Brahman, Paramatman, Atman

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Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: I was previously posting as bkry in the ex-BK Forum. I was introduced to this website and I was wondering as to who all the other parties refered to here were.

Brahman, Paramatman, Atman

Post by Pari » 10 Jan 2010

I have connected Brahman, Paramatma and Atma to the science called Quantum Mechanics. I have also tried to explain the parallel universe theory which is a Hindu concept but quantum mechanics also seems to show the existence of more than one world. I have also brought in Quantum entanglement, to explain the link to God. I have used the mayan calender and astronomy to explain the cycle.
Tell me what you think of it, especially the part in respect of Brahman which is a Hindu concept. You can read it at: ... page/2#505

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Re: Brahman, Paramatman, Atman

Post by john » 13 Jan 2010

Maybe some people have too much time on their hands?

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