain that later. First, understand our own Universe. Parallel Universe is a vast subject. They are huge and splendid as compared to our Universe. There are multi universes. Science says 10 raised to power 500 – so many universes are there.

Question: That means 10 raise to power 500 are the dots/universes?
Bapuji: No, I am talking about just one universe, our Universe. Several billion light years away there are big universes. Likewise 10 raise to power 500 – this much in numbers are the universes. This I am talking of a part that forms invisible universe. Nowhere is it mentioned about these invisible universes. Nobody can even narrate this. I have seen and visualized through my Divine Eye at the time of meditation. What I have seen, I am narrating. People who come to me, I narrate the same, and teach them the same to visualize. I will explain you about the multi-universes and parallel universes. Once I was going through one Discovery channel in which somebody mentioned that the creator of these universes, who is the 'Jiv', has all the recording in His memory. If you place a device to read the recordings in the 'Jiv', you will able to get the history of the Universe. But no 'Jiv' can do it. It is only the Almighty Authority who can tell you all this history of the universes.

Question: Will the Creator of the Universe, "Param Maha Shiva", have the memory of all this creation?
Bapuji: Yes, he would be having all the recordings of this Drama. But how will you read his recordings? Where His soul resides today, I will tell you later. So coming back, first Supreme Abode (Paramdham) was created. Nine (9) lakhs of souls were created in the Supreme Abode. First, after 12 souls, 24 souls were created, then they keep multiplying to 108 souls. Further 16,000 souls were created. then 9 lakhs. The creation was in formless - incorporeal and shapeless - form. They were in the form of Power. The souls were made up of Divine Light. We will call souls at that point of creation as Param Param Param Atma. They are high quality souls.

Question: Bapuji, can this creation be considered to be the angels or deities known to us?
Bapuji: That is the narration of our Solar System. That is different. Wait, it will come in the continuation to this, go step-wise. Therefore, the 9 lakhs of souls who were created were in abstract form. They would be Param Param Param Atma. We call this creation Maha Shiva. It is the creation of Param Maha Shiva. There were 9 lakhs Maha Shiva created. We will describe that world or stage as 16 degree dimension - 'nirvikari, sampoorn' - viceless, complete and wise. I am talking about the words mentioned in our Hindu mythology. Those souls were in incorporeal form, they were Maha Shiva, created by Param Maha Shiva. Param Maha Shiva created Maha Shiva. Gradually incorporeal world was changing to subtle (aakari) world. Further the souls then descended to 15 degree dimension. In 16 degree dimension souls were in the form of seeds, how seeds form shoots, similarly here in 15 degree dimension, the seed souls started forming shapes. Likewise Param Maha Shiva, Maha Shiva was created, core of Maha Shiva is Light surrounded by Might, means 'maha tatva'. In supreme abode there is 'maha tatva'. During creation of souls, when one soul created the other, there was action to the reaction, the light that was fused from the one soul to another, created the atmosphere of Paramdham (Divine Light). Initially when only 16,000 souls were created, at that point the environment was of Param Maha Tatva in the supreme abode. When further it descended from 16,000 souls, 9 lakhs of souls were created and param (supreme) ether element was formed. How the environment was created? It was created from the loss of power or diffusion of power during the process of creation of souls from one seed to another. In the creation process the flow of Divine Light and energy leads to the formation of Param Ether element. Till 16,000 souls Param Maha element was created while in the process of creation. And then till 9 lakhs of creation, supreme ether element was created. Now in 15 degree dimension, the seed souls spring to form shapes, from the incorporeal to subtle.

Question: Bapuji, one big question, did time begin at that point?
Bapuji: At that time of the creation of the Universe (Brahmand) the time started. When time began for Universe? When Param Maha Shiva gave the first thought, time began. When Maha Shiva was created, His time started. We can say it is journey of soul, journey of Maha Shiva. When History started, simultaneously the time also started with it. Parallel to the history, Geography also came. How Geography came?
From 16 to 14 degree celestial power supreme ether element was made. Gradually supreme elemental world started forming. Gradually the composition of the elements in the soul also changes with time and creations – descending from incorporeal seed form to subtle (Aakari) form. Initially the soul was only covered with the Param Maha Tatva, and then when creation multiplied, the supreme ether element formed the second layer around the Param Maha Tatva leading to the formation of shape. Maha Shiva transforms from abstract to subtle form at 14 degree dimension. Till 14 degree dimension, 2 crore of souls were created. From 9 lakh population, it multiplied to 2 crores. From 16 degree dimension to 14 degree dimension, we will call it Moolvatan. Mool means, from the seed – it springs, called “mool”. Further descending further from 14 celestial degrees, souls starts forming better shape and image. The way we have a physique, similarly they were in a subtle form. Falling down reaching to 12 celestial degrees we keep developing the figure & features. From incorporeal world, Subtle Region starts forming. Gradually declining down to 9 degree dimension, from 14 to 9 degrees complete subtle body was structured. Till 9 celestial degrees 33 crores deities were created. They would be also called, infinite (Behad) Gods-Goddesses. In our mythology and scriptures it is mentioned about origin-source and eternal kingdom of Gods-Goddesses, that is in memorial of that period only. They are also called Param Purush (Supreme or Super Man). Above them are infinite Gods Goddesses. There are Maha Gods-Goddesses sitting in the Galaxies too. They are called infinite because there are Gods-Goddesses of this Universe also. They are Supreme (Param) Maha Gods-Goddesses. When Param Maha God, thought to multiply Himself and create his own nature(shakti-prakruti) from Within - like Shiva created his Shakti; Maha Shiva created his Maha Shakti; Vishnu took Lakshmi from his own image, similarly male figure takes out female figure from within.

Question: Bapuji, how much time must have gone in creation while from 16 celestial degree to 9 celestial degrees?
Bapuji: The time is eternal there; it is not possible to easily comprehend the time over there. To take an idea or to understand approximately, the age of our solar system is equal to Brahma’s 100 years. Brahma’s 100 years now… Brahma’s one day on the earth is equal to 864 Crore years of one day and night. On earth it is one chaturyug, one chaturyug means 4 yugas - Satyug, dwapar, treata and kalyug. When such 1000 yugas completes it is equal to Brahma’s 1 day. Brahma’s 100 years is equal to the age of our universe. If we talk about Maha Shiva, we have to talk about the age of Giant (Maha) Universe.

Question: Till this stage Brahma has no role to play?
Bapuji: Here, the creation is ongoing of Maha Shiva. Maha Shiva descending from abstract eternal form to subtle form. Maha Shiva, created their Maha Shakti, therefore 33 crore Maha Shiva were created. We are not talking about Lord Shankar here. Don’t get confused between Maha Shiva and Shankar.
Maha Shiva, Maha Shakti were total of 66 crore. Those souls were the only Maha purush, gradually there
was a downfall and the souls were further descending down. All this is now creation of Supreme
elements (Param Tatva). From 16 Celestial dimensions to 14, supreme ether element (param akash tatva) is
formed. Slowly down as we came, supreme air and supreme fire element were also formed. Till 9 celestial
dimensions, supreme ether, supreme air and supreme fire elemental worlds and creation took place. There was a formation of absolute elements and of highest quality.

Question: Bapuji, what we talk of the spirit souls in the visible universe is further way down?
Bapuji: This is far beyond what we are talking about. What you are asking of spirit souls in the visible universe is the small dot. So let us come to that later. Now further coming down from 9 dimensions, Galaxies were created by Maha Shiva and Maha Shakti. Lot of galaxies were made; at that point these galaxies were of supreme elements. (Param Tatva). Therefore those 33 crore Gods-Goddesses who could be called, Mmaha Shakti Maha Shiva, initial-eternal deities (Maha Dev and Devis), they made lot many giant and big galaxies. The galaxies which are of one lakh light years are the pieces from the big ones. These galaxies were of many lakhs of light years big, and its breakdown is what we see one lakh big light years galaxy. These galaxies were of supreme element (Param Tatva). Different creations took place by 33 crore Gods-Goddesses. Few created one, few created two, ten, hundred, thousand to two thousand. There started the feeling of competition. Galaxy means maha brahmand creator Maha Shiva. As the number increased of the creation, in a very subtle form, competition started for the decoration of their individual galaxies. All galaxies were unique and different from each other. All were different in shapes, sizes, color, because the combination of elements over there was different. There were hundred billion galaxies, each galaxy has different shapes, sizes and color, and therefore you can count the color combinations. Competition becomes high, there was more consumption of supreme elements, Maha Shiva’s soul energy was reducing with the creation of Galaxies. The ultimate loss of power from the abstract, eternal, supreme Shiva. There is a loss of power from the creation of the Father, Param Maha Shiva, therefore He also simultaneously falls down. At the time of creation, He made a boundary of Divine Light around the universe, which is still there and cordoned with param maha tatva and supreme ether element. 50% of power is still there, and half of the power came with the creation while falling down. Gradually when reaching at 8 Celestial degrees, the physical elements starts forming. There starts the combination of elements and supreme elements. Galaxy also started transforming into elements. Earlier there was 90% supreme Elements and 10% physical elements. Gradually moving down the ratio changes to the combination of 80:20, 70:30 (as we move down, proportion of supreme elements decreases and physical element percentage increases. Further down to 7 dimensions, galaxy also came down, and it grows in numbers and pieces. As the galaxy increases the creation also increases. With the increase in three galaxies three Maha Shiva were created. Further breakdown to 9 pieces to 27 to 81, like this there was multiple creations of galaxies. In the invisible universes, the combination of supreme elements was different in all the galaxies. All galaxies have different combinations of elements.

Question: Bapuji, do these have colors?
Bapuji: Yes there were color combinations, but less. As there was a downfall, the combination changes from supreme elements to physical elements. All the galaxies and creation has finally descended and settle at 0 degree.

Question: Bapuji, this means, all visible universe is in 0 degree?
Bapuji: Let me explain you first 0 degree. Slowly Param Maha Shiva came down, this is 0 degree Universe. Param Maha Shiva came and resides at the center point of the 0 degree galaxy. In the centre there is a controlling system of the 0 degree universe. From the periphery to the center it measures the distance of 600 'arab' light years. And the diameter will be 1200 'arab' light years. What I had seen in my divine vision, that a small portion is just a visible Universe. Our galaxy is in the centre, and surrounded by space. The small portion is only the visible Universe. 156 trillion light years is only the visible Universe.

Question: Everything in galaxy was of physical elements?
Bapuji: How the formation of the solar system took place in the galaxies, also needs to be elaborated. This is just an outline. To understand everything in detail one needs 10 hours of dedication. How environment of Supreme elements (Param Tatva) was forming, half of the energy stayed there and some has come down with the creation. How supreme elemental energy transformed in physical elements? How multiple Shiva was created and further His dynasty? The galaxies were created and they were in multiple. They were falling into pieces. What science talks about 156 billion light years visible universe out of which 93 billion light years, science have detected more than 200 billion galaxies. That too, the giant galaxies are counted, the small galaxies are not even considered. Different countries and Nasa personnel have kept their instruments to find out the Galaxies and their turmoil. The research of the scientist says that within 93 billion light years more than 200 billion galaxies exist. If the tools and the devices used by the scientist change to supreme elements, then and then only can they invent and view the whole universe, because the combination above is of supreme divine light and param elements. The small dot solar system is also covered with 'maha tatva' and Light. There are separate layers; around 7 layers are surrounded around our solar system. There is a layer of Supreme ether element surrounding our solar system.

Question: Bapuji. Where are these 33 deities, where have they gone?
Bapuji: They would be present in their galaxy. All have come down and the universe too, to 0 dimension. Galaxies started shrinking due to change in the composition of the elements from Supreme elements to physical elements. They were billion more bigger in size as compared to now.

Question: Bapuji, so the boundary which you have made and drawn, it would not be there now?
Bapuji: Yes, it is still there, just the souls have descended and fallen down. The creator of the universe, Param Maha Shiva himself has come down. The creator has come at the centre point of the 0 dimension, and made the controlling system around itself at the 0 degree. Many creators of the galaxy - Maha Shiva had come and resides in the space created by the Param Maha Shiva around in the controlling area, since they were tired of creating their creation and loss in the power. The core or the nucleus of the visible universe is of param divine light and surrounded by supreme element (param tatva). Today also there is a radius of supreme element over the 100 billion light years. The gravity of the nucleus is forceful, trillions and trillions of galaxies are revolving around it. It’s not possible to count them; it could be possible through the instruments, if made by supreme elements.

Question: Bapuji, do you think such instruments, devices or tools of supreme elements, would be invented?
Bapuji: Really hoping, I have put my strong vibrations and thoughts after that, science should develop so fast so that researches can be done using refined tools. I willed that our solar system also gets converted in supreme refine elements. Our planet sun also gets refined. I desire everything to get transformed to the eternal pure divine and refined elements. I am confident it will happen and we will do it. At least we can bring changes to our solar system. In the middle it is Param Maha Shiva, so there is power circulating, so all the galaxies are moving. The galaxy is also rotating on its own axis. At what speed our galaxy is moving? It is moving at a speed of 25,00,000 km/hour. Our galaxy is moving at a high speed in the universe. All the galaxies are revolving. Why are they revolving? The only reason is there is very high gravitational pull in the centre. The Maha Shiva is revolving around the Param Maha Shiva.

Question: Bapuji 33 Crore Gods-Goddesses have come down?
Bapuji: Yes, and 33 crore Gods-Goddess got double to 66 crore. They actually got multiplied. The more galaxy the more Maha Shiva. Galaxy is equal to the number of Maha Shiva. In our mythology it is mentioned that we all are Shiva. But we say we are not Shiva, we are the souls beyond Maha Shiva and Param Maha Shiva, we are the creators from the supreme.

Param shanti

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Re: Vishnu Party explanation

Post by shivsena » 22 Dec 2015

bkshiva007 wrote: History of Universe & Multiverse - by Bapuji Dashrath Patel

For the first time, Bapuji has revealed the history of the Universe & Multiverse, which is not mentioned in BK and PBK Murlis/Vanis ... really amazing knowledge by Bapuji !!!
Why Bapuji Dashrath Patel does not quote(speak) from Murlis-Vanis ?? he greater than God Shiva (who has spoken the Murlis-Vanis) ??

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Re: Vishnu Party explanation

Post by bkshiva007 » 04 Mar 2016

Spiritual aspect of aliens & UFO science, by bapuji - BKs or PBKs never spoke about this ...

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astral traveling, by bapuji... bapuji's own experience

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the secret of remote viewing & secret of medium

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Re: Vishnu Party explanation

Post by bkshiva007 » 17 Jul 2016

Param Shanti,
In an age where spiritual awakening and knowledge has taken significant importance, BAPUJI has been working tirelessly to help people march forward on the path of Param Gyan. Bapuji’s Divine Gyan, spiritual lectures, words of wisdom, guidance and quotes are most sought after by devotees, seekers, students and people from all walks of life. Visit Bapuji's channel for more Param Gyan, and Bapuji's very good book, 'From the Heart of God', in English, only on amazon.
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How did Creation start? What is truly 'Brahmand'? What are the worlds beyond Earth? Are there Great, Great universes in non-physical realms? Are there beings that negatively influence humanity? Will there be destruction or transformation? Know more about everything that concerns your existence, and the Grand Divine Plan for the Future New World. Be a part of this unprecedented event in the History of Creation that will transform not just the planet or our solar system, but the entire universe ... FOREVER! Intelligent extraterrestrial beings from far-off galaxies will assist the scientific community in many areas concerning the well-being of mankind. Chapter 12 - Future Science.

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Who are the Aliens? Where do they come from? Is there life beyond the physical realm? Do Beings from other realms visit us? Is there a mention about interstellar travel in the ancient scriptures? Are we truly an advanced civilisation? Why are Aliens interested in us? Are they a threat to mankind? In this short conversation with his son Anant Patel, Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel takes you to the realms beyond the physical and gives you an amazing insight into one of the most important aspect responsible for the advancement of mankind, in all fields, including technology. more than 300 videos available ...
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Affinity to the BKWSU: Vishnu Party
Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: about Vishnu Party to the world

Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel last message

Post by bkshiva007 » 20 Aug 2017

Behad ke bap ka Akhari sandesh - Last message from the Unlimited Father.

Bapuji's last meeting will be in Oct 2017 with Unlimited Children ('behad ke bache').
As per Bapuji, transformation ('parivartan') will start on 18 Jan 2018, and end in Dec 2022.

Bapuji's last message for all BKs & PBKs & Unlimited ('behad') souls is at -

For full details, also visit -

Nobody can meet Bapuji after Oct 2017.

All Unlimited ('behad') souls will start efforts ('purusharth'), and leave earth by the end of 2018.
For more details, visit website -

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