18th January

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18th January

Post by yogi108 » 18 Jan 2008

Today is 18th January and I wanted to see if anyone has special experiences to share ...


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Post by bansy » 18 Jan 2008

To hold hands with the hands of Shrimat.

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Post by primal.logic » 18 Jan 2008

Yes. It is called LSD. It helps me to hallucinate divine experiences. Before I used to engage in a subtle form of group hysteria with red lights, Bhog offerings, trance messengers, loud Hindi Bhakti songs, and self-induced hallucinations of angelic brahma and of loveful bliss streaming from an imaginary point of light. All followed by cleverly worded (but always essentially the same) message from Dadi Janki or Jayanti reminding us of the Time - they never missed an opportunity to keep us in line.

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18 01 morning class, a good pick!

Post by alladin » 19 Jan 2008

Actually, the Murli read in class this morning was a really special one that A/M freaks (like me!!) would love immensely. Old style, very powerful. I don't understand though why they gave no original date for it! In case someone manages to post it here, it would be a "good service" and would, if not confirm, at least raise some question about the "answering machine" feeling ex-l was mentioning about new A/M, compared to the old ones. My favourite Spook has moved to an atoll in Polynesia and is taking time off, it seems!! :roll:

john morgan
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Post by john morgan » 19 Jan 2008

It was my Birthday. I had a quiet evening with friends and their two young daughters (not so quiet) , we ate trifle and played.

I'd also like thank Bobby Fischer, the ex-world chess champion who died yesterday for being a significant person in my world.

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Post by sparkal » 19 Jan 2008

Anything to get a bit of razamataz going. A bit of ceremony.

OK, so someone's car packed in. Maybe too much LSD or something.

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mr green
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Post by mr green » 19 Jan 2008

I had the experience it came after the 17th of Jan as usual.

LSD the currency of realisation.

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