84% say, “Make the Murlis public!”

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84% say, “Make the Murlis public!”

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted September 16th, 2006

Currently the BKWSU hides God’s word, the channelled lessons known as Murlis, behind obscure password protected websites and PGP encryption. We decided to engage in a democratic experiment.

In a current poll on the forum, and proving overwhelming support for public domain access, individuals were asked whether as a Brahmin soul ” you think that you should have free access to Murlis via the internet?”;
  • 84% stated, “Yes, it is God’s word and it should be available to all freely”
    7% voted for, “No, the present system of password protection and security encryption is best.”
    7% claimed, “I don’t know. I am happy for the Senior Sisters to decide for me.”

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