Does Shiva needs to enter anyone?

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Does Shiva needs to enter anyone?

Post by avyakt7 »

Perhaps we can see that here. Let us use "knowledge alone." Let us put aside what we heard or what we believe.

Knowledge tells me that roles are fixed. It tells me that "I don't learn anything" but I "remember." Knowledge is a quality of the soul. It is within the role.
Shiva resides in Parandham. Shiva is a soul. Shiva is beyond experiences. Shiva hasn't experienced duality.
Shiva is not "looking to purify" anyone. Shiva is just there and if we can connect with "Him" automatically, purification takes place.Now, we know how.
Is it possible for God to have favorites? The Drama is predestined. Shiva awakens Brahma. Brahma becomes the "experience" of Shiva, thus; BapDada.

Is a Christian soul wrong? No. A "prophet" soul or an "avatar" or the "son of God" came and he had an understanding which he taught and his disciples interpreted. That is Christianity. They have their own section in the inverted tree. Their own drama, their own reality. When "destruction" aka "transformation" happens; do we think that everyone will say: "Brahma Kumaris really had God with them." Knowledge tells me that there is not a chance for a Christian soul . They have their own section, its own reality. A Christian soul believes in destruction as well and the "second coming" (they don't know that there are many "comings") They will recognize God but within their own section; their own reality. Christians are the largest religion in the world.

Godly knowledge is straight forward, logical but there are some things that get in between. For Indians, it is Bhakti. For Westerners is the belief in "science." (which is driven by the same human beings who do not care about truth but in the depth of their pockets or the ones paying their salaries...there are exceptions; of course)

Using knowledge alone, can we see if Shiva needed to enter someone? but if you can see it, can you also see if this could be easy to explain to Bhakti minded individuals as well as science "brain washed" people? To "enter" someone sounds easier...but it can create many religions...
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