Avyakt Bap-Dada message 23.7.17

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Avyakt Bap-Dada message 23.7.17

Post by sita » 02 Sep 2017

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Re: Avyakt Bap-Dada message 23.7.17

Post by mbbhat » 06 Sep 2017

This is a FAKE message. Action has been taken on the person who has prepared it.


The FAKE bodily guru, -Virendra Dev Dixit, of the PBKs has IGNORANTLY INVOLVED himself in giving his USUAL FAKE, SPONTANEOUS 'unlimited clarifications' for SEVERAL HOURS, on this FAKE message - upto about 9 to 12 hours, according to some PBKs - THUS CONFIRMING his ABJECT IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE, and PROVING BEYOND the SLIGHTEST DOUBT, that the ENTIRE advanced knowledge is TOTALLY FAKE - being the 'shooting' of the FALSE Gita of Ravan Rajya - thus taking ALL the BLIND and ARROGANT PBKs, who have INVERTED intellects, for a HOLY RIDE towards PERDITION & DAMNATION - whilst TREACHEROUSLY TRICKING them that they are on the path towards SALVATION & FRUITION!!!

The instrument soul who has prepared this FAKE message should ACTUALLY be given a MEDAL by BKWSU, for making a THOROUGH IDIOT out of the FAKE bodily guru of the BLIND PBKs, and EXPOSING him in this SUBTLE manner, which NO ONE ELSE was able to do for so long!!!
There has been a WAVE of CONSTERNATION moving over MANY sensible PBKs, when they began to REAL-EYEs how their bodily guru was READILY INCLINED to provide such FAKE 'unlimited clarifications' from a COMPLETELY FAKE message - while DELUSIVELY believing same originated from Shiva!!!
Even the renowned Brother from Salt Lake City in Kolkata, who had been personally to jail with -Virendra Dev Dixit, and who was EXTREMELY close to him, has given one month's notice to the PBK Sisters to vacate the premises which were loaned by him since past almost 25 years, which has sent shock-waves in the intellects of MANY renowned PBKs. -Virendra Dev Dixit himself is reported to have gone UNDER-GROUND, after the recent arrest and imprisonment of ANOTHER bodily guru, who has been SIMILARLY RAPING, LOOTING & MURDERING, in the NAME of God, after there has been a pressure on the Government to FIND and bring ALL SIMILAR bodily gurus, like -Virendra Dev Dixit, to JUSTICE, since they are SPOILING the name of GENUINE messengers of God, in the eyes of the gullible public!

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Re: Avyakt Bap-Dada message 23.7.17

Post by Gauri » 09 Mar 2018

Whatever is not favorable to BKs they don't publish that message, saying it is fake. Just like they hide the Murli points, which says truth, and about the truths, they start hiding them and publish accordingly, only what is favorable to them.

In the same way they hide this Avyakt Vani message also, but some day it will come in light;
and when Baba says about the establishment is taking place in Delhi they try to shut Brahma baba himself and take off the mike from his mouth saying Baba, you are not in Delhi, you are in Mount abu, controlling Brahma baba also, as if Brahma doesn't know anything, they direct him also accordingly.
Now what can we say about those children who try to shut mouth of Gulzar Dadi, when truth is evolving, cannot they hide the messages which are not favorable to them? And without publishing the message, deceiving the Brahma kumaris themselves?

Wake up all, just see the truth reality of the BK students ordering Brahma baba and controlling him, when he is saying the truth....

destroy old world
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Re: Avyakt Bap-Dada message 23.7.17

Post by destroy old world » 10 Mar 2018

Dear Gauri Shankar,

BK Org is the official Org of God Father Shiva, who has given full official authority to the chief administrators to reveal the Murlis, according to the time and situation. You have been fooled by your idiot bodily guru, Virendra Dev Dixit, that BK Org is involved in hiding the truth. It is your idiot bodily guru, Virendra Dev Dixit, who has been manipulating the meaning of the Murlis and corrupting them, and hiding the truth from idiots like you, so that he can get support from idiots like you, to allow him to continue raping the ignorant woman and innocent girls, in the name of God, after which, he himself, is now in hiding, to avoid getting a hiding from the public. But now his urn of sins has already become full and is overflowing, so he has been caught by the public red-handed, with clear evidence being video recorded from the rape victims, and even from senior male and female devotees who have been closely involved with the PBKs for more than a quarter of a century, and rapist Virendra Dev Dixit is therefore absconding and is on the run, for fear of being lynched by the public, and prosecuted by the authorities.

The message in question is a fake one, and not originating from BapDada. In fact, it is totally against the PBKs, which your bodily guru, Virendra Dev Dixit, and idiots like you, are unable to understand, because of your corrupted intellects, which has already been explained on this forum.

Regarding BapDada’s particular meeting with BKs, speaking about establishment taking place in Delhi, BapDada were emerging the future scene and speaking, which many of those who were attending did not realize at that particular time. Everyone is number-wise, and idiot PBKs have misunderstood the whole matter, as usual. But this has nothing to do with the fact that your bodily guru, Virendra Dev Dixit, is a proved and confirmed spiritual terrorist, and a terror rapist, who is clearly involved in raping ignorant woman and innocent girls, all in the name of God, and idiots like you continue to support him, owing to your ignorance and arrogance, even after bringing the facts to the clear notice of everyone on the forum, with clear proofs of Murlis and evidence of rape victims.

It is up to you whether you wish to wake up or not, or whether you wish to perish with your terror rapist, Virendra Dev Dixit! I can only wish you all the best ..

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