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Vishwa Ratan's Book ... more fake history.

Post by fluffy bunny » 04 Jul 2007

OK, here are my preliminary comments on the basis of the Vishwa Ratan book (minus a few pages). Sorrry it took so long. I appreciate the efforts putting into scanning and sharing this. Do not allow my response to appear heartless even if they are bubble bursting.
  • Sadly, it is a fake history. Does that make it more lies?

    Its excellent evidence of how the BKWSU leadership fakes the history and re-writes "The Knowledge".

    (And this from someone that was given a full state funeral by the BKWSU.)
I am sorry but it is a fairy-story based on a mix up of two entirely different series of events, made up into being one, to cover up the truth and the true history. It also has some very weird contraditions that open new doors of perception. He is covering up the creation of the first "Prajapati God Brahma" pictures, as discussed on this forum. It is interesting to evidence how a religion perverts itself and histry over a such short period of time.

Sadly, I would have to say the authors are very much part of the deceit and deception at the heard of the BKWSU. Allow me to namecall Professor Kohli, Brother Nirwair, Vishwa Ratan, Ramesh, Prakshmani, Janki et al who have been working these lies in the face of the BK family for decades. How anyone can accept them as trustworthy after this, and without any public statement to explain, I have no idea.

There are a few specific dates but it starts at Om Mandli in Karachi and it suprises me by suggesting they were offering a 7 Days Course them. I wonder what of, because Soul, Shiva and the Three Worlds were not there yet, and perhaps not the Ladder either because that comes much later on in the book. The references regarding the Tree are not honest.
  • They are fictional and dishonest.
A Unique Experience by Dada Vishwa Ratan (click on link to download 9 MB).

Page 5 - it says he was born 1918 and on Page 80 it says he was 82, this dates the book to around 2000? Early we noted that he died on the 26th February 2007 when then the BKWSU stated correctly he was around 90.

The list of names I have supplied was written on 4 July 1938

Page 13 - he says he was a student aged 17, which equals 1935. He talks about the press reports on the Om Mandli and the move to Karachi. But although the satsangs 1932 in Hyderabad, the press reports really started in June 1938/39. So dates are being muddled here.

The Om Mandli of Hyderabad closes in March 1938 and actually moved to Karachi in October 1938 after approx 3.5 years existence, so he would have actually been around 20.

Page 15 - "She [Seetu Bhen) told me who God is, what He is and what He does ... receiving Godly Knowledge from God Himself" ... but Lekhraj Kirpalani was God Brahma at this point, not Shiva, so what was he told and who is he talking about?. A fudge of what was going on.

Page 17 - He mentions "Sadhu Vaswani's picket" ... and so that dates it to the 7th of March 1939 when he as in fact 21 years old.

Page 18 - He mentions dropping out of lokik studies as so m any BK were encouraged to do).

Page 19 - He mentions that he and 2 other brothers, Krishna, Vishna and himself translated points into English and sent them to VIPs, so here we may have the author of the Om Radhe books and letters. "We picked points out from Baba's Murli, translated them into English and typed them into booklets to present to V.I.P's and government ministers." ... OK, this book of Om Radhe's, 'The Preordained Wolrd-Wide War and Its Result' is one such book but is dated 1943. He gives us a date December 1939 where he moved into Om Mandli.

Page 20 - He talks about BapDada but that is BS because there was only Lekhraj Kirpalani/God Brahma.

Page 23 - "after a year or so ... the Anti-Om Mandli faction ... guarded by a policeman ... picketing by Anti-Party" ... OK. This is all a mix up because it happened a year before.

Page 24 - now this is where it start to weird out badly ... It talks about "Dada Vishwa Kishore whose lokik name was "Bherumal Kirpalani".

But according to members list, 'Khushal Bherumal Kripalani' was only aged 6 years in 1938 and yet apparently he took Vishwa to the Police authorities to have him appointed as a special constable and soon afer went to "go to get a order to stay the warrant". At 6 years old!?! Could it have been someone else?

Page 25 - 26 - He is talking about Court Case

Page 28/29 - starts talk of designing the Tree after 2 years of being laundryman. That would date to, what, 1940 - 41? He writes, "when I became convinced that Shiv Baba was giving directions by speaking the Murli through Brahma Baba I decided I must accept every instruction and carry it out". I am sorry ... no mention of Shiva in the official publications at this point. That came after 1950.

Page 30 - 32 - It says, "Baba had alrady given the knowledge of the Tree. This world is an inverted tree, whose seed Shiv Baba is above ... Shiv baba had also told us ...". I am sorry. There was no mention of Shiva at this state.

Abraham established Islam ... Buddhism established by Buddha ... finally Guru Nanak's Sikh religion .. Baba said, "Perfect right, the tree has been drawn exactly as it should be".

Notes ... Stalin and Roosevelt dates wrongly. The first had Eisenhower.

Page 32 - Baba said, "You have shown four Ages here, where is the fifth one ... now show Brahma Baba here, among the roots of the Tree".

Page 33 - He names The 8 as given by trance messenger Sangtri Dadi.

Page 34/35 - Baba said, "Draw a picture of Atomic War show Roosevelt and Stalin ... Land of LIberation" etc. There is no mention on any pepal leaf in original and so we are definitely talking about a later version here, not the original. Further proof is;
  • There is no worshipping of the Shiva lingum
    No worshipping of Tree in Iron Age (mental note, the Druids and Norse at least worshipped Trees in Copper Age, so their have that wrong)
    No Gandhi and Jinnah.
    Not Roosevelt
    No Souls going to Land of Liberation
    No explanations either side
Just to underline the fudges, the original Tree has Truman and Stalin which dates it to between 1945 and 1953. Yet he says, Roosevelt and Stalin which was Pre-Atomic War. (Roosevelt was not pictured wearing glasses as Truman was). There was no mention of Atomic War in WWII BK publications. The even later pictures, which is he fudging this one with in the book actually shows Eisenhower and Khrushchev. So was there an even earlier version with Roosevelt in it? See this topic, here.

Page 36 He starts to write about the clockwise "Design of Cycle ... along with the Confluence Age". Well, the Cycle had already been designed in a clockwise fashion in the early version of the Cycle which has no Confluence.

(Note There is no one by the name of Chandarhas/Chanrdahas in the orignal list of members).[/list]

Page 36 - He talks about a book, no idea which that might be but also of a 1 foot wide picture white on black poster. This has also been posted in the downloads section. It has not images and is as the original.

Page 36 - He talks about showing the scriptures, but there are no scriptures shown in the original Cycle picture.

Allegedly, we are talking 1949 here but Om Radhe's book of 1943 and the posters of 1943 and 1949 already have a clockwise Cycle. The Cycle of 1949 has no images on it at all and is unchanged from the 1943 one. (Double legged swastika). I can date it by talk of them going to the printers.

Page 39/40 - He talks about the 30 April 1950 move to Madhubhan, the Kalpa Tree going to printers and them not being able to leave with out it, steamer about to leave arrive 1 May 1950

Page 44 - "After a year or so" told to go out and do service ... no mention of the failure of 1950 prediction, the group's reaction to it nor Lekhraj Kirpalani's response.

It also mentions Mithu and Dada working in dispensary for 25 years but, funnily enough, no mention of Janki Kripalani who was meant to have been "healing the sick" according to her biography.

Page 45 - It means individuals have to move to Bombay "for health reasons" I wonder why!?! May be Abu was too cold?

Page 46 - He says that he is still involved in making pictures. Perhaps this is when the new, revised pictures were made?

Page 48 - 49 - It says, that Surya and his two brother painted pictures of the Tree, Trimurti, Drama and dates them to before 1955. So this must be the period when Shiva was inoduced and the new pictures made as it mentions they the ones still in Pandav Bhavan.

Page 49 - He mentions a painting given or sold to the 'Jalan Batu Gallery" in Patna, if someone wants to go and check.

Page 50 - He mentions Jagdish Chander's arrival in the story and the Government taking away their property in 1957 ... why?

Page 53 - Dada Vishwa Kishore buys house, he must have been aged 22 by now.

Page 54 - 55 - Post 1960, it talks about Nirwair seeing another religious institute in Bombay with an im age of a Ladder and him suggesting to Lekhraj Kirpalani that they copy it. And we are led to believe that all Knowledge is God given? It also mentions Lekhraj Kirpalani was having injections ... for what? Diabetes, heart problems?

Dada Vishwa Kishore died 2 February 1968

Page 57 - Documents Lekhraj Kirpalani's heart attack and great pain, not the seamless Yogi death one would have expected of a Karmateet soul. All we are waiting here for is a copy of the Trust foundation document which is, allegedly, dated to the day before and has a brother's name on it.

No mention of the date of founding the trust which is said to be the day before he died yet.

Page 62 - After BapDada's first entrance into Gulzar ont he 19, 20 and 21st, he claims that, "a management committee was formed and a constitution and by-laws were framed. Baba suggested [Dada's] name on the management committee."

When those that have copies of the original trust are will to show it, please do.

Page 71 - He writes about Lekhraj Kirpalani's faith and the obstacles he faced but that "Almighty Shiva was with him". Well, he was not or that is a historical revision.

Page 72 - He writes that Lekhraj Kirpalani was the, "President of Jeweller's Association in Calcutta" which give another lead to follow up on.

Page 76 - "dozing off equals intellect is cut off from BapDada" .. cue stories of Janki and Jayanti snoozing at Amrit Vela.

So, the subtext ... say, "Yes, Yes, Yes, to the BKWSU Seniors" ... and believe their corporate lies.

Are those that claim the trust gave the heart attack to Lekhraj Kirpalani willing to show a copy of the original trust document yet? It would be interesting in this context. Was Vishwa Ratan the individual that brought it on as he claims Baba said he ought be on it contrary to the "sisters leading the BKWSU" story? I thought it was said Jagdish Chander was responsible.

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Vishwa Ratan's Book ... more fake history.

Post by abrahma kumar » 23 Jul 2007

What to say?!

The whole oblox is disintegrating. Is it because of these FACTS being uncovered over here that the BKWSU brands this site as 'anti'? Anti what? What is there to be anti about? Do the leaders of God's University have the right to remain silent as these anomalies are detailed?

But they do not stay silent do they? Not at all. How many Dadis classes will hit my mailbox this week?! More than we can read. Was King Janak known as the one who sang lullabies in Kumbhakarna's ears? No, I do not think so. Now where is my Alexander O'Neal album? Is it all fake or is just some of it fake?

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A Unique Experience

Post by john morgan » 08 May 2008

I have been reading the Autobiography of Dada Vishwa Ratan which I downloaded here.

Pages 60 and 61 are missing, they deal with time between Brahma Baba's leaving his body and Bap Dada starting to speak the Murli through Dadi Gulzar's mouth.

Does anyone have a copy of these missing pages please?

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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: ex-BK. Interested in historical revisionism, failed predictions and abuse within the BK movement.

Re: A Unique Experience

Post by fluffy bunny » 11 May 2008

Thanks to an incognito donor yet again ... it is fixed. Here; A Unique Experience.

This one is better because it shows the poster images clearly set against the text and they are clearly "wrong", as in not relating to the earlier posters that the story/historical facts.

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Re: A Unique Experience

Post by john morgan » 11 May 2008

Thanks to the initial donor for making my first reading of this book possible and thanks to the more recent donor that provided a neater copy and filled in the gaps.

I do not recall Dada Vishwa Ratan though I must have been in meditation conducted by him.

Compared to the many born in India in 1918, it seems that he has lead a very constructive and elevated life. He conveys very well the attitudes and faith that he has proved to be of immense practical value in his own life.

My request for the gaps was moved to a thread that I was unaware existed. Whilst historical fact has its own importance I preferred to attend to the qualities necessary for living in the Yagya for the whole of one's adult life. This is something I was unable to do, though there is much in the book that I can apply to my current situation.

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