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Post by mbbhat » 10 Jul 2019

# Post No. 02:-

Murli points say- parents of Sri Krishna would be impure (but the first vicleless birth would be of Sri Krishna). See below.

5) SM 29-1-76(3):- Krishn kaa kitnaa naam gaayaa jaataa hai. Unkey Baap ka naam hee nahin. Unkaa Baap kahaan hai. Zaroor Krishn Raja kaa bachchaa hogaa na. Jahaan jeeth* vahaan bade Raja ke ghar may janm hota hai. PARANTU VAH PATIT RAJA HONE KAARAN UNKAA NAAM THODE HEE HOGA. KRISHN JAB HAI TAB THODE PATIT BHEE RAHTE HAIN. JAB VAH BILKUL KHATM HO JAATE HAIN, TAB YAH GADDI PAR BAITH_TE HAIN. APNAA RAAJY LE LETE HAIN. TABSE HEE UNKAA SAMVAT SHURU HOTAA HAI. LN SE HEE SAMVAT SHURU HOTAA HAI. [vimp]

= How famous is name of Krishna. There is no name of his Father. He got birth in home of great King. But since that King is impure, his name cannot be famous. Some impure souls(people) also will be present during period of Krishna. When they(impure) fully vanish, this(Krishna) will sit on throne. He gets his throne. From there the samvatsar begins. The samvatsar begins with LN(Lakshmi Narayan).

6) SM 7-10-85(2):- Tum ho kitney saadhaaran. Aur kyaa bante ho. Vishw kaa maalik. Tumhaaraa kitnaa shrungaar hogaa. Golden spoon in mouth vahaan kaa toh gyaan hee hai. Abhee bhee koyi achche bachche shareer chodte hain toh bahut achche ghar may janm lete hain. Golden spoon in mouth miltaa hai. Inadvance toh jaayenge na koyi ke pass. NIRVIKAARI PASS TOH JANM PAHLEY2 KRISHN KO HEE LENAA HAI. Baaki toh jo bhee jaayenge, vah vikaari pass hee toh janm lenge. Parantu garbh may itnee sajaayein naheen bhogenge. Bade achche ghar may janm lenge. Sajaaye toh kat gayi. Baaki karkey thodee hogi. Itnaa dukh naheen hogaa. Aage chal dekhnaa tumhaarey pass bade ghar ke bachche prince, princess kaise aate hain. Baap tumhaaree kitnee mahimaa karte hain. – [advance, Krishn, prediction]

= How ordinary you are. But what do you become. Emperors of the world. How much would you be decorated. Golden Spoon in the mouth is said to there. Even now, when some good children leave body, take birth in good homes. They get Golden Spoon in the mouth. They will go in advance to somewhere, is it not. THE FIRST VICELESS BIRTH WOULD BE THAT OF Krishna ONLY. Others whoever leave their body, will get birth at vicious places only. But, in the garbh there would not be much punishment. They get birth at good homes/families. The punishments are cut/burnt. There could be a little. (So), sorrow would not be much. In future, you will see how prince, princess of great/royal families come towards you. How much Father praises you.

One Murli point says- Father of Krishna would be impure King. Another one says- Krishna's birth would be viceless. Again there is room for doubt or confusion.

My yathaashakti churning:- Krishna's parents would be of Advance Party souls. So- his parents' souls would be almost pure, but body would be impure. So- by the word Impure king, it may mean that the body is impure. Because Advance Party souls have taken birth in homes of Kaliyugi Royal families. Now, the Advance Party people would be having good amount of purity and yogbal. So, they are like pure souls in impure body. And- hence they would give viceless birth. Sorry, these are just churning, yet to know many things.

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